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Queries Submitted June 24, 1997 thru October 11, 1997

KATHRYN KSANDER Mon Jun 30 07:50:41 1997
Seek death date/place of Margaret Grife Christie Dalrymple Stone (b. Nov 1844, PA). At the 1900 census, she was living at Scribner (Dodge Co) NE with her husband of 4 years, George G Stone. She probably died before Feb 3, 1921. Parents: John Grife, born 1810, Marburg, Hesse, died Apr 1881, Stark Co IL and Lucy Ann Lemon Grife, born Apr 1817, NJ, died Mar 1909, Gray IA. 
Jeanne Harris Thu Jul 3 22:56:02 1997
I am looking for any information regarding my paternal grandfather's family. His name was Anton MENSHIK, b. 12 Sep 1881. Resided in North Bend, Dodge County. Father's name was John MENSHIK, birthdate unknown. Anton MENSHIK married Augusta VOSACEK, of South Omaha, on 6 Apr 1905 in Fremont at the County Courthouse, County Judge Briggs conducting the ceremony. Anton was the oldest of eight children, 4 boys, 4 girls - names unknown. Mother's name unknown by me. I only have sketchy information of family, furnished by one elderly aunt, who is Anton's daughter. Any inforamtion at all would be helpful. 
Lynne King Fri Jul 25 11:58:20 1997
I'm researching my gr-grandparents Wm and Martha Shoffstall McDonald who went to Dodge County (Fremont?) in about 1890 from Kentucky. Also a possible brother of William's named Samuel (looking for any descendants) William was a constable or marshall in Fremont sometime between 1890- 1910. Would anyone know if there would have been any kind of records required to be a law enforcement officer in that time period or where I might look? I'm desperately looking for William's parents names. Would appreciate any help. Also looking for any information or descendants on Purley "Burt" Abbott who was Martha's son from a previous marriage. William also had three daughters from a previous marriage to Sarah Crawford in Kentucky. I think a couple of daughters lived to adulthood. I don't have much information them. Thanks in advance. Lynne 
Joe E. Thurstenson Sun Jul 27 19:43:47 1997
I've just received some information from a contact in Sweden that my grandfather, Peter Thurstenson (the name he took when he arrived in the US - his name was Per Jo:nsson in Sweden)may have made Hooper, Nebraska his first home in the US. The new information I have indicates he was born December 6, 1869 in Huaro:d parish, Kristianstads la:n (county), provine of Skane. He emigrated in April 23, 1888 from the farm Elmhult # 4 in Svensko:p parish, Malmo:hus la:n, Skane. He was found in the Swdish passengerlists from the port of Malmo: in May 10, 1888. He is listed as Per Jo:nsson, 19 years old, labourer, from Svensko:p. He had a ticket for Hooper, MN (we think the MN is a mistake and should have been Nebraska) Ticket number 1888:2484:1003. At the same ticket travelled also Elna Persdotter Lund, 34 years old, and her daughter Ingrid Lovisa, 4 years old. Elna Persdotter was born October 1, 1853 in Huaro:d parish and her daughter Ingri Lovisa born April 25, 1884 in Svensko:p parish. They emigrated to America in Akpril 23, 1888 from the farm Elmhult # 3 in Svensko:p parish. Elna Persdotter's husband Ola Lund was born June 17, 1849 in O:stra A:spinge parish. He emigrated to America in May 18, 1887 from the same farm in Svensko:p. If my suppositions are correct, Ola Lund arrived in the US 1 year before the others and settled in Hooper, Nebraska. He later sent for his wife and child and my grandfather (19 years old) traveled with her as protection. I think Elna may have been Peter Thurstenson's half sister but I have never had any report of any of his family except one (I touch on her below) coming to the US so this would be news to me if this is correct. Would anyone have any information on any of these individuals in or around Hooper, Nebraska in 1887, 1888 or 1889 and possibly later? Also, sometime after the original arrivals, I know Peter Thurstenson had a half sister (she changed her name to Elsie Thurstenson and later married John Runquist of Oakland, Nebraska.) She was Peter's housekeeper until she married. I don't know if she was the daughter of Peter's Father or Mother but suspect maybe his father from information recently received. Peter's parent's names were Jo:ns and Anna Torstenson. My information from Sweden reports an Elna Jo:nsdotter (my reason for suspecting her father was Peter's father also and Anna was her step-mother) born June 29, 1856 in Huaro:d parish. She emigrated to America in April 26, 1889 from the farm Elmhult #4 in Svensko:p. She also may have lived in Hooper. Now for a real long shot. A young man lived with my grandfather whom we think may have been his nephew. He is buried next to my grandfather. He died January 20, 1918 in World War I. We have a letter from the Governor of Nebraska announcing his death to my grandfather, Peter Thurstenson as next of kin, of his death and sent Certificates of Honor from the French President and Woodrow Wilson, US President indicating medals of Honor were presented (we have possession of these certificates). We've been trying to discover exactly who Emil Anderson was. His death cerificate from the Army states he was a Private in Company F, 109th Engineers. This was the extent of our information until we receive with this other information from Sweden an Emil Andersson, 16 years old, who left from the port of Malmo: in May 4, 1904 on his way to New York. He is listed to have come from Svensko:p. On the ticket number next to his traveled themaid Anna Andersson 19 years old from Svensko:p. Was this a sister? Also, did they also end up at Hooper? Emil did live with my grandfather, Peter for a time. In 1905 my grandfather moved to a farm he purchased in Anoka, Nebraska. He married Ida Nelson who was born in Oakland, Nebraska and they were married in Wausa, Nebraska in 1908 and they lived on the Anoka Farm. We think Emil continued to lived with them but we are not sure. Also, we don't know when Elsie married John Runquist and when she would have quit housekeeping from Peter. We've been able to gain lots of new information on these family members but each piece of information generates more questions. Right now a lot seems to be hinging on what we learn regarding the gathering in Hooper, Nebraska. If anyone is able to offer any clues to any of the above, your response would be sincerely appreciated. Joe E. Thurstenson 
Tom Howe Wed Aug 13 20:18:27 1997
Samuel Roush. I'm looking for any information on Samuel Roush, born on July 7, 1832 in Adams County Ohio. He moved to Tippecanoe County, Indiana, where he married Catherine J. Shoemaker. Then he moved to Champaign County, Illinois, had several childred and then moved to Hooper, Dodge County, Nebraska in 1866. He had a ranch outside of Hooper in about 1880, but I can't find any information on him after that. His children were: Cassandra Roush, b. 1859 Mary Ann, Eliza Jane, John, William, Lydia, Jame,s Eva. 
JVasseur Wed Aug 13 12:13:14 1997
MARRS;I need information on the Marrs family that lived in Richardson,Platte,Dodge,Steward,& Cass Co's. in the 1800's and later. Thank You! 
karon Sat Aug 16 12:14:02 1997
CRAMER, John K., Frances, and their children, Lucretia, Metallah, Fulton, Orester Charles, Perley, John P., Emma, Emmett and Robert L. Robert L. stayed in Fremont area, farmed and died at about 59 years old, leaving 4 children ages 6-19. What happened to them? What happened to the family? Anyone have any connections to the Cramer family now? How can I trace this family? Emmett was my grandfather. JK Cramer and his family came to Nebraska in 1854, homsteaded in 1865. 
Karon Tue Aug 19 14:35:24 1997
KISSEL, May, married Robert L. CRAMER, Nov 14, 1905 in Omaha. She had brights disease, was in the hospital about 1 1/2 years before her death about 1924. They left 4 orphaned children about that time. What were the children's names, what happened to them? Robert has a large property, and was a farmer, near Fremont. Any living descendents out there? 
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Barb Krzycki Thu Aug 28 12:33:48 1997
Seeking more info on: John HERRON born: March 28, 1838, Ann Arbor, MI his father: James Herron his mother: Catherine Bouck Heron died: March 14, 1920, North Bend, Dodge County, NE burial: Woodland Cemetery married: January 24, 1861, Carthage, IL spouse: Jane (Lucia) Eggleston born: September 13, 1841, New York died: December 9, 1908, North Bend, Dodge County, NE her father: Lucius Eggleston her mother: Parmelia Earles Eggleston children: Anise "Ren" Herron Parmelia "Melia" Herron James Herron Willie & Neva twins died in infancy Edna Herron, died in infancy Stephen Herron, died in infancy Mattie Herron John Herron John Herron served in the Civil War. In 1888 he moved his family to a farm near North Bend, Dodge County, Nebraska 
Barb Krzycki Thu Aug 28 12:24:49 1997
Seeking more info on Daniel Joseph MUNDY born: June 14, 1833, Glenties, County Donegal, Ireland died: December 16, 1915, North Bend, Dodge County, NE burial: Kelly's Cemetery, aka Clyde Cemetery, Dodge County, NE married: June 11, 1867, Hazelton, PA spouse: Mary (Maria) CHAPMAN His father: Peter MUNDY His mother: ? Children: Peter , born May 12, 1868, Centralia, PA died: September 14, 1937, North Bend, Dodge County NE Luke, born July 17, 1870, Centralia, PA Francis(Frank) born July 28, 1874 Bridget , born Junw 11, 1875, Centralia, PA Michael, born October 12, 1877, in PA Daniel, born February 28, 1879 Catherine, born August 6, 1881 James, born January 16, 1883 John, born December 18, 1887 died in December 1966, Fremont, Dodge County, NE Daniel Mundy served in the Civil War, after his marriage to Mary Chapman, he moved in 1868 and lived for a time in Omaha, but was attracked to Dodge County by settlement of friends from Pennsylvania 
Barb Krzycki Thu Aug 28 10:07:52 1997
William (Wilhelm) KRUGER, born: November 29, 1857, Germany died: April 22, 1933, North Bend, Dodge County, NE, married: January 18, 1884, spouse: Emma Frederichs children: Herman, Paul, Louis, Helen, William Jr., Harry 
Norma Lange Nelson Sat Sep 13 15:13:28 1997
Danish nephew wishes to learn of former Dodge County resident, niels larsen MARIEGAARD. May have used larsen as surname. He was born 9 Oct 1886 on the farm of Mariegaard in Northern DK. He was the son of jorgen larsen MARIEGAARD and ane toft LARSEN. Please write Norma Lange Nelson Box 470 Elk Horn, Iowa 51531 or e-mail 
Larry P. Cornwell Thu Sep 18 09:17:12 1997
Seeking exact location (so I can drive to it) of Purple Cane Cemetery located in Dodge County. I have been unable to access Dodge Co. Cemetery page. My ancestor Emily Jane JENKINS was buried there. Her tombstone reads: "Emily J. McRae, wife of William McRae d. 9 Aug 1894 44 yrs." Larry P. Cornwell 7725 Halcyon Forest Trail Montgomery AL 36117-3483 (334) 277-4654 
Pam Bick Thu Sep 18 13:22:31 1997
Seeking info on William Thoedore MOHLER b. c1885 in Fremont, Dodge Co. NE. Died in Fremont c. 1942. Married Maud Humes (b. Jan 16, 1890 in Ellis, NE)c. 1910. I think his father, a professor at University of Nebraska was Theodore Mohler. Had two sisters, Ruth and Marian. Two daughters, Arlette Drucilla, b. Jan. 10, 1912 and Jeanne Elizabeth, b. March 19, 1922, both in Fremont, NE. I'm trying to find accurate birth, marriage and death dates for him. Any help greatly appreciated. 
John Greenfeldt Fri Sep 19 20:00:54 1997
GREENFELDT, Dorsey. I am looking for any information on my grandfather, Dorsey and his father, John and mother, Maggie (Koyen). He was born January 1, 1885, in Fremont, Dodge County, Nebraska. He was a farmer. He moved to Washington Island,Wisconsin and married May Bilton. 
Sarah Willgohs Mon Sep 22 20:22:58 1997
I'm looking for any information on Rudolph w. WILLGOHS family; he shared his father's first name. He married Anne SCHNOORE in the first ten years of the 1900's. They had nine kids Rudolph H. born 10-26-15 married Fern, Hugo born 9-13-17 married Marie, rosetta born on 9-15-23 married Norman Gallop, robert born on 4-20-25 jean, Roberta born on 2-16-26, fern born on 4-21-27 married William Jay, Phylis born on 5-29-33 died three days later, Irene born on 5-28-34 married John Sasse, and Marion born on 12- 31-36. The family's address was Scribner they went to church and school in Synder all in DODGE county. 
Monica Van NessTue Oct 7 11:35:55 1997
Looking for info on Maurine Eugene Boyle, born in 1868 in Lowville, New York, died in 1943 in Fremont, Nebraska. Also, info on his wife, Margaret Ellen Carey Boyle - born November 21, 1874 in Saunders Co., Nebraska, and died on May 1, 1952 in Fremont, Nebraska. 
Mary Jane Richardson Sun Oct 11 6:33:30 1997
Seeking information on Catherine (Basler) Launer, who emigrated from Steinenbronn (Wurt) Germany in 1880 with her children: Rudolph (Fritz) Launer, John Launer, Jacob Launer, Gottleib Launer, Margaret who married John Hauser, and Fredericka Zwicky. Catherine and her family settled in Fremont (Dodge Co) and she died and is buried in Ridge Cemetery, 1883.
Mary Jane Richardson 4217 N 48 Drive Phoenix, AZ 85031-2313 
Ann B. Jacobs Sat Oct 11 21:25:42 1997
HUFF, John Abram & wife Jane CARMICHAEL WELSH J.A. Huff born 22 Dec 1838 Sparta, Elgin, Ontario, Canada married 4 July 1873 Fremont, Dodge Co., Nebraska died 21 May 1902 Princeton, Franklin Co., Kansas Children: Fred Abraham HUFF born 7 Nov 1874 Dodge Co., Nebraska William Dempsey HUFF born 22 Mar 1876 Dodge Co., Neb. Rachel Heaton HUFF born 1 May 1877 Dodge Co., Neb. Lydia Ethel HUFF born 24 Aug 1879 Dodge Co., Neb. Daiel Burns HUFF born 5 Oct1882 Princeton,Franklin Co, Kansas Verna Annettte HUFF born 14 Nov 1883 Princeton, Franklin Co., Kansas Pet Lillard HUFF born 11 Jun 1886 Princeton, Franklin Co., Kansas Inez Frances HUFF born 10 Jul 1888 Princeton, Franklin Co., Kansas Edith Matilda HUFF born 20 Dec 1889 Princeton, Franklin Co., Kansas Would like to exchange info with others. Ann B. Jacobs P.O. Box 721691 Norman, OK 73070 

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