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Queries submitted Jan 9, 1999 - Apr 8, 1999

Colleen Knuth Garner  Sat, 09 Jan 1999 20:34
 I am looking for information concerning my grandfather William Carsten KNUTH. He was born 27 Feb 1909 in North Bend Dodge Co, NE. He married Vera Laurene BROWN 6 Jan 1934. They had 6 children. Parents were Peter KNUTH and Anna DETLEFSEN.

John Pfeiffer   Thu, 14 Jan 1999 01:21
I'm attempting to discover something about my family history and genealogy in Nebraska, and further back, in Germany.  My paternal Grandfather was Herbert Harry Pfeiffer, Sr., and I know my father's family lived in Hooper, or around Fremont, NE.
I have discovered the names of Sue Pfeiffer, George Pfeiffer, Margaret Pfeiffer, "Mag" and Edna Pfeiffer.  My paternal Grandmother may have had the surname Bendle, and I know was related to a Ben Bendle.

Kathy  Mon, 18 Jan 1999 17:49
Looking for information, connections, any kind of lead to the following family (families):
James H. LEWIS and Mary Elizabeth (STEWART) LEWIS (originally from Herkimer County, NY>IL>NE/KS)
        Henry L. LEWIS m. May NOBLE, 1884
        Carrie E. LEWIS m. Louis F. HOLLOWAY, 1886 (Louis ran a hardware store in Fremont
            and was on the school  committee.  Moved to Fremont from DeWitt, NE in late 1800s/early 1900s.)
        Frank A. LEWIS m. Minnie TRAUGER, 1895
        Edna Mae LEWIS m. Charles Doyle ROSCOE, 1898  (I know for sure this family moved to
            Fremont from DeWitt in early 1900s.)
Francis B. STEWART m. Caroline NYE, 1853
Henry STEWART m Almira NYE, 1858
        Henry Nye STEWART
        Etta STEWART

Gordon Urquhart Sun, 31 Jan 1999 18:41
I am researching the McKerrow Line. HUGH MCKERROW Born 4th Jan 1894 in NEW ZEALAND & as far as I can evaluate from the US Social Security CD Rom, Died in Fremont Nebraska around 1980. LIZZIE DEAGON was HUGH MCKERROW JNR"S mother. HUGH SNR & LIZZIE were married in NZ 1855. LIZZIE MCKERROW(nee
DEAGON) along with ISABELLA MCKERROW(B.1885 D.1973 married a NELSON),ANNIE(No details),FRANCIS(No Details)& HUGH MCKERROW JNR all left New Zealand sometime after 1895 for USA and
settled I believe in WYOMING.The Social security disk also says he first registered for Social Security in Fremont County Wyoming. I have no details where he died I have tried searching Nebraska Cemetries but no name exisits so far.

 francesca shultz  Sun, 31 Jan 1999 23:25
I am searching for information on Judson Webb, who with his family lived in Fremont in the latter part of the 1800s and early part of the 1900s. Two of his children were named Claude Judson Webb(later changed to Robert Judson Webb) and Jess Webb.

 Jennifer Whitaker   Thu, 4 Feb 1999 08:39
My great grandfather Thomas Harm Parks was born in Dodge County in a little town called Scribner in or around 1868.  My family and I have been looking for all we can find on his geneology and would deeply appreciate any information we can get.  He died in Metropolis Illinoise and was buried in Wickliffe Mounds,  In October of 1931.  He had a daughter named Eva J Smith.  He was not however married to her mother so she did not recieve his last name.  We would apprieciate any information that we can get.  Thanks 

 The Stokes Family  Tue, 9 Feb 1999 16:46
We are searching for  information on Thomas Harm Parks and/or his desendents. He was born in Dodge Co., possibly Scribner,Nebraska in about 1867. Later moved to Kentucky where he  died in Wicleffe in about 1930. Any information will be appreciated. Looking for information on Thomas Harm Parks (b-1867) in Dodge Co.and/or decendents of Thomas Harm Parks.Thomas Parks left home at 15 years old. Father/Mothers name is not known. Thomas Parks was a riverboat captian who owned a steamwheeler called "The Catfish". Later he owned a deisel boat called the "Thomas". He died at Wicleffe KY in 1930 at the age of 63 years old.

Sharon Kelley      Wed, 24 Feb 1999 20:30
 VAN ARSDOL (also spelled VANARSDOL and VARARSDALL).  I am searching for descendants of Arthur L. Vanarsdol, son of John VanArsdol. Arthur was living near North Bend NE in 1914.  Arthur's wife was Lucinda (Ott). John VanArsdol died at the home of his son Arthur in 1914.  Does anyone have an obituary for John?  Have much info to share. Thanks in advance.  genealogy web page:

Joe Thurstenson  Tue, 02 Mar 1999 20:25
I am trying to learn of my Grandfather's activities and residence when he first arrived in America in 1888.  His destination on his ticket was Hooper.  He was escorting Elna Persdotter Lund, 34 years old and her daughter Ingrid Lovisa, 4 years old.  They were joining Ola Lund (born 6/17/1849) who had gone ahead to prepare their home a year earlier.  I would like to learn what I can about the Lunds, also.

I have notes indicating Peter Thurstenson was on a farm near Craig until about 1905 when he purchased a farm in Anoka, NE.  I also learned from a newspaper clipping from an Oakland newspaper that he took care of his nephew, Swen Anderson (April 26, 1901) while Swen was very sick.  This was done in Peter's home in SE Logan twp.  Where would this location be?

I believe he may have had his sister, Elsie Thurstenson (Elna Jönsdotter) living with him during this time as well as a nephew, Emil Anderson.  Swen's brother, Per Anderson and sister Anna may have also lived with Peter for a time after their immigration to the US.  Anna later married Ben Benson and moved to near Kansas City - could Ben Benson have come from Dodge Co?  Another clue - I think they would have attended the Swaburg Lutheran church north of Hooper.  I know Swen and
his wife Hannah are buried there.  Does this church still exist?

Any clues on any of these people would be appreciated.  My wife and I are planning a researching trip to this area during the first two weeks of July.  Hopefully we can tread upon some of the same ground my ancestors did.

Kathie Harrison  Fri, 5 Mar 1999 15:10
 I am looking for info on Emma J.Harrison who married Charles Wesley Kern on 5 July,1884 in Dodge county, Fremont,Nebraska.  Emma Harrison was the daughter of William Brice Harrison & Emma Osborne. Most of her family lived in Saunders county,Ne.. I would like to find out childrens names,births,deaths ,etc.  I do know that they moved to Tulsa,OK and died & were buried there,but I have no other information. Emma's brother Richard was my 2nd Ggrandfather. Her brother Samuel L Harrison was married to Mary Kelly in Fremont,Ne. on 11 July,1878. Any info on him and his wife is also needed.
I am willing to share info that I have on their other siblings and grandparents.

Bernice Dean  Sat, 6 Mar 1999 19:37
My grandgrand father was Almond Hugh McHenry who died in Fremont Neb., March 3, 1903, I am trying to find who his father was. He was born in Almond New York, in 1821. He had family there in Fremont, don't know if they are still there a son Henry McHenry and a daughter Mrs.E.A.Poynter , I am wondering if any of the family members are still around?

Linda Nissen Sun, 7 Mar 1999 16:02
I am looking for information on Peter Henry Nissen, my grandfather, who imigrated here in the early 1900's and lived in Fremont Nebraska. He was born in 1888, I think, in germany. I have my fathers birth certificate #24809 From lincoln Ne.,although it shows he was born in Fremont on Nov. 11, 1921. Any info would be helpful. Thank You
P.S. Am looking for info on the Tekamah Co-operative Creamery Co., I have documents showing 1930 & 1941.

Gin Hathaway    Thu, 11 Mar 1999 23:47
Searching for information on the HILDING or HILLDING family that migrated from Sweden.  There were five sisters all born in   Hässleby, Jönköping Län, Sweden.  The five sisters were Johania Maria Hilding (born Aug 21, 1842), Christina Carolina Hilding (born Apr 4, 1845);  Sarah Mathilda Hilding (born Dec 4, 1847); Anna Sophia Hilding (born Aug 13, 1855), and Augusta Louisa Hilding (born Aug 28, 1858). Johania Maria Hilding married Jones Magnus CARLSSON in Burlington, Iowa in 1880 and I believe soon after migrated to Omaha, NE.  They may have had a daughter named Geneive.  I do know that at least one of the sisters migrated to Dodge Co. Any information will be greatly appreciated. 

Emmett Mason  Sat, 13 Mar 1999 10:27
From the History of Nebraska book, < > do you know :
SEELY, John C. of Dodge Co. NE before 1882
SEELEY, Sarah of Dodge Co. NE before 1882
SEELEY/SEELY, Silas E. of Dodge Co. NE before 1882
I am trying to find Nebraska relatives of Peter SELEE (var. Seeley) (b. Dec 1836) probably in Canada to Ira SELEE.  Peter probably came to USA in 1842 to MI or NY and then he purchased land in Otoe Co. NE  in 1867 and later in Nemaha Co. NE where he died in 1918. Any contact is welcome.

John Fuester   Tue, 16 Mar 1999 22:20
I am trying to find date/place of birth and date/place of death information on Herman and Grace MOLLER.  Herman was born around 1891 (not known where).Grace's maiden name was HULSEBUS.  She was born somewhere in Iowa on July 29,
1907.  It is my understanding that Grace MOLLER was living in Fremont, Dodge County, Nebraska, prior to her death in 1981.  Any information, including information on descendants, is appreciated.

llswartz    Fri, 19 Mar 1999 11:20
 I am looking for information on Harvey O. Larson b.10/1/1883 - d.1/13/1959.  the information I have on him is he is buried at the Swaburg Cemetary, Dodge County, was married to Hilda Anderson b.7/2/1883 - d.5/24/1965.   I would like to find his parents name.

 Knox_Kathy  Wed, 24 Mar 1999 17:57
 I am looking for information on LYDICK.
William Shannon LYDICK b. 8-12-1850,    Carrie Ethel b. 8-31-1884, Harry Lee b. 12-9-1885, Frank A. b. 3-21-1888, William Shannon jr b. 9-8-89/ d. 1904,  John Llyoy LYDICK b. 12-2-1892, Nickerson, Dodge Co, NE,  J. Bryan b. 11-3-1897
I would really like more information on William Shannon Lydick.  I have no birth place for him.  William's older childern were born in Burt Co., NE.  William married Sarah Fox b. July 25, 1860 in Lycoming, PA.  I think they were married in NE, but I am not sure and I have no date.

#148  Thu, 25 Mar 1999 08:05
 I am researching the family of Edward and Elsie Burch, my grandparents,  who lived in Dodge, Nebraska and later moved to North Bend.  Edward died around 1938. They had 6 children, 3 who lived to be adults.  I would like information on their early years in Nebraska, the brothers and sisters of Edward, one who was Jessie Burch, later became Jessie Harris.  Edwards parents were Benjamin and Ann Starkweather Burch I believe.  I have found cemetary records on these people in Glencoe, but also know that Edward and Elsie had twin boys who died in infancy, and a daughter Mabel who died as a young child.  Any information would be so appreciated.  Edward and Elsie were the parents of my mother, who is the remaining child alive, and is 86 years old.

Tedd Taylor   Tue, 30 Mar 1999 22:52
 Looking for information on TAYLOR family members in Fremont, Maple Creek & Hooper ,Dodge Co. areas  from 1883-present.               Thank You ,

Erik Højstrup Christensen  Thu, 8 Apr 1999 17:28
We did not know much of our relatives in USA or Denmark. We had in the past years found out a lot of our family. And only because the American part of the family had found some old letters written in Danish to the uncles in USA. 3 brothers emigrated, In 1884, 1888 and 1901. And all to Fremont, NE.USA. The brother emigrated in 1884, Christian Christensen, born in1860, had left a huge family, and they are calling for a reunion in Fremont, NE, in July. 1999. Lars or Louis Christensen, born in 1874, the brother emigrated in 1888, left no family alive at all. The oldest brother, Niels Peter Christensen, born in 1854,  emigrated in 1901 is giving  me all the troubles. But we know for sure, that all three brothers first stop in USA were Fremont, NE.

File from the Danish police emigration office, when he emigrated:
Name, Occupation, Age, Destination, Contract No.,, Birthplace, Birth Parish, Last res, Dest. country, IDcode
Christensen, Niels Peter, Mejerist, 47, Fremont, Nebr., 640, 5/20/01, Jerlev, Jerslev, Understed, USA, D9701C2613

He arrived on vessel "Norge" in New York early  July 1901. I know from other Danish  source material  that he was born 1854, May 22nd, in Sterup, Jerslev, Hjørring.  He became a widower in 1888, and a his only child died in 1892. The only link we have to Niels Peter Christensen are two very old letters. One mentioned his only daughter Astrid, and the other one where the heading is Dear uncle and aunt, and signed Henry Christensen from Wisconsin. This letter dated 1924. December 19th.
I will, yes all in our family will be very grateful, if it will be possible for you to help us, to find our relatives.

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