Dodge County Newspaper Clippings - A


Newspaper Clippings from Dodge County Nebraska - A
Clipped, scanned, and submitted for presentation on the Dodge County NEGenWeb site by Claire Mares.

Copyright 2003, Claire Mares
Dodge County NEGenWeb

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Dodge County Nebraska Newspaper Clippings - A

Scanned newspaper clippings are listed  alphabetically with a reference to the type of clipping, year the clipping appeared, and the name of the newspaper.  These are copies of clippings stored in the library files of Eastern Nebraska Genealogical Society (ENGS).  If you know the approximate date of a newsworthy  event for a person in Dodge County, Nebraska and no clipping is listed, it is possible to request a search for the desired information. 

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Abbreviations used for Newspaper and Type of clipping are listed in the following table:


FDH - Fremont Daily Herald
FSWH - Fremont Saturday World Herald
FS - Fremont Sun
FT - Fremont Tribune
FTWT - Fremont Triweekly World Tribune
FWH - Fremont World Herald
FWT - Fremont World Tribune
HS - Hooper Sentinel
NB - North Bend
NBA - North Bend Arrow or North Bend Argus
NBE - North Bend Eagle
SS - Schulyer Sun
SN - Scribner News
SR - Scribner Rustler

* Type of Clipping :

Adopt - Adoption
Citizen - Citizenship notice
DOB - Date of Birth
DOD - Date of Death/Obituary
DOM - Date of Marriage

div - Divorce
ML - Marriage License
misc - Any other information
Probate - Probate of Estate

see - Reference to another clipping
will - Information about a will

Under construction - "Cards" will be added as the scanning and indexing is completed. There are approximately 40,000 clippings currently housed in the ENGS library and more being added daily. "see" references to images in another part of the alphabet will be linked when the appropriate images are available.

Abart Carrie E ML 1908 SS
Abbey Nell see Gus Hagensac
Abbott Byron H DOM 1906 FDH
Abbott C E boy DOB 1903 FSWH
Abbott C E boy DOB 1903 FT
Abbott C E boy DOD 1903 FT
Abbott Chaney DOD 1872 FT
Abbott Charles E DOD 1952 FT
Abbott Charles E DOM 1900 FT
Abbott Charles DOB 1906 FT
Abbott Chauncey DOM 1906 FDH
Abbott Clara boy DOD 1878 FT
Abbott Clara DOD 1911 FH
Abbott E A DOD 1899 FSWH
Abbott E A DOM 1891 FWH
Abbott E Merrill DOM 1904 FT
Abbott Ephraim A DOD 1899 FT
Abbott Henry Nichols DOD 1869 FT
Abbott J E DOM 1898 FT
Abbott Jessie M see Schaberg Bernhard H
Abbott John boy DOB 1906 FDH
Abbott John W C DOM 1901 FT
Abbott L J Dr DOD 1900 FT
Abbott L J Dr DOD 1900 FTWT
Abbott Luther A Misc 1899 FTWT
Abbott Merrill ML 1904 FTWH
Abbott Mina J Mrs DOD 1890 FT
Abbott Ned C DOM 1901 FT
Abbott Ned C boy DOB 1907 FT
Abbott Ned C girl DOB 1905 FTWH
Abbott Nicholas Dr DOD 1871 FT
Abbott Theodore Sexton DOD 1903 FT
Abbott Wells DOM 1906 FT
Abbott Wells see Richards Jack
Abbott Willie DOD 1889 SN
Abdullhatim Toby Mursie ML 1898 FSWH
Abegglen Pearl Elsie DOD 1923
Abel Alice E see Cooper C C
Abel Anna see Milgrim S A
Abel Charles DOD 1893 FT
Abel Charles DOD 1893 FTWT
Abel Charles DOD 1893 FWH
Abel Clara DOD 1927 HS
Abel Martha R see Barney George
Abel Mary Almira DOD 1883 FT
Abel Paul DOM 1925 HS
Abels Ollie see Jepperson H
Aberly Mary see Feist Conrad
Able Alice E see Cooper Alv
Ably Jacob DOM 1886 FT
Abraham Arthur DOM 1906 FDH
Abraham Maggie see Renard Fred
Abraham Martha DOD 1906 FT
Abraham Mr DOD 1888 FDT
Abrahamson Thele see Gold Michael
Abrahm Carl DOM 1892 FT
Abrahm Carl DOM 1892 FTWT
Abrams Carl boy DOB 1893 FT
Abrams M girl DOB 1881 FWT
Achilles Nellie see Thompson Leslie
Ackerly Minnie DOD 1891 FWH
Ackerman Abraham J DOM 1896 FT
Ackerman Abraham J DOM 1896 FTWT
Ackerman Alta see Saunders Alvin
Ackerman Byron C DOM 1890 FT
Ackerman Byron C DOM 1890 FWH
Ackerman C E see Beckenbough Aggie
Ackerman D A child DOD 1899 FSWH
Ackerman D A child DOD 1899 FT
Ackerman Ella John Div 1902 FTWT
Ackerman Hannah Misc 1906 FDH
Ackerman Hannah Misc 1906 FT
Ackerman Ina M see Samson James
Ackerman John C DOM 1902 FT
Ackerman John DOD 1906 FDH
Ackerman John Jr boy DOB 1884 FT
Ackerman Mary E see Marshal W
Ackerman Mary see Duncan Thos W
Ackerman Matilda see Samson James D
Ackerman William DOM 1894 FTWT
Ackers William H DOM 1905 FTWH
Ackles W B Mrs DOD 1897 FT
Ackton R A Mrs DOD 1912 FTWH
Acom Bertie see Fred Eason
Acom George DOD 1899 FSWH
Acom Mattie see Legge Sylvenus
Acom T R Mother DOD 1893 FWH
Acom Thomas child DOD 1883 FT
Acom Thomas R DOD 1904 FTWT
Acom Thos R DOD 1904 NBE
Acom Will dau DOB 1899 FSWH
Acor Sylvia C I adopt 1896 FWH
Acor Wm D Mrs DOD 1895 FT
Acton J C DOD Mrs 1911 FH
Acton Jacob C 1896 FWH
Acton James C DOM 1896 FT
Acton Mary DOD 1905 FTWH
Adam Theresa A see Peterson Gust
Adam Will S DOM 1906 FT
Adams Adelia DOD 1923 SS
Adams Alice DOD 1904 FT
Adams Alice see Charley Spies
Adams Cecil DOM 1913 HS
Adams Charles DOM 1904 FT
Adams Charley DOD 1881 FWT
Adams Clara see Shinn Samuel
Adams Frank D DOM 1896 FT
Adams Frank D DOM 1896 FTWT
Adams Frank DOM 1896 FWH
Adams Frank girl DOB 1897 FT
Adams Frank L DOM 1898 FSWH
Adams Frank L DOM 1898 FT
Adams Frank L DOM 1898 NBE
Adams Geo H Dr DOM 1889 SN
Adams George J DOD 1902 FT
Adams H E DOD 1903 FSWH
Adams H E DOD 1903 FT
Adams H E DOD 1904 FT
Adams Harry W see Sawyers Cora
Adams Horace E DOD 1903 HS
Adams Israel DOD 1893 FT
Adams Israel DOD 1893 FTWT
Adams Israel DOD 1893 FWH
Adams James DOM 1885 FDT
Adams Jennie see Young Albert A
Adams Jerry Mrs DOD 1904 FTWH
Adams Jesse ML 1904 FT
Adams John girl DOB 1891 NBA
Adams Julia DOD 1889 FT
Adams Maggie see Reese Charles
Adams Marion L see Scott Wm M
Adams Martha see Anderson Charles
Adams Mary E see Hoagland George
Adams Maude see Belville Ed
Adams Nora DOD 1904 FT
Adams O son DOB 1907 FT
Adams Sarah see OConner Dudley
Adams T L Mrs DOD 1907 FH
Adams T son DOB 1893 FT
Adams Tom son DOB 1893 FTWT
Addington Clyde see Lucas Roy
Ade Emma see Herse Frank O
Ade Mary see Hoffman Fred
Ade Mattie see Hoffman Fred
Adelmeir Adolph see Unkel John
Adin Fred DOM 1895 FT
Adin Fred DOM 1895 FTWT
Adin Fred DOM 1895 FWH
Adkins Ethel DOD 1915 HS
Adkins Inez M see Heine George W
Adkins Janette see Cole Walter W
Adkins John DOD 1892 FT
Adkins Kathryn see Beers William H
Adkins Mary E DOD 1910 HS
Adkins Mary J see Cole Walter W
Adkinson Flora see McNally Wm
Adkisson Simeon W DOM 1883 FT
Adleman L girl 1892 FT
Admah Church misc 1900 FTWT
Adrain Julia see White William
Adriance Effie see Burrill H A
Adriance Emory R Rev DOD 1900 FT
Adriance Emory R son DOB 1898 FSWH
Adriance Fannie A DOD 1909 FH
Adriance J A misc 1896 FWH
Adriance Jacob Rev DOD 1922 FH
Adsit Daniel DOD 1892 FT
Adsit Daniel DOD 1892 FTWT
Adsit Elmer E DOM 1891 FWH
Aers W H ML 1907 FT
Aeschliman Alfred ML 1899 FSWH
Aeschliman Alfred ML 1899 FT
Aeschliman Alfred ML 1899 FTWT
Aeyrs A B Dr DOM 1901 FT
Agee Grace see Koetter Max
Agee Margie see Kapp Garlan
Agricultural Society misc 1893 FWH
Ahern Helen J see Snow Byron Jay
Ahlemeyer Ida DOM 1903 FSWH
Ahlens Sophia see Kruse Adolph
Ahlmeyer Henry DOD 1911 FH
Ahrens Adolph DOM 1904 FT
Ahrens August ML 1903 FT
Ahrens Catherine see Dorfmeyer
Ahrens Ernest Rev DOM 1904 FT
Ahrens Herman P DOM 1924 HS
Ahrens Johannes Citizen 1905 FT
Ahrens Julian A Citizen 1904 FT
Ahrens Louisa see Lueking Herman
Ahrling Alfred misc 1893 FW
Ahrndt Lena see Bentz August
Ahrndt Lena see Kellner Clarence
Ailen child DOD 1885 FDT
Ainscoe girl DOB 1898 FT
Ainsley Richard DOM 1905 FT
Ainsworth George see Steele Lillie
Ainsworth Grace see Dodge Co Marriages
Ainsworth Helen DOD 1899 FT
Ainsworth Henrietta M see Harley J Bending
Ainsworth Ira child DOD 1884 FDT
Ainsworth Ira child DOD 1884 FWT
Ainsworth Ira DOD 1919 FT
Ainsworth Ira girl DOB 1889 FWT
Ainsworth Ira jr DOD 1903 FSWH
Ainsworth Ira jr DOD 1903 FT
Airis E H DOD 1910 HS
Airis George DOD 1891 FWH
Akers William DOM 1905 FTWT
Akers William H ML 1905 FTWT
Aksamit Emily see Longin Folda
Albee D J DOD 1905 FTWT
Albers A J misc 1911 FH
Albers August DOM 1884 FDT
Albers Gerard DOD 1904 FT
Albers Gerhard misc 1904 FTWH
Albert I L Mrs DOD 1899 FSWH
Albertson Alexander DOD 1868 SS
Albertson Anna E see Wells George H
Albertson Isaac DOD 1891 FT
Albertson Isaac DOD 1891
Albertson Lottie M see Steen Taylor
Albertson R L boy DOB 1901 FT
Albertson R L girl DOB 1896 FT
Albertson S Mrs DOD 1907 FH
Albertson Sarah DOD 1886 FT
Albertson Sarah DOD 1907 FT
Albertson Toncray Reunion 1885
Albrecht Anna see Parkert Wm
Albrecht Aug boy DOB 1898 FSWH
Albrecht August D DOD 1920 HS
Albrecht August Mrs DOD 1902 HS
Albrecht Christoph girl DOB 1906 FT
Albrecht girl DOB 1906 FDH
Albrecht Hannah see Parkert William
Albrecht Hedwig misc 1903 FSWH
Albrecht Heinrich DOD 1908 SS
Albrecht Henry DOD 1903 FT
Albrecht John N ML 1893 FT
Albrecht John U DOM 1893 FWH
Albrecht Marie see Cessna George
Albrecht Theodore DOD 1923 SS
Albro Almyra Mrs DOD 1916 FT
Albro John H DOD 1906 FDH
Alderman Harry DOD 1911 FH
Alderman Harry DOD 1911 FT
Alderman Otto DOM 1903 FT
Aldrich Anna H DOD 1926 HS
Aldrich James DOD 1899 FSWH
Aldrich James DOD 1899 HS
Aldrich John DOM 1901 FT
Aldrich John son DOB 1907 FT
Aldrich Oscar DOM 1926 HS
Aldrich Robert C DOM 1922 HS
Aldrich William H DOD 1923 HS
Alexander Canna see Biery John H
Alexander David S C ML 1893 FTWT
Alexander Geo DOM 1899 FSWH
Alexander Jewel see Bayer Edward F
Alexander Laura see Eddy Russell
Alexander May see Hollenbeck Frank
Alexander Vida Dell misc 1904 FTWH
Alexander Wm DOM 1897 FT
Alger Charles F DOM 1906 FDH
Alger M boy Dr DOB 1908 SS
Algers Charles F DOM 1906 F
Allan Bertha L see Walrath Clarence
Allan Edwin H ML 1903 FT
Allan Emily Bignell DOD 1931 NBE
Allan Estella M see Tedy Fred J
Allan Hugh DOD 1915 NBE
Allan Lizzie see Hopkins A P
Allan Robert DOM 1906 FT
Allan William ML 1905 FTWH
Allee Lucy see Edmiston Rob
Allen A Mrs DOD 1906 FT
Allen Amanda see Lapham Charles S
Allen Amy see Smiddy Lee
Allen Bessie see Tarrance Samuel M
Allen Bradford C DOD 1907 FDH
Allen Bradford C DOD 1907 FT
Allen Charles Probate 1893 FWH
Allen Dwight DOM 1904 FT
Allen Dwight see Gibson Miss
Allen Edward G ML 1906 FDH
Allen Elmer L DOM 1892 FWH
Allen Fenton DOM 1937 FT
Allen H W Mrs DOD 1898 FT
Allen Hannah see Anderson Elisha W
Allen Harry DOM 1920 HS
Allen Harry girl DOB nodate
Allen Ione M see Bowlin Sgt Harold J
Allen J W child DOD 1904 FT
Allen John A DOM 1902 FTWT
Allen Joseph H Dr DOD 1898 NBE
Allen Marion see Skinner Robert
Allen Martha DOD 1903 FTWH
Allen Martha R DOD 1903 FT
Allen Mary see Marrien Francis
Allen Mrs DOD 1895 FTWT
Allen Myron girl DOB 1911 FH
Allen Myron J DOM 1910 HS
Allen Peter D ML 1899 FSWH
Allen R B Mrs DOD 1902 FTWT
Allen R M father DOD 1898 FSWH
Allen Rev boy DOB 1884 FWT
Allen Robert boy DOB 1944 FT
Allen Robert DOM 1906 FDH
Allen Robert W DOD 1899 FSWH
Allen Roy Rowe ML 1910 FH
Allen Sanford B DOM 1888 FDT
Allen Thomas girl DOB 1891 FT
Allen Virginia DOD 1902 FT
Allender A G DOM 1888 FT
Allender A G DOM 1888 FWT
Alleson Henry DOM 1905 FTWH
Alliote Walter DOD 1923 SS
Allis Ellen DOD 1907 FT
Allison A R misc 1895 FTWT
Allison Fannie see Geo A Miller
Allison Henry DOM 1905 FTWT
Allison Marion see Jensen Peter
Allyn Cyrus M DOM 1874 FT
Alm Alfred DOM 1897 FT
Almquist Ruth Anna see Johnson Otto H
Alperstaedt Rose L see Newlen Arthur D
Alperstedt Augusta see Wise Phillip
Alperstedt Fredricka DOD 1921 HS
Alperstedt J Louis DOM 1925 HS
Alperstedt J Ludwig DOD 1919 HS
Alperstedt L girl DOD 1894 FT
Alperstedt Louis misc 1893 FWH
Alperstette L girl DOD 1894
Alstot Mary see Brennan Bartly
Althouse Mrs mother DOD 1897 FSWH
Althouse Rev girl DOB 1897 F
Ambrose John DOD 1908 SS
Ames Graduates misc 1898 FT
Ames misc 1906 FDH
Ames NE births 1902 FT
Ames NE hotel 1904 FT
Ames NE misc 1899 FTWT
Ames NE misc 1902 FTWT
Ames NE misc Apr 1906 FDH
Ames NE misc Sept 1906 FDH
Ames Sugar Factory misc 1899 FT
Ames Sugar Factory misc FT
Amker M ML 1903 FT
Amos Mary L see Nelson Carl H
Ana Mary U R see Peet Joseph
Andersen Alfred DOM 1925 HS
Andersen Anna see Andersen Alfred
Andersen Arthur N DOM 1926 HS
Andersen Chris DOD 1900 FTW
Andersen F H DOD 1874 FT
Andersen James DOD 1929 HS
Andersen Jens misc 1903 FT
Andersen Jensine misc 1903 FSW
Andersen Maria see Andersen Alfred
Anderson A DOD 1898 FSW
Anderson A L son DOB 1907 FH
Anderson A L son DOB 1907 FT
Anderson Albert DOD 1902 FT
Anderson Albert DOM 1906 FDH
Anderson Allan DOM 1923 HS
Anderson Alta G DOD 1907 FT
Anderson Amelia see Smith Clyde Watson
Anderson Andrea M see Hanson Hans F
Anderson Andrew DOD 1917 HS
Anderson Andrew DOM 1900 FT
Anderson Andrew DOM 1900 HS
Anderson Andrew DOM 1904 FT
Anderson Andrew ML 1905 FT
Anderson Anna DOD 1896 FT
Anderson Anna F see Truesdell Arthur A
Anderson Anna J see Spraktes William
Anderson Anna Kelly DOD 1896
Anderson Anna L see Johnson Joseph
Anderson Anna M C see Nelson Nels P
Anderson Anna Mrs DOD 1907 FH
Anderson Anna see Olson Eric
Anderson Anna see Peterson Henry C
Anderson Anne Charlotte DOD 1910 FH
Anderson Annie N DOD 1900 FTWT
Anderson Annie see Westlin Albert
Anderson Anthony DOD 1926 FT
Anderson Arthur DOM 1924 HS
Anderson Atlanta H see Pigsley Dennis C
Anderson August andWife DOD 1907 FT
Anderson August will 1907 FT
Anderson Augusta see Anderson Oscar R
Anderson Axel DOM 1909 FH
Anderson baby DOB 1907 FT
Anderson Bengte see Adin Fred
Anderson Bertha Maria DOD 1906 FDH
Anderson C boy DOB 1896 FWH
Anderson C boy DOB 1905 FWH
Anderson C E boy DOB 1910 FH
Anderson C S girl DOB 1892 FT
Anderson C S girl DOB 1892 FWH
Anderson Carl A DOD 1905 FTWT
Anderson Carrie see Johnson Mons
Anderson Casper DOD 1930 FT
Anderson Catherine misc 1906 FDH
Anderson Charles boy DOB 1906 FDH
Anderson Charles DOD 1906 FDH
Anderson Charles H DOD 1906 FT
Anderson Charles ML 1903 FTWH
Anderson Chas girl DOB 1896 FT
Anderson Christ Mrs DOD 1907 FH
Anderson Christian DOD 1923 FT
Anderson Christian DOM 1890 FT
Anderson Christian Katherine div 1893 FT
Anderson Christian Katherine div 1893 FWH
Anderson Christina E see Hymeris court
Anderson Christine see Peterson James L
Anderson Christine see Ray Porter
Anderson Claire DOM 1902 FT
Anderson Clara see Hymens court
Anderson D Mrs DOD 1905 FT
Anderson Dagma see Harry Peters
Anderson Dan boy DOB 1903 FT
Anderson David misc 1904 SS
Anderson Dena see McBrown Delmer
Anderson E boy DOB 1899 FT
Anderson E C child DOD 1877 FDJ
Anderson E DOM 1896 FT
Anderson E DOM 1896 FTWT
Anderson E girl DOB 1896 FT
Anderson E P Mrs DOD 1897 FT
Anderson Earl DOM 1907 FH
Anderson Ebbe ML 1893 FT
Anderson Ebbe ML 1893 FWH
Anderson Edith see Jacobs Rev Peter
Anderson Elias DOM 1896 FWH
Anderson Elias misc 1899 FT
Anderson Elise DOD 1894 FT
Anderson Elise DOD 1894 FTWT
Anderson Elisha W DOM 1888 FT
Anderson Elyda see Crampton Charles
Anderson Eric DOD 1906 FDH
Anderson Father of Peter DOD 1892 FT
Anderson Francis DOD 1904 FT
Anderson Frank D DOM 1928 HS
Anderson Frank Lee DOM 1911 FH
Anderson Fred DOD 1887 FDT
Anderson Fred DOD 1910 HS
Anderson G A DOM 1905 FT
Anderson Gertrude DOD 1907 FT
Anderson Gertrude L DOD 1955 FT
Anderson girl DOD 1887 FT
Anderson Gretchen Nye DOD 1907 FDH
Anderson Gus child DOD 1892 FT
Anderson Gustav boy DOB 1906 FT
Anderson H G boy DOD 1909 FDH
Anderson Hanne S see Hansen O C
Anderson Hans Christian DOM 1891 FT
Anderson Hans Christian DOM 1891 FWH
Anderson Hans DOM 1886 FT
Anderson Hans Mrs DOD 1907 FT
Anderson Harry DOB 1906 FT
Anderson Hattie see Nickerson Fred
Anderson Hedwig see Carlson Johannes E
Anderson Henry baby DOD 1910 FH
Anderson Henry DOM 1880 FWH
Anderson Henry F DOM 1904 FT
Anderson Henry J DOM 1906 FT
Anderson Herschel L DOD 1951 FT
Anderson Hertha A DOD 1934 FT
Anderson Hilma J DOD 1936 FT
Anderson Hiram girl DOB 1916 FT
Anderson Hiram girl DOB 1923 SS
Anderson Hjalmar boy DOD 1907 FT
Anderson Hjalmar DOM 1905 FT
Anderson Hjalmar Mrs DOD 1909 FDH
Anderson Holcomb DOD 1903 FT
Anderson Hotel misc 1902 FT
Anderson Ida DOD 1898 FT
Anderson Ingre see Nelson Jons
Anderson J O girl DOB 1898 FT
Anderson J O girl DOB 1902 FT
Anderson J S Mrs DOD 1907 FT
Anderson James boy DOB 1899 FSWH
Anderson James DOD 1894 FT
Anderson James DOD 1894 FTWT
Anderson James DOD 1895 FT
Anderson James DOD 1895 FTWT
Anderson James DOM 1891 FT
Anderson James DOM 1893 FTWT
Anderson James girl DOB 1893 FWH
Anderson James ML 1893 FT
Anderson James Mrs DOD 1891 FT
Anderson James Mrs DOD 1907 FT
Anderson James S citizen 1905 FT
Anderson James W DOM 1891 FWH
Anderson Jas Mrs DOD 1918 HS
Anderson Jas W DOM 1891 FT
Anderson Jens B DOD 1892 FT
Anderson Jens B DOD 1892 FWH
Anderson Jens Mrs DOD 1907 FT
Anderson Johanna see Jensen Hans Christensen
Anderson John A DOM 1896 FT
Anderson John Allen DOD 1953 FT
Anderson John C DOM 1899 FT
Anderson John DOD 1905 FTWH
Anderson John DOD 1906 FDH
Anderson John DOD 1909 FH
Anderson John DOM 1891 FWH
Anderson John girl DOB 1906 FT
Anderson Jonas DOD 1907 FH
Anderson Jonas DOD 1907 FT
Anderson Jonas DOM 1874 FT
Anderson Jonas Mrs DOD 1905 FTWT
Anderson Josephine DOD 1895 FT
Anderson Josephine DOD 1895 FTWT
Anderson Julia DOD 1934 FT
Anderson Katie see Somers Herbert
Anderson Laura M see Hipke Fred
Anderson Laura M see Schneider Amos A
Anderson Laura V see Owens Brinton G
Anderson Lenta DOM 1905 FTW
Anderson Lewis DOM 1928 HS
Anderson Louis DOD 1903 FSWH
Anderson Louis F G DOM 1905 FTWT
Anderson Louis son DOD 1907 FH
Anderson Mae see Steen Taylor
Anderson Margaret K DOD 1906 FT
Anderson Mark DOM 1923 HS
Anderson Martin girl DOB 1906 FT
Anderson Mary DOD 1887 FT
Anderson Mary DOD 1887 FWT
Anderson Mary DOM 1893 FWH
Anderson Mary see Christensen E
Anderson Mary see Frost Anderson O
Anderson Mary see Ogard James
Anderson Mary see Peterson Andrew P
Anderson Mary see Peterson Louis
Anderson Mary see Thompson Lawrence
Anderson Mathilda vs Peter 1896 FT
Anderson Mathilda vs Peter 1896 FTWT
Anderson Mathilda vs Peter 1896 FWH
Anderson Matilda DOD 1927 HS
Anderson Matts boy DOB 1901 FT
Anderson Matts girl DOB 1903 FT
Anderson May see Vosburg Allen
Anderson Mr see Dittmar Mrs Mamie
Anderson Mrs DOD 1906 FDH
Anderson Mrs2 DOD 1906 FDH
Anderson Myrtle DOD 1908 SS
Anderson Neils DOM 1897 FT
Anderson Nels DOD 1900 FT
Anderson Nettie DOD 1909 FDH
Anderson Nils DOD 1887 FDT
Anderson Nils DOD 1887 FT
Anderson O B DOM 1904 FTWH
Anderson O boy DOB 1896 FT
Anderson Olga see Tharp John
Anderson Olof boy DOB 1896 FWH
Anderson Olof C DOD 1896 FT
Anderson Oscar R ML 1897 FS
Anderson P A DOD 1926 HS
Anderson Paul DOM 1923 HS
Anderson Peter child DOD 1889 FT
Anderson Peter child DOD 1892 FTWT
Anderson Peter child DOD 1898 FT
Anderson Peter DOM 1888 FT
Anderson Peter DOM 1888 FWT
Anderson Peter DOM 1895 FT
Anderson Peter DOM 1895 FTWT
Anderson Peter Mrs DOD 1898 FSWH
Anderson Peter Mrs DOD 1898 HS
Anderson Priscilla DOD 1909 FDH
Anderson Ragnhild see Schmidt
Anderson Rev E boy DOB 1909 FH
Anderson Robert S DOM 1906 FDH
Anderson Rose see Bott Charles
Anderson Roy DOM 1922 HS
Anderson Rudolph ML 1895 FTWT
Anderson S E DOD 1873 FT
Anderson S M J boy 1886 FWT
Anderson Samuel DOD 1884 FDT
Anderson Samuel DOD 1884 FWH
Anderson Samuel DOD 1884 FWT
Anderson Signe W see Peters Victor A
Anderson Silas boy DOB 1924 HS
Anderson Silas J DOM 1922 HS
Anderson Sine see Sorensen Andrew
Anderson Soren DOD 1907 FH
Anderson Steve ML 1894 FT
Anderson Swan DOM 1899 FT
Anderson Tillie see Ackerman Abraham J
Anderson Tom Mrs DOD 1937 FT
Anderson Tony A DOM 1904 FT
Anderson twin boys DOB 1888 FT
Anderson Victor DOD 1906 FDH
Anderson W B boy DOB 1892 NBA
Anderson W B girl DOB 1895 NB
Anderson W O DOD 1903 FSWH
Anderson Walford girl DOB 1891 FWH
Anderson Walter H DOD 1921 HS
Anderson Wilber DOM 1897 DC
Anderson Wm B DOD 1922 NBE
Anderson Wm O DOM 1897 NBA
Anderson Wm R ML 1894 FT
Andreason A Martin DOM 1905 FTWT
Andreason Martha see David Larson
Andreeson Alice see Kountz Luther
Andreeson E M brother misc 1895 FT
Andreeson E M Mrs DOD 1896 FT
Andreeson Elber M DOD 1918 FT
Andresean Rudolph ML 1895 FWH
Andrews Bertha DOM 1903 FTWH
Andrews boy DOB 1892 FWH
Andrews C girl DOB 1904 FT
Andrews Chris DOM 1895 FT
Andrews Chris DOM 1895 FTWT
Andrews Chris girl DOB 1897 NBA
Andrews Chris misc 1947 FT
Andrews Emory DOM 1885 FT
Andrews Frank DOM 1905 FT
Andrews Herbert R DOM 1899 FT
Andrews J E ML 1903 FTWH
Andrews J W girl 1888 FDT
Andrews J W girl DOB 1888 FT
Andrews James DOD 1899 FT
Andrews Jane DOD 1918 DC
Andrews John boy DOB 1907 FH
Andrews John boy DOB 1907 FT
Andrews John boy DOD 1906 FDH
Andrews John DOD 1921 DC
Andrews John W misc 1899 FT
Andrews Leon DOM 1905 FT
Andrews Martha DOD 1903 FT
Andrews Martha DOD 1903 FTWH
Andrews Raymond DOD 1902 FT
Andrews Rhoda C DOD 1893 FT
Angood Fred boy DOB 1889 FT
Angood Fred C DOM 1888 FT
Angus B F DOD 1895 FT
Angus B F DOD 1895 FTWT
Angus George DOD 1909 FH
Angus Ida May see Gilbert David
Angus Maggie N DOD 1905 FT
Ankeny George H ML 1906 FDH
Ankey Maud see Brown Charles
Ankney Frederick DOM 1907 FT
Annan S Ella see Lester Silas L
Annis Charles DOD 1893 FT
Annis Charles DOD 1893 FTWT
Annis Charles DOD 1893 FWH
Anson Charles boy DOB 1896 FT
Anthony boy DOB 1905 FT
Anthony Claus Mrs DOD 1894 FT
Anthony Claus Mrs DOD 1894 FTWT
Anthony Emma see Ranslem Wm
Anthony John boy DOB 1900 FT
Antrim Edna B see Hadley Benajmin F
Antrim Wm E ML 1893 FT
Antrom Grace see Johnson Nels
AOUW Lodge misc 1903 FT
Appel Maggie see Bang Carl
Appel Wm boy DOB 1905 FT
Appleby Thomas C ML 1897 FSWH
Appleby Thos C ML 1897 FT
Applegreen Johanna see Iverson Olof W
Ar Wm C ML 1897 FSWH
Archer Ernest DOM 1907 FT
Archer Harry DOD 1905 FTWH
Archer Henry DOD 1903 FT
Archer Henry DOD 1903 FTWH
Archer Henry J DOD 1905 FTWH
Archer Mary see Walt B Reynolds
Archerd Florence see Montgomery Wilbur
Archerd Fred A DOD 1899 FSWH
Archerd Fred A DOD 1899 FTWT
Archerd R H DOD 1898 FSWH
Argensinger Henry DOD 1898 FSWH
Argersinger Charity DOD 1896 FT
Aris Mrs DOD 1928 HS
Armbright Mary C see Lange Jos M
Armbruster Fred DOM 1897 FSWH
Armbruster Fred ML 1897 FT
Armbruster Joe family DOD 1896 FWH
Armbruster Joe family DOD 1896
Armbruster Joe son DOD 1896 DC
Armbruster Louie DOM 1896 FWH
Armbruster Louis DOM 1896 DC
Armes Jennie see Wilcox John
Armes Vangeline girl DOB 1896 FWH
Armes Vangeline girl DOB 1896 NB
Armes Wm DOM 1895 NBA
Armitage F A see Wolcott Inez
Arms Albert father DOD 1897 FSWH
Arms Wm DOM 1895 FT
Arms Wm DOM 1895 FTWT
Armstead Asa S DOM 1907 FH
Armstead Blanche see Black Allen E
Armstead C O boy DOB 1897 NBA
Armstead Charles O ML 1888 FDT
Armstead Dottie see Maupin Will M
Armstead Fred misc 1898 FSWH
Armstead G C DOM 1900 FTWT
Armstead George DOM 1904 FT
Armstead Mary Jane Bignell DOD 1948 NBE
Armstrong Adella L see Laird Herbert L
Armstrong Dollie see Brown J M
Armstrong George Major DOD 1896 FWH
Armstrong H E DOM 1892 FT
Armstrong Martha see Andrews John E
Armstrong Mrs Nettie see Brown Wm Edgar
Armstrong Orphia M see Busch
Armstrong Orphie misc 1903 FT
Armstrong W W misc 1905 FT
Armstrong Wm DOM 1895 FT
Armstrong Wm DOM 1895 FWH
Arnett Lee DOM 1889 FT
Arnholdt Stella Mrs DOD 1900 FT
Arnholt Henry DOM 1902 FTWT
Arnholt Henry J DOD 1919 HS
Arnholt Henry J DOM 1902 FTWT
Arnholt Henry J DOM 1902 HS
Arnholt Stella C misc 1899 FT
Arnholt Stella DOD 1900 HS
Arnold B F DOM 1885 FDT
Arnold Carrie see Herfurth
Arnold Chas M DOM 1890 FT
Arnold Clara see Peterson Peter A
Arnold D Miss see Rogers Junius
Arnold Della see Dye Perry
Arnold Frank child DOD 1903 FT
Arnold Frank DOD 1903 FSWH
Arnold Frank DOD 1903 FT
Arnold Frank G ML 1899 FSWH
Arnold Frank G ML 1899 FTWT
Arnold G J child DOD 1905 FTWT
Arnold Grant DOM 1903 FSWH
Arnold Grant W DOM 1903 FT
Arnold J boy DOB 1888 FT
Arnold J C misc 1907 SS
Arnold Julia L see Bray Oliver
Arnold Lillie see Harlow Ernest
Arnold Louis DOD 1908 SS
Arnold Mabel DOM 1897 FSWH
Arnold Thomas DOD 1903 FT
Arnold Thomas DOD 1903 FTWH
Arnold William child DOD 1889 FT
Arnold Wm ML 1893 FTWH
Arnold Wm Mrs DOD 1900 FT
Arnot Charles misc 1903 FT
Arnot Charles misc 1903 FTWH
Arnott Elisha T Mrs DOD 1903 FTWH
Arp Emma see Eggleston Eugene
Arps Charles DOM 1904 FT
Arps Henry boy DOB 1897 NB
Arps Henry DOM 1896 FT
Arps Henry DOM 1896 FWH
Arps Herman girl DOB 1923 SS
Arps John boy DOB 1892 FT
Arps John boy DOB 1892 FTWT
Arps John DOD 1903 FSWH
Arps John DOM 1881 FWT
Arps John girl DOB 1896 FWH
Arps John Jr see Hooser Agnes
Arps John misc 1879 FWT
Arps Mary see Langers Wm
Arps Peter M DOM 1893 FWH
Arps Peter see Ladehoff Dora
Arries Alex boy DOB 1893 FT
Arris George DOD 1891 FT
Arthur Ellen see Clements Edward
Arthur James child DOD 1885 FT
Arthur James misc 1888 FT
Arthur Mabel see Black James H
Arthur Robert DOD 1899 FSWH
Arthur T L DOD 1899 FSWH
Arthur T L DOD 1899 FTWT
Arthur Thos DOM 1884 FT
Arthur Tom girl 1887 FT
Arthur Tom girl DOB 1887 FDT
Arthur Wm DOM 1880 FWT
Artley Minnie DOD 1910 HS
Artz Marie T see Hazen L J
Artz Martie T see Hazen L J
Arundel Frank DOM 1906 FDH
Arundel Henry Citizen 1903 FT
Arundel Henry DOM 1905 FT
Arundel Mary DOD 1906 FT
Arundel William DOD 1902 FT
Arundell Thomas DOD 1911 FH
Asche Emma DOD 1923 SS
Asche Gerd Mrs DOD 1908 SS
Ashburn J Nelson DOM 1899 FSWH
Ashenbrenner Pauline see Earp William
Asher Jesse DOD 1895 FT
Asher Jesse DOD 1895 FTWT
Asher Jesse DOD 1895
Asher Viola Mrs misc 1895 FTWT
Ashley Alden Mrs DOD 1898
Asmus Bessie see Shepard C C
Asmussen Bonnie see Nelson Peter M
Asmussen Hans DOM 1900 FT
Asmussen Magdalena L see Jacobs John
Asmussen Maren DOD 1892 FWH
Asmussen Mathias Mrs DOD 1905 FTWT
Aspinwall Dena see Clay Ernest
Assmussen Lucy see Holsh Julius
Assmussen M Mrs DOD 1905 FTWH
Atchison Affie see Davis John H
Athen Nellie see Barron P J
Atkins J W DOM 1918 HS
Atkinson Dr girl DOB 1901 FT
Atkinson Flora see McNally William
Atkinson Ira E Dr DOM 1892 FT
Atkinson Mr DOD 1869 FT
Atwater D P boy DOB 1905 FTWT
Atwood Hallie Harsha see Newell James W
Atwood Hallie see Newell James W
Atwood Ira 1863 Mathilda 1889
Atwood Lee L DOM 1902 FT
Atwood Timothy DOD 1902 FT
Atwood Timothy misc 1897 FSWH
Atwood Timothy misc 1897 FT
Atwood W H girl 1884 FWT
Atzbash Louis DOM 1884 FWT
Aughe Fred DOM 1899 FSWH
Aughe Fred DOM 1899 FT
Aughe Jennie see Burnside George W
August H E boy DOB 1934 FT
Augustus Mildred C see Gaines Alfred L
Aukney Frederick ML 1907 FH
Aumann C W DOM 1906 FDH
Aumann C W DOM 1906 FT
Aumann Celia see Lowenstein Herman
Aune Beyer DOM 1917 FT
Austin Ellen V DOD 1902 FT
Austin Harrietta M Mrs DOD 1891 FT
Austin Harriette M Mrs DOD 1891 FWH
Austin J W DOM 1898 FSWH
Austin Jean see Cooper Dell
Austin Phineas DOD 1896 FT
Austin Phineas DOD 1896 FTWT
Austin Silas DOD 1904 FT
Austin Silas DOD 1904 FTWH
Auten L J ML 1899 FSWH
Auten Leonidas J ML 1899 FTWT
Auten S D Mrs DOD 1874 FT
Auten S W girl 1892 FWH
Auten Samuel DOD 1899 FT
Auten Samuel W DOD 1899 FSWH
Auten Samuel W DOM 1886 FT
Auten W S girl DOB 1904 FT
Auton Roy DOD 1896 FWH
Avery Arthur W DOM 1893 FT
Avery George W Dr DOD 1888 FT
Avery J Dixon Mrs DOD 1893 FTWT
Avery Julia see Wilson William W
Avery Marion boy DOB 1905 FTWT
Avery Marion boy DOD 1907 FT
Avery Marion DOM 1904 FT
Avery Mary Yates misc 1894 FTWT
Avery Miss see Zigafoos Fred
Avery Wm H ML 1895 FWH
Axelson Charles girl DOB 1907
Axen Alex girl DOB 1892 FT
Axen Chas boy DOB 1893 FWH
Axen Ernest DOM 1891 FWH
Axen Ernst girl DOB 1899 FSWH
Axen Henrietta see Koplin August
Axleson Dr DOD 1891 FT
Axman J J girl DOB 1896 FT
Axton Anna Mrs DOD 1889 FT
Ayer Adelaide see Sampson John
Ayers Almira E see DeLa Robert Kiff
Ayers C O Miss misc 1893 FTWT
Ayers Floyd DOM 1909 FH
Ayres A B Dr DOM 1901 FTWT
Ayres Emma M see Schammahorn Frank A

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