Newspaper Clippings from Dodge County Nebraska - Z
Clipped, scanned, and submitted for presentation on the Dodge County NEGenWeb site by Claire Mares.

Copyright 2003, Claire Mares
Dodge County NEGenWeb

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Dodge County Nebraska Newspaper Clippings - Z

Scanned newspaper clippings are listed  alphabetically with a reference to the type of clipping, year the clipping appeared, and the name of the newspaper.  These are copies of clippings stored in the library files of Eastern Nebraska Genealogical Society (ENGS).  If you know the approximate date of a newsworthy  event for a person in Dodge County, Nebraska and no clipping is listed, it is possible to request a search for the desired information. 

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Abbreviations used for Newspaper and Type of clipping are listed in the following table:


FDH - Fremont Daily Herald
FSWH - Fremont Saturday World Herald
FS - Fremont Sun
FT - Fremont Tribune
FTWT - Fremont Triweekly World Tribune
FWH - Fremont World Herald
FWT - Fremont World Tribune
HS - Hooper Sentinel
NB - North Bend
NBA - North Bend Arrow or North Bend Argus
NBE - North Bend Eagle
SS - Schulyer Sun
SN - Scribner News
SR - Scribner Rustler

* Type of Clipping :

Adopt - Adoption
Citizen - Citizenship notice
DOB - Date of Birth
DOD - Date of Death/Obituary
DOM - Date of Marriage

div - Divorce
ML - Marriage License
misc - Any other information
Probate - Probate of Estate

see - Reference to another clipping
will - Information about a will

Under construction - "Cards" will be added as the scanning and indexing is completed. There are approximately 40,000 clippings currently housed in the ENGS library and more being added daily.

Zabel Louis DOM 1887 FT
Zabel Louis DOM 1887 FWT
Zabka Alba see Brazee Roy
Zabka Anton Obit 1907 SS
Zabka Frank DOM 1908 SS
Zacek C DOM 1919 HS
Zacek Stacie see VogHance T
Zacharias F son DOB 1898 FS
Zacharias F son DOB 1898 NB
Zacharies Frank DOD 1898 FT
Zackarias Benjamin F DOD 1898 FSWH
Zackarias Benjamin Obit 1898 NBE
Zade August DOD 1897 FSWH
Zade August DOD 1897 FTWT
Zade August DOD 1897 NBA
Zahan Matilda see Livermann
Zahlten Richard J DOM 1900 FT
Zahn August DOD 1908 SS
Zahn Auguste see Martin Pasold
Zahn Elsie see Schnoor Walt
Zahn Emil DOM 1893 FT
Zahn Emil DOM 1893 FWH
Zahn Gusta see Schneider Herman
Zahn Herman DOD 1901 SR
Zahn Herman NF DOM 1890 SN
Zahn Herman son DOB 1898 FSWH
Zahn Laura see Duerst Gusta
Zahn Matilda see Lierman Aug T
Zahrte John DOD 1929 HS
Zahve August DOD 1897 FT
Zaiser Perry Adopt 1896 FWH
Zakovec John DOM 1900 FT
Zalbka Anton son DOB 1908 SS
Zanuck Donald DOD 1903 FT
Zanuck Frank H DOM 1893 FT
Zanuck Frank H DOM 1893 FWH
Zanuck Frank H DOM 1893A FT
Zanuck Frank son DOD 1903 FTWT
Zarmsdorf Fritz W DOM 1893 FT
Zarmsdorf Fritz W DOM 1893 FWH
Zarmstorf F W girl 1904 FT
Zarmstrof Fred boy DOB DOD 1898 FSWH
Zarn JT infant DOD 1896 FT
Zastera Emma see Tobola James
Zastera Mrs Joseph DOD 1907 SS
Zaubek Joseph F ML 1907 SS
Zehner Henry DOM 1883 FT
Zeis Ella see Batten JJ
Zeis John DOD 1925 FT
Zeis John girl DOB 1903 FT
Zeis John ML 1901 FT
Zeis Mrs John DOD 1917 FH
Zeizer Christian ML 1895 FWH
Zelezna Anna see Killian Charles
Zeller Fred C DOM 1900 FT
Zellers Dr M T boy DOB 1899 FSWH
Zellers Dr MT DOD 1927 HS
Zellers Dr Sherman DOM 1910 HS
Zellers Dr son DOB 1896 FWH
Zellers Dr son DOB 1896 HS
Zellers G Gifford DOM 1922 HS
Zellers Geo A DOD 1904 FTWH
Zellers George G DOM 1927 HS
Zellers Margaret see Carl VonSeggern
Zellers Ted DOM 1926 HS
Zellers Urdine W see Will A Lancaster
Zellers William M DOM 1903 FT
Zellers Wm M DOM 1903 HS
Zellers Wm M girl DOB 1905 FTWT
Zeman Jacob DOD 1888 FT
Zeman Jacob DOD 1888 FWT
Zeplin August DOD 1898 FSWH
Zerbe Libbie M see Pilsbury Chas O
Zerby Mary C DOD 1917 FT
Zerleine Felix J see Bodewig Clara
Zerzan Ed triplets DOB DOD 1908 SS
Zerzan Joseph DOD 1915 SS
Zidman Rev see Ginsberg Sophia
Zies John jr DOM 1901 FT
Zies Josephine see Joseph Miller
Ziesche EM DOD 1929 HS
Ziesche Ernest M ML 1894 FTWT
Ziesche Moritz A DOM 1888 FT
Ziesche Morritz M ML 1888 FDT
Zimmer Michael boy DOB 1896 FT FWH
Zimmer Sadie I see Theodore Diesing
Zimmerman A DOM 1884 FDT
Zimmerman A girl DOB 1885 FT
Zimmerman Johanna DIV Gustav 1899 FSWH
Zimmerman Johanna DIV Gustav 1902 FT
Zimmerman John ML 1893 FWH
Zimpfer Louis DOD 1904 FT
Zimpfer Louis DOD Obit 1904 FT
Zimprich Hattie see Philys Clayton
Zinder Gotlieb Insane 1904 FT
Zinger Jacob DOD 1894 FT
Zingg John DOM 1906 FDH
Zingre Addie see Almon P Brown
Zingre Albert J DOM 1895 FT
Zingre Albert J DOM 1895 HS
Zingre Albert J DOM 1895 NB
Zion Lutheran Church 1928 HS
Zirfus Mrs DOD 1894 FT
Zirfus Mrs DOD 1894 FTWT
Zlotke Fannie see Victor Krelstein
Zlotky Mrs A DOD 1900 FT
Zmrhal John DOD 1901 FT
Zmrholva Mary see Wencel Vavek
Zobel Carl DOD XXXX YY
Zobel girl Henry DOB 1892 FT
Zobel Henry DOM 1891 FT
Zobel Henry son DOB 1895 FTWT FT
Zobel Louis DOM 1897 FT
Zobel William F ML 1907 FT
Zobel Wm DOM 1897 FT
Zoelzer Emilia see Schmidt
Zollman Charles DOD 1923 SS
Zollman Charles F DOD 1923 SS
Zollman Wm DOM 1898 FSWH
Zook Mr DOD 1907 SS
Zormstorf Ella see Schulz P
Zorn Grace see Wallace Dell
Zorn J T dau DOD 1896 FWH
Zorn John child DOD 1884 FDT
Zorn John dau DOB 1883 FT
Zorn John T inf DOD 1896 NBA
Zoubeck Joe girl DOB 1908 S
Zoubek John dau DOB 190X SS
Zrust Jaroslav Obit 1908 SS
Zuber Joseph DOM 1907 FT
Zucher Gideon DOM 1894 FT
Zuegehor Anna see Franz Rek
Zuhlke Edyth E see Wild Joh
Zurleine Joe DOD 1917 HS
Zuver James Obit 1900 FT
Zvacek Frank dau DOB 1908 SS
Zvacek Frank ML 1907 SS
Zwibel John W DOM 1906 FT
Zwicke J B Inf Bapt 1896 FT
Zwicke John DOM 1889 FT
Zwickey Harry Obit 1918 FT
Zwiebel J W DOM 1898 FSWH
Zwiebel John W DOM 1906 FDH
Zwieke John DOM 1889 FWH
Zwieky J B dau DOB 1898 FT
Zwieky John dau DOB 1893 FT
Zwieky John dau DOB 1893 FTWT

Copyright 2003, Claire Mares
Dodge County NeGenWeb