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Ross and Dodie Hartz  Fri, 19 May 2000 07:32
I'm looking  for the Fredrick Schroeder family, he was born in Germany in 1823 and died in Hooper in1900. They had five children, Henry, John, Fred, and Herman. I'm trying to connect this family with my G/M Helene Schroeder who is buried in St  Pauls Cemetery in 1888. Any help will be appreciated.

Rhonda Buffington   Tue, 30 May 2000 13:24
Working the family line of Bernard (Chuck) Howard  Born Feb 23, 1933 Died June 25 1988. Looking for Obit, Children, Wife and Ect.  Please contact me .

Ron Gillett   Sun, 4 Jun 2000 17:18
My grandfather, Ray Clark Gillett, was born June 7, 1883, in Fremont, Nebraska.  His parents were Clark Gillett and Clara Austin.  I'm trying to find more information on his parents and thought any data I could get on Ray's birth in Nebraska could provide some information on his parents.

Robert Rice  Fri, 09 Jun 2000 06:36
My grandmother Anna Lindstrom lived in Jamestown and went to the Normal School in Fremont in 1900-1901. I have pictures of the following people which I would like to return. Adriance, George Davis, Peral Davis, Hager, High, Lundstrom, Mulloy, Tarbell and Wigman.

Cathi Stephens  Fri, 09 Jun 2000 07:35
We are researching the family of Henry N.C. JURGING (JUERGING), born Nov 1873 in Germany and his wife, Evangeline May HUGHES, born May 1876 in Fremont, NE to Judson HUGHES (son of Archer HUGHES) and Alice GLIDDEN. We believe that both Henry and Evangeline died during 1951 in San Diego Co., CA.

Their daughter, Para Louise JURGING, was born 1908 and we believe they were living in or near Fremont, Dodge Co., NE at that time. Para Louise married Ward Nolin STEPHENS in 1927 in Pasadena, Los Angeles Co., CA. Ward Nolin STEPHENS married again later, what happened to Para Louise? Did she have any siblings?  Is anyone reseaching this family?

#235 - (Removed)

Mike Harms   Sat, 10 Jun 2000 22:57
I am researching Gerhard Harms who came to America in 1870 and settled in Dodge county. He is my great grandfather. I am looking for information prior to his arrival in America, but will take any tidbits. He was born April 01, 1817 in Oldenburg, Germany. Thanks. 

Kelly D Hoefer   Wed, 14 Jun 2000 13:28
I am looking for marriage information on a James Merritt Cornell Crouse to a Lena Charlotte Fields, on 1 Jan 1884 in Fremont, Dodge Co., Nebraska.

Audrey Growt     Mon, 19 Jun 2000 20:10
 I am looking for information on CORNELIA STONE who came to Fremont about 1891.  Her parents were Wm and Nancy Stone.  I do not know if Cornelia ever married and I would appreciate it if someone could check an index for me.  I believe she came with her brother ALEXANDER (DAN) STONE.     Thank you in advance for any help.

Dennis W. Brandt   Sun, 25 Jun 2000 13:22
Looking for info on Civil War veteran John L. Ritter, who served with Company H of the 87th Pennsylvania Infantry, a regiment mustered in York.  Ritter left Pennsylvania and lived in a variety of places, one of  them being DODGE COUNTY, NEBRASKA, from 1883 - 1893.  After gadding about the country, he returned to Nebraska in Chapman, Merrick County.
Further info:
Ritter, John L., Pvt Co H; mustered Sept 19, 1861, as a volunteer; discharged Oct 13, 1864; born Jan 21, 1843; died Apr 4, 1913, in Chapman, Nebraska; from Rossville, York County, Pennsylvania; 5' 8", dark hair, blue eyes; shot in the left shoulder at the battle of Monocacy, fracturing his clavicle and damaging the scapula; moved to Chicago in 1867, Fremont, Nebraska 1867 - 1883, North Bend, Dodge County, Nebraska, 1883 - 1893, Houston, Texas, the summer of 1883, North Bend 1894 - 1900, Billings, Montana 1901, Ames, [Iowa?] 1902 - 1906, Chapman, Nebraska 1906 - 1907; married ?; children: Louis N. (b.12/30/75), Byron (b. 12/17/78), Frank (b. 04/23/82), and Matilda (b.01/03/88); widowed and remarried Mary Ettie Skinner October 1, 1894; died in Chapman, Merrick County, Nebraska, as a result of being struck by a Union-Pacific train
I would love to contact descendants.

Bill & Bobbye Meyer   Sun, 25 Jun 2000 19:35
Rose family from 1876 on...Henry Rose married Mary Meyer,(was Breding) in 1876.Mary was from Cuming County.

#241  Tue, 27 Jun 2000 03:31

MOONMAN  Tuesday, June 27, 2000 10:53 PM

Althea Treakle-Provost   Sat, 01 Jul 2000 21:33
Looking for information on Clara Leal of Scribner, Dodge Co., NE.  Clara's maiden name is Provost and was probably born early 1900's in Jefferson,South Dakota.

Deborah Smith Marez  Thu, 20 Jul 2000 21:41
Hello, I am interested in finding out information on the parents of one Ernest Lewellyn [Laudenslager?], who was born in Hooper, NB on 15 April 1902.  I have the name of Anna Jarrett as his mother but don't know if this is her given surname or a name by marriage, nor what name she had when she gave birth to Ernest.    The other possible last name of course would be Laudenslager.  I thank you for your time and attention.

Gail Knights  Wed, 26 Jul 2000 21:28
Searching for a obit or information about Robert Vetter. Robert Vetter b.12/31/1925  d.10/24/1994 in Fremont Dodge Co.Ne.
 May have had two sisters named Madeline and Fredora.  Parents may have been Albert and Margaret(Reiselman)Vetter.
Thanks for any help that can be found.

Vicki Sanow   Sun, 06 Aug 2000 17:00
I would like to obtain information about Albert E. SANOW, who is buried in Woodland cemetery, Dodge County.  I want to determine if he is related to the SANOW families in Cherokee and Plymouth Counties, IA, and Chicago IL.

Karen Kendall   Fri, 11 Aug 2000 11:28
I am looking for information regarding John E. Smith who lived in Dodge Co. in the mid 1800's.  He had a daugther Lizzie Smith and I believe a son William M. Smith.  Thank you

#248  Thu, 17 Aug 2000 21:01
I'm looking for information on the parents of James Duffek, my paternal great-grandfather. James was born on Feb 14, 1871 in Omaha, but his family moved to Dodge County shortly thereafter. I found a marriage record for James Duffek and Katherine (Katie) Krofta from February 12, 1896, page 252 in the Marriage Record - the Marriage Record is from Dodge County and lists James' residence as Pleasant Valley, Neb. (in Dodge County).

Unfortunately, his parents' full names are illegible on my copy of the marriage record. It appears that his father's first name started with a "V", and his mother's name appears to be Barbara James. James Duffek and his wife later moved to Knox County (around Sparta/Verdigre) and is buried in Knox County, but apparently his parents weren't with him as there are no evident burial sites in Knox County for these individuals.

If anyone can help me identify who James' parents are, as well as any potential siblings or grandparents, it would be greatly appreciated!

Nelsen, Don  Fri, 18 Aug 2000 07:40
I am researching the Rodgers, Dreessen, and Parkert surnames. Thanks for posting. My grandmother was Barbara Rodgers, still alive at 93, and she remembers about everybody in the last 100 years in Hooper.

William Thoendel  Fri, 18 Aug 2000 16:59
I am researching the surname THOENDEL. On January 6, 1937 a Mae Gaughan Thoendel completed a Social Security Application.  Her address was Baseball Headquarters, 413 South 15th St., North Bend.  Her father: John Gaughan; Mother: Mary Lenihan/Leniban. Mae was born November 28, 1890/1891 and died December 1971(?Omaha).
Can anyone provide information on Mae and who her husband was?? Thank you,

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