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Aug 22, 2000 - Jan 5, 2001

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Cherie  Tue, 22 Aug 2000 05:09
Hi, I am looking for information on my Grandmother, Lucretia Metz, and her family.  We have three postcards that she received.  One is from Nina in Freemont, Nebraska, sent to her in Freeport, Stephenson Co. Illinois in 1910.  In Freeport, Illinois census for 1910, I believe I found Lucretia.  She and her two brothers are living with their Grandmother.  Their Grandmothers name is Mary C. Metz.  Her brothers are Edward Metz, 17 years old and Ira Metz, 16 years old.  Lucretia Metz is 18.  The census info. says that all three children were born in Nebraska.  I don't know is their parents died or not.  Mary C. Metz is a widow at this time.  She had 9 children and 8 of them were living at this time (1910).  I've been looking at a Metz family for a while now that I believe is connected.  The Father (Lucretias Grandfather) is Lewellen Metz.  I have seen his name as James Fred Lewellen Metz, just recently.  He married Mary Cathern or "C" Athern Thompson in Damascus, Stephenson Co., Illinois on Feb.4, 1868.  They had 9 children, the first 4 born in Cedarville, Stephenson Co., Illinois and the next two born in Freemont, Nebraska and the last two in North Bend, Dodge Nebraska.  Lewellen and Mary went back to Freeport, Illinois at some point and died there.  They both are buried at Cedarville Cem. Stephenson Co.  I only have info. on one of the children dying back in Freeport, Il.  That's Ella May who was born April 5, 1884 in North Bend, Dodge, Nebraska and died in Freeport, Il.  So I see then going back and forth between these two places.  Does any of this sound familiar to any one?  Lucretia Metz would have been born abt. 1891.  She died in Washington State of T.B. in 1919.  Just three months after my father was born.  We want SO much to find her family.  Mighty sentimental!  Thanks for listening.
 I have found out recently that her mother was Edna Metz.  Edna was Lewellen and Mary Metz' third child.  It may be that Edna was an unwed mother at the time of her daughters birth.  Edna married Ernest Guy Crowder a few years after Lucretia was born (if I have her birth date correct).  I also found a Hattie Metz, born 1893 in Guide Rock, Nebraska.  I don't know if this could be her or not.

#252   Thu, 31 Aug 2000 19:38
 I'm looking for a Killian cemetary, supposedly in (or around) North Bend, Ne.  A relative, Jacob Abli (maybe spelled Ably) is buried there. He was born in 1850, so may have died in early 1900s.  Do you have any ideas/leads for me? Thanks.

Cherie   Fri, 1 Sep 2000 04:59
In the 1910 census in Freeport, Illinois Lucretia Metz was 18, Edward Metz was 17 and Ira Metz was 16.  They were living with their Grandmother, Mary C. Metz.  The census says that all three children were born in Nebraska.  So I went back ten years and I really did find them-well, at least I found Edward ( 7 years old ), Ira ( 6 years old ), living with their randparents, Lewellen and Mary C. Metz, in Fremont, NE.  Five of their nine children were still living with them.  Henry E. Metz, Mary C. Metz, Ella M. Metz, John F. Metz, and Albert H. Metz.  One thing different about their grandsons ( Edward and Ira)  their last name is recorded Watson.  But no Lucretia, who is my Grandmother.  I don't know why the boys are living with them at this point and Lucretia is not.  I'm guessing her last name may be Watson also.  Lewellen and Mary C. Metz oldest son was Elmer Clarence.  He married Kate Watson (Catherine?).  The only Metz daughter without information on her spouse is Viola Metz.  Viola Metz was born Sept. 23, 1875 in Cedarville, Illinois.  She was the fourth child born there.  The next two children were born in Fremont, Nebraska.  Lizzie Adeline Metz, born Dec. 28, 1878 and Mary "C" Athern Metz born Dec. 28, 1881. ( or Mary Cathern ).  The last two children were born in North Bend, Dodge, NE.  Ella May Metz, born April 15, 1884.  John Franklin Metz, born April 10, 1886.  Albert Harrison Metz, born Sept. 21, 1888.  My Grandmother Lucretia was born 1891.  With Viola being the only Metz child I do not have a husband for I wonder if she could have married a Watson like her brother Elmer.  Viola would have been about 16 in 1891 when Lucretia was born.

P.S.  I have a wonderful photo of Lucretia taken in a studio when she was a young woman. 

Rhonda I Jeffries    Sun, 24 Sep 2000 16:39
 looking for information on Albert Mattson   Lived in Fremont most of life. was there in 1944 and 1956  know he had 2 sisters-Amanda Virgie and Ella one brother Henry Mattson.  I know he lived in a hotel most all of his time there. Never known him to drive always came our way on the Greyhound bus. Also looking for anything on Franklin Pierce richards--born  Aug 8 1864 in Fremont  worked for the C. & N. W. Railroad for many years.  Died About Aug 31, 1931 anything on the wife that died 10 years before him would be appreciated also. He is supposed to be buried in the Ridge

Elaine Child   Sun, 1 Oct 2000 19:14
I am looking for the exact death date and burial place of JERUSHA KING HORTON, who died in 1877. She was the wife of GEORGE HORTON and mother of BERT HORTON b 1871, HARRIETT MAE HORTON b Sept 8, 1872, md Charles MULLOY; and DELIA HORTON b 1875. The family are in the 1870 Census residing in PEBBLE, Dodge, NE.  Dau HARRIETT or HATTIE, age 8, lives with the Madison Roberts family in Everett in 1880 census. Would appreciate any information on this family .Thank you.

Janet Harris Taggart   Wed, 4 Oct 2000 09:07
Am wondering if you have any knowledge of a book entitled "Bloom on the Prarie"?  It is supposedly a book about Dodge co., Ne. and has a reference to my grandmother, Jessie Burch Harris who lived in Dodge Co. for many years.  I was told about this book, but have checked book web sites and have been unable to find it.  Would appreciate any information you might have.  Thanks so much for your time.

Cheryl Morris  Sun, 29 Oct 2000 13:11
John H. Morris, a resident of Powder River, Montana, was in Fremont for medical treatment when he died on 15 December 1922. His wife, Margaret McArthus Morris, was possibly the sister of Dr. G. H. Rathbun and it was Dr. Rathbun's wife who was the informant for the Death Certificate. What I am wondering is whether there was an obituary for John H Morris in any of the Fremont papers. If so, what would be the cost of getting a copy of the obituary? [I have already obtained his official death certificate from the state of Nebraska and also have the Powder River County obituary].
Thank you for your help.

Janet Taggart  Wed, 1 Nov 2000 10:27
 I have reason to believe that Rev. John Burch who performed marriage ceremonies in the Glencoe area for a few years - 1874 - 1876 or so was my great great grandfather.  I have the Glencoe History which doesn't mention him, as well as the Dodge County 1886 -1986 Book, again no mention. Is there any way that I can verify who this person is?
My great grandfather Benjamin F. Burch was very active in Glencoe, but I had no knowledge that his father John had been in Nebraska.  If this is the same John, then he was only in Nebraska for a short time, he died and was buried in Polk County, Iowa in 1888.  Since I live in California my search is limited. A Rev. John Burch is listed in Marriage Book C - Dodge Co., 1871-1877.  Any help to direct me would be appreciated.  Thanks

SUSAN  Fri, 3 Nov 2000 04:24
Researching these names I found in my gr-grandfather bible, in Dodge Co..Most I believe were members of St Wenceslaus Church.  CHUDOMELKA, FENSKE, HAVELKA, REZNICEK, KOCHLER, NOVAK, UHER  from prior 1780 to present.

Beth Mazman  Wed, 8 Nov 2000 17:20
I am looking for a marriage license and any information on 2 people in and/or family of theirs in Dodge Co., Nebraska.
According an obituary, James Warner and Alleah (Earl) Comstock were married in 1928 in Freemont, Dodge Co., Nebraska.  I have found them to be living in Laketon Twp., Muskegon Co., Michigan in 1948 when Alleah died. Any help would be great.

Teri  Mon, 13 Nov 2000 14:43
Need information on William Wolz or the Wolz family who owned the Wolz store located at 530 N. Main St., Freemont, NE, dont know the year, possibly early to mid 1900's. Ad sold icecream and bread and said the men of Barnum and Bailey patronized the shop. Thank you.

Donna Madrid  Mon, 13 Nov 2000 22:00
CLEVELAND -- Hooper, NE:  I'm looking for any record of Sylvester CLEVELAND and Sarah PATTERSON living in Hooper around 1890-95. Daughter Angeline CLEVELAND supposedly born there in 1893.  She had older brothers John Henry and William Carey.   My great aunt Angeline CLEVELAND was supposedly born in Hooper May 15, 1893.  Her parents were Sylvester Jerome CLEVELAND and Sarah PATTERSON.  She had older brother William Cary CLEVELAND born 1888 (city unk), and John Henry CLEVELAND, born January 3, 1891 (in Columbus). 

Donna Madrid  Sat, 25 Nov 2000 19:19
Looking for any information on a Chris Julius YENNEY, who may have married an Angeline MAGILL / McGill approx 1924-26, possibly in/about Fremont area.

Claire-Louise Droscher  Sun, 03 Dec 2000 19:33
My name is Claire-Louise Droscher.  I am a student in England trying to trace my family tree.  The name 'Droscher' came up on the Dodge County web site.  I wondered if anyone has more information?
Nebraska STATE GAZETTEER - Dodge County Farmer list for 1890-1891 Droscher, Aug - Hooper

Claudia Schuster  Thu, 7 Dec 2000 23:03
 I am researching the family of Josef Zacek of Howells, NE, more specifically at this moment an uncle of his, Frank Tichota.   I have found A Frantisek Tichota b. 1842 in Bohemia married to M arie Zacek b 12 Oct 1844 in Bohemia. Would love to know that this Frantisek is the uncle of Josef--can anyone
help? I would be most grateful.

#266    Wed, 13 Dec 2000 22:12
 Looking for information (date/place of death/burial) re William Harry OWENS, b. June 1866, d. ?; m. Louise WEEKS, May 1, 1911, Fremont, Dodge Co., NE.  In 1921, he was living at 130 No. Maple, Fremont and worked for Fremont Ice & Sand Co.  They had a daughter, Mary, born about 1912.  Louise WEEKS OWENS had a son, Harold WEEKS, by a previous marriage - Harold died Sept 1979 in Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE. Would appreciate any help in finding information about William Harry and his wife Louise.

Keith Sankey   Sun, 17 Dec 2000 17:12
Seeking information re: FRIEND KEELER b. 26 Apr. 1883 , d. Mar 1975 Fremont. Dodge Co. poss. s/o Ida Harris Keeler b. 1853 NY.

Sandra Swaney Thu, 21 Dec 2000 19:42
HENNINGS, is my family name that I am trying to make a family history book. I have many names, but have to try to get information to put each one with their families. So I am looking at each county to try to find some history on my HENNINGS, family. I found two names in the Dodge Co. site. It is in the Naturalization records, they are HENNINGS, H H  vol. B  375, and HENNINGS, Johann  A  H    Vol. A  91. My family starts with Hen HENNINGS,  married Mary HENNINGS, in Germany.  I need to know their children, how many and their names.  One of them is my Ggrandfather   Christian  "Christ"  HENNINGS,    b. July 9, 1848 in Germany.  m.   Maria "Mary" (Reese)  in   March  13, 1877 in Clinton, Iowa.  They had 12 children, I have all of them. I am looking for Christian HENNINGS, brothers and sisters, they are in Iowa, SD, and Neb. but I need information on how many and names and dates of them. As far as I know they were all born in Germany and came to the USA, I do not know when or where they went first. Thats why I am collecting all the HENNINGS information that I can find, and maybe some will click together for me to put this family puzzle together. Thanks for any informatin on the HENNINGS, family. I will try to get the information from the nationalization papers on these two family members, but I was told they do
not give much information on them, but maybe something will go together from it. Thank anyone that can help me.

Chris Boydston   Sat, 30 Dec 2000 09:50
Hi! My query is #209 - I'd like to update it if possible:
I'm looking for any information on the Descendants of Jane Platt Johnson from Ireland - lived in North Bend, NE -
2 Robert JOHNSTON b: Bef. 1829 in County of Donegal, Ireland
2 Mary Jane JOHNSON b: 1829 d: October 15, 1914
.... +Andrew QUIGLEY b: 1825 in Londonderry, Ireland d: April 11, 1901 m: 1855
2 Edward J. JOHNSON, Sr. b: March 01, 1832 in Ireland d: December 30, 1921
.... +Catherine SCOTT b: June 15, 1832 in Ireland d: July 08, 1905 m: February 10, 1863 in Philadelphia, PA
2 Isabelle J. JOHNSON b: October 07, 1834 in Ireland d: July 28, 1920
.... +David SCOTT, Sr. b: August 1821 in Ireland d: July 21, 1914 m: 1854 Father: Scott
2 Michael JOHNSON b: October 24, 1836 in Ireland d: Abt. May 20, 1920 in North Bend, Dodge, NE
.... +Elizabeth B. VALENTINE b: January 09, 1845 in Ohio d: December 15, 1883 m: December 26, 1860 in Dodge Cty,
Nebraska Territory Father: David VALENTINE Mother: Huldah M.
*2nd Wife of Michael JOHNSON:
.... +Agnes E. BLACK b: April 22, 1849 in Virginia d: March 24, 1929 m: April 25, 1900 in North Bend, Dodge, NE Father:
James L. BLACK Mother: Cassie A. MOORE
2 Thomas JOHNSON b: 1845 in Ireland d: December 12, 1897

I've done alot of research on this line - and it includes many many names from North Bend - you can view the whole tree

Bob White   Fri, 5 Jan 2001 12:08
I am researching the following names (1867-1920+). Most of these surnames lived in Hooper or Fremont, Nebraska.
BASLER - Maple Twp, Dodge County NE  April 1868 - 1920+
BALDUFF - Married Christianna BASLER JUNE 1868 in Fremont, NE - 1900+ (The are listed in the Ridge Cemtery Listing, but no dates)
ROGERS, HENRY married Catherine BASLER in 1867. He appears in the 1900 Census for Fremont -- age 59 with his family.
HARDING, Lucy marries George BASLER on 6 Mar 1882. By 1900, George is living with his sisters family (Catherine) in Fremont, NE.
HEINE, George F married Louisa BASLER on 20 NOV 1875 in Hooper. George died in 1909, and Louisa in 1878. Family members unknown.
TILLMAN, Lizzie married William F. BASLER @ 1882. I have this family in the 1900 and 1920 Census, but have not yet found them in the 1910 Census. Lizzie was born 6 Jan 1863.
TILLMAN, Maggie, Agnes was born in 1861 in MI and married Charles S. BASLER 18 July 1882 in Dodge County.  She died in 1943.
STANLEY, Charles S married 20 Dec 1880 to Katie (Matie) BASLER. No other information known yet.
Mamie Doreothea (Last name unknown married George F Basler @ 1885. I have found them in the 1900 and 1920 Census, but not yet in the 1910 Census. Mamie was born around 1862
CANAGA, Estelle married Herman Harry Basler around 1894. No other information known about the surname CANAGA.
Only one marriage noted for the children of Charles S. BASLER in Hooper, as follows:
UHLIG, George E married Evangeline BASLER around 1918. He died around 1972, she died January 1991 (Based on Social Security Information). I beleive that she is buried in Hooper area.

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