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Jan 5, 2001 - March 21, 2001

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Elaine Child  Fri, 5 Jan 2001 21:56
I have ancestors who settle in Fontenelle. Some seem to have moved there from Illinois. Can you give me any information on the QUINCY people/group/ colony  that came there about 1855-60  from Quincy, Illinois?  Can you direct me to sources I might search ? I am looking for the surnames CORLESS, HOLTON, CAYTON, CLARK & ROE. Any help would be appreciated.

James Curtis  Fri, 12 Jan 2001 17:48
Seeking information on my relations.  Family name is GOLDSBERRY; as in Alice E., & John I : (pp34 ..Calvary), & a
Clifford: (8-24-15; Potters Field), & a Tom (Thomas Goldsberry).  Would appreciate any assistance.  Note;  In the process
of obtaining membership in the Eastern Neb Gen Soc, Inc.  Thank you, J. Curtis

Jim McDermott   Mon, 22 Jan 2001 19:38
Bowman/McDermott family - Fremont abt 1910-1950
Am researching the Samuel C. Bowman and Bridget Agnes (McDermott) Bowman family Samuel born 1861 in IL, d  1950 in LA; Bridget born 1866 in PA, married 1886 in Custer Co., NE, d 1949 in Fremont; both buried at Calvary cemetery in Fremont. Children were:
     Hazel Bowman    m ? Burg
     Sam Bowman, Jr
     Elsie Bowman    m ? Clark
     ? Bowman
     Melva Bowman  b abt 1888  d 1965  m Michael Dooley  ?  b ?  d  1961
          both buried in Holy Sepulchre cemetery in Omaha
     Anna E. Bowman   m Frank Doolittle
          they had children Dick and Buzz Doolittle

have lost track of the children, some of which moved to the Los Angeles area.  Appreciate any information.

Donna Madrid   Mon, 22 Jan 2001 20:52
Looking for information on John Jaspar YENNEY, died Fremont, NE March 3, 1925.  Email direct if possible.  Thank you.

AM  Tue, 23 Jan 2001 09:38
Valeska Louise Drishaus was born 9 Nov. 1891 in Omaha, Douglas Co., NE.  She died 30 Dec 1969 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH. Valeska married Joseph Edward McGlynn in St. Mary Magdalene Church, Omaha.  The marriage was performed by Rev. Father Sinne, 6 Oct 1919.  Witnesses were Daniel McGlynn (father of Joseph) and Ernest A. Drishaus (relation unknown). Joseph Edward McGlynn was a Corporal 62nd Balloon Company, Omaha.  He was born in Johnstone, Renfrew, Scotland and died in Pleasant Ridge, Hamilton Co., OH

I have been trying to find information on the parents and siblings of Valeska Louise Drishaus.  I believe her father may have been the Ernest A. Drishaus who witnessed the marriage although she appears to have had a brother, Ernest as well. I have found the following information regarding Drishaus, but do not know the relationship to Valeska, if any.

Ernest - b. abt 1897 Douglas Co., NE m. 15 Jan 1920
Irene B. Bostwick
Frederich - b. 3 Sep 1872 St. Croix Co, WI d. 3 Oct 1882 Dodge Co., NE bur. Scribner, Dodge, NE (son of Richard & Lina)
Irene - b. 2 Aug 1898 d. Apr 1973
Lester - b. 16 Oct 1883 Milwaukee Co., WI d. Dec 1953
Marie - b. 12 Jul 1890 Milwaukee Co., WI d. May 1965
Oscar - d. 24 Nov 1901 Milwaukee Co., WI
Otto - b. 26 Mar 1887 d. 22 Dec 1887 Dodge Co., NE bur Pebble, Dodge, NE
Richard - b. 17 Oct 1843 d. 14 Jul 1891 Dodge Co., NE bur Pebble, Dodge, NE
Roland - b. 28 Aug 1902 d. Aug 1966 m. Leah E. Potter
Rudolph - b. abt 1844
Willy - b. 24 Jun 1876 St. Croix Co., WI

 Beth Walker  Thu, 1 Feb 2001 20:22

I am looking for a Lucille Wilson born in Dodge, Nebraska on November 17, 1914 and died September of 1994. Thank you for your help.

Brenda  Fri, 9 Feb 2001 10:27
I am looking for a Hester Moat and a Lem Moat.  Hester's childrens names were Howard.  I think Hester or Lem may be buried in Dodge County.  Thank you.  They were either in the 1910 or 1920 Dodge County Census.  Looking for any information possible.   Thank you.

Colette Donaly Jones   Fri, 16 Feb 2001 16:06
 I am looking for my great uncle, Patrick Donaly.  I have found him in the Adams Co. 1900 census, but not later.  According to my grandfather's obituary in 1924, his widow, Bertha and daughter Iris Jane (born 1902) were living in Fremont then.  Patrick was born in Illinois in March, 1863.  Bertha was evidently married before because the 1900 census lists a stepdaughter, 9 yrs. old, named Cora Bates.  I am pursuing this collateral line because I can't find a birth record on my grandfather, Frank Donaly, and am hoping to trace their father, Cornelius, back to Ireland.  I would appreciate any cemetery or obituary record on any of these ancestors.

 Allen Davis   Mon, 19 Feb 2001 20:03
 I am trying to find information about my father.  His name was Roger McCampbell.  I believe he is buried in Ridge Cemetery in Fremont, Nebraska.  He and my mother divorced when I was an infant, so I never knew him and did not know tha t he had died until the social security administration contacted us about benefits.  I would appreciate any information anyone may have, especially about the cause of death at such a young age.  Thanks for your help.

Ute Sachau  Wed, 21 Feb 2001 14:51
I'm looking for 3 or 4 brothers of the TRAULSEN family from Tating and St. Peter, State of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany who immigrated in the 1880s:

1. Claus Henning Traulsen (born May 30, 1860 in St. Peter, Germany). In May 1885 the carpenter Claus Traulsen emigrated to America and first went to Shelby, Iowa where he was married to his cousin Louise Catharina Ipsen about in 1887. Louise Catharina Ipsen (born May 10, 1866 in St. Peter, Germany) came to Shelby, Iowa in 1886. Probably the couple moved to Dodge County, Nebraska before 1890. Claus and Louise Traulsen returned to Tating, Germany in 1911 where they died in 1933 and 1941. I don't know if they had any children that stayed in America.

2. Johann Hermann Traulsen (born March 22, 1858 in Tating, Germany). He emigrated to America about 1880 - 1883. Most probably he was a photographer. About 1890 - 1900 there was a "H. Traulsen" who had a photo studio in Dodge, Nebraska, I think this was Hermann Traulsen. On Hooper Cemetery there is a grave "J. Herman Traulsen, 22 Mar 1858 - 6 Dec 1910". I don't know if he was married and had any children.

3. Peter Wilhelm Traulsen (born September 13, 1863 in Tating, Germany), a painter. He emigrated in May 1887 together with his parents Johann Hermann and Catharina Traulsen. His parents returned to Tating where they died in 1909 and 1917. There was a photographer in Hooper, Dodge County, Nebraska named "P. Traulsen", which must be him. On Hooper Cemetery there is a grave "Peter W. Traulsen, 1862 - 1926" and "Wanda A. Traulsen, his wife, 1872 - 1954".

4. Most probably there was also a brother "B. Traulsen" in Dodge, he is listed in
Nebraska State Gazetteer Dodge County Farmer list for 1890-1891. On Hooper Cemetery there is the grave of his wife "Catharina Traulsen (Nee Martens), 13 June 1862 - 17 Apr 1890". Maybe B. Traulsen ran a business together with his brother Claus Traulsen (the carpenter). In the Nebraska State Gazetteer Dodge County Business list for 1890-1891 there is "Traulsen Bros, furniture, undertakers".

I'm writing an article on emigrants from the town of Tating, Germany (my home town), which will include the TRAULSEN family. I'm still looking for further details on the Traulsen family history after they had emigrated to America.

If you have any further details on the TRAULSEN family in Dodge County, please get in touch with me.

I also found a cousin of Johann Herman Traulsen, Claus Henning Traulsen, Peter Wilhelm Traulsen und Andreetta Catharina Sievers nee Traulsen who emigrated to Dodge County. His name was Uede JACOBS, he was born 1846 in Witzwort, Germany, and he emigrated in 1872. On 26 January 1874 Uede Jacobs was married to Christina E. EHMPKE (age 16 yrs) in Dodge Co. According to the 1890-91  NEBRASKA STATE GAZETTEER - DODGE COUNTY
BUSINESS LIST, Uede Jacobs had a saloon in Hooper at that time. Is there any further information on Uede Jacobs and his wife? When did they die, and did they have any children?
Thank you very much for any help you can give me.

Ute Sachau  Flensburg, Germany

#282    Mon, 26 Feb 2001 14:29
William Collins ran the Hotel in Fremont in 1891. I need to know a fact about him like age or place of birth so I will know if he is my great-grandfather,

 Joan Fredrickson Osler    Mon, 26 Feb 2001 20:19
I am looking for information on Mrs. John Struve.  She is my aunt and died prior to 1912.  Her parents were Hans C. and Christine Fredrickson. They are buried at Ridge Cemetery in Fremont.  There are three ladies  with that surname buried  in the same cemetery, but I do not know her first name.  These ladies are listed as Caroline Struve, Charlotte M. Struve and Emma C. Struve.
 P.O. Box 237
Imperial, NE 69033

Dodi Wozniak   Fri, 02 Mar 2001 18:56
Looking for any information on Clarence James Rasmussen of Hooper, NE.  Born November 16, 1989 and married to Vivian Mae Smith born March 4, 1905. Parents were James Hans Rasmussen and Bertha Ann Smith.

Mary Buchholz  Thu, 08 Mar 2001 07:01
Looking for information about James M RILEY b Wheatland, Mercer, PA, served in the Civil War from Iowa, and died 1917 in Rapid City SD. His son Thomas A RILEY was born in 1882 in Fremont, Dodge, NE. I have found James listed as a 1890 Veteran and in the 1860 census. We are attempting to find out where James' family came from in Ireland. Thank you.
HCR 62, Box 7  Belle Fourche, SD  57717

 Janice Hackbarth Wed, 14 Mar 2001 01:42
I am looking for information on Peter Karstens and his wife Henriette Krohnke (umlaut over "o")/Kroehnke who
lived in Hooper, Dodge County, Nebraska during the 1880's.  I have a letter written by "Jette" to her sister Bertha
dated 30 May 1886, which gives her mailing address as Hooper.

Peter and Jette were originally from New Holstein, Calumet County, Wisconsin.   Jette was born 15 Oct 1839
in the Duchy of Holstein.  Her parents were Johann Oelerich Krohnke and Margaretha Roegener.  I don't have
any information on Peter Karstens. Does anyone know where I may find some information on them?  It seems that once they left Wisconsin, contact was lost with that part of the family.

Any ideas, leads, suggestions will be most appreciated.

Susan Rezek    Fri, 16 Mar 2001 21:18
I have the following couple about whom I am hoping to find information: Marilda Eva JAMISON, b. abt. Sept. 1895 in Fremont, Dodge Co., NE. Daughter of Cecil Angus and Mattie (BEST) JAMISON. Marilda married Newlon Joseph FISK abt. 1914, place unk. Marilda JAMISON FISK died in 1946 in Omaha, Douglas Co., NE. She may have had a brother named Bryce JAMISON. Her parents are buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Omaha, NE.

Barbara Crom    Mon, 19 Mar 2001 02:28
I am trying to research the Herman Theisen family they lived in Snyder Dodge County.  I am a direct descendant of the
family Joseph Theisen , Herman's son was my grand-father. Sandra Ann Theiesn is my mother.  Please help in any way
that you can.  It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Bill Cooley  Mon, 19 Mar 2001 16:00
Seeking descendants of Barbara Joss TELFORD.  She was born 1870 in Fremont to Jacob and Barbara JOSS.  She was married between 1887 and 1891 to a Mr. TELFORD, possibly of Omaha, and may have resided in Omaha.

Also, considering the poosible link to late Margaret TELFORD of Fremont who died in 1980's.

Hugh Swartz   Wed, 21 Mar 2001 21:02
Am looking for details on J. D. H. Bowyer recorded in the Purple Cane Cemetary as 10/21/1845 to 5/25/1899. His wife, Agnes E. Bowyer Johnson, as well as his daughter Josephine M. and son, Forrest M.  are also recorded as resting in this cemetary. My data would indicate he lived  at least until 1910.

John D. H. Bowyer, a miller, lived in Dodge County from 1880 until 1899. Buried in Purple Cane Cemetary. Does anyone know if his son, Forrest, married ? It appears his wife, Agnes E. remarried a Johnson. Does anyone have any info on this ?
What was Forrest BOWYER's connection to the William L. HATCHER family ? What JOHNSON did Agnes BOWYER marry after her husband married. ?

P. S. : apparently lived in the North Bend area Does anyone have any historical info on old flour mills in Dodge County that operated around 1880-1900 in the North Bend Area ? Thanks

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