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Jun 5, 2001 - Oct 2, 2001

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Shirley Hansen Farris   Tue, 5 Jun 2001 17:20
Seeking exact birthplace in Denmark of my grandfather, James P HANSEN, born  August 1853, I believe in Copenhagen but need the name of the parish.  His father's name was Hans J Jorgensen.  According to the 1900 and 1910 census, he was a constable in Fremont and a bailiff at the courthouse. Thank you. I currently have on loan from the LDS Library the 1900 Dodge County Federal Census and will be happy to do lookups.  This will only be on loan from June, July and August 2001.

Art Schnose    Thu, 7 Jun 2001 19:16
I find a Henry Schnose listed in the Nebraska State Gazeteer as a farmer in Dodge County in 1890-1891.  I have contacted the Mid-Continent Library in Independence, MO,  seeking a census record,  but they have no listing for him.  Can you give me any information as to how I can follow up and find more information about this person?  My great grandfather,  Ferdinand Schnose,  homesteaded in Dakota Territory in the 1870 time frame,  near the present town of Alcestor, SD.  Since the Schnose name is not very common,  I am quite certain Henry Schnose would be a relative,  but I have not been able to identify him.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Donna Madrid   Tue, 12 Jun 2001 19:15
Are there members of your genealogy group who can do research for me in Hooper, and through the Sentinal newspaper in Hooper?   I would like to find any record of the birth of Angeline Cleveland there on May 15, 1893.  Her parents were Sylvester Jerome Cleveland and Sarah Patterson. She had older brothers William Carey and John Henry. They may have been Methodist so if there is no county record of birth or mention of the family in the Sentinal, perhaps there would be a record in a local Methodist church. Please advise of research fees and i can remit those in advance if need
be.  Thank you for your help!  Donna Madrid  4702 Alhambra Dr  Fremont, CA 94536

Wayne Shepard  Sat, 16 Jun 2001 10:28
Elisha Oscar Crosby settled in Fremont, Nebraska circa 1869.  His son Edward C. (or O.) Crosby was born in Nebraska on 25 Feb., 1875.  Elisha seems to have been a promenent lawyer in Fremont while there.  He owned $10K in real estate.  He built Shed's Opera House and chaired the first meeting regarding the establishment of the Elkhorn Valley branch of the Souix City and Pacific Railroad.  He had a domestic servant named William Carol or Carrow (the 1870 census is a little murky on this one) with wife Bertha.  I am searching for any further information on his activities in Fremont including land records (though I should be able to find those through the LDS), birth record or newspaper notice of the birth of Edward on 25 Feb. 1875, possible death record for his wife, Frances, court records, evidence of possible divorce or remarriage of Frances, and any information concerning William and Bertha Carol(?) to clarify his name and activities.

Donna Woodard   Fri, 22 Jun 2001 12:50
VON MINDEN: I am looking for information on a birth and death of Joseph VON MINDEN. His parents were Diedrich and Johanna, they lived in Hooper at the time. He was born April 11, 1901 and died April 17, 1901. He's buried at Oakland.Thank you. 

michelle bennett  Tue, 3 Jul 2001 16:17
I am looking for info on the families of Stedman Hager & wife Sylvia Ellis Davis and of Rodger Parker & wife Mary Alice Bleasdel.  Both families lived in Dodge county in the mid-1800's through at least the early 1900's.  Thank you!

Pam    Fri, 6 Jul 2001 19:54
Would Would like to know if anyone knows anything about Andrew J NICHOLS (wife Emma GARRETT) they lived in Fremont, NE  in the 1910-1920 time period (possibly earlier) I know he is buried there in Fremont.

Manly, Albert   Tue, 10 Jul 2001 17:15
We are trying to locate the birth parents of Velma________ who was born April 9, 1910 in the home of Mrs. Lee in
Fremont, Nebraska.  She was adopted by Fred W. and Carolyn Vieselmeyer of Deshler, Neb. about April 13 to 15 1910.  She was legally adopted April 1911. Grandaughter would like to know who her grandparents were.  Does anyone have any information about a Mrs. Lee's home who placed children for adoption.

Cidney Engberg     Sun, 29 Jul 2001 22:07
Looking for info for HEINRICH VOLLSTEDT (Henry) b. 30 May 1867 Germany d. 17 April 1945 in Prebble Twp. buried in Scribner Cemetery. Beleive he is the father of John Vollstedt b. 1885 in NE, he became a Lutheran Preacher and was the Pastor of the St. John's Lutheran Church in Newkirk Oklahoma. He married Julia ?  maybe in OK. Awaiting more info on him.

Judy Moyna   Fri, 3 Aug 2001 21:07
I have information on the Ashley Park family ancestors to exchange with anyone interested in that family.

 Kay Wilson      Sat, 18 Aug 2001 16:54
Ruby J. Clark - I just inherited an old photo album that belonged to E.C. and Olive Forney) Frease, who moved from Dodge Co. NE to Cashmere, Chelan Co. WA in about 1900. It has a number of mostly unidentified photos of people who must have been family and friends. However, one photo is identified as, "Ruby J. Clark - Age 3 mo 27 days - Born July 13 1901." The frame says, "C.V.Brokenicky - Leading Photog'r - Dodge, Neb."

I am wondering who Ruby Clark was, and what relationship she had to the Long, Frease and Forney families. These families came to Dodge from Walnut, Bureau Co., IL.

Marti Peterson   Sat, 25 Aug 2001 20:53
 Am looking for some help or information about my husbands great granduncle, who was a member of the J.C. Cleland Hose Co.  He was born in 1853 in Hjorring, Denmark, and in 1886 was killed in a fire in Fremont.  I have a lovely resolution that was given to his family.  Does Fremont have access to old newspapers, and where would I go to look at them?  I am hoping
to find an account of the fire in the paper.  I only have a date of 1886.   Would the Fire Dept have old records?  Any info or direction you could send me would be very appreciated.  I would be happy to share this document with any one that might be interested.  Thank you.

My husband's uncle's name was Swen Peterson.  He was born in Denmark Jan. 9, 1853 and died in Fremont, Ne. Jan 9, 1886 at 33 years of age.  His family received a resolution stating his "sterling  qualities " and value to the J.C. Cleland Hose Co. after his death.  I don't know if his death was in the line of duty.  There is no date on the paper, but from family records his death is listed as Jan.9, 1886.  He was not married, as far as I know.  His brother was Andrew Peter Peterson, my husband's grandfather.   [ My e-mail addr ess refers to my mustard pot collection.]

Marion E. West   Wed, 29 Aug 2001 15:52
I am researching the descendants of Nils Johnson and his wife Maggie, homesteaders in Dodge County  from Sweden about 1865-70.  Their children were Nels A. born 1879;  Emil F. born 1882; Julius F. born 1894;  Edith born 1885;  Benjamin H. born 1888;  Emily V. born 1890;  and Richard born 1903. Richard was a judge in Lincoln or Omaha after serving several years as a state legistlator.  Emily marrried  Harold Hanson and had a son, Emil.  Emil attended the University of Washington, married and had two or three children.  He died early leaving a widow who later married a lawyer.  I would like any information about this family.     Also Nils had a sister Hannah who married Magnus Nelson, their daughter Anna married Swan Anderson.  Anna's and Swan had children, Clifford and Clarence, perhaps more.  Clifford Anderson died in Fremont sometime since l981.

Gloria Martinson    Wed, 29 Aug 2001 16:16
I am desperately seeking info regarding my grandmother's first husband, John ROSS, born abt 1870-74 somewhere in NE according to the 1900 Atchison Co., MO census. He married Selinda M. Manley Feb 12, 1895 at Atchison Co., MO and they had 2 children, Roy and Lenore. He either died or they divorced in 1900. I do have a copy of the marriage record. According to the 1880 census a John Ross was born 1876 in Dodge County, Union Pct. to John and Adelade Ross, both born in NY. Any help you could provide me would be appreciated. Thanks and God Bless You.

 J Runestad  Thu, 30 Aug 2001 22:38
I am searching for information on the John Kreader family:  John b 1858 in MI; wife Mary Lucy (Minnie) McCollister b 1863 in IL;  4 Children all born in NE --  J. Coleman b 1884, Ethel E b 1887, Edna M b 1889, and Alta (sp. ?) M b 1890. John Kreader is listed as County Sheriff on the 1900 Dodge County Census.

Mary/Minnie his wife was the daughter of Mary Augusta Pratt and Albert McCollister of Ogle Co. IL; this couple separated ca. 1870, and am not sure if Mary lived with the mother or father, or what surname she used before marriage.  Would appreciate any information or leads on this family.

Ann Stewart    Sat, 1 Sep 2001 22:57
Searching for information of Frederick Schneider, or Frederick August Schneider, or Charles Schneider, all of whom were W W I draftees. One of the Fred's or one Fred and one Charles may be son/s of Conrad Schneider of Cass Co., NE, born Germany, 1856, died Cass Co. 1933.  All those Schneider boys who may have been sons of a Conrad Schneider, were living in Dodge County, and one of them, born 27 May 1891, died in Dodge Co. (Fremont) in September 1968. Willing to exchange informaton.  Many thanks.

z28blkonblk    Sat, 1 Sep 2001 23:40
Looking for info on William Riley. Born in Dodge County Jan. 9, 1880. Died May 5, 1960. Father John Riley. Mother died during child birth when William was two years old. He married and died in South Dakota. His first wifes name was Grace and they had 3 children. Two were given up for adoption, the third was temporarily in foster care, but was eventually given back to his parents.He later married Francise Wagner. They had two children...a boy and a girl. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Also looking for info on Williams mothers name.

Claudia   Thu, 6 Sep 2001 22:40
I am researching the Zacek family--and in an article in the Dodge, Ne centennial book  there was mention of Thomas Vogltance married to Anastazia Zacek in West Point. Has anyone information on Anastazia??---parents, more specifically--and if there were any children.  Thank you.

BUNCHAKINDALL   Wed, 12 Sep 2001 12:55
 I have a picture of a man.  On the back is printed the words Bullard.  It was taken at Fremont, Nebraska by J.A. Farnham, Portrait and Landscape Artist.  If interested please contact me.

 Joe Renter    Tue, 2 Oct 2001 21:16
My name is Joseph Renter (b. Kraft), and I'm trying to build my family tree. Any help that you could give me would be greatly appreciated. n particular, I'm trying to locate information about Frank Madurajski, who farmed near Dodge, and is buried at St. Wenceslaus in Howells, and Anna Madurajski (b. Frei) who died in 1968.  I seem to have hit walls trying to
go farther back than these two (my great-grandfather, and my grandmother). According to one source, Anna Frei's parents were Jiri and Marketa Frei, but my mom seems to recall it was George and Mary Frei (I've found that there are matching tombstones in a cemetary in Dodge with the names Jiri and George, as well as Marketa and Margaret).
Thank you, in advance, for any assistance that you can provide, or any directions that you can point me in.

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