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Becky Johnson  Tue, 9 Oct 2001 22:18
Emma Octavia Henwood (b.Aug. 22, 1867) lived on a farm near Scribner, Neb.  On Nov. 9, 1887 united in marriage to Benjamin Wormwood, only son Jay. she had 2 sisters in Albiou, Neb. named Mrs. A. Wilbur a nd Mrs. Ethel Miller.  Mrs. Wormwood was a member of the Congregational Church lifelong.  Died on Oct.22, 1868.  Jay died May 16, 1918.  Both buried in Scribner Cemetery. I have quite a bit of info on Francis P. Wormwood. Thank you.

Debra Peterson    Thu, 11 Oct 2001 22:21
I am searching for information about my great uncle Peter E. Steele(born Per Stahl Svensson 4/30/1851in Sweden. He emigrated to USA in 1878 with his wife Pernilla Persdotter. He is listed in my grandmother's (his sister) obit as being Peter E.Steele of Fremont,Ne. This was in 1931. I have found other info that indicates that he died in Debary, Fl at the age of 88 which would be 1939. I do not know if he was brought back to Ne. for burial.I think I have located his brother Nels Swanson in naturalization records. he is listed as living at 649 N.Board Fremont, Ne. port of arrival NY,NY 7/06/1882. Any info about him or his relatives will be appreciated. Thank you

Margaret Milliken Morris   Mon, 15 Oct 2001 09:46
I am looking for any and all info on my Milliken family in Nebraska.  My GGrandfather, James Milliken, was the sheriff of
 Dodge Co.  His wife, Josephine O'Neal, cooked for the prisoners James arrested.  His son James Dale Millken owned the
 Fremont National Bank.  There is a Milliken Park in Fremont, dedicated to him.  Also a Milliken school.  My uncle Thomas still  resides there in Fremont.  I'm very interested in David Milliken, who "got off the boat" from Ireland in 1867.  He was born 12  Nov 1826 in Londonderry Ireland.  Also connected too O'Neal, Landis, Cusack and Kastle. Please e-mail me with any info and as  I have many documents, I can help someone else out!

Kirk Cronland  Sun, 21 Oct 2001 08:37
In your Dodge Co. Business list for 1890-1891, you show Thomas Cronland as Marshal of North Bend. He is a lost ancestor of mine. Since he was a Town Marshal, I was wondering if a photo was ever made of him? Like in a newspaper, town record? He was involved in a gunfight in 1895. I obtained a copy of the shooting from the North Bend Library.
Thanks in advance for any info.

Sarah Keith    Fri, 26 Oct 2001 00:09
I am completely at a loss. I can't seem to get past the name Reinhart Kurtz. I know he was either 1st or 2nd generation American but I can't seem to get anywhere with that name.  The other thing I have heard is Dodge NE but there again it leads nowhere do you have any ideas' for me?

LEE BAUER   Mon, 5 Nov 2001 21:12
Last summer I made a trip to Dodge, NE looking for the grave of my great grandfather, John Bauer.  I visited several cemeteries, but was unable to locate his grave.  I have recently learned (from your fine web site) that he is in St. Joseph's Cemetery south of Dodge.  I am certain that I visited St. Joseph's Cemetery last summer, but I apparently overlooked his marker.  I want to make another trip to Dodge this coming summer to visit his grave.  Since I live in Reston, Virginia, I want to confirm that his grave is in St. Joseph's before I undertake another trip. Can you give me the e-mail address of some kind person in Dodge who would consider driving out to St. Joseph's cemetery and confirming that his grave is there?
 Thank you.

Marilynn Mundy    Thu, 15 Nov 2001 13:12
PETERS; TODD - I am searching for information on J. (John or James) Peters and his wife Nancy F., maiden name Todd.  They were in Dodge County by May 14, 1890 as she was listed as living in Nebraska in her father's will.  The couple is also listed on the 1900 Nickerson Twp., Dodge County, NE census on page 276.  Her sister, Alizannah Todd, was also living in the household.  A 3rd sister, Lydia Todd, was also listed in her father's will as living in Nebraska.  Any information on these
individuals much appreciated.

Jackie Sibbitt     Fri, 23 Nov 2001 17:11
I am searching for any information regarding Charles Ryckman.  He was editor of the Fremont Tribune in the 1930's and won a Pulitzer Prize for an article written there.

Sharon Kermoade   Thu, 6 Dec 2001 18:03
I am looking for any information on the Hasebroock family that immigrated to the United States from Germany and settled in Dodge Co, Nebraska.   My great grandfather Henry Hasebroock was born in a dug out in Dodge Co. by Crowell, Nebraska (the Dead Timber area) and 10 years ago there was a report to my grandfather that someone had found the dug out.  This person who discovered the dug out has died and we are now trying to locate the dug out, which has members of my family burried outside of it. If anyone could help me on any of this needed information I would be greatful.

Sharon Fearnow   Sun, 9 Dec 2001 17:39
I am looking for information on four  families: Frahms, Farnsworths, Palmers and Bahms of Dodge county.  Emma Bahm was
born in Malmo, Nebraska - Saunders County, NE - 31 May 1893 and married Harvey Frahm.  Ida Bahm married Bill Palmer & were raising a family in the 1930's.

My grandfather's family (Frederick [Fritz] Christian Bahm and Eva Christine Zeller) were married in Fremont in 1877, lived in Wahoo, died in Malmo, buried in Wahoo in Union cemetery. They had a large family who spread out to other towns and
counties.  My grandfather, Gustaf Bahm b. Jan. 28,1891,  said they attended the Lutheran church.

My grandmother, Elizabeth Joe Hancock b. Nov. 23, 1890,  was born in Papillion, Sarpy county, lived in Colon, Saunders
County.  I have been searching for birth certificates, deeds, land grants, naturalization papers, letter of intent, newpaper articles etc. My great grandfather was a printer (Morris H. Hancock, wife: Laura Bell Clegg)  who moved around a bit, but kept his land in Colon--still in the family today. I have been hoping that perhaps there would be some newpaper articles about them in old newspapers.  They were very active in the Presbyterian church (1890-1920) and are buried there.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

Corey A. Ruff-Yarbour   Tue, 18 Dec 2001 20:01
I am searching for any information that is available.  Father & Mother Mefferd are both buried in the Ridge Cemetery in Dodge County, Nebraska.  Could be Fremont area?  I would like to get a photo of their headstones and if any documentation as to their burial by a church. I know that Ira was a Methodist.  Any other information would be useful.  William served three tours and listed as Ohio Infantry.  Should any body be interested, I do have some family photos and documentation that I am willing to share.  I am just searching for more! Thank you,

Father Mefferd b. 1814, Logan County, Ohio  d. 1897, Dodge County, Nebraska
Interred at: Ridge Cemetery: Dodge County, Nebraska
Mother Mefferd b. 1818, Logan County, Ohio d. 1907, Dodge County, Nebraska
Interred at: Ridge Cemetery: Dodge County, Nebraska
Children:  William G. Mefferd  b. 20-Jun-1838 Bellefontaine, Logan, Ohio  d. 28-Apr-1921 Petersburg, Boone, Nebraska
            Married: Mary Cecil Bennett  b. 22-Jul-1843 Bellefontaine, Logan, Ohio  d. 20-Sep-1922 Ainsworth, Brown, NE
            Interred at: Ainsworth Cemetery: Ainsworth, Brown, Nebraska
                        George A. Mefferd    Married: Rosa Bodeuhaumier (?)
                        Ernest Mefferd   b. 1868 Logan, Ohio (speculation)  Occupation: Photographer (?)
                        Ira Wilbert Mefferd  b. 10-Jul-1872 Fremont, Dodge County, Nebraska
                                 m. 11-Jul-1900 Petersburg, Boone, Nebraska   d. 10-Aug-1949 Greybull, Bighorn, Wyoming
                                 Interred at: Ainsworth Cemetery: Ainsworth, Brown, Nebraska
                        Married: Edna Marion Goodrich  b. 14-Sep-1879 Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa
                                 d. 11-Jan-1924 Ainsworth, Brown, Nebraska
                                 Interred at: Ainsworth Cemetery: Ainsworth, Brown, Nebraska

#341  Tue, 01 Jan 2002 20:54
Seeking information on Hawkins buried in Ridge Cemetery in Fremont - Cornelius Sr, Cornelius Jr, Charlotte,
Jesse G, Numan B, Mary C, or others Also seeking information on Anna M Hawkins Maxwell - daugher of Cornelius Sr and Charlotte andAnna E Mead Bird wife of FE Bird in Ridge Cemetery. Thank you.

Scott Burns   Sat, 5 Jan 2002 16:43
Searching for information regarding Mathias Kile (Kyle) and wife Anna Nancy "Nan" Burns Kile who were reported to live in Fremont, Nebraska in 1926 according to her brothers obituary.  Both were born in Illinois and married in Illinois.

Ruth Hughes   Tue, 8 Jan 2002 19:53
My father said his uncle lived on a poor farm until his death in 1923.  Was there a poor farm in Dodge County at that
time, and if so where was it located?  Thanks for any information you can give.

Chuck and Sheri Bowen  Mon, 14 Jan 2002 17:43
I am interested in information of Arthur Gibson. Born 25 July 1844 died 12 Aug 1902  Ridge Cemetery Sergeant 3rd. Colorado Cavary  Aug 15,1864-Dec 28,1864. Owned a bookstore in Fremont at 6th & F street, may also be 106 W 6th. I am researching an Indian battle he was in.  It was in eastern Colorado on Nov 29th 1864.  I have been told he took white women scalps from one of the teepees.  His daughter told stories that they were kept in a safe in the back of the bookstore and she was always scared to go near the safe.  It sounds as if it was a walk-in safe.  Can anyone document anything about this for me?

Beth Rachas   Fri, 1 Feb 2002 09:57
Hello..  Help!   My name is Beth Knappenberger Rachas ...and I am the Great Grand-Daughter of Jacob Theodore Karn b. 24 May, 1888  d. Nov. 1976 Fremont, Neb.... He was a Conductor for the Railroad and the family lived in Nickerson, Neb.   my Grandmother's Name was Doris Mary (Karn), Walley, Stevens, b. 23 Oct. 1913.. She was born there and went to school
there and after that I really do not know very much on the family but,...I do know that her Mother Eva Joshaphine (Trimpe) Karn died ( around 1926) when my Grandmother was only 13 years old (around Christmas Day) ...... And some time after 1959 My Grandmother moved to California and lived there until her death..  on 22 May, 1994.
        I am trying to find any information on this family.... and any maps that I can get my hands on.. and maybe anything from the Railroad.   I am trying to make a book for every last name that I am doing research on and It would be wonderful to be able to put any and all information that I can find and any picture's of the town and or maps..  Or people in it!... I am just getting started doing Genealogy so I could use all the help that I can get... Thank you very much for taking the time to read my message and for any help you might be able to offer...

Sheryl   Mon, 11 Feb 2002 22:59
Looking for information of ROBERTS family - Robert Roberts had several children - Belle Roberts married Harry MYERS who died in 1896...she married N.P. BORICK .  BELLE died in the FREMONT REST HOME and buried in the ARLINGTON Cemetery at the age of 92 (died) July 1959 ...two sisters survived her - ELSIE PFEIFER and BLANCE DIXON - both of California....  she also had a sister Gertrude HAMMANG.

Robert J. Smith   Tue, 12 Feb 2002 15:16
I noticed that the subj issue of the newsletter listed a marriage:  "Alfred Aeschliman-Eugenie M. Routier."
 My maternal great grandmother was Lydia Starr Routier.  Would it be possible to find out more info re the above
marriage--parents of Eugenie, sybling's names, any genealogical info?

Harry D. Galley  Sat, 16 Feb 2002 15:31
 I am working on the Kempf lineage of Dodge county and would like to receive help on this.
  The family starts with :
  August Kempf  died 16 Aug 1888 buried in Webster twp.
  Antonia Evert (Wife) died 17 Sept 1927 I could use both of their newspaper obituaries.

    William born abt 1868  living in 1890 in Dodge Co.   married to Anna Skala
   August junior born abt 1870 living in Dodge 1890  married to Emma Drause
   Agusta born abt 1870 married Herman Richards living in Snyder in 1890
   Mary married Fred Kieselback and living in Dodge in 1890
   Paulina married to John Mendlik and living in Dodge in 1890
   Anna married to John R. Bentz and living in Scribner in 1890

 Then I have Adolph b Mar 17, 1882 who married Mary Vrba  He died Nov 24 1969. I could use his newspaper obituary.

Elma Carpenter   Mon, 25 Feb 2002 16:06
Searching for someone who is also researching family of ANTON WISNIESKI who married ROSALIA JABLONSKA 6 July 1869 in Cuyahoga Co., OH. They were the parents of 10 children.  Anton also had brothers, Peter and Kasimier, who remained in OH.  The brothers were married to sisters of Rosalia, Wilhelmina and Amelia.  Will glady exchange info.

Sandi  Wednesday, March 06, 2002 1:10 PM
I am new to the search for a GEORGE FOSTER, my Greatgrandfather, who born March 23, 1852 @ York England. Died February 13,1930 in Scribner, Nebraska.  He  married CAROLINE DRIGGS, on March ll, 1879 @ Little Sioux, of Harrison, Iowa.  CAROLINE DRIGGS,  was born July 2, 1857 @ Little Sioux, Iowa and Died May 19, 1940 in Scribner, Nebraska.

    I have been able to research CAROLINE DRIGGS and her line back, but no information on her forward. Any children she may have had, except my grandfather Leroy Foster.  I would be interested in any information re GEORGE FOSTER AND CAROLINE DRIGGS.  My grandfather was their son... LEROY FOSTER,  born November 17, 1880 in Scribner Nebraska.


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