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Burch, Robert  Tue, 19 Mar 2002 10:24
Leonora Talty resided at 929 E Mil. Ave., Fremont, NE in 1918. She taught school for awhile and worked as a bookkeeper for the bank. Any info would be helpful. 

#352 Thu, 21 Mar 2002 07:52
I am seeking information on Herbert W  Hastings. He married Anna Eliza Ives and was a farmer in Dodge County in 1890. I believe he had a son named Delbert.

Bev Green   Sun, 24 Mar 2002 06:28
Searching for information on Anna Richter Raddatz and John Raddatz.  They are buried in the German Lutheran Cemetery, Dodge Nebraska.  Anna died December 16, 1900 and John died February 13, 1912. Thank You

Barbara Vandermey  Sat, 30 Mar 2002 19:01

Steven Schafersman   Mon, 1 Apr 2002 19:09
I am coordinating the Schafersman family genealogy research along with Glenice Gibson, daughter of George Schafersman of Hooper. Many Schafersmans lived in Dodge County. Years ago I created a Schafersman Family website at, but I haven't kept at it very well since I am so busy with my teaching, research, and writing.

Please make me the Researcher for the Schafersman surname on your Dodge County Surname R-Z page. Please use my email address below and feel free to include the website URL above. I will be happy to accept queries, since I have fairly extensive family genealogical records going back to the first immigrants. What I don't know myself I can find out from my relatives.

Right now, Glenice and I are planning for the Schafersman family reunion in July, 2002 in Hooper to coincide with Uncle George's 91st birthday. Glenice is collecting family stories, and I plan to put them on the web together old family photos I will scan in Hooper. I am bringing my laptop and a scanner, and all the relatives have been asked to bring old family photos. Also, all the genealogical information will be put on the Schafersman family site when I get around to generating the genealogy from the data. I have many pictures from two former family reunions in Hooper, but they need to be scanned. This
summer, I will bring my digital camera.

Mary Jane Parsons  Wed, 3 Apr 2002 11:49
Am looking for information on Rebecca Ellen Miller, who married Charles Wesley Saunders 20 Apr 1892 in Fremont, Dodge Co, NE.  Any help would be grately appreciated.  Thank You

#357  Thu, 4 Apr 2002 22:21
Eugene Pfingston was born in Fremont in about 1920. Do you have anything on his parents? Thank you.

Debbie Giroux      Sat, 13 Apr 2002 11:12
Looking for info on family and descendants of CRANE, George married Mary CLEMENTS in 1875 at North Bend, Dodge Co., Nebraska.  Three children were born there as well: Robert (1880), John (1881), James (1884).

My mother's name was Clements.  Her father and mother came over from England.  They lost a little boy while on the ship over and he was buried at sea.  He was only 7 (?) and my mother said he was afraid of the sea and said the fishes would get him, which they probably did.  John's father and William's family came to the USA together in 1854.  They first came to Ohio and then to Dodge County, Nebraska in 1869. The Patrick Kelly family came from Ohio at the same time.

When they arrived at North Bend they found shelter at old Bend House and the men went scouting for land. Living quarters was quickly erected, one helping the other.  The wood was purchased in Fremont and freighted out to the side hill homesite.  The wood shacks had a sod lean-to addition and a low attic where the children slept.  The attic let in snow in the winter and dust in the summer.

The men then went to old Military road to a Mr. Farnsworth at Ames, Nebraska., and purchased a yoke of oxen.  These oxen were Texas longhorns which he had acquired from the cattle drives up here from Abilene.  Mr. Farnsworth had trained them to wear a yoke and made a business of this trade.  Later Patrick Kelly sold his half interest in the oxen to John Clements.

William Clements died in March 13, 1903.  His homestead was where Elden Nadrchol now lives.  He didn't stay here long.  He moved north of this place.  Later they moved nearer to North Bend to where the Emil Krael's live today.

James McDermott   Sat, 13 Apr 2002 14:56
Researching family of Bertilia or Bertha Forsby who married Michael Joseph McDermott in about 1911 in Fremont.  Bertilia may have been married previously and had a daughter Clare.  Looking for any family of Bertilia, etc.

Mary Jane Parsons   Mon, 15 Apr 2002 22:08
Am looking for a Lavina Saunders, possibly from Dodge Co, that married Joshua Rush in 1900-1910? Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Roger Harrison Bower  Sat, 27 Apr 2002 11:10
Would like to find any information on my Nebraska relatives, Bower, Beebe, Howe, Hager, or Galbraith.  My father, Paul Edgar Bower was born near Fremont in 1898.  His father was Charles Bower (born in Brooklyn, NY) and his mother was Rosa A. (Beebe) Bower.  Charles' father was George Bauer, born in Germany, who changed the spelling of his name after becoming a citizen.  George's father was Nicholas and he had a younger brother, Nicholas.  They both followed George to the U.S., but they retained the Bauer spelling.  Nicholas moved to Boston, and I know nothing more of that branch.  Rosa's father was Henry P. Beebe and her mother was Lavina J. Hager, both born in Wisconsin.  They moved to Dodge county, Nebraska in the mid-1850s.  In 1856, there was a severe blizzard, and one of the two log cabins the two-family settlement had burned down.  They all moved in together, sleeping on the floor.  The help of local Indians was all that got them through the winter. We visited our cousins, Bill Howe, Henry P. Beebe, Henry A. Beebe, and George and Ella Galbraith often as I was growing up.  We visited Hagers in North Bend and Fremont, also, though I'm not sure of the relationship.

Karl Schien      Mon, 29 Apr 2002
Anton Christian Schien, born: 1870 February, 4th   in Wilhelmsbad near Hanau, house number 136 Now Wilhelmsbad belongs to the city of Hanau. His occupation was butcher.
Father: Daniel Wilhelm Schien, born 1834 April, 13th in Birstein, innkeeper in Wilhelmsbad
Mother: Karoline Lautenschlaeger (Lautenschläger), born 1833 November 2nd in Hanau, died 12th May 1886, daughter of the butcher Lautenschlaeger.  All these places are in Hessen, East of Frankfurt am Main.

I am interested finding descendents of Anton Christian Schien. I am working at a Schien family tree and I have many Schien sons which emigrated from Germany to America in the 19th century. Thanks and greetings from Germany

John E. Bartos   Wed, 1 May 2002
Seeking information on the family of an ELMER CLAIR MORGAN who is believed to have been born in Dodge County, NE. just prior to 1900.  He was registered for the World War I Draft and was living in Fremont in July 1917. He was married twice; the first marriage, spouse unknown, produced two sons: Harold and Lyle, who are believed to have remained in Nebraska during their adult lives. One of these sons was a professor at the University of Nebraska (Lincoln). Elmer, who went by the name of CLAIR, was by vocation, a casket salesman. He died in the early 1940s in or around Fremont and is believed to be buried in a local cemetery. Any assistance greatly appreciated.

#364   Thu, 2 May 2002
I am looking for info on Louis A. ROLFSON; b. 4 Jan 1886, in Sioux City, Iowa; d. 26 Dec 1941, in Fremont, Dodge Co., NE; buried at Ridge Cemetery, Fremont; married to Flossie.  Louis was the son of Balser Rolfson, of Lom, Opland, Norway.

#365   Sunday, June 16, 2002
Looking for information on Herman W. Hahlbeck. Had my GG Lavern Hahlbeck born in Scribner, Dodge county. Please email any info. Thanks

Glenn Gustafson   Monday, June 17, 2002
Looking for any information on this family:
Jon Månsson b/abt 1830 in Sweden  (d/before 1885 in Nebraska??)  wife: Sofia Christiansdotter b/May 1833 in Sweden - d/23 March 1914/Kiron, Iowa d: Alma L. Manson (Blominda?) b/17 Dec 1874 in Swaburg, Nebraska  s: ?? in Swaburg, Nebraska  Here is what we know. Sofia Christianson (dotter)  is buried in the Kiron Cemetery, Kiron, Crawford County, Iowa.  We assume she moved to Kiron between 1880 and 1885 as she was not present for the 1880 census for Crawford Co., Iowa but was present for the 1885 and 1895 Iowa census and was listed as widowed.  According to 1900 census for Crawford Co., she emigrated from Sweden in 1871.  Sofia's name appears in many pre-1900 birth records in  Crawford County as the person who gave assistance - presumption being that she was skilled as a mid-wife.
Any information about the life of this family in Nebraska will be appreciated - (death/birth/census/etc.). Månsson is probably spelled Manson or Monson and Jon is probably spelled John by US spellers. One source uses the name 'Blominda'  referring to the daughter.
Glenn Gustafson    Thousand Oaks, California    Visit:

My "Sofia Christiansdotter" quandry is now more complex than ever.   Based on recent inputs, I am not sure if the 'Nebraska Sofia' is the same as the 'Kiron Sofia'.

The 'Nebraska Alma' and the 'Kiron Alma' are the same according to the 1925 State of Iowa census which shows birthplace, date, and parents including mother named Sofia Christianson.  But someone provided me with some evidence that the 'Nebraska Sofia'   was still in Nebraska in 1885 and therefore she couldn't be the same person as the 'Kiron Sofia'. So, I am now assuming that I shall have to look elsewhere for Sofia.

I am still interested in learning more of the Nebraska family of Alma who married Nils Lindgren and was still living in the Kiron area around the early 1940's.  I can still remember Alma driving that "huge" old blue car with silver wooden spoke wheels after her husband died in 1941. Her husband is buried in the Odebolt cemetery but I haven't located Alma's gravesite as yet.  I have found no record of children.

Thank you,
Glenn Gustafson
Kiron, Iowa  Historian

jrealph   Monday, July 1, 2002
Looking for relatives of Henry Rogan lived on his sister's farm 1885 ( census).  (Bridgett (Rogan) Realph. James & Ellen ( Rogan) Murphy  He died in 1910 and she died in 1923 buried in Fremont, Nebraska  and of Lawrence and Margaret (Rogan) Moran.  Two of their children Jim And Sadie Moran later moved to the Valparaiso area in Nebraska. Ellen and Margaret had two sisters : a Mrs. Hunt and a Mrs. Padden

Kimberly Sterling  Monday, July 29, 2002
I am Looking for information on Levi Phillips  Mother and Father. Levi was born 1849 in Unknown Town and County of Ohio and died in Fremont, Dodge County, Nebraska February 08, 1922. Levi Married Ruth Rebecca Arabelle Izora Erlewine  1880 in probably Nebraska. Any  information would be appreciated.

Kimberly Sterling  Monday, July 29, 2002
Looking for information on James W. Charleston's Parents. James was born in Unknown Town and County of Illinois on December 16 1843 and Died in Fremont, Dodge County, Nebraska March 16 1929. James Married Mary Etta Davy/Davey July 23 1874 in Logan County, Illinois. Any information would be appreciated

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