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Horst RIEMANN, Germany, Monday, 5 Aug 2002
Looking for any information on the descendants or relatives of August F. BAUMANN ( 1831 - 1904 ) and his wife Bertha ( 1838 - 1930 ). They immigrated from Prussia, Germany in 1874 and settled in Pebble Township. Her son Otto H. P. BAUMANN ( 1875 - 1939 ) took over the farm. Their grandson Harvey H. BAUMANN ( b. 1916 ) died 1989 in Scribner. Harvey`s siblings were Ella ( b. abt. 1905 ), Paul ( b. abt. 1907 ), Freda ( b. abt. 1910 ) and Lydia ( b. abt. 1915 ). Any help would be very much appreciated.

Mary-Yvonne    Mon, 19 Aug 2002
My g-greatgrandfather is 'Oscar Charles Budinske."  He was part of the Dodge County draft during WWI.  I have noticed on the rootsweb page with this information that there is an 'Arthur Budenski.'  Were these two men related, and their names spelled differently?  I also want to know if you have any other information on these individuals.  Thank you.

Zena   Mon, 19 Aug 2002
Alfred R Clayton - dodge county   jan 1 1907 to jan 31 1973  married Hazel josephine Drake  26 jun 1910 to 199??  Looking for their parents.

Jennifer Bazyk  Thu, 29 Aug 2002
I'm researching my family history and am looking for information on Antonia (Nettie) Hrdlicka. Born May 30, 1871. Died June 20, 1933. She resided in Dodge, Nebraska I believe and then later in St. Paul, Nebraska. Also interested in information on the following names: Mollie (Amalia) Hrdlicka. B: Nov. 11, 1891; D: July 10, 1970; married to Louis Miller. Lived in and around St. Paul, Nebraska.  Marketa (Margareth) Pojar B: May 9, 1848 in Bohemia. D: April 7, 1918. Came to Milwaukee in 1867. Then Nebraska in 1869. Thank you.

Susan Biedron    Thu, 5 Sep 2002
Seeking descendants or people with knowledge of BAUMANN, August Friedrich, 1831-1904, his wife Bertha, 1837-1930. The family emigrated from Grabow, Kr. Regenwald, Pommern, Prussia about 1874. They settled in Pebble Township, Dodge County and had the following children: Mathilde, Minna (ENGLEBRECHT), Otto and Martha (HELGENBERGER). August was a farmer. Bertha and August are buried in Scribner. I believe the maiden name of Bertha was KRUGER. Please contact me if you have iinformation.


Ed Waller  Tue, 01 Oct 2002
Looking for information about Pelham McGEE who was a sheriff in Dodge County in the 1950s.  Probably came to Dodge County before 1917.  Any leads or info will be helpful.  Thanks in advance.

Pamela Turner  Tue, 08 Oct 2002
I am seeking information about Taylors from Dodge County, Fremont, NE from mid 19th Century.

Joel Victor Taylor, originally from MA.  His son, Gerry H. Taylor, Married Estelle Whitacre Bugh on 5/26/1880. Grandsons of Joel Victor, Joel Victor Taylor, Evarts Bugh Taylor born Fremont, NE

Phil Berg  Tue, 15 Oct 2002

I am looking for information on a Charles Rantz and his family, lived in and around Fremont, Children Ernest, Frank, Anna. Dates are 1880's thru 1920's. Thanks.

Evan Crowther  Thu, 17 Oct 2002
I am searching for decendents of Christopher Thompson (Christoffer Thomsen), born 26 March 1817 (1818)in Kollerup, Denmark.  Christopher was married in Denmark to Ane Kirstine Nielsdatter (Sorenson).  They emigrated to the united States in 1862, and settled in the Florence or Omaha area of Nebraska. Christopher died 18 April 1898 and is buried in Fremont Nebraska.  Ane Kirstine was born in Denmark 21 Deptember 1826 and died 29 November 1911. She is also buried in Fremont Nebraska.   They were the parents of eight children: Nielsine emigrated to Utah and married William Fletcher Reynolds, Bertine Thomine - no information, Ane Catherine (Katie)- buried with parents in Fremont, Nebraska, Ane Johanna - no information, Maria (Marie) married Oscar R. Jepson in Fremont, Nebraska 4 January 1875, Oline M. - buried at sea, Carl Ch. - buried at sea, Camilla A. - no information.  I also believe Ane Kirstine's father, Niels Sorensen (Sorenson) emigrated with them and may have stayed with the family.

Robin Schroder
Sun, 20 Oct 2002

I am seeking information on Samuel and Catherine (SUFFECOOL) LEWIS.  They lived in Glencoe in 1885, but I am not sure when they moved there.  I believe he was a farmer.   They had at least four children: Jacob Luther, Rufus, Marilla, and Harry W.   Any information would be appreciated.   


Dorothy Alvis  Tue, 29 Oct 2002
Desire contact with any Beemer descendants of Dodge Co., NE., some of whom are: Daniel R. Beemer, born c1838, Ontario, CAN., died 1 Sep. 1887; children: Sylvester, Herman, Alfred, Thomas, Jesse, Jennie and Daniel. First two born IA.; Alfred in IN. and the latter 3 in NE.      


Karl Schien  Sun, 3 Nov 2002
Greetings from Germany. I am looking for decadence of Anton Schien. The information I have are:Anton Christian Schien was born 1870, February 4th, in Hanau-Wilhemsbad house nr. 136. Hanau is a city 10 miles east of Frankfurt am Main. His parents are Wilhem Schien and Caroline Lautenschläger. Anton's occupation was a butcher. I have his family tree beginning in 1643. Thanks in advance


jenniferhofer  Fri, 22 Nov 2002
I am researching Isaac Brandt line and the Tabitha J. Denman lines in Dodge and Cuming counties.


BoydLydick   Tues, 3 Dec 2002
This message is for Kathy Knox.  You posted a query re William Shannon Lydick on 3/24/99.  I very probably have this information.  PS: Your listed email address is now apparently invalid.


Jens Priess  Wed, 18 Dec 2002
Niels Christian Madsen and his wife Marie Madsen, came from Denmark abb 1887, lived in Fremont, Dodge County, Nebraska. He was carpenter according to US-census 1920 and 1930. They got 3 daughters, Edna  1900, Florence  1902 and Helen 1912. Niels Christian Madsen who was born 1st July 1872, died in Fremont 14th Marts 1959. His wife Marie was born 21st February 1878 and died in Fremont 27th August 1948. They are both barried at Ridge Cemetery - south side.
I am looking for any information about this family. Do anyone know the 3 daughters ?
Please look at my homepage   and find out more about my family. Niels Christian Madsen are brother to my grandmother.

Kindly regards
Jens Priess, Sweden


Cindy Kirkley  Sun, 19 Jan 2003
Please add Lutthans to your surname list. I have several relatives from Dodge County--Martin Lutthans, Fritz Lutthans, Rudolph Lutthans, Matthias Lutthans, Wilhelmine Lutthans, Marie Lutthans, Magdalena Lutthans, Elfrieda Lutthans.
Several of these Lutthans ended up in Washington. Thank you. I'm also looking for information about John H. Schurmann
Marriage information (He married Marie Lutthans), Obituary, Burial information.

Name: John Herman SCHURMANN
*   Birth: 23 Dec 1878 in Scribner, Dodge, NE
*   Death: Aug 1948 in Ft. Robinson NE
Father: Rudolph Herman SCHUERMANN b: 12 Jul 1849 in Hunterville, Franklin, Indiana
Mother: Anna Dorothea HAEFKER b: 6 Nov 1849 in Thedinghausen Germany


Shirley  Mon, 27 Jan 2003
Seeking descendents of Soren Masen WATT family from Ribe, Denmark.  Arrived 1859?  
Wife, Anna Marie Schon, children: Anna Catherine b: 1857, Sern b: 1858, Andrew b:1860
Anna Catherine M: John Rogers MULLOY 1875, son Edward.
                       M:   Edward Joseph SEYKORA 1890 (I know from that point on)


Carole Scharkey  Sat, 1 Feb 2003
Looking for any information, including land records, dwelling locations, on my Great-great Grandparents, Caleb Woodword Cook and wife, Laura Ann Bessey Cook, who moved from Wisconsin to Nebraska sometime between 1859 and 1863.
My research says that they are buried in Fremont's Ridge Municipal Cemetery. I plan to visit the cemetery in the next few weeks. Their daughter, Augusta Cook, born 1836 in Michigan, died 1/19/1907 in Nickerson NE, buried Hooper NE. Other children who probably moved to Dodge County include, Phoebe (1857-1886), Isiah, Milan (died 1923), Capiloria (1859-1908), Julia, Luella. [Several other children did lived less that 1 year.]

Another child of Caleb and Laura Cook was my Great Grandmother, Helen Cook Warren, born 1839 in Michigan, married in Wisconsin, had a daughter in 1862, died Dec of 1866. I have found her husband (along with second wife) and father-in-law's graves in Wisconsin. But my dad (age 90) and I are very disheartened that we have not found Helen Cook Warren's grave in that same area.  We have actually scoured all cemeteries in that county. I had a thought on that-- wondering if her body was shipped by rail to Nebraska to be buried there (probably in Dodge County).

The reason I believe the Cooks lived only in Dodge County, was because there last child, Adelade Cook, was born and died in Maple Precinct, Dodge County, Feb of 1963.  Could you tell me exactly where Maple Precinct is???  Any  info on this family would be appreciated.  Many thanks.


Harry  Wed, 5 Feb 2003
I am trying to discover the death date and burial location of James S. REED. I know that he was alive as late as March 10, 1888 because he married Mary Maria Harmon on that date in Fremont.  I believe that Mary was his second wife (he would have been 65 years old at the date of his marriage).  Here is what I have on James and Mary:
James Stryker Reed (baptized on February 1, 1823 in Bridgewater Township, Somerset county, NJ).  Mary Maria Harmon (June 17, 1833 Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut). Many thanks.


Laura M Rentfro Thrus, 6 Feb 2003
My ggg-grandparents Friedrich Draemel (1829-1910) and Auguste Amalie Bovetz (1831-1891) immigrated from Germany in 1869 and are found in Pebble township, Dodge county, NE on the 1870 census (as Dramer).  Does anyone know what port German immigrants coming to this area usually came through?  Also, their son Friedrich/Frederick Draemel (1858-1939)
married Johanna Nilson (1861-1945).  She was the daughter of Mans/Munse Nilsson and Anna Swanson (Svensdotter).  They immigrated from Sweden before 1880.  Does anyone have any info on Swedish immigration to this area?  Also, would love to talk to anyone working on Draemels or Nilsons.

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