Gage County, Nebraska

Isley/Groves Family Photo Album

Submitted by Carol Brockfield

This is a collection of sixty-nine photographs, cartes de visites, tintypes, snapshots, and postcards relating to the ISLEY family of Beatrice, NE, and the GROVES family of Lincoln and Firth, NE. The items date from approximately 1860 to 1947. The numbered list of photo titles represents what was actually written on the photo backs (except for an occasional correction of spelling or capitalization made for clarity) and the location from either the written identification or the imprinted photographers' studio. Dates in brackets are a rough estimate of the period when the photo was taken, and do not appear on the photo, nor do remarks in brackets.

Many of the photos appear to have been identified many years after they were taken, perhaps by some elderly person whose memory was challenged and whose spelling was poor or inconsistent, perhaps in the 1950's or later. Some of the photo identifications were then corrected by another person. A few identifications appear to be incorrect in some way. (See photo number 44, identified as David Groves, and compare with photo number 32, identified as Henry Harve Groves father Jacob.)


Other locales in which the photographs were taken writing on the back or by are Wilbur NE, North Platt NE, Blue Springs NE, Plymouth IN, Argos IN, Bourban IN, Chicago IL, Gallatin MO, Wichita KS, and Grays Harbor Hoquiam WA.

The following listing of photo identifications is loosely arranged in perceived family groups without regard to chronology. For an index by surname click here. If you can identify anyone in these unidentified or unclearly identified photos, please email me so I can update the pages.

  1. Grace ISLEY [c. 1880s] Beatrice NE
  2. Grace ISLEY's youngest boy Earl FOWLER [c. 1910]
  3. Rose ISLEY [c. 1880s] Beatrice NE
  4. Flora and Rose ISLEY [c. 1880s]
  5. Flora ISLEY SWANEY 1887, Beatrice NE
  6. Neva and Bernie SWANEY, Flora's girls [c. 1910]
  7. Hardy, Flora, Rose, Jap and Pete ISLEY, [c. 1890] Beatrice NE
  8. Hattie Lee HUNGATE, Aunt Rose HUNGATE's girl [photo postcard c. 1915]
  9. Hattie MARPLES & Flora ISLEY [c. 1880s]
  10. Gladys ISLEY, Uncle Wilber's girl [c. 1880s]
  11. Wilbur ISLEY [c. 1890/1900]
  12. Charlie ISLEY, 5 months, first picture [c. 1900?]
  13. Charley's house in North Platt 320 Park St Nebraska June 1947 [snapshot]
  14. Edd ISLEY [c. 1890/1900] Wichita KS
  15. John FISHER, Charlie ISLEY's cousin [c. 1900] Wilbur NE
  16. George COX Delia COX Grand Ma ISLEY's sister, ______n Jane ALBRIGHT [written at top and partially cut off]
  17. Joshua ALBRIGHT [c. 1890/1900] Gallatin MO
  18. Bill KEEN, Cordelia KEENE, Grand Ma ISLEY's sister [c. 1870180]
  19. Eugene ISLEY's wife, Rev. Wilber ISLEY's son [original writing:] To Grandma from Baby Eugene and Beulah ISLEY [photo postcard c. 1920]
  20. Mr.and Mrs. John KNOWLES & son LaVerne, Bertha DUNCAN Aunt Mary ISLEY's daughter, her brother's name is Pearl DUNCAN
  21. Ell FISHER & Jap ISLEY [c. 1880] Beatrice NE
  22. Elizabeth ISLEY and her first husband Dorris FEREBEE and Roberta Jo out in Grays Harbor Hoquiam WA [snapshot c. 1940]
  23. Billie John ISLEY Taken in Aug 1944, Jack ISLEY's boy 20 yr [snapshot]
  24. Donald ISLEY taken in 1912 [photo postcard, young boy and girl]
  25. Donald picture [four men and three boys seated on porch, postcard c. 1920]
  26. Donald picture taken April 1919 [shows two women w a young girl; postcard]
  27. Jula [or Zula] ISLEY, Hardy's girl [c. 1910] Blue Springs NE
  28. Robert ISLEY, Cora's baby boy, 2 months [c. 1920] Beatrice NE
  29. Lucinda GROVES 68 yr, Cora ISLEY 38 yr, Frany SOUTHARD 19 yr, Harvey SOUTHARD 1 yr taken July 1910
  30. Jake and Ed GROVES, Harve and Bill GROVES [circa 1880/1900]
  31. Henry Harve GROVES's mother Sarah or Sally [handpainted photo]
  32. Henry Harvey GROVES's father Jacob [handpainted photo]
  33. Taken Aug 1901 [family group, eight children w father; he appears to be Harve GROVES]
  34. Jake GROVES [c. 1860, two-cent U.S. Internal Revenue stamp on back]
  35. Harve GROVES when 18 yr [c. 1860]
  36. Taken in 1898, 58 yr [unidentified male, might be Harvey GROVES] Firth NE
  37. [Postcard, two images] Mr. Harvey GROVES, Firth Nebraska, Gage County
    Feb.14, 1884, Mr. and Mrs. Groves. Remembered and old friends, how do you do? I would like to have a word from you and tell me about Ellie and how you all do. I expect he is a growing man by this time. Ma and Kate and Rose live in Mich. Kate has one little girl. Rose is single. Kate's name is H[o/a]uss. I have three children, one boy, Dickson and two girls. We moved here in Nov. I see your brothers' folks once in awhile. In haste, Debbie DICKSON WEIMER

  38. Grace GROVES, Jack GROVES's girl [c. 1900]
  39. Bill GROVES and wife [c. 1900] Lincoln NE)
  40. Uncle Bill GROVES and family, Aunt Louise GROVES, Iva [?] WOODS, Hettie WOODS, Lawrence and Effie GROVES
  41. Lib [?] GROVES [tintype of mother, father and two children]
  42. Ethel GROVES, Jake GROVES's oldest girl [c. 1900]
  43. David GROVES [c. 1860]
  44. Great Grand Pa David GROVES (circa 1860)
  45. Great Grandma WARNER GROVES [c. 1870]
  46. Sophia GROVES SNYDER and Wilson SNYDER [c. 1860]
  47. Kate GROVES CHRIST [framed tintype]
  48. Bessie BEAN, Ida SNYDER's girl [c. 1910] Blue Springs NE
  49. Aunt Sarah MARTINS' boy Harry MARTINS and Hattie SNYDER, Aunt Sophia SNYDER's girl. Sarah and Sophia were sisters to Grandpa GROVES.
  50. Leanna GROVES GRAHAM [c. 1860]
  51. Effie and Lorence GROVE [c. 1890]
  52. Kitta McDONALD Cora GROVES school teacher 1885 [two women]
  53. Taken in the fall of 1884, Father 44, Mother 42, Elmir 17, Cora 12
  54. [unidentified family group, possibly four generations, photo postcard c.1910. Eldest woman might be Lucinda GROVES]
  55. Great Grand Pa and Grand Ma PARISH, Green PARRISH, Sarah KERR [c. 1860]
  56. Mr.& Mrs. Green PARRISH, mother and father of Lucinda PARRIS GROVES, Mrs. H.H. GROVES's mother and father [handpainted photo]
  57. Lucinda PARRISH GROVES age 58 [c. 1890/1900]
  58. Lucinda PARRISH GROVES, Elmer and Harve in 1971 [sic; 1871]
  59. Mr. & Mrs. Tom PARISH and Valrey and Glen PARISH [c. 1890/1900]
  60. Susin PARISH McDONALD and Sam McDONALD [c. 1870] Plymouth IN
  61. Hanah PARISH BELL [c. 1870] Plymouth IN
  62. Grand Ma BELL and children [group of four circa 1890]
  63. George BELL and wife Clara [c. 1900/1910] Argos IN
  64. Elmer & wife Amantha BELL and family, Bourban IN [additional copies identified as "Aunt Lucinda, Hannah Bell and family," and Aunt Hanna BELL and family"]
  65. Grandma DIXSON [could be four generations, c. 1890] Chicago IL
  66. [unidentified tintype, young male]
  67. [unidentified tintype, mother, father, and son]
  68. [unidentified family group of nine adults and four children on postcard c. 1920]
  69. [unidentified photo postcard, two young men, two young women c. 1920]

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