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Beatrice Daily Sun
200 N. Seventh St.
PO Box 847
Beatrice, NE 68310
(402) 223-5233
(402) 228-3571 (fax)


Wymore Arbor State
204 S. 7th St.
PO Box 327
Wymore, NE 68466
(402) 645-3344

Newspaper Clippings

History of Newspapers in Gage Co., NE

This is the most comprehensive newspaper list I could make with the resources available.  I am not entirely satisfied with the dates, as it was sometimes difficult to tell when a newspaper ceased being called one name and started being called another.  More often than not, the “new” newspaper would carry on the previous publication’s volume numbering, making it difficult to determine when it started publication.  Most of these newspapers have been microfilmed by the Nebraska State Historical Society, although some dates are missing.

NewspaperPublished inBeginEndBecameAbsorbed byNotes
Holmesville CourierDeWitt18991900   
Adams GazetteAdams18861890Adams Globe  
Adams GlobeAdams18901902Adams Weekly Globe  
Adams Weekly GlobeAdams19021981   
Barneston StarBarneston18891907  Sporadic
Barneston HeraldBarnestonbef July 1908Sep 1908moved to KS, then back in 1909  
Die Nebraska PostBeatrice18971918 Tägliche Omaha TrïbuneGerman
Beatrice CourierBeatrice18751881Gage Co. Independent  
Gage Co. Independent???1881???   
West Beatrice NewsBeatrice18871888   
Beatrice Daily ExpressBeatrice18841924 Beatrice Daily Sun 
Beatrice Daily SunBeatrice1902    
NewspaperPublished inBeginEndBecameAbsorbed byNotes
Beatrice TimesBeatrice19421952 Beatrice Daily Sun 
Beatrice Daily TimesBeatrice18921898 Beatrice Evening Times 
The TimesBeatrice19421942Beatrice Times  
Daily DemocratBeatrice18861902Beatrice Daily Times Merged w/ Republican
Beatrice RepublicanBeatrice18811902Beatrice Daily Times Merged w/ Democrat
Beatrice Evening TimesBeatrice18981902   
Beatrice ExpressBeatrice18701878Beatrice Weekly Express  
Beatrice Semi-Weekly ExpressBeatrice19011903Semi-Weekly Express  
Beatrice Weekly ExpressBeatrice18791901Beatrice Semi-Weekly Express  
Semi-Weekly ExpressBeatrice1903???Beatrice Weekly Express(2)  
Beatrice Weekly Express(2)Beatrice19111912 Beatrice Daily Express 
NewspaperPublished inBeginEndBecameAbsorbed byNotes
Beatrice ClarionBeatrice18691870Beatrice Express  
Beatrice NewsBeatrice19261949   
Beatrice PostBeatrice18921897  German
Beatrice PresseBeatrice18881890?  German
Gage Co. DemocratBeatrice18791902   
Gage Co. HeraldBeatrice18841905   
Blue Valley RecordBeatrice18681869   
The TribuneBeatrice18931898  Beatrice Weekly Tribune
Blue Springs BeeBlue Springs19271946 Weekly Arbor State 
Weekly MotorBlue Springs1876    
The ReporterBlue Springs18791881Wymore Reporter Moved to Wymore
Weekly SentinelBlue Springs18921918   
Clatonia LeaderCortland/Clatonia19351944  Sporadic
Clatonia ObserverClatonia19071909   
Cortland HeraldCortland18881900   
Cortland JournalCortland18841888Cortland Herald  
Cortland NewsCortland/Wymore19331976 Arbor State 
Cortland SunCortland18971898Cortland Weekly Sun  
NewspaperPublished inBeginEndBecameAbsorbed byNotes
Cortland Weekly SunCortland18981899   
Filley FarmerFilley18871889Filley   
Filley RepublicanFilley18941902   
Filley ReviewFilley18891892   
Filley SpotlightFilley19151926  Sporadic
Liberty GazetteLiberty18861887   
Liberty JournalLiberty18821916Gage Co. Farm Journal  
Gage Co. Farm JournalLiberty19251931Liberty Journal  
Liberty JournalLiberty19311934Liberty News  
Odell EnterpriseOdell18891890   
Odell Weekly WaveOdell18951919   
Odell OracleOdell19191958 Wymore Arbor State 
Virginia EnterpriseVirginia18961896   
Virginia RepublicanVirginia18981899   
Virginia ReviewVirginia1922    
NewspaperPublished inBeginEndBecameAbsorbed byNotes
Virginia TimesVirginia18941894   
Virginia VirginianVirginia19201921Virginia Review  
Weekly VirginianVirginia19131914   
Daily DemocratWymore18861890Weekly Arbor State  
Daily Arbor StateWymore18951896   
Daily WymoreanWymore18991899   
Wymore ReporterWymore18811902Daily Democrat  
Weekly Arbor StateWymore18901951Wymore Arbor State  
Weekly UnionWymore18871888Wymore Union  
Wymore UnionWymore18881890   
Daily DemocratWymore18861890  Ceased Publication
Weekly WymoreanWymore18881939 Blue Springs Bee 
WymorianWymore18821888Weekly Wymorean  
Wymore Arbor StateWymore19511976Arbor State  
Arbor StateWymore1976    
Wymore TribuneWymore1876?1892?   
Wymore EagleWymore18821886Daily Democrat  
Gage Co. LeaderWymore1882?1886Daily Democrat