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Business Directory and Farmer List for 1890-1891


J.M.Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890,

by J.M. Wolfe & Co, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.

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Richardson County Farmer List

Note: This list of about 2700 Richardson County Farmers in 1890 has been retyped from an original copy which means that actual spelling of names may vary and some names appear out of order. If you are looking for a certain surname, it would be wise to look at least at the entire list under a letter.






















Abbott Geo A, Falls City.

Allen Eli, Barada.

Arnold C J, Verdon.

Ablutz Henry, Arago.

Allen Geo A, Dawson.

Arnold Geo, Middleburgh.

Ackerman Ed, Verdon.

Allen J E, Humboldt.

Arnold J M, Verdon.

Ackerman Mrs, Stella

Allen Jno, Stella.

Arnold Jo, Verdon.

Adams Isaac, Falls City.

Allison L A, Falls City.

Arnold S S, Rulo.

Adams Jno F, Salem

Allen R B, Dawson.

Arnold Vincent, Verdon.

Agnew Jno, Stella.

Allen W R, Barada.

Arnold W H, Verdon.

Ahem Jno,Verdon

Allison J T, Falls City.

Ashley A, Middleburgh.

Ahem Jno sr, Stella

Allison R A, Falls City.

Ast Christ, DuBois.

Ailer Geo F, Stella.

Alumbaugh W J, Humboldt.

Atherton J S, Falls City.

Alberts N D, Falls City.

Amos J B, Middleburgh.

Atwood C W, Humboldt.

Alberts Geo, Salem.

Amos Jno T, Middleburgh.

Atwood David, Humboldt.

Alberts Henry, Humboldt.

Anderson D P, Barada.

Atwood James, Humboldt.

Alberts Jno, Stella.

Anderson J, Arago.

Atwood J E, Humboldt.

Albin Frank, Humboldt.

Anderson Jas, Dawson.

Atwood T G, Humboldt.

Albin Wm, Humboldt.

Anderson J V, Arago.

Auch Jacob, Dawson.

Albright Geo, Preston.

Anderson M, Stella.

Augiemeyer Ed, Falls City.

Albright W B, Dawson.

Anderson Ralph, Falls City.

Augiemeyer E G, Verdon.

Albright Wm jr, Dawson.

Ankiom B, Barada.

Auxier M D, Falls City.

Albutz Jno, Salem.

Ankiom Robt, Barada.

Auxier E E, Verdon.

Alexander S, Rulo.

Ankiom Wm, Barada.

Auxier N D, Verdon.

Allen Chas, Barada.

Armstrong B F, Stella.

Avery R O, Humboldt.

Allen C W, Falls City.

Arnett J A, Stella.

Ayers N A, Middleburgh.

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Babb D P, Falls City.

Bertram Albert, Arago.

Bradley Wm, Dawson.

Babb Walter, Salem.

Best H S, Humboldt.

Brandow M, Humboldt.

Babbitt Moore, Verdon.

Beuchel Emerson, Falls City.

Brandow Wm, Humboldt.

Babcock A A, Humboldt.

Beuntler Saml, Humboldt.

Brandt Henry, Falls City.

Babcock B T, Humboldt.

Beuschotter Jacob, Preston.

Brannen Frank, Rulo.

Babcock C C, Humboldt.

Bickel Adam jr, Arago.

Brannen M, Barada.

Babcock C S, Humboldt.

Bickel Adam sr, Arago.

Brannen W L, Falls City.

Babcock J B, Humboldt.

Bidler Jno, Humboldt.

Brannen F M, Middleburgh.

Babcock J G, Humboldt.

Biles J K, Dawson.

Brazel D, Dawson.

Babcock Jno, Humboldt.

Billets Wade, Verdon.

Brecher Fred, Middleburgh.

Babcock J S, Humboldt.

Billings A, Salem.

Brecht Chas, Falls City.

Babcock O S, Humboldt.

Billings E C, Salem.

Brecht Conrad, Falls City.

Babcock U M, Humboldt.

Billings Geo, Salem.

Brecht Henry, Falls City.

Babcock W J, Humboldt.

Billings J, Salem.

Brecht Jno, Preston.

Bachman Jas, Rulo.

Bily Anton, Humboldt.

Brengman T, Humboldt.

Bacon A G, Salem.

Bindel B, Arago.

Breninger Wm, Falls City.

Bacon C S, Middleburgh.

Bippes C, Arago.

Brent T H, Stella.

Bacon F A, Middleburgh.

Bippes F, Arago.

Breumer Henry, Humboldt.

Bacon Geo, Middleburgh.

Bippes Louis, Rulo.

Breuson Geo, Stella.

Bacon H A, Middleburgh.

Bippes Louis, Arago.

Briar James, Humboldt.

Bacon H C, Middleburgh.

Birdsley C D, Barada.

Bricker J N, Barada.

Bacon J T, Middleburgh.

Birdsley H A, Barada.

Bridgeman Z S, Arago.

Bacon L C, Middleburgh.

Birdsley O, Stella.

Bright Chas, Stella.

Bacon L E, Middleburgh.

Birdsley S R, Falls City.

Bright Levi, Stella.

Bahl Jas, Humboldt.

Bishop J J, Salem.

Brinegar E S, Verdon.

Bahl Jno O, Humboldt.

Bissegger G L, Arago.

Brinegar D T, Salem.

Bahr Fred, Falls City.

Bittner Wilson, Salem.

Brinegar T C, Arago.

Bahr Julius, Salem.

Black R T, Verdon.

Brinson H, Humboldt.

Bahr W F, Falls city.

Blaizer F M, Stella.

Brinson Homer, Humboldt.

Baker Aug, Barada.

Blakeney D H, Salem.

Brinson W V, Humboldt.

Baker Carl, Barada.

Blakeney D H, Salem.

Brisby Jas, Stella.

Baker C D, Salem.

Blan Aug, Arago.

Brisby L, Shubert.

Baker & Dorn, Stella.

Blan Phillip, Falls City.

Brockman J R, Stella.

Baker H, Stella.

Blauer Ch jr, Middleburgh.

Brockman M, Humboldt.

Baker Isaac, Humboldt.

Blauer Ch sr, Middleburgh.

Bronnamann D L, Salem.

Baker J, Rulo.

Blecha Albert, Humboldt.

Bronson T M, Stella.

Baker Jas, Shubert.

Blecha Josephine, Humboldt.

Brook C E, Verdon.

Baker S, Salem.

Bleka Joseph, Humboldt.

Brook E E, Verdon.

Baob J W, Humboldt.

Bleka Louis, Humboldt.

Brook J W, Verdon.

Barnes D C, Falls City.

Blodget A D, Salem.

Brooks C P, Salem.

Barnes J A, Humboldt.

Bloomer J S, Stella.

Brooks David, Salem.

Barnes L K, Shubert.

Beuthman O, Arago.

Brooks S S, Salem.

Barry Mary, Falls City.

Boatman G W, Stella.

Brown C, Verdon.

Bartlett Jos, Barada.

Boatman L D, Barada.

Brown C A, Preston.

Bartlett Wm, Barada.

Bobbitt A J, Salem.

Brown Ernest, Verdon.

Bartz Frank, Du Bois.

Bobbitt D J, Stella.

Brown Saml, Verdon.

Bates N F, Stella.

Bocock C A, Stella.

Brown Thos F, Humboldt.

Battedger Gottlieb, Humboldt.

Bodel Frank, Stella.

Brown W W, Falls City.

Battell Fred, Verdon.

Bodel Mark, Stella.

Bruhn Wm, Falls City.

Batter E P, Barada.

Bodie F, Barada.

Brune F, Verdon.

Bau B S, Rulo

Bodie J C, Barada.

Bryant J A, Stella.

Bauer Hans, Falls City.

Bodie J F, Barada.

Buchanan O E, Dawson.

Bauer J H, Falls City.

Bodie J W, Barada.

Buckholz Aug, Barada.

Bauer J J A, Falls City.

Boeck Jno, Humboldt.

Buckholz Wm, Barada.

Bauer Jno, Falls City.

Boehmer J H, Dubois.

Buckminster L W, Arago.

Bauer Joachim, Verdon.

Bogan W A, Salem.

Buker Aug, Arago.

Bauman Andrew, Humboldt.

Boggers H, Arago.

Bunch A, Falls City.

Bauman J, Arago.

Boherer D, Salem.

Bungar J A, Falls City.

Bauman Jacob, Falls City.

Boherer W L, Salem.

Bunger J W, Humboldt.

Bauman Jno, Arago.

Bohling R, Stella.

Burchfield R, Falls City.

Bauman J, Arago.

Bolenback Jacob, Stella.

Burget L, Rulo.

Bauman Jos, Humboldt.

Boling G W, Stella.

Burgett Albert, Salem.

Baushof C, Humboldt.

Bolijack J A, Shubert.

Burgett Chas, Middleburgh.

Beachley S M, Falls City.

Bolz Peter, Preston.

Burgett F W, Salem.

Beamon Wm, Stella.

Boomgarn J sr, Humboldt.

Burgett I, Middleburgh.

Beaty C W, Falls City.

Boose Wm, Falls City.

Burgett James E, Dawson.

Beaty J M, Falls City.

Boop Jno, Humboldt.

Burgett J L, Humboldt.

Beaty Robt, Falls City.

Boop M L, Humboldt.

Burgett John, Salem.

Beaty W P, Falls City.

Boomgarrn J jr, Humboldt.

Burgett J W, Middleburgh.

Beaver F M, Salem.

Borgmiger Aug, Falls City.

Burgett P, Middleburgh.

Beaver Wm M, Falls City.

Boss J M, Humboldt.

Burgett Perry, Salem.

Beck C, Arago.

Bostder Ulysses, Arago.

Burgett Phillip, Salem.

Becker Carl, Arago.

Bothwell C A, Humboldt.

Burgett S, Middleburgh.

Becker C N, Falls City.

Bowker T B, Rulo.

Burgner A J, Falls City.

Becker Herman, Arago.

Bowman Wm, Rulo.

Burgner Alfred, Falls City.

Becker Wm, Arago.

Bowers Daniel, Verdon.

Burgner Danl, Falls City.

Belch Jasper, Arago.

Bowers Lou, Barada.

Burk Pat sr, Verdon.

Belden H S, Dawson.

Bowman Levi, Barada.

Burk Pat jr, Verdon.

Belousek John, Humboldt.

Bowman Jno, Rulo.

Burnie Geo, Salem.

Benchater Wm, Falls City.

Bowers Isaac, Falls City.

Burnie J W, Middleburgh.

Benford J H, Falls City.

Bowers J S, Humboldt.

Burnie L H, Middleburgh.

Bennett Lee, Dawson.

Boyd Wm A, Salem.

Burns, D, Barada.

Bennett M, Dawson.

Boyd Jas, Salem.

Burr O W, Humboldt.

Berard Leander, Rulo.

Boyd David, Salem.

Bush Asa, Stella.

Berg Jno, Barada.

Boyd Wm B, Salem.

Bush O H, Preston.

Berg L H, Barada.

Boyd J A, Arago.

Butler E E, Barada.

Bernhardt Aug, Dawson.

Boyer Henry, Falls City.

Butler Frank, Barada.

Berridge T, Rulo.

Boywell Cazzy, Stella.

Butler H, Salem.

Berry F M, Verdon.

Brackney C, Rulo.

Byers A M, Verdon.

Berry T M, Falls City.

Bradley Robt, Dawson.

Byrne Matt, Dawson.

Byrne Mike, Dawson.

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Cade Wm, Middleburgh.

Clark A W, Du Bois.

Cope E S, Humboldt.

Campbell Matt, Stella.

Clark F, Verdon.

Cope J B, Bern, Kas.

Camblin F M, Falls City.

Clark G B, Humboldt.

Copeland J A, Stella.

Camblin G N, Verdon.

Clark Geo D, Verdon.

Corder Wm, Falls City.

Camblin G W, Falls City.

Clark I S,Verdon.

Corlett J W, Humboldt.

Carder Z F, Dawson.

Clark J A, Humboldt.

Corn Albert, Salem.

Carey Cornelius, Du Bois.

Clark Jas, Verdon.

Corn Alfred, Humboldt.

Carey Jno, Du Bois.

Clark Jno, Dawson.

Corn Eli, Humboldt.

Carico John, Falls City.

Clark J W, Verdon.

Corn Isaac, Dawson.

Carpenter A B, Barada.

Clark M, Stella.

Corn Wm, Verdon.

Carpenter F, Humboldt.

Clark P O, Falls City.

Cornelius J K, Humboldt.

Carpenter H, Humboldt.

Clark Sidney, Bern, Kan.

Cornell J F, Verdon.

Carpenter J A, Humboldt.

Clark S J, Stella.

Cornell J H, Rulo.

Carpenter Jas, Humboldt.

Clark Willard, Verdon.

Cornell U G, Verdon.

Carpenter Wm, Humboldt.

Clark W T, Stella.

Coupe J S, Rulo.

Carsh Chas, Humboldt.

Clement Wm, Humboldt.

Cowman Wm, Humboldt.

Carter Frank, Du Bois.

Clift Chas, Humboldt.

Cox Edward, Rulo.

Carter J A, Verdon.

Cline M, Verdon.

Cox Elihu, Dawson.

Casey Eugene, Falls City.

Cloyd A D, Stella.

Cox W H, Barada.

Casey Jno, Barada.

Cocham L D, Barada.

Cox Wm A, Shubert.

Casey Mike, Barada.

Coffield J H, Humboldt.

Craig A C, Humboldt.

Casey Patt, Falls City.

Coffman C B, Humboldt.

Craven A G, Humboldt.

Casey Wm, Barada.

Cole C, Humboldt.

Creed H A, Stella.

Casper Henry, Dawson.

Coleman W L, Verdon.

Creed T J, Stella.

Cassady Jno, Humboldt.

Colford Jno, Rulo.

Critchfield H, Falls City.

Catlin H, Falls City.

Colglazier J N, Stella.

Crofford August, Falls City.

Caughlin Mike, Barada.

Colglazier W S, Stella.

Crofford Leander, Falls City.

Cecil Henry, Stella.

Colliers Jno, Stella.

Crook Albert, Verdon.

Cernaviek Geo, Humboldt.

Colson Dee, Humboldt.

Crook B F jr, Salem.

Chaffin S M, Dawson.

Colson Eugene, Humboldt.

Crook B F sr, Salem.

Chamberlain R, Verdon.

Colson L, Humboldt.

Crook G J, Falls City.

Chandler D J, Salem.

Colson L S, Humboldt.

Crook John, Verdon.

Chaney J W, Stella.

Colson W D, Humboldt.

Crook S D, Stella.

Chapman Wm, Verdon.

Colson M E, Humboldt.

Crook W A, Dawson.

Chestnutt L, Salem.

Combs J S, Rulo.

Crook W H, Falls City.

Chippendale E, Falls City.

Conklin D, Preston.

Crook Wm, Verdon.

Chism Jno T, Dawson.

Conklin Jno, Falls City.

Cross F E, Humboldt.

Chism Wm T, Stella.

Conover C H, Stella.

Cross J T, Humboldt.

Christ Fred, Humboldt.

Conover H M, Stella.

Crouch S J, Verdon.

Christy C C, Shubert.

Conrad Aug, Du Bois.

Crowe Robert, Dawson.

Christy J M, Shubert.

Conrad R F, Middleburgh.

Cullen J W, Stella.

Christner Alex, Stella.

Constantine Jno, Barada.

Cullery Jno, Falls City.

Christner M, Stella.

Cook F, Salem.

Culp A H, Falls City.

Christner N M, Stella.

Cook J A, Falls City.

Culp Wm, Stella.

Church Frank, Humboldt.

Coon Hiram, Barada.

Cummings J H, Salem.

Church Henry, Du Bois.

Coon J L, Falls City.

Cunningham S T, Verdon.

Church Jos, Humboldt.

Coon Julius, Salem.

Cunningham Wm, Du Bois.

Church K J, Du Bois.

Coon S A, Salem.

Curran E, Salem.

Clancey Joe, Verdon.

Coons B F, Stella.

Curran H H, Salem.

Clancey Patt, Dawson.

Cooper F R, Rulo.

Curan J E, Salem.

Clark Albert, Du Bois.

Copass J E, Dawson.

Crook W H, Verdon

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Daeschner Aug, Falls City.

Day Jno F, Humboldt.

Donaldson S S, Shubert.

Daeschner C sr, Falls City.

Day Jno R, Shubert.

Doppen B jr, Dawson.

Daeschner C jr, Preston.

Day Jno R, Humbold.t

Doppen Benj S, Dawson.

Daeschner Frank, Preston.

Deaflon Allen, Rulo.

Dorst Aug, Arago.

Daeschner Henry, Preston.

Dean R E, Stella.

Dorst W F, Arago.

Daeschner Jacob, Rulo.

Debano Frank, Barada.

Dorste Wm F, Rulo.

Daigh G R, Humboldt.

Debano F X, Arago.

Dougherty Geo, Rulo.

Daigh P P, Humboldt.

Debano Jos, Barada.

Dovorak Frank, Humboldt.

Daleney David, Stella.

Deckenger Aug, Arago.

Dowty Allison, Falls City.

Dalka Aug, Humboldt.

Dedkenger T, Arago.

Dowty Edwin, Falls City.

Damon F J, Middleburgh.

Decker S W, Verdon.

Dowty J R, Falls City.

Damon Geo, Middleburgh.

Deffenbaugh S, Falls City.

Drake A L, Humboldt.

Damon J, Middleburgh.

Deisner Jno, Verdon.

Drake Robt, Humboldt.

Dannecker A, Rulo.

Deitrick F F, Verdon.

Draper I A, dawson.

Dannecker C, Arago.

Deitrick J W, Verdon.

Draper I D, Humboldt.

Danniecker Mat, Arago.

Deitrick J W, Stella.

Draper R R, Dawson.

Dappen W H, Verdon.

Derr Uriah, Falls City.

Draper T M, Humboldt.

Darvis Danl, Stella.

Derken Geo, Salem.

Dresher E, Barada.

Daugherty G W, Humboldt.

Derry B R, Stella.

Drone H, Arago.

Dannemann J, arago.

Derry P W, Stella.

Duechler E, Arago.

david Wm D, Du Bois.

Deuchler Chas, Falls City.

Duerfeldt B, Barada.

Davidson E Mrs, Falls City.

Deuchler Fred, Preston.

Duerfeldt G F, Falls City.

Davis G W, Verdon.

Deuchler Jacob, Falls City.

Duis B R, Humboldt.

Davis G W, Humboldt.

Devor A P,Barada.

Duis Otto, Humboldt.

Davis J T, Stella.

Devor A S, Barada.

Duis R A, Humboldt.

Davis Judson, Humboldt.

Dickson Don, Barada.

Duncan U F, arago.

Davis J W, Stella.

Dieninger L, Arago.

Dunn Dan, Rulo.

Davis K R, Verdon.

Dietrich D A, Salem.

Dunn I F, Middleburgh.

Davis L L, Humboldt.

Dietsch G, Rulo.

Duprey L M, Humboldt.

Davis R, Preston.

Dike W H H, Middleburgh.

Durand F,Verdon.

Davis U F, Humboldt.

Dingman Jno, Verdon.

Durfee E J, Arago.

Davis W F, Salem.

Doerner F W, Arago.

Durfee L M, Arago.

Davis W H, Verdon.

Domkemeyer C, Middleburgh

Durfee R K, Rulo.

Day A J, Humboldt.

Duryea E J, Du Bois

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Eaben Geo, Stella.

Eichelberger Lillie, Falls City.

Enfield Ed, Dawson.

Eakin Thos, Morrill, Kan.

Eis Anton, Humboldt.

Enfield W J, Dawson.

Eakins Elmer, Falls City.

Eis Frank, Humboldt.

Erdman Henry, Humboldt.

Early Jas M, Humboldt.

Eis Jno, Humboldt.

Ernst Adolph, arago.

Eaton Albert, Salem.

Eley A J, Dawson.

Ernest C J, Falls City.

Eaton Alex, Falls City.

Eley D M, Dawson.

Ernest Fred, Falls City.

Eaton G H, Falls City.

Eley Jno M, Dawson.

Evans A E, Stella.

Eaton Louis, Salem.

Ellis Thos, Humboldt.

Evans Chet, Stella.

Ebel H, Falls City.

Elliot Geo, Arago.

Evans Evan, Verdon.

Ebel Wm, Barada.

Elliote Henry, Stella.

Evans E W, Stella.

Echoff J, Falls City.

Ellsworth Jno, Rulo.

Evans Geo, Stella.

Eckhart G W, Dawson.

Elmore W D, Stella.

Evans J G, Stella.

Eckhart J W, Verdon.

Else Elmer, Barada.

Evans J H, Stella.

Edgar Sam, Barada.

Else W H, Barada.

Evans Wm, Salem.

Edgecomb M R, Rulo.

Else Wilson, Barada.

Evans Yants, Verdon.

Edie A, Middleburgh.

Elshire E, Arago.

Everest Bros, Falls City.

Edie Albert, Du Bois.

Elshire E D, Arago.

Everhard R, Stella.

Edie Isaac, Middleburgh.

Elshire Frank, arago.

Everson D B, Salem.

Edie M A, Du Bois.

Elshire Hiram, Arago.

Eversol Douglas, Verdon.

Edie Robt, Du Bois.

Elshire M, Arago.

Ewalt J N, Falls City.

Edner Jo, Falls City.

Elwell a, Falls City.

Ewers Thos, Middleburgh.

Edward T R, Stella.

Elwell Jerry, Falls City.

Ewing E E, Verdon.

Ege Anthony, Verdon.

Emigh Peter, Middleburgh.

Ewing J S, Verdon.

Ege Fred, Barada.

Emigh W J, Du Bois.

Eyle Wm, Barada.

Egner Andrew, Falls City.

Emmert Oliver, Verdon.

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Fadley A J, Falls City.

Fink Fera, Arago.

Frazer D W, Salem.

Fairbanks E D, Salem.

Fink F P, Arago.

Frazer Geo, Salem.

Fairbanks S A, Salem.

Fink Jno,Arago.

Frazier G W, Barada.

Faller Ferd, Barada.

Firebaugh A, Falls City.

Frazier Iowa, Dawson.

Faller K, Barada.

Firebaugh Elias, Falls City.

Fredericks J, Arago.

Faller Wm, Falls City.

Firkins Milton, Falls City

Fredericks Peter, Arago.

Falskin Jno, Falls City.

Fishburn H, Shubert.

Freed S R, Stella.

Falsted Jno, Falls City.

Fishburn S, Shubert.

Freidley Ferd, Humboldt.

Fanholtz Fred, Humboldt.

Fischer Henry, Arago.

Freidley Fred, Humboldt.

Fanholtz Henry, Humboldt.

Fischer Wm, Arago.

Freie Fred, Falls City.

Farmer J B, Barada.

Fisher A N, Salem.

Freis George, Middleburgh.

Farnholz J, Humboldt.

Fisher C, Falls City.

French E M, Barada.

Farrell Thos, Dawson.

Fisher Fred, Salem.

Frey F W, Middleburgh.

Faukhauser F, Humboldt.

Fisher Geo, Arago.

Frey J E, Middleburgh.

Faukhauser J, Humboldt.

Fisher H P, Arago.

Fricke Aug, Arago.

Faukhauser P, Humboldt.

Fisher Isaac, Salem.

Fricke Wm, Arago.

Faulkner C S, Humboldt.

Fisher J B, Dawson.

Freieburghouse J,Sabetha

Fehr Conrad, Falls City.

Fisher J H, Salem.

Fritch F W, Stella.

Feldman Albert, DuBois.

Fisher P, Salem.

Fritch Theo, Stella.

Feldman M, Middleburgh.

Fisher P N, Falls City.

Fritson John, Stella.

Felt Peter, Stella.

Fisher Sam, Falls City.

Fritz Jno, Falls City.

Fencel Frank, Humboldt.

Fisher S J, Falls City.

Fritz Henry, Falls City.

Fencel Joe, Humboldt.

Fisher W B, Salem.

Fritz Phillip, Falls City.

Fencle Jas, Humboldt.

Fisher W G, Falls City.

Fritz Wm, Falls City.

Fenelon Jas, Stella.

Fisher Wm, Salem.

Foken Wm, Salem.

Fensker Ernest, Falls City.

Fluent A R, Middleburgh.

Frost L L, Barada.

Fensker F, Falls City.

Fogel Geo,Barada.

Frul B, Barada.

Fenton Jerry, Dawson.

Fohr Rudolph, Barada.

Frunnow W H, Stella.

Fenton W, Dawson.

Foley H M, Humboldt.

Fry D E, Falls City.

Fergus J C, Stella.

Folz Jno, Arago.

Fry F M, Humboldt.

Fergus W P, Humboldt.

Fomey Wm, Falls City.

Fry G, Falls City.

Ferrill Henry, Dawson.

Foraker G W, Salem.

Fry Henry, Falls City.

Fessler Dora, Dawson

Foraker Jas, Salem.

Fryburger F M, Verdon.

Fetzner Ernest, Preston.

Forbes R Mrs, Rulo.

Fuel M, Barada.

Fetzner Jacob, Preston.

Former A M, Stella.

Fuel R B, Barada.

Fiedler N, Falls City.

Foster Wm, Salem.

Fuller O, Verdon.

Fields Jno, Falls City.

Fothergill Jacob A, Falls City.

Funk Geo F, Dawson.

Filson C C, Humboldt.

Fowler A B, Salem.

Funk Henry, Dawson.

Finburghouse Jno, Sabetha,Kas

Fowler Adam, Dawson.

Funk Isaac, Dawson.

Finburghouse S, Sabetha,Kas

Fowler Wm, Salem.

Funk Joe, Dawson.

Finch J E, Salem.

Fox F M, Middleburgh.

Furst Geo, Barada.

Findley C S, Stella.

Fox John, Middleburgh.

Futscher A D, Arago.

Findley Hiram,Stella.

Frank A W, Falls City.

Futscher Adam, Arago.

Findley Jno, Stella.

Frank W E, Humboldt.

Futscher Antonine, Arago.

Fink H, Arago.

Franklin A, Barada.

Futscher Jno, Arago.

GReturn to Top

Gable Jno, Falls City.

Germain O H, Du Bois.

Gouser Jacob, Preston.

Gall Henry, Salem.

Germain Samuel, Humboldt.

Gunn P, Falls City.

Gandy Jos, Salem.

Getz Louis, Falls City.

Gutmar D, Humboldt.

Gardner J O, Humboldt.

Getz Wm, Falls City.

Gunzenhouser C jr, Humboldt.

Garner L J, Humboldt.

Gibble A W, Falls City.

Gunzenhouser C sr, Humboldt.

Garner Saml, Humboldt.

Gibbs S T, Humboldt.

Gunzenhouser J, Humboldt.

Garwick Anton, Barada.

Gibson T, Verdon.

Graff Godfrey jr, Falls City.

Garwick F, Barada.

Gifford A M, Salem.

Graff Godfrey sr, Falls City.

Garwick Wed, Barada.

Gilbert M, Stella.

Graft Wm, Barada.

Gast Jno, Falls City.

Gilo Jno, Arago.

Graham A, Salem.

Gatz C C, Arago.

Giltner J W, Humboldt.

Graham J M, Dawson.

Gatz L W, Arago.

Gingery Daniel, Humboldt.

Grant M, Preston.

Gebhardt Henry, Falls City.

Gingery John, Humboldt.

Gratz C F, Falls City.

Gebhardt Wm, Verdon.

Gladwell A J, Humboldt.

Graves Joe, Salem.

Gehling C, Falls City.

Gladwell C M, Salem.

Graves P, Salem.

Gehling Lawrence, Falls City.

Gladwell N J, Salem.

Greenlee Jane, Salem.

Gelmers J H, Stella.

Glasser Jos, Humboldt.

Gregory C, Salem.

Gentner Chas, Falls City.

Glatthan Jno, Humboldt.

Greiner Stephen, Barada.

Gentry C D, Stella.

Glenn A N, Humboldt.

Gridley C R, Humboldt.

Gentry J, Stalem.

Glenn J H, Humboldt.

Griffith Albert, Stella.

Gentry J F, Dawson.

Glenn W R, Middleburgh.

Griffith David, Verdon.

Gentry J F, Salem.

Glick John, Preston.

Griffith David, Stella.

Gentry Posse, Dawson.

Glondon Jos, Salem.

Griffith Elmer, Stella.

Gentry R J, Salem.

Gnash Ed, Verdon.

Griffith J D, Verdon.

Gentry S, Salem.

Goderman C, Falls City.

Griffith J G, Stella.

Gentry Wm, Dawson.

Goell Henry, Falls City.

Griffith Jno M, Verdon.

George Fred, Barada.

Goetz Amelia, Barada.

Griffith M H, Stella

George L, Barada.

Golden C M, Stella.

Griffith S P, Stella.

Gephart A, Stella.

Goldman Jas, Falls City.

Griffith W D, Verdon

Gephart Adam, Stella.

Goldsbery J D, Middleburgh.

Griffith W E, Stella.

Gephart Chas, Dawson.

Goldsberry W S, Humboldt.

Grimstead G D, Humboldt.

Gerdes Henry, Barada.

Goodloe D C, Salem.

Grimstead G R, Humboldt.

Gerdes Wm, Falls City.

Goodloe J R, Verdon.

Grimstead J P, Humboldt.

Gergen Jacob, Humboldt.

Goolsby H D, Verdon.

Grimstead R E, Salem.

Gergen M, Humboldt.

Goolsby Ellis, Verdon.

Gommish Wm, Barada.

Gergen P M, Humboldt.

Goolsby G W, Barada.

Grossenbacher C, Humboldt.

Gering A, Arago.

Goolsby Grant, Falls City.

Grosshing Ed, Verdon.

Germain H D, Humboldt.

Goolsby J M, Falls City.

Grum T A, Dawson.

Gorden R Y, Dawson.

Grush D R, Falls City.

HReturn to Top

Habagger Jacob, Humboldt.

Hartman L, Barada.

Hilgenfield L, Arago.

Haeffle J F, Arago.

Hartman M J, Arago.

Hill E C, Dawson.

Haffel Fred, Falls City.

Harvey Dennis, Rulo.

Hill J A, Falls City.

Hahn Geo, Falls City.

Hayes Jesse L, Stella.

Hill Jno, Humboldt.

Hahn Henry, Arago.

Haskett C, Stella.

Hill Russell, Humboldt.

Hahn Wm, Falls City.

Hasness G W, Humboldt.

Hinton W T, Salem.

Hall C P, Salem.

Hasness H, Humboldt.

Hinton Wm B, Falls City.

Hall Julia C, Verdon.

Haswell J T, Middleburgh.

Hitchcock L J, Verdon.

Hall P, Salem.

Hatfield Ed, Rulo.

Hlavaty Dan, Humboldt.

Hall Thos,Verdon.

Hatfield Jas, Rulo.

Hoagland A, Humboldt.

Haller C, Humboldt.

Hauser C F, DuBois.

Hoagland C, Humboldt.

Halterman Josiah, Stella.

Heard Henry, Shubert.

Hoagland J C, Humbold.t

Haltwa Peter, Preston.

Heasten Francis, Falls City.

Hodge Alex, Stella.

Ham Jno, Stella.

Heater F, Middleburgh.

Hodge N, Stella.

Hamel Fred, Humboldt.

Heater Freeman, Arago.

Hodapp Frank, Humboldt.

Hamer C P, Du Bois.

Hedges C A, Falls City.

Heff R L, Dawson.

Hamer H H, Du Bois.

Heckler H J, Falls City.

Hoffman C, Humboldt.

Hamilton Robt, Dawosn.

Heffle F, Arago.

Hoffman Frank, Stella.

Hamusz P, Rulo.

Heikes D E, Falls City.

Hoffman S, Middleburgh.

Hanaka A J, Stella.

Heikes Fred, Arago.

Hoile J H, Arago.

Hanes A C, Preston.

Heikes Jno, Arago

Hoile U, Arago.

Hanley Dennis, Verdon.

Hilman Karl, Barada.

Holden Wm, Falls City.

Hanley Jas, Verdon.

Heilman L, Barada.

Holechek A, Humboldt.

Hanna L L, Du Bois.

Heim Henry W, Verdon.

Holechek Frank, Humboldt.

Hanna R R, Falls City.

Heim Jacob, Dawson.

Holechek Joe, Humboldt.

Hanshahn M, Middleburgh.

Heim J G, Dawson.

Holechek John, Humboldt.

Happ B, Dawson.

Heim J J, Dawson.

Holechek Wenzel, Humboldt.

Happ Frank, Dawson.

Heim Jno, Dawson.

Holley Jim, Rulo.

Hard G, Salem.

Heim Jonathan, Dawson.

Holman Jno, Humboldt.

Harden E A, Verdon.

Heim J S, Dawson.

Holstein H, Shubert.

Harding Earnest, Humboldt.

Heim S F, Dawson.

Hoos Chas, Arago.

Harding F, Humboldt.

Heineman D, Verdon.

Hoppe W V, Arago.

Harding M W, Humboldt.

Heiner Henry, Barada.

Hopper Geo, Falls City.

Harger D, Verdon.

Heintz H, Arago.

Horan C, Arago.

Harding W H, Rulo.

Heinzelman J g, Verdon.

Horan Pat, Arago.

Harkendof Fred, Falls City.

Helfinbine Aug, Arago.

Horn Chris, Barada.

Harlow J H, Du Bois.

Helfinbine Jno, Arago.

Horstman Wm, Verdon.

Harlow O Y, Du Bois.

Heigenfeldt L W, Falls City.

Hosenjager J L, Falls City.

Harlow R R, Du Bois.

Hellman Chas, Arago.

Hosenjager Wm, Falls City.

Harman J W, Shubert.

Hellman Christ, Arago.

Houck J M, Falls City.

Harman R, Shubert.

Hellman Wm, Arago.

Hotchkins L, Barada.

Harmes W H, Humboldt.

Helmick D S, Stella.

Houghton Geo, Falls City.

Harmon A, Shubert.

Helmick G W, Dawson.

Houtz A E, Falls City.

Hart Wm, Falls City.

Helmick J F, Stella.

Houtz E F, Falls City.

Harms H H, Humboldt.

Hemker Jacob, Arago.

Howe Bros, Verdon.

Harms Ufki, Humboldt.

Hemming Wm, Arago.

Howe Jno, Stella.

Harper A W, Shubert.

Henderson C H, Stella.

Howe Wm, Humboldt.

Harrell C, Humboldt.

Henderson Chas, Stella.

Howland T R, Dawson.

Harris A J, Salem.

Henderson J P, Stella.

Hoy J A, Middleburgh.

Harris A T, Salem.

Hendrick J W, Salem.

Hubner Jno, Barada.

Harris A W, Falls City.

Hendricks Jas, Barada.

Hudson Wm H, Humboldt.

Harris Dillard, Salem.

Hendricks J W, Dawson.

Huff Thos, Barada.

Harris H M, Salem.

Hendrix Geo, Dawson.

Huffnell S B, Rulo.

Harris J W, Stella.

Heneke Fred, Arago.

Huiatt Wm R, Humboldt.

Harris J D, Dawson.

Hennesey T, Dawson.

Hull H T, Humboldt.

Harris J H, Dawson.

Hensley Joe, Preston.

Hum R D, Rulo.

Harris L F, Dawson.

Henzelman J G, Verdon.

Hummel C L, Humboldt.

Harris L M, Falls City.

Henzeker J R, Humboldt.

Hummel Fred, Humboldt.

Harris Thornton, Verdon.

Herdlitchka J, Humboldt.

Hummel H L, Humboldt.

Harris T J, Salem.

Herr Jacob, Humboldt.

Hummel W G, Dawson.

Harris T J, Verdon.

Herbster Aug, Arago.

Humphrey J W, Falls City.

Harris W F, Falls City.

Herbster F W, Arago.

Hunt A W, Salem.

Harrison H, Rulo.

Herbster Louis, Arago.

Hunzeker J A, Humboldt.

Harrison Jas, Dawson.

Hershberger Geo, Arago.

Hunzeker J M sr, Humboldt.

Harshbarger H, Humboldt.

Hershberger Geo, Arago.

Hunzeker J M jr, Humboldt.

Harshbarger Ira, Humboldt.

Hesser C H, Salem.

Hunzeker J U, Humboldt.

Harshbarger Wm, Humboldt.

Hesser G W, Salem.

Hurley M A, Humboldt.

Harstman Wm, Dawson.

Hesser Jas, Salem.

Hurley Wm, Humboldt.

Hart J C, Salem.

Hessler G T, Arago.

Huss Jno, Rulo

Hart Wm, Falls City.

Hessler I T, Middleburgh.

Huston R N, Salem.

Hartman C, Preston.

Hews S S, Humboldt.

Hutchens Warren, Shubert.

Hartman Fred, Arago.

Hey Henry, Barada.

Hutchins Jno, Falls City.

Hilgenfield F, Arago.

Hyde N N, Salem.

I-J Return to Top

Ileff Jno, Dawson.

Jackson S R, Salem.

Johnson W T, Verdon.

Ileff Wm, Dawson.

Jacobs Thos, Humboldt.

Johnston Jos, Humboldt.

Imhoff A C, Humboldt.

James Alvis, Stella.

Jones Cyrus, Humboldt.

Imhoff D, Humboldt.

James C S, Salem.

Jones David, Stella.

Imhoff Henry, Humboldt.

James Elmer, Salem.

Jones D N, Stella.

Irwin E, Salem.

James Geo E, Verdon.

Jones E A, Verdon.

James J T sr, Stella.

Jones Evan, Humboldt.

James J T jr, Stella.

Jones F W, Humboldt.

James S R, Dawson.

Jones J E, Verdon.

James T, Stella.

Jones J F, Stella.

Jannson Dan, Dawson.

Jones J G, Stella.

Jefter A, Arago.

Jones Jno, Humboldt.

Jenkens Jno, Stella.

Jones J W, Stella.

Jenkens W C, Stella.

Jones L M, Salem.

Jenkens W L, Stella.

Jones M G, Salem.

Jenkins C, Barada.

Jones W A, Rulo.

Jennings H C, Verdon.

Jones W G, Humboldt.

Jennings O A, Salem.

Jones W J, Falls City.

Jobe Porter, Humboldt.

Jones W M, Rulo.

Joern Louis, Arago.

Jones Wm, Humboldt.

Johnson Alex, Stella.

Joseph W S, Humboldt.

Johnson C, Barada.

Jones S R, Rulo.

Johnson Grant, Salem.

Jordan Henry, Barada.

Johnson Jas, Verdon.

Jorn G C, Barada.

Johnson J E, Dawson.

Jorn Henry, Verdon.

Johnson Jno, Humboldt.

Jouse W H, Middleburgh.

Johnson O, Humboldt.

Judd Bros, Verdon.

Johnson S H, Stella.

Judy Frank, Falls City.

Johnson W L, Stella.

Judy W C, Falls City.

Juneman Aug, Du Bois.

K Return to Top

Kaiser C, Rulo.

Kemmel Sam, Falls City.

Kitch Felix, Falls City.

Kaiser G C, Preston.

Kenedy W J, Dawson.

Kissald Frank, Humboldt.

Kaiser R B, Preston.

Kennedy S, Salem.

Kleber Albert, Arago.

Kalous Jno, Humboldt.

Kennedy Theo, Humboldt.

Kleekner S J, Stella.

Kamerer H, Preston.

Kent C C, Verdon.

Kloepfel Jno, Arago.

Kanaly Jerry, Preston.

Kent T, Salem.

Knapp M W, Stella.

Kanaly Mat, Preston.

Kentopf Wm, Falls City.

Knobe Wm, Stella.

Kane Ed, Barada.

Kern Arthur, Arago.

Koehler H, Arago.

Kantz Saml, Preston.

Kern Christ, Arago.

Koeneke A, Humboldt.

Kapes F, Salem.

Kern M H, Hiawatha, Kas.

Koening C, Arago.

Kapes J, Salem.

Kerner F, Salem.

Koff Ben, Rulo.

Kapp Eli, Stella.

Kerper Geo, Humboldt.

Koons G L , Humboldt.

Karst M, Barada.

Kerper Harm, Humboldt.

Koonty H, Salem.

Karsten Jno, Falls Ci ty.

Kerr R J, Dawson.

Kors G E, Humboldt.

Kasserman John, Humboldt.

Ketterer Frank, Falls City.

Koso H, Barada.

Katz Wm, Du Bois.

Ketterer Jno, Arago.

Krammer Jno, Humboldt.

Kaul E, Salem.

Kdolskey Fr, Humboldt.

Kratz C, Rulo.

Kaumerer P, Barada.

Kibler Wm, Arago.

Kratz J F, Falls City.

Kean David, Dawson.

Kinder Wm, Rulo.

Kratz S R, Falls City.

Keedwell D, Humboldt.

King Aaron, Humboldt.

Krecker C R, Falls City.

Keer C O, Du Bois.

King B F, Humboldt.

Kroh C, Stella.

Kegler Jo, Barada.

King Elmer, Stella.

Kroh D, Stella.

Keil Chas, Falls City.

King F M, Stella.

Kroh Isaac, Verdon.

Keiler Wm, Verdon.

King H D, Shubert.

Kroos Wm, Arago.

Keiser Preston, Humboldt.

King J P, Shubert.

Krouse Fred, Falls city.

Keithley Louis, Verdon.

King M, Humboldt.

Krueger F, Falls City.

Kelber Wm L, Arago.

Kink G A, Rulo.

Krug A, Shubert.

Kelley C C, Salem.

Kinsey Fred, Humboldt.

Krug Amon, Shubert

Kelley C M, Barada.

Kinsey H W, Verdon.

Krumenacher J, Humboldt.

Kelley H S, Barada.

Kinsey L A, Verdon.

Kruse Wm, Falls City.

Kelley J B, Salem.

Kinsey L L, Salem.

Kueker C, Barada.

Kelley J H, Barada.

Kinsley S H, Salem.

Kueker Henry, Barada.

Kelley S J, Stella.

Kinter Elizabeth, Humboldt.

Kunhart Jas, Humboldt.

Kelley J K, Dawson.

Kinter G W, Humboldt.

Kuhlbaum C, Preston.

Kelley J R, Dawson.

Kinter Thos, Humboldt.

Kuhlman E, Barada.

Kelley M, Shubert.

Kinton A B, Stella.

Kuhlman G, Barada.

Kelley Martin, Verdon.

Kinton Frank, Stella.

Kuhlman Wm, Barada.

Kelley M J, Verdon.

Kinton Jas, Stella.

Kuhn G, Arago.

Kelley T, Humboldt.

Kinton J P, Stella.

Kuhn J H, Barada.

Kelley Wm, Barada.

Kinzer J T, Arago.

Kunkel Fred, Barada.

Kelley Wm E, Shubert.

Kirk G B, Falls City.

Kuntz Jos, Humboldt.

Kuper Jno E, Humboldt.

L Return to Top

La Forge J M, Falls City.

Lerginbill Peter, Humboldt.

Long M D, Preston.

Lafter Wm, Barada.

Lesley B B, Middleburgh.

Long Stephen, Barada.

Lair Steve, Dawson.

Lesley G W, Verdon.

Long W P, Falls City.

Lais Wash, Dawson.

Lesley Solomon, Verdon.

Lonk Frank, Humboldt.

Lambert E F, Stella.

Lesley W B, Verdon.

Lonneke F, Humboldt.

Lambert W M, Stella.

Leslie H, Shubert.

Lord Huna, Salem.

Larabee O S,Salem.

Leumberger F, Humboldt.

Lord Jos, Salem.

Lasher D A, Middleburgh.

Leumberger P, Humboldt.

Lord Robt, Salem.

Last, Aug. Stella.

Lewis Clark, Verdon.

Loredo Jno, Rulo.

Latrimore M, Barada.

Lewis C W, Stella.

Lorton J D, Verdon.

Lauk Frank, Humboldt.

Lewis J C, Stella.

Loucks A W, Falls City.

Lauppe Wm, Verdon.

Lewis John, Stella.

Loucks J B, Falls City.

Lautz C, Humboldt.

Lewis Jno, Falls City.

Louthry Jno, Middleburgh.

Lautz H, Humboldt.

Libbie E T, Dawson.

Love Chas, Salem.

Lawrence Geo, Falls City.

Lichty Jno, Falls City.

Lowe D P, Falls City.

Lawrence R P, Falls City.

Lichty Saml, Falls City.

Lowe L, Dawson.

Lawler Amelia, Preston.

Lietzke Henry, Arago.

Lowe Wilson, Barada.

Layson D, Salem.

Leitzke Otto, Arago.

Luckunck Wm, Stella.

Layson J F, Salem.

Lighthill Wm, Humboldt.

Luckunck Wm, Humboldt.

Layson N F, Salem.

Linch F A, Humboldt.

Luginbill John, Humboldt.

Leach A M, Salem.

Linch J M, Humboldt.

Luginbill Wm, Humboldt.

Leach L M, Humboldt.

Linch T H, Humboldt.

Luhn H, Barada.

Leachman B F, Falls City.

Linsacomel Geo, Verdon.

Luhn Wm, Barada.

Leachman J C, Falls City.

Lionberger C, Humboldt.

Lundy G, Barada.

Leachman Thos, Falls City.

Lionberger W, Humboldt.

Lundy J M, Salem.

Lease W D, Falls City.

Lippold C, Barada.

Lundy J W, Shubert.

Leatherman R, Humboldt.

Lippold Jno, Barada.

Luthy Fred, Humboldt.

Leatherman Jno, Humboldt.

Lippold N, Barada.

Luthy J C, Humboldt.

Lechliter M E, Stella.

Litz Otto, Falls City.

Lutz Henry, Humboldt.

Lee S R, Middleburgh.

Livermore W A, Verdon.

Lutz Mike, Humboldt.

Lee A H, Humboldt.

Lohnes F W, Barada.

Lutz Mike, Humboldt.

Lehmer David, Falls City.

Lollman B, Falls City

Lutz Wm, Barada.

Leisegmont D L, Verdon.

Lollman Henry, Verdon.

Lyanna L E, Stella.

Leonard M, Arago.

Lollman Henry, Falls City.

Lynch C L, Salem.

Leonhardt Geo, Arago.

Lollman F, Bardon.

Lynch D A, Salem.

Leoning F A, Humboldt.

Lollman Tobias, Falls City.

Lyons E W, Dawson.

Lerckenck Chas, Humboldt.

Long C C, Falls City.

Lyons J O, Dawson.

Long H, Barada.

Lytte T R, Stella.

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