This is a start on lists of Richardson County High School Graduates and other students. More will be added at a later date. Thank you to the contributors.

Falls City High School (1880-1898)

Humboldt School Bldg img 1

Stella High School ca 1910-1915

Rural Barada - Williamsville

Salem High School

Falls City Eighth Grade (1921)

Humbold School Bldg img 2

Stella Elementary School ca 1916

Rural Fischer Dist.#27

Falls City High School(1924 Jr. & Sr)

Humboldt School Bldg img 3

Stella School ca 1917

Falls City High School(1925 Jr. & Sr.)

Stella High School (1921-1922) Image

Falls City High School(1926 Jr. & Sr.)

Stella Elementary School 1932

Falls City High School(1927 (Jr. & Sr.)

Stella Elementary School ca 1933

Stella Elementary School ca 1934

Stella School ca 1936

Stella High School 1936

Stella School Band (ca 1936)

Stella Elementary School 1938-39

Stella High School 1938-1939

Stella Elementary School 1939-1940

Stella High School 1940-1941

Stella School Bldg img 1
Stella School Bldg img 2
Stella School Bldg img 3

Rural Stella Cupola 1910