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Corrections and Additions

This page includes items submitted by our visitors for corrections or additions to "A History of Czechs (Bohemians) in Nebraska". We cannot make changes in the original book since it was published in 1929 and is no longer in print. The transcription has been done from the book and only those typos that the transcriber made will be corrected in the online version.

The following was submitted by John Robert Smith, San Francisco, California, His ancestors are listed with the dentists. More information about Dr. Pauline [Kubitschek] Exner-Christen and her family may be found at this website.

Extracted from the Kubitschek Family history that I've researched/authored/published over the past decade or so:

Dr. Pauline [Kubitschek] Exner-Christen

Pauline Kubitschek (1895)

Dr. Pauline Kubitschek at work in private practice
Unidentified Man in Chair & Assistant
Omaha, Nebraska (About 1900)

Pauline Kubitschek (1869-1944) attended the Omaha College of Dentistry and was graduated with the 1898-1899 Class. She married Franz Exner-Christen, an immigrant poet and composer, in the early 1900's. Franz and Pauline moved to Denver, Colorado for a short time and here a son, Frank, was born to them on March 17, 1904. In January of 1906 the Exner-Christen Family returned to Rokitnitz. Their two-year-old son died during the fifteen-day sea voyage. Franz and Pauline eventually assumed management responsibilities for the Exner-Christen Mercantile and did their best to survive The Second World War in Rokitnitz. Pauline died during the war in 1944. Franz underwent expulsion with many other Sudeten Germans in 1945. He died in 1963 and is buried in Salzwedel, DDR. Pauline Kubitschek was the first female dentist to be graduated from a dental school in the Great Plains States. (Lucy Hobbs Taylor, who received her D.D.S. degree in 1866 from the Ohio College of Dental Surgery, was the first female dentist to be graduated from a dental school in the Midwest States.) It was at the insistence of her friends, Drs. Prime and Woodbury [nationally renown for his gold-foil work], that Pauline entered dental school. After graduation, Pauline practiced dentistry at 13th and Williams Streets in Omaha.The Omaha College of Dentistry merged with Creighton University in 1922.

Dr. Frank Joseph Kubitschek

Frank Kubitschek (1914)

Frank Joseph Kubitschek (1893-1980) was graduated from Creighton University School of Dentistry in 1914. He taught dental classes at Creighton from 1914 to 1919. While teaching he met and married Gladys Van Sant of Omaha, Nebraska. His brother, Dr. A.J. Kubitschek, encouraged him to come to Holt County to begin private practice. Dr. Frank Kubitschek came to O'Neill, Nebraska in 1919 and practiced dentistry there until the time of his retirement in the late-1960's.

Dr. Adolph Jacob (A.J.) Kubitschek

Dr. A.J. Kubitschek (1917)

Adolph Jacob Kubitschek (1895-1972) was graduated from Creighton University School of Dentistry in 1917. He met his wife, Leone Isabel Bollinger sometime before 1912 while attending Sacred Heart High School in Eagle Grove. They were married on August 30, 1917 at Visitation Catholic Church in Des Moines, Iowa. The day after their wedding they moved to Atkinson, Nebraska where A.J. began his dental practice. "Kuby", as he was affectionately called by those who knew him, was well-known in Holt County and had a reputation for being an excellent dentist. Most of his dental work was of a quality that extended well beyond the realms of ordinary dentistry of that era [and, perhaps, even of our own time]. He was known as a wise and calm man who would frequently give advice to people who came to him with their questions. During the 1930's and 1940's, he helped to develop greater cooperation between the parochial and public schools in Atkinson. Although he valued anonymity and never sought public acknowledgement for his work, in 1966, he received papal recognition and was made a Knight of St. Gregory. Several years later, he received recognition for fifty years of membership in the Knights of Columbus, as well as fifty years of membership in the Nebraska Dental Association. His son, Dr. John Kubitschek of Belleville, Illinois said the following when reflecting back on his father's life: "He loved his family and had a deep dedication to his profession. He was a conservationist before the word was created, and admired and appreciated all forms of nature. He was an outdoors person, an avid fisherman, hunter, and golfer. He loved the area of the country in which he lived and the people who lived in it." Five children were born to Dr. A.J. and Leone Isabel [Bollinger] Kubitschek: John Douglas, Mary Katharine [Pfeiffer], Ruth Leone [Hackleman], Joan Ann [Smith], and Paul Lynn. Dr. A.J. Kubitschek practiced dentistry in Atkinson from 1917 until the time of his retirement in 1970.

Czechs in Nebraska

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