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Political Activity


Fillmore County

Year elected:
1887--A. Vincent Dvorak, Clerk of District Court.
1891--Anton V. Kouba, County Supervisor.
1892--Paul Anton, County Supervisor.
1893--James Krisl, County Supervisor.
1895--A. J. Barber (right name Kotalinek, adopted by J. K. Barber), County Supervisor.
1896--A. A. Hamouz, County Supervisor.
1896--Frank Placek, County Supervisor.
1897--Charles Smrha, Clerk of County Court.
1897--V. V. Smrha, Clerk of County Court.
1901--A. J. Barber, County Clerk.
1901--Charles Smrha, County Superintendent.
1904--Henry Kolar, County Supervisor.
1907--C. G. Hrubesky, County Surveyor.
1908--Frank Stech, County Supervisor.
1915--W. A. Biba, County Surveyor.
1919--W. H. Sisler, County Clerk and Registrar of Deeds.

Franklin County

   C. R. Stasenka, Attorney.

Grant County

1909--J. C. Brezina, County Surveyor.

Hall County

1880--Joseph Kilian, Sheriff.

Hamilton County

1906--George Wanek, County Treasurer.

Holt County

1911--Anton Prusa, County Commissioner.

Hooker County

1925--John Kudrna, County Treasurer.

Howard County

1893--1897--C. V. Svoboda, County Clerk and Reg. of Deeds, Populist.
1897--1900--Thomas Lahowetz (Lahovec), County Sheriff, Rep.
1899--1900--Frank Polansky, County Clerk, Republican.
1909--1912--John J. Sazama, County Clerk and Reg. of Deeds, Dem.
1913--1918--K. D. Bahensky, County Clerk, Democrat.
1913--1926--Charles Dobry, County Attorney, Democrat.
1919--1926--Clara Sazama Jensen, County Clerk, Democrat.
1921--1928--Henry Ingerle, County Commissioner, Republican.

Knox County

Year elected:

1872--1886--Vaclav Randa, Clerk of District Court and Abstractor.
1882--1884--Charles J. Kadish, County Treasurer.
1891--1892--E. L. Pishel, County Supervisor.
1891--    Jos. V. Holecek, County Supervisor.
1896--1898--E. L. Pishel, County Treasurer.
1909--1920--F. H. Lenger, County Supervisor.
1910--1916--Vaclav Vlasnik, Sheriff.
1912--1920--F. A. Barta, Clerk of District Court.
1912--1914--F. H. Kucera, County Coroner.
1920--1921--John Stoural, County Supervisor.
1922--    Still in office--Ed. J. Lenger, County Clerk.
1922--     Still in office--Miss Anna Chladek, County Superintendent of Schools.

Morrill County

1925--W. F. Chaloupka, County Surveyor.

Pawnee County

1915--J. F. Vrtiska, County Surveyor.

Pierce County

1912--Joseph Hladik, County Surveyor.

Red Willow County

1909--C. Skala, County Clerk.

Saline County

1869--1877--A. V. Herman, County Treasurer.
1871--1873--Frank Jelinek, County Commissioner.
1878--1881--Cenek Duras, County Treasurer.
1878--1879--V. Vilda, County Commissioner.
1880--Frank Shabata, County Commissioner.
1881--1882--Frank Karten (Krten), County Commissioner.
1882--1883--John F. Spirk, County Treasurer.
1883--John Korbel, County Commissioner.
1884--1887--Ed. Beck, County Clerk.
1888--1891--Frank J. Sadilek, County Treasurer.
1890--1897--Jos. W. Shestak, Reg. of Deeds.
1892--1895--Eman J. Spirk, County Treasurer.
1896--1911--Jos. W. Shabata, Clerk of District Court.
1898--1907--Jos. W. Shestak, County Clerk.
1898--1919--(resigned) Frank J. Sadilek, Registrar of Deeds.
1904--1907--Vincent Aksamit, County Commissioner.
1908--1911--S. A. Shestak, County Treasurer.
1908--1914--Joseph Simecek, County Coroner.
1908--1911--Alois Slepicka, County Clerk.
1910--1912--Victor Mika Jr., County Commissioner.
1912--1916--H. V. Jelinek, County Treasurer.
1912--1914--John F. Safranek, County Clerk.
1912--Still in office-S. A. Shestak, Clerk of District Court.
1912--1921--L. J. Bouchal, County Superintendent of Schools.
1912--W. F. Chaloupka, County Surveyor.
1914--1915--A. H. Shimerda, County Assessor.
1915--Still in office--J. M. Korbel, County Clerk.

1915--1918--Joseph Cerny, County Commissioner.
1915--1916--Frank T. Ripa, County Coroner (Office abolished).
1917--1921--O. J. Kubicek, County Treasurer.
1919--1920--Ed. A. Dvorak, County Assessor.
1919--1921--Thomas J. Dredla, County Attorney.
1919--and still in office--Sidney L. Broz, Registrar of Deeds.
1920--and still in office--Adolph L. Gerner, County Commissioner.
1922--1926--John E. Mekota, County Attorney.
1922--and still in office--Vance F. Jelinek, County Treasurer.
1925--and still in office--Ben V. Kohout, County Judge.

   These three women county officers are of Czech ancestry.

These three women county officers are of Czech ancestry.

Mrs. Clara Sazama Jensen, Howard county clerk. Born on a farm in Box Butte County July 8, 1892, daughter of J.J. Sazama. Eight years in office.

Miss Anna Chaldek, Knox county supt. of Schools. Born in Chicago, Ill.

Miss Lottie O. Klotz, clerk of district court, Saunders County. Born on a farm near Ashland, deputy for several years, elected to office in 1920 on both tickets, without opposition.

Saunders County

1883--W. C. Kirchman, County Clerk. Re-elected, 1885.
1891--Joseph Bartek, County Sheriff.
1897--Anton B. Chapek, County Clerk. Re-elected, 1899.
1901--Charles H. Slama, County Judge. Re-elected, 1903 and 1910.
1903--Frank Janda, County Coroner.
1905--E. E. Placek, County Judge. Re-elected, 1907.
1907--C. J. Ficenec, County Treasurer. Re-elected, 1909.

1911--Frank J. Polak, County Treasurer. Re-elected, 1914.
1912--Joseph B. Hines, County Assessor.
1914--William J. Dolezal, Register of Deeds.
1914--A. Z. Donato, County Judge. Re-elected, 1916.
1916--Joseph B. Hines, County Clerk. Re-elected, 1918.
1920--Lottie O. Klotz, Clerk of District Court. Re-elected, 1924.
1920--George F. Bartek, County Treasurer. Re-elected, 1922.
1922--A. S. Dolezal, County Clerk. Re-elected, 1924.

Sherman County

Year elected:
1888--1889--A. V. Hlava, County Assessor. Again in 1908--1911.
1908--1910--Ed. Snajdr, County Sheriff.
1912--1916--A. V. Hlava, County Supervisor.
1914--1917--E. F. Kozel, County Supervisor.
Mr. Hlava was census enumerator in 1910 and postmaster in Ravenna, 1894--1897.

Sheridan County

   No County officers. Frank Cilek was precinct assessor for three years and Justice of the Peace for six years.

Valley County

1892--John Kokes, County Sheriff. Re-elected in 1894.
1894--Vincent Kokes, County Clerk. Served three terms.
1898--Frank Koupal, Clerk of District Court.
1900--Frank Koupal, County Clerk.
1911--F. A. Warta, County Coroner.
1919--and still in office--Jos. T. Knezacek, County Clerk.
1919--and still in office--Frank Vodehnal, County Supervisor.


1892--Cenek Duras, Wilber, Republican (President Harrison).
1896--Frank J. Sadilek, Wilber, Republican (President McKinley).
1896--Stanley L. Kostohryz, Omaha, Democrat (W. J. Bryan, not elected).
1900--J. J. Langer, Wilber, Republican (President McKinley).
1912--Vaclav Bures, Omaha, Republican (Taft and Roosevelt, not elected).


Joseph J. Langer

   Joseph J. Langer, while living in Wilber, Nebraska, in 1901, was appointed by President McKinley Consul to Solingen, Germany. He also was lieutenant on Governor Mickey's staff. Mr. Langer was born in 1860 in Roudnice nad Labem, Bohemia, studied there and in Prague. In 1881 he came to Chicago, in 1895 moved to Wilber, and in 1914 returned to Chicago, Illinois, where he died in May, 1927.

   John L. Bouchal, at present Consul in Port Said, Egypt, was born in Wilber, Nebraska, August 28, 1888. He engaged in teaching in country schools and after saving some money entered the State University. Miss Sarka Hrbkova aided him in obtaining a position as clerk to the Consul in Prague, Bohemia, where he went in July, 1912. On May 24, 1920, he was made Vice-Consul de Carriere and on June 22, 1922 Consul in Prague. On November 22, 1923, he was appointed Consul in Port Said, Egypt.

   F. J. Jonas was Superintendent of the State Reform School in Kearney, 1893--1897. He was born in 1849 in Chynava, County Unhost, came to Baltimore, Maryland, in 1866, to Colfax County In 1870. He died August 6, 1915, by accident, while at work in the State Fair Grounds, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Jonas brothers, pioneers of Colfax County

   Frank Wlna of West Point, was Receiver of the U. S. Land Office at Niobrara, 1893--1897.

   Adam Sloup of Omaha was oil inspector for the eastern district, 1898--1900 and also Game Warden and Superintendent of Hatcheries. He was born in 1868 in Hrichovice, County Plzen, and came to Saunders County in 1872. In 1873 to Omaha, where he has lived since.

   Vincent J. Stedry of Broken Bow was oil inspector for the western district (No. 5), 1898--1900. His biography appears in the history of Custer County.

   Dr. Joseph P. Pecival, now of Chicago, was Superintendent of the Norfolk State Hospital for Insane, 1909--1911. Born Aug. 5, 1865, in Sopotnice, Bohemia, came to Chicago, Ill., in 1869, to Omaha in 1887.

Dr. J.P. Pecival

   Dr. Frederick A. Sedlacek of Omaha was a member of the State Prison Board and Advisory Board of Pardons, 1914--1918. His biography appears in this chapter, in Douglas County.

   Thomas Zacek, now of Omaha, was Food Inspector, 1919--1923. He was born Jan. 26, 1891, in West Point, Nebr., where he graduated from the High School and later from the State University. He was superintendent of schools in Nebraska towns for seven years. Secretary of the Republican Central Committee of Douglas County, August, 1924, to August, 1926.

   Anton J. Tusa, Omaha, was Food Inspector.

   Miss Sarka Hrbkova was Chairman of State Council of Defense, Women's Division, as noted in her biography elsewhere.

   Louis Berka of Omaha in 1920, was appointed member of the Temporary Board Nebraska-Iowa Boundary Commission, to adjust the Missouri River boundary with neighboring states. Still serving.

   E. A. Dworak (Dvorak) in 1920 was appointed member of Board of Examiners of Public Accounts. Still serving. Lives in Omaha.

   Charles J. Vlach, of Omaha, is a member of the State Board of Optometry.

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