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Czech Obituaries

Frank Shalla

(Gage County)

Frank Shalla Senior (published March 1939, p. 107)

The oldest member of our order left us on Sunday 5th February. He was the last from the charter members of order who stood by it for fourty years. He was born near Pilsen (Plzen) in Bohemia on 22nd May 1853. He came to America with his parents when he was three years old, to the state Iowa. He lived here out their pioneer beginnings. In November 1875 he married Marie Malicka. In year 1879 he went on his pioneer way to state Nebraska where brother Shalla bought 160 acres of flat land in Gage County. Here they had really hard life. They built their house from harsh planks, made at home from ash logs - loghouse called "logsak" grauted with clay. Brother Shalla was one of the first Czech settlers in this area. In that time there wasn't railroad, later it was biult there and then founded the village Odell. More settlers came to this area, manz Czechs among them. Then was founded first society, order CSPS that lasted till year 1897 when ZCBJ. Brother Shalla was good order worker and from founding of the order he probably performed in each position. The picture above was taken in occasion of 60th anniversary of his marriage. He broke his hip-bone some time ago and he died because of this injury. He left here his wife, also our sister, seven sons, six of them belong to our order, two daughters Mrs. Eduard Pribylova and Mrs. Arthur Pribylova. The burial was dispatched from his house with attendance of order brothers and sisters, also members of order Budejovice and many friends. Words of consolation said Rev. K.O.Zavadil from Wilber. His body was buried on Czech National Cemetery in Odell. I offer our sympathies to residuaries in name of our order and we wish You, brother, to rest in peace. In name of order Kralove Hradec Nr. 17 in Odell, Nebraska Frank Pavlik, secretary

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