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Czech Obituaries

Rudolf Zajicek

(Saline Co.)

Rudolf Zajicek (published December 1935)

To whole our neighbourhood came the sad message that our dear friend and worthy brother of unity Tabor, br. Rudolf Zajicek ended his worthwhile life, after long disease, on 29th October 1935 in house of his daughter Mrs. Anna Kosteckova. Br. Zajicek came to our unity with transfer letter from unity Sumavan nr. 130 from Tate, Nebr. on 9th April 1905 and he was really active member. In our unity he got over many new members, he contributed a lot of money to build of our hall and later to the build of great pavilion by the hall. When we did gatherings for the benefit of independence of czech nation, now he was between first people who gave us bigger amount of money. On 22nd April of this year died his faithful partner, sister Josefina Zajickova, who left him in time of his serious disease. This good man badly carried her loss, because she stood alongside him during both good and bad times. After her death he told me how painful is the loss of his unforgettable partner. Br. Zajicek was born on 31st December 1859 in Medovy Ujezd near Prague in Czechoslovakia. He came to America as a small boy with his mother and three sisters in 1869, directly in Omaha, where his father who were there for 2 years, had worked and prepared home for his family. In 1870 br. Zajicek moved with his parents to Saline County, Nebr., where his father took home, and he worked here with his parents. On 5th January 1884 br. Zajicek married Miss Josefina Svobodova. They moved to Webster County after the marriage, where they had for 19 years successful farm. Then they moved to Pawnee County, where they were for three years and in March 1905 they moved back to Saline County, where they bought nice farm near Pleasant Hill. The deceased leaves here 4 daughters, Mrs. Matilda Gernerova, Mrs. Albina Freeoufova (our unity sisters), Mrs. Marie Wenzlova, Mrs. Anna Kosteckova, 14 grandchildren and 7 greatgrandchildren, then one brother Josef Zajicek senior, two sisters, Mrs. Rud. Princova nad Mrs. Jos. W. Freeoufova (our sister). The burial was on 31st October 1935 in the afternoon from the Hall of Tabor Unity t o the cemetary near Pleasent Hill, Nebr., by the great attendance of members of Tabor Unity, Modern Woodcutters and friend. In the hall were achieved the unity ceremonies by brother Semerad, the president of unity. Mr. Ed. Smejdir achieved the ceremonies for Modern Woodcutters and Rev. K.O.Zavadil from Wilber made a speech full of consolation both in hall and in cemetary. The quartet from Crete, Nebr., sang the funeral songs. The deceased were buried alongside his loved wife after the ceremonies. By the death of br. Zajicek the family losts unforgettable father and our unity brother of pure character, who always followed the motto Truth, Love, Loyalty. Rest in peace our dear brother. We condole to the family. ---For the Tabor Unity nr. 74 Vaclav Kucera, secretary

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