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4 Feb 1998: The following information forwarded by Celia Snyder -


Hi, My name is Kevin Frye and I want to volunteer a service that I have had a great deal of success with. My roots are deep in Westmoreland County Pennsylvania and I have had so much help with researching info that I want to repay in the only way that I can.....By offering something that has proven helpful for others.

I live in Middle Georgia and about 40 miles from Andersonville Prison. I have family that fought for the union and my wife (who is local to this area) had ancestors who fought for the South. This brings interesting discussions about the Civil War and leads us to visit Andersonville often.

Here is what I want to do.....I posted this offer to the Westmoreland site as well as the Cambria County site. I will research for anyone who feels there were ancestors at Andersonville to find out what info might be in their database. I have found records and grave sites, and have taken photos for people who sent me request, and mailed them for what small donation they are willing to send to cover my cost as well as my donation to the Museum when I visit there.

Out of about 30 requests so far I have been able to "find" 12 graves and info such as.....State and unit served, Rank, Where they were captured, date of death and grave number. Most have some if not all of this information. I know if I post on all these sites that I will be over run but would like to post it somehow. I also can't subscribe to all the sites and wait for responses....Any suggestions????

This has turned into an enjoyable hobby in the past month or so and would really like to extend this offer to those who won't ever get to the site....

Kevin Frye <>
Butler Georgia

12 June 1999 NEW - Mr. Frye has a website Andersonville Civil War Prison


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