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The Battle of the Mine--Medals of Honor.


Mayre's Heights-Salem Church--Libby Prison.


Libby Prison.


The March to Gettysburg.




Gettysburg - No 2.


New Baltimore. - Death of a Deserter.

- Gen. H. W. Slocum.

Worcester's Quota In the 121st N.Y. Volunteers.


The 2d Brigade, 1st Division, 6th Army Corps.

March 1, 1895.

The 2d Brigade, 1st Division, 6th Army Corps.

From Our Nebraska Correspondent. - March 25th, 1895.

The 2d Brigade, 1st Division, 6th Army Corps.

From Our Nebraska Correspondent. - April 13, 1895.

The 2d Conn. Heavy Artillery.


The Campaign of 1864.

Death of Col. Tom. Custer.

The Light Artillery.

The Batteries. - The Light Twelve-Pounders. - The Bloody Angle. - Captain Fish. - Loss Of The Battery. - The Johnnies. - A Personal Experience With Canister.

Bethesda Church.

The Touch Of Elbow. - In The Presence Of An Enemy. - The Rebel Battery. - Charge Of A Battery. - Cold Harbor. - A Little Romance. - Mistakes Will Happen. - The Veterans.


Robert E. Lee - Head And Front - No Such Word As Fail. - Watching And Waiting. - The Sixth Corps - Just In Time - Life In The Trenches - Fort Hell. - Col. Andrew Davidson - Military Discipline - Col. Upton Was Asked

Victuals and Drink.

Who Did The Cooking? - Where Were The Beans? - In Front Of Petersburg - Boston Baked Beans - Colonel Ellsworth - A Generous Rivalry - Salt Horse - Dessicated Vegetables - Cucumber Pickles - Coffee, Coffee, Coffee - A Whisky Ration - Army Correspondents


It Did Not Pay - The Colored Troops - Corporal Samuel Hall - Captured A Rebel Flag - Many, Many, Errors - Century War History - The Rebel Cavalry - South Side Road - Now For The Fight - A Desperate Charge

The 152nd N. Y. Vols.

Comrades Of The 152d Regiment - Cleveland J. Campbell - We Read About - A Test Of Memory - Ellsworth's Avengers - Judge Advocate - The First Question - It Took Nerve And Vim - He Received A Star And Also A Death Stroke

The 152nd N. Y. Vols.

The Colored Orphan Asylum - Col. O'brien - Victuals And Drink - Troops Were Needed There - Freedom Of The City - Temptations Were Great - The 152d N. Y. Vols - New Deal Was Made - Get To The Front - Head And Front - Won Laurels - A Hesitancy To Push Things - Gen. Hancock - The Christian Commission - Col. Ferguson Had Resigned

The 152nd N. Y. Vols.

The Charge At Petersburg - Make A Charge - The Weldon Railroad - No Particular Danger - No Color Guards - Killed On The Battlefield - One Hundred And Thirty Killed - Seventy Thousand

The 51st New York Volunteers.

The City Of Newberne - War Meeting - William H. Leonard - Edward Ferrero - Ninth Corps Badge - Col. Elliot F. Shepard - 51st Regiment Was In Advance - Antietam - Fredericksburg Came Next - In Grant's Campaign Of 1864 - Killed On The Battlefield

Typhoid Fever.

Dr. Woodbridge's Abortive Treatment - Bakersville, Maryland - Woman's Relief Corps - Lieutenants Bates And Van Horn - Calomel, Calomel, Calomel - United States Sanitary Commission - Women's Relief Corps

Washington City.

Cannon Were Booming - Gen. Wright And Staff - He Levied $200,000 - President Lincoln - A General Was Wanted - Gen. Meigs' Son

Col. Egbert Olcott.

Our First Major - Noctes Ambrosian - Captain Daniel D. Jackson - Awful Hard Times - No Fighting - How Long They Would Stay - Breastworks Would Be Needed - Major General Upton - Upton's Regulars - Fort Hell

A Record to be Proud of.

From the "Libby Prison Chronicle"

A Day With The Colored Troops.

The Test of Negro Mettle in the Fight of the Crater - Responsibilities of Officers - On the Firing Line at Petersburg - Informed of the Assault - The Non-Commissioned Officers - A Change in the Program - The Confederates Recover - Enjoyment in Killing - The Colors Rushed to the Front - Meeting Mahone's Men

Biographical Sketch of General Delevan Bates

Civil War



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