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Harrison Clifton MAGOON b. 19 Nov 1846 in Lowell, MA. Son of Henry C. MAGOON (b. Lebanon, NH) & Mehitable Wyman CLEMENT MAGOON (b. Hopkinton, NH). They lived in MN & Lincoln, NE.

Anna M. MAGOON b 18 Mar 1854, Lowell MA; m. Jeremiah P. EASTON. Warren, MN 1870's?
Dana MAGOON b 27 Mar or May 1851 at Lowell, MA. d 29 Nov 1878 at Lost Creek Twp.,
       Platte Co., NE. First school teacher in that community.
Charles Edward MAGOON, b 5 Dec 1861, Owatonna, Steele Co., MN. Lawyer, Judge. Lincoln NE.
       d 14 Jan 1920 at Washington D.C.
Mary S. (Susan) MAGOON, b ? Steele Co., MN. m. James Roland WEST in MN.
       Lived briefly in Columbus, NE. Died in Reno, NV.
Frances Ann ?
Robert FLICK, adopted in either MN or NE. (Nance or Platte County?)

Harrison married: 27 Oct. 27 1867 at Owatonna, Steele Co., MN
Spouse: Clara M. APPLEGARTH b 25 July 1849 in Toronto, Canada.

Charles "Arthur" MAGOON, b 25 Oct 1868 MN.
Harry Fredrick MAGOON, b 27 May 1871 MN m. Effie Celestine RANDALL.
     (Both buried near Nash, OK)
Anna Mae MAGOON, b 5 Jul 1873 MN m. James Truman NEELY at Hay Springs, NE.
     (Both buried in St. Louis, MO)
Frances Jane MAGOON = "Jennie", b 15 Apr 1875 NE m Will RIDGE. Buried in OK.
Frank Delbert MAGOON b 2 Sep 1877, Hay Springs, NE
Birdie Maude MAGOON b 23 Nov 1879 - died young?
Myrtle Lola (Maud) MAGOON b 14 Sep 1887 NE m. Joseph RHODE.

Military service:
Enrolled: 20 June 1862 in 2nd. Co., MN Sharp Shooters.  27 Jan 1862 at St. Paul, MN.
Enlisted: 20 Feb. 1864 at St. Paul, MN, Co. C. 1st Reg.Sharpshooters.
Mustered out of Ind. roll 12 July 1865, as of Co. C. 1st. MN Infantry Vols.
Honorably discharged at St. Paul, MN, July 1865.  Military rank at discharge: Sgt.

Incidents: Missing in action at "Reams Station, VA", 31 Aug 1864. POW, Aikens Landing, VA
Paroled: 24 Feb 1865, reported at am Parole MD. Sent to Buiton (?) Bks., MO., 28 Feb 1865.
Pension Records: Wounded, does not say where or how, and suffered heat stroke.

Immigrated to Nance Co., NE 1873<>1875. Also had family in Platte Co., NE (have land records of sale) & at Grant, NE.

Harrison Clifton MAGOON died 25 Nov 1922.
His wife Clara (Clary APPLEGARTH) Magoon died 19 Mar 1927.
Both are buried in the Arlington National Cemetery, Washington D.C.

Burial places of other family members:  Mehitable Wyman (Clement) MAGOON, and her two sons - Dana MAGOON, and Charles E. MAGOON are buried at Wyuka Cemetery, Lincoln, NE.
Birdie Maude MAGOON may be buried somewhere in Nance Co., NE.

Member of GAR. Member of Congregational or Presbyterian Church?
Education: Read for the Law in Nebraska.
Occupation: Lawyer and county judge in Nance County, NE.
Photos of Harrison & Clara (Applegate) MAGOON on Nance minigenealogy page.
Federal pension file number: # 230623

Submitted by: Joanne E. Roth <>

James Madison MANNON - obit

Who Died at the Residence of His Son-In Law, Edward Matthews.

James Madison Mannon was born in Washington county, Penn., Feb. 1, 1827, and was reared to manhood and married in the county in which he was born. At the breaking out of the rebellion he entered the Union army as a First Lieutenant in Co. C 140th Pennsylvania Vol. Reg. and that his services were highly appreciated is known from the fact that he was promoted to a Captain's position in less than two years. In 1863 he resigned on account of sickness in his family and subsequently moved to Otoe County, Neb. and settled on the Nemalia river near Nebraska City. In 1882 he migrated to Butler county and settled near David City where his sons O. F. Mannon was buried a few weeks ago. In 1891 he moved to the locality in this county in which he died, and since that time his life has been indentifed with the people of Western Nebraska, always taking an active part in whatever pertained to the public good, leading a strong active life, usually filling some place of trust in the community which was always filled with honor to himself and to the eminent satisfaction of the public. His fidelity to any cause he espoused was always unquestioned and whereever he was found no one doubted his sincerity. He early in life connected with the Baptist church but afterward connected with the church organization where he was located not deeming the dogmas and creeds of any denomination of such consequence as to be an excuse for staying out of the church.

For the past three years his health has been rapidly declining, and at times he has been almost totally blind, but he bore his affliction with a heroism that never murmured and occupied his thoughts with the literture of the times that was read to him by his wife and children by whom he was almost idolized. His death, though at times not unexpected, came suddenly. For the first time in a year he expressed the desire last Friday to leave his home and visit his children, and although doubtful of his physical ability, his wife accompanied him to the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Ed Matthews where he was taken violently ill and died April 30, 1901 .....

     James and Isabell settled in the sandhills of Nebr. in Arthur County somewhere around the small town of Keystone. The couple left their mark all over that land, there in a valley there that carries the name of Mannon valley where his homestead was and that of two of his sons, Forrest G. Mannon and Oscar F. Mannon. Two of his daughters also became homesteaders in those sandhills, their daughter Francis who married Mr. Edwin Matthews, whos family was also part of those early settlers in Nebr. and his daughter Joesphine who married Hiram Rema. I have pictures of the Rema homestead a sodhouse and of the Matthews homestead.

This his my grandfather Matthews side but his wife Pernesa Rice Matthews also was a child of early homesteader in Nebr. in Perkins county. Would be happy to share all that I have on these families.
Lexi <> 14 Jul 2002

Thomas Ewing MARGRAVE, was born in Marion, Iowa on Sept. 3, 1839, married Hannah HENDERSON from Concord, Ohio on April 18, 1864 in Granville, Illinois, and died on March 13, 1920 in Gordon, Nebraska. He spent three years in the Union Army during the Civil War. In his 1907 veteran's pension application, he stated that at enlistment he had been a farmer 6 ft 2 inches in height with light complexion, grey eyes, and light-colored hair. The pension had reached $40 a month at the time of his death.

Thomas E. Margrave enlisted as a private in Co. H, 20th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, on June 13, 1861 at Joliet, IL. He was promoted from corporal to sergeant on Oct. 15, 1861 and to first sergeant on May 20, 1863. In 1861 he saw action in the Battles of Frederickstown, Missouri, Fort Henry, and Fort Donaldson. In 1862 he fought at Pittsburgh Landing (Battle of Shiloh), at the Siege of Corinth, and at Brittons Lane, Tennessee. In 1863 he saw action at Port Gibson and Raymond, Mississippi as part of the Siege of Vicksburg.

He was wounded in the shoulder & head in action near Raymond, Mississippi on May 12, 1863 and was sent to Benton Barracks Hospital in St. Louis for medical treatment. After recuperating from his wounds he returned to service with his unit in September 1863 and was subsequently detached for recruiting duty on Nov. 19, 1863. He was discharged upon expiration of his three-year enlistment on June 13, 1864 in the field at Chattanooga, TN.

After his discharge Thomas & Hannah Margrave lived in Granville, Illinois in 1864-1865; then in Albany, NE (which I have not been able to find on any NE maps) from 1865 to 1869; Ashland, NE from 1869 to 1873; Rulo, NE from 1873 to 1885; and Gordon, NE from 1885 on until their deaths. He ranched and also later operated the lumber yard in Gordon with Fred Duerfeldt. In 1906-1910 Margrave & Duerfeldt designed, built, and patented an overshot hay stacker, a dipping vat, and a branding chute.

Thomas & Hannah were blessed with six children: Margaret, George, Jennie, Alfred (my grandfather), Mary, and Annie. Alfred Margrave married Maude BREWER in Gordon in 1904. They had three children: Brewer, Lucille, and Thomas.

Thomas Ewing Margrave was born in 1914, married Julia ADAMY of Bellwood, NE in 1937, and died in 1969. He served as a pilot in the Army Air Corps, later renamed the Army Air Force, from 1935 through 1945. In early April 1944 he was wounded on a low-level B-24 bombing attack by the 7th Bomb Group on the Moulmein-Bangkok railway built by the Japanese to transport Allied prisoners to the prison camp made famous in the film Bridge over the River Kwai. A letter of commendation to the 7th from Major General George Stratemeyer reads in part: "I cannot let this opportunity pass without complimenting you on the excellent attack against the Moulmein-Bangkok railway. The fact that it was so successful in knocking out vital bridges shows that it was carefully planned and well executed. The interdiction of this railroad cannot help but have an important effect on fighting throughout Burma."

Thomas and Julia Margrave had three children: Thomas (b. 1938), Michael (b. 1941), and Janet (b. 1954). Julia, Michael, and Janet currently live in the Phoenix, Arizona area, while Thomas lives in northern Virginia.
My father was only five years old when his grandfather, the Civil War veteran, died, so he had only dim recollections of him. But I find it fascinating that their lives did overlap, providing in a way a tenuous link between two such completely different wars as the Civil War and WWII.
Tom Margrave <>, greatgrandson of Thomas E. Margrave, Co. H, 20th Regiment, Illinois Infantry

Albert MILLER born 3 Jan 1842 at Portville, Cattaraugus, NY.
Son of Almon MILLER & Mary Amanda EVANS MILLER

Louisa Ellen MILLER b 1844 Portville, Cattaraugus, NY (George V. WAITE)
  They lived in Merrick Co., NE. Are buried at Bureau Cem, Mead Twp, Merrick, NE.
Hudson MILLER b1848 Portville, Cattaraugus, NY (Matilda Louisa WOODRUFF)
  They lived in Merrick Co., NE. Are buried at Bureau Cem, Mead Twp, Merrick, NE.
Mary Ann MILLER b 1850 Portville, Cattaraugus, NY (died young?)
Adel MILLER b1852 Portville, Cattaraugus, NY (Henry CLARK) died before 1879?
Harriot E. MILLER b1854 Portville, Cattaraugus, NY (died young?)
Orilla M. MILLER b1857 Portville, Cattaraugus, NY (Arthur UPDYKE)
Lucy Jane MILLER b c1859 Portville, Cattaraugus, NY (---- SLOAN)

Albert married Lovica Anna SILLOWAY (1847-1928) dau of Charles SILLOWAY & Hester Melvina KING
29 Oct 1864 at Punchire (Arcade, Wyoming, NY) - photo on Merrick County page

Dora MILLER b 1866 Portville, Cattaraugus, NY (died in infancy)
Erwin MILLER b 1867 Portville, Cattaraugus, NY (died in infancy)
Warren "Ray" MILLER b 1868 Olean, Cattaraugus, NY (Clara E. BESSEY GETSINGER, widow?)
Grace May MILLER b 1870 Westons Mill, Cattaraugas, NY (Joseph G. SNODGRASS)
Hattie Adel MILLER b 1872 Merrick Co, NE (Dudley Darius MILLER)
Hudson MILLER b 1874 Merrick Co, NE (died in infancy)
Earl MILLER b abt 1875 Merrick Co, NE (died in infancy)
Albert MILLER b abt 1876 Merrick Co, NE (died in infancy)
Robbie MILLER b abt 1878 Merrick Co, NE (died in infancy)
Lenard MILLER b abt 1880 Merrick Co, NE (died in infancy)
Charles Albert MILLER b 1881 Olean, Cattaraugus, NY (Lillian A. EVANS & Lucy SHIVELY)
Mary "Mae" MILLER b 1883 Mead Twp., Merrick, NE (Charles A. WELLMAN)
Edna MILLER b 1888 Fullerton, Nance, NE (Walter HEADLEE) d 1910, bur at Fullerton, NE
Etta MILLER b abt 1890 Fullerton, Nance, NE (died in infancy)
Lynn MILLER b abt 1892 Fullerton, Nance, NE (died in infancy)
Arthur Adelbert "Delbert" MILLER b 1894 Fullerton, Nance, NE (Edith M. BENNETT)

They lived in Portville, Catarraugus Co., NY until moved to Mead Twp, Merrick NE in 1871 & homesteaded. Retired in 1889 to Fullerton, Nance, NE. The children remained in Fullerton, with exception of Mae (CO) & Delbert (ID).

Military Service: Enlisted 20 Sep 1861 at Olean/Portville, NY - Served under Gen. McClellan, Co A, 85th NY Volunteer Infantry for 3 yrs. Fought a number of battles. Among them were: Fair Oaks and Chicohomagua (sic). Participated in grand review in Washington, D. C. Honorably discharged at Newborn, NC on 20 Sep 1864. Description at enlistment: 5 feet 8 inches tall, fair complexion, gray eye, light hair. His pension medical review 20 May 1896: "Scrvy Cold, Catarah in head, Rhumetism and an abscess in right side of abdomen."

Died 14 Feb 1920 at Fullerton, Nance, NE of cerebral apoplexy (stroke).
Buried at Bureau Cemetery (Pierce Chapel), Mead Twp, Merrick, NE

Widow married 2nd: Frances E. SATTERLEY (also a veteran - see entry) 6 Jul 1921, Fullerton, Nance, NE

Member of GAR "Live Eagle" Post 147, & Modern Woodmen. Member of Pierce Chapel, M.E. Church
Occupation: farmer, owner of implement business.
Federal pension file number: 692373
Other record sources: Extr of father's probate (1881 Cattaraugus Co. NY); Fed. Census: 1850, 1860, 1870 (NY); State Census: 1855, 1865 (NY); GAR Record #46-249; Fed Census: 1880, 1885, 1890, 1900, 1910, 1920 (NE); Obituary (with Merrick Co. News Clips); NE Death Certificate

Submitted by: Ted W. Miller <

John Albert MILLER was born 10 Oct 1842 at Voigtshagen, Treptow am Rega, Pomerania, Germany.
Son of Peter MILLER & Charlotte GAUGER Miller. (Peter Miller was born 1 Mar 1907 in Pomerania, and died 18 Mar 1888. Charlotte Gauger was born 7 Feb 1807 in Prussia and died 16 Apr 1894.)
Siblings of John A MILLER
     Herman Miller.
     Wilhelm Miller.
     Martin Miller, b: 28 Oct 1830. d: 12 Mar 1916. He bought property Kewaunee Co., WI in 1862.
     Ferdinand August Miller, b: 27 Nov 1833. d: 10 Jul 1909. Property in Kewaunee Co., WI in 1858.

John Albert Miller married Albertina Theresa Louise HOFFMAN 17 Jan 1868 at Alnapee (Algoma), WI. Albertina was born 24 Jun 1851, Pomerania, Germany. She died 15 Jun 1920 at Palmer, Merrick, NE. 

John Albert Miller and Albertina Theresa Louise Hoffman had the following children - (family photo on Merrick County, NE page):

Lizzie Miller.
- Amelia Ann Miller born 6 Mar 1869 Ahnapee (Algoma), WI. Died 23 May 1927. She married John SCHIEBE. (John born 1 Nov 1858 & died 21 Mar 1940.)
- Elizabeth Miller born 6 Oct 1870 Ahnapee (Algoma), WI. Died Nov 1957. She married William OTTE. (William born 2 Apr 1872 & died 6 Oct 1948.)
- Julius Martin Miller born 18 Sep 1871 Ahnapee (Algoma), WI. Died 1 Dec 1942 Omaha, Douglas, NE. He married Emma BRUNK. (Emma born 3 Apr 1876.)
- Suzanna A.M. Miller born 13 Nov 1874, Palmer, Merrick, NE. Died Jan 1963. She married Henry THEDE. (Henry born 24 Apr 1869 & died 18 Nov 1934.)
- Julia Ann Miller born 17 Jan 1877 Palmer, Merrick, NE. Died 31 May 1952. She married Herman RUPHOFF. (Herman born 17 Jan 1871 & died 29 Jan 1932.)
- Esther Marie Miller born 11 Nov 1878 Palmer, Merrick, NE. Died 1 Sep 1941. She married Albert PETERS. (Albert born 13 Oct 1877 & died 8 May 1954.)
- Ferdinand H. Miller born 28 Dec 1880, Palmer, Merrick, NE. Died 3 Jan 1967 in Norfolk, Madison, NE. He married Rosa BADER. (Rosa born 16 Sep 1884 & died 18 Apr 1959.)
- Amalie Minna Miller born 28 Nov 1882 Palmer, Merrick, NE. Died 28 Nov 1978. She married Oscar ERNST. (Oscar born 1 Dec 1879 - the son of Adolph Gustav Ernst & Sophie Blazer. He died 15 Jan 1939.)
- Emma Sophie Miller born 13 May 1887 Palmer, Merrick, NE. She married William KRAUSE.
- John Fredrick Miller born 26 Feb 1889 Palmer, Merrick, NE. Died 30 May 1974.
- Sarah Christine Miller born 20 Apr 1893 Palmer, Merrick, NE. She married John A. BEYER. (John born 4 Nov 1891 & died 1 Oct 1972.)
- Clara Helen Miller born 25 Dec 1894 Palmer, Merrick, NE. Died 21 Mar 1948. She married William RETZLAFF. (William born 2 Feb 1884 & died 8 May 1957.)

Military service:
John Albert Miller served as private with Company H, 1st Wisconsin Cavalry.
   Entered service 21 Oct 1861. 
   He was released from active duty Camp Randall, Madsion, WI, 1864.
Transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps, 13 June 1864.
Discharge from 187th Company 1st Battalion Veteran Reserve Corps Washington D.C. 10 Jul 1864.

Participated in engagements at
Bloomfield, MO; Chalk Bluff, AR; West Prairie, MO; Jonesboro, AR; L'Anguille Ferry, AR; Whitewater, MO; Cape Girardeau, MO; Castor River, MO; Triune, TN; Rover, TN; Middleton, TN; Shelbyville, TN; Chickamauga, GA; Anderson's Cross Roads, TN; Maysville, TN; Newmarket, TN; Mossey Creek, TN; Dandridge, TN; Fair Garden, TN; Cleveland, TN; Columbus Road, AL; Ft. Taylor (West Point) GA; Red Clay, GA; Varnell's Station, GA Burned Church, GA; Ackworth, GA; Big Shanty, GA

Incidents -
Sick at Louisville, KY 11/10/63; Murfursboro, TN 11/11/63; and Stevenson, AL 11/12/63.
Sick at Nashville, TN  5/64.
Transferred to V.R.C. 12 June 1864 Nashville, TN
Soldier discharged at his own request by reason of surgeons certificate of disability to perform duty in the V.R.C. Rheumatism, Dissentary

1873 moved to Palmer, Merrick Co., NE. Also lived in Central City, Merrick Co., NE.
Occupation: Farmer

Wisconsin State Historical Society - Microfilm "regimental Descriptive Rolls 1861-65 1st Cav Series No 31/1/29"
Wisconsin War Veterans Memorial Museum - Certificate of Service
1890 Veterans Census NE Ed359 Page 1 June 1890

Submitted by Michael and Katherine Hughes  <>


Jonathon MILLER b Apr 14, 1833, Donegal Twp, Washington County, PA.
Son of Mary SIMMONS & John MILLER
Family moved to Bureau Co, IL ca 1851.

Elisha MILLER 1829-1891 (Mary ----)
Silas MILLER 1831-1904 (Christina BROWN)
Isaac MILLER 1835-1917 (Ara RICH)
Amos MILLER 1839-1892 (Mary Delphine LITTLE)
Mary MILLER 1843-1923 (Charles M. LUCE)
Lydia MILLER 1845-1861
Lawrence MILLER 1850-?
Margaret MILLER 1852-? (Edward HARRIS)

Marriage: Sept 28, 1854, Bureau County, Illinois to Elvy Ann RICH (daughter of Rawley Rich, b VI)

Henry Clay MILLER 1855-1929 (Ada COTTERAL)
Adaline MILLER 1857-ca 1860 (Theodore BROWN)
Frank MILLER 1860-1908 (Theresa Mary HECKMAN)
Michel MILLER 1862-1924 (Mary Agnes FAGER)
Sara Emma MILLER 1866-1939 (Albert SPENCER)
Rawley MILLER 1868-1938 (Mary SCHADE)
Levi MILLER 1879- ? (Henrietta ----)

Military service:
Although Jonathon was married with children, he volunteered for service in the War of the Rebellion in Co. E of the 93rd Reg IL Volunteers, at Tiskilwa, IL on August 15, 1862. He served in the western sector and was hospitalized at Overton Hospital, Memphis, TN, soon after enlistment. Records show he was in the hospital for some months and then returned to duty where he eventually saw action under the command of General Sherman on the march to the sea. He was in the Battle of Dalton, Georgia in Feb 1864 and was with the occupation troops in Savannah . He was hospitalized again at Huntsville, Alabama. He suffered hearing loss from the concussion of artillery at Dalton. At the conclusion of the war, his unit was in the Grand Parade through Washington, D.C. They then were sent to Louisville, KY to be mustered out in July 1865 having marched 2,554 miles, traveled 2,296 miles by water, and 1,237 miles by railroad for a total of 6,087 miles.
---From Adjutant General's Report - State of Illinois, 1901.

Enrolled as Private 15 August 1862 in Co E, 93rd Illinois Volunteers.
Discharged (rank unknown) June 23, 1865, Louisville, KY.
Description at enlistment: 5 ft 5 inches, dark complexion, brown hair, blue eyes.

Pension No. 750817

Jonathon & his family came to Fillmore Co, NE in 1880, where he joined the GAR. They moved to Polk Co in 1886; took out a homestead southeast of Shelby, NE where he lived the rest of his life. He died in 1901 & is buried in Shelby Cemetery.

Name of Submitter: Jeanne Walsh <>

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