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Fifty-Second Illinois Veteran Volunteer Association

41st Reunion at Stanton, NE

18 Sept 1908
Stanton Register


     War-time occurrences and incidents, and talks telling of the strenuous encounters during the civil war, formed the basis of the forty-first reunion of the Fifty-second Illinois Veteran Volunteer Association, which took place in this city today. There was a noticeable decrease in the ranks showing that others of the old Guard have answered their last taps and the occasion therefore brought out a combination of pleasure and sorrow, pleasure because of the opportunity to talk to old comrades who fought side by side, and sorrow because some of their old battle companions were no longer among the living. The business meeting which opened the reunion took place at 10 a. m. in the city council chamber of the city hall and later adjourned to Unity hall where dinner was served at noon. Altogether the party numbered between 125 and 150 persons, but the majority of those present were sons or wives or daughters of the veterans. The total number of veterans present was about 75. The report of secretary Frank B. Perkins given at the business meeting was of particular interest. This report shows that during the past fourteen years since Mr. Perkins has held the secretaryship of the organization he had compiled a list of the volunteers in the Fifty-second regiment, numbering 547 men. This number is divided as follows. The dead, 149, those present residence in not definitely known, 129, those on roll 269. The roster has decreased by the death of a number of the members.
     The re-election of the officers of the past year was accomplished during the business meeting, the men being thus re-endorsed and chosen being as follows.
     President, W. S. Wilcox.
     Vice-President, H. C. Edwards.
     Secretary, F. B. Perkins.
     Treasurer, George M. Peck.
     Treasurer Peck's report showed that there was $14.90 in the treasury and during the morning contributions to the amount of $16.30 were received. The time of meeting next year was changed to a Wednesday in September. The date is to be decided by the officers, in order not to conflict with the general encampment. At the Unity hall a fine dinner was served by the ladies, after which "Marching through Georgia" was sung. Secretary Perkins was presented with a gold headed cane as a token of the high regard of the comrades for his efficient services.
     During the afternoon, talks were given by General J. S. Wilcox, W. R. S. Hunter of Elburn and Comrades Ehrhardt, Wheeler and Spaulding.
     The comrades present at the reunion today gave their names by companies as follows.

Company A. - H. C. Elkins, Chicago, H. Harman, Batavia, J. G. King, Chicago, H. C. Hamilton, Aurora, John F. Strohecker, Naperville.

Company B. - Lieutenant Geo. Graves, E. S. Loyd, Chicago.

Company C. - Sheridan Dixon, Edward Bauman.

Company D. - F. J. Bristol, Chicago, Henry Carl, Adel, Ia.

Company E. - E. B. Spaulding.

Company F. - John A. Ehrhardt, Stanton, Neb.

Company G. - J. C. Applebee, H. C. Brintnall, Charles N. Smith, Captain, W. H. Wilcox, William Mock, M. H. Wheeler, Delos N. Abbott, W. H. Riggs, Pullman.

Company H. - Hiram Kennedy, Agingdon, Dud Wildnick, Congress Park.

Company I. - Albert L. Lake, Hubbard, Neb, George Pranitz, Wauconda, W. H. Davenport, Elgin, George W. Hames, Terra Cotta, Anson J. Buck, Carpentersville, H. C. Edwards, Dundee, G. E. Buckley, Nunda, Jacob Brinkerhoff, John Lake.

Company K. - Megowan, Wasco, T. Silver, Elgin, William Widmayer, Hampshire, A. G. Aurand Hampshire, W. A. Patchen Elgin F. B. Perkins, Elgin, John Hains.

Company Q. - General J. S. Wilcox, Surgeon G. W. Rohr.

Company A, Cavalry - E. B. Ketchum, G. Jayness, S. Drake, S Sweeney, C.McGrath, I. Ketchum.

Members of Co. Q are in reality officers of the regiment, although in listing they are placed in a company that never existed.

[Producer's note: The punctuation is the company listings is entirely commas, and some are apparently missing. We leave the interpretation up to the viewer. Have added black lines between the company lists to make the reading easier.]

Short Horn Sale Extraordinary

     We desire to call the attention of our readers to the public sale of Registered Short-horn cattle to be held at Plainview, Nebraska, Friday, Sept. 25th at 1:00 o'clock p. m. Twenty head of these cattle are the property of the Sinnissippi Farm, Oregon, Ill. Many of them of the richest Scotch breeding. Some of the younger cattle are sired by Ceremonious Archer 171479, one of the greatest show and breeding bulls of the age. Two imported animals in the offering. All of the cows have calves at foot or are well along in calf. The balance of the cattle in the sale are coming from a well known herd at Harlan, Iowa. The (sic) are well bred useful cattle but not in high flesh. Certified copy of pedigree will be furnished with each animal sold.
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     R. W. Barclay, Auctioneer. Mason City, Iowa.

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