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FINAL Encampment for Nebraska Department, G. A. R.

Tuesday 3 May 1949 - Thursday 5 May 1949
Lincoln, Nebraska
The last veteran had died in Dec of 1948 at Beatrice, NE. (M. Bondoll)

Department of NE, G. A. R.
In process of closing the books (Mrs. Perla Smith). Department will cease to exist 1 July 1949. Records will go to state's military department and NSHS. Remaining funds will be returned to state treasury.

National G.A.R. expected to close in August at Indianapolis, IN.
(Note: The first national G.A.R. encampment was held in that place.)

Five orders of G. A. R.
Woman's Relief Corps. - 66th annual convention
Ladies of the G. A. R. - 58th annual convention
Daughters of Union Veterans - 30th annual convention
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Auxiliary of Sons of Union Veterans

The state departments of these orders customarily convened at the same time as the NE Dept., G.A.R. encampment. "Old soldiers" had requested that all five orders continue that schedule. The Woman's Relief Corps & Ladies of the G.A.R. voted to continue state wide meetings scheduled at same time.

Members of the other three orders were in Lincoln for pre-convention meetings. Those groups to make annoucements following their meetings about future plans for annual conventions.

All five orders met at St. Paul Methodist Church on Tuesday evening, 3 May for memorial service honoring all the deceased Union veterans.

In Lincoln & mentioned, were the following individuals:
Mrs. Perla Smith, secretary of NE Depart. of G. A. R.
Mrs. Katherine Rose (Fairbury, NE), president of NE Auxiliary to the G.A.R.
Eva Greene, president of Daughters of Union Veterans (D.U.V.)
Mrs. Bernice Hecht (Elkhart, IN), president of national D.U.V.
Mrs. Dorothy Houghton, past president of national D.U.V.
Mrs. Verdi Smith, of Sarah D. Gillispie Tent No. 7, D.U.V. in Lincoln
Mrs. Lenora Hoover, vice president of D.U.V., NE Depart.
Mrs. Hazel Uhl, chaplain of D.U.V., NE Depart.
Mrs. Mabel Way, of Gen. Custer Circle, Ladies of the G.A.R., Lincoln
Mrs. Edna Ray (Los Angeles, CA), national president of Ladies of the G.A.R.
Mrs. Lois Kilgore (Farragut), Woman's Relief Corps (W.R.C.)
Dr. Gilbert W. Willey, superintendent of Lincoln public schools.

Source: Extracted from "5 Allied Groups Open Conventions - Taps Sounded For the State's 'Grand Army of Republic' - No Members Alive for Last Encampment". Article published by the Lincoln Star, Tuesday 3 May 1949. (Thanks to Bill Wever for copy from NSHS Library)

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