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Veterans that lived in Nebraska at some time, irregardless of where they enlisted, where they were born or where they died may be added to this site.  The information regarding your veteran may be a brief statement or a full biography.  Please use the questionnaire below as a 'prompt' to help you compile your information then send it to the State Coordinator Thank you!


Veteran Questionnaire

Individual and family information:
Name, birth date & place for veteran.  Parents (include mother's maiden name if known). Siblings ( their spouses)

Marriage(s) date & location.  Spouse (maiden name? previously married?).  Children with birth date & location (their spouses)

Death date & place for veteran.  Burial place (cemetery name) and location.  Gravestone extract.

Military service:
Conflict in which veteran participated.  Branch of Armed Forces.  Date enrolled with location and unit.  Date discharged with location.  Military rank at enlistment & at discharge.  Battles in which participated.  Incidents (wounded, imprisoned, paroled).  Physical description (at enrollment &/or discharge, at pension review).

Locations & time line if known:
Nebraska connection: immigrated to ____ County /date (approx?).  Lived in other Nebraska counties?

Other information:
Member of church, service club, GAR, association, other?  Photo (scan & send).  Education.  Occupation.  Positions, titles.

Federal pension file number.  Military service record file number.  Other record sources consulted/quoted.

Your name with email address (snail - if you want it to appear)


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