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Native American Research

It goes without saying that doing Native American Research is difficult.  Over the long history of the settlement of this country many records were either never created or were lost in the shuffle of time.

Here are a few good sites that may help your research.  Make sure you do your homework and try to have names, dates, or tribal names on hand.  There are several query sites available but the more information you provide, the easier it is to find an answer to your query.

Nebraska, South Dakota and Kansas share some of the Sioux Nation along with many other various tribes and families. Try to know for sure which tribe and area you are researching in.

Research Links you may find helpful

        NEW!!!  Must See
            Thurston County - Peyote Cemetery Index provided by Kecia Mapp.  Kecia has
        also included details about the history of the cemetery and some of the Winnebago                    Indian burial customs
Native Web - Built by and for Native Americans with a wealth of genealogy help.  This particular link takes you to the Genealogy page, but there are others available that may be of interest.

Newspaper Clippings - The Genoa Pipe of Peace - Specialty Newspapers of Nebraska.

5 Civilized Tribes - Census report for 1898-1914

Chief Hollow Horn Bear
Sioux (Lakota) Chief Hollow Horn Bear - 1906
(Thanks to Ed Rucker for supplying this wonderful picture)
                                    Records from the 1882-1907 period
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A Special Thank You goes to my Sister - Colleen - who helped me with the research sites for this page and who has taught me much about Native American Culture and History - among other things!

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