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Our objective is to provide a place to display photos of historical interest to Nebraska researchers. Of particular interest are pictures of old buildings (churches, schools, courthouses, etc) or village squares, streets, landmarks, etc.

Disclaimer & Use Permission

NEGenWeb Project is not responsible for errors in data provided with the photographs submitted to this website. It is up to the researcher to check the validity of the identification of buildings, locations, persons, etc.

While you may download an image for your personal genealogy files or to share with a genealogical-historical organization, you may NOT include these photos in any publication sold for profit. Ownership of each photo remains with the submitter.

Guidelines for submitting photos

Please inquire FIRST about placing your photos on the appropriate county website.
Consult the list of NEGenWeb Project County names.
     Remember all the coordinators are volunteers and their skills are varied. We are willing to assist you and any coordinator that needs help, to the limit of our own equipment, programs & abilities. (All of which are subject to change without notice)
     Photographs of people belong on the Nebraska county where they lived, and should be accompanied by data that will fully identify the individuals.

Supply your full name, street & email address. Please decide what portion of your name you want to appear on the page with your submission - it will appear there with your email address in case someone wishes to contact you about the photo, it's content, or its use elsewhere.


UNKNOWNS - Please see "Ancestors Lost & Found"

The Resource Center has a special department for sharing memorabilia - especially photographs taken in Nebraska that do not have any identification beyond the photographers name, or a town specified. Please submit "unknowns" to that website.


Copyright restrictions:

1. We cannot accept photographs that were taken 1923 or later, unless you can specify they are your own - pictures taken by yourself or a member of your family.

2. If you wish to submit photos taken recently by yourself (perhaps an old building, a cemetery gate), please understand that by scanning and sending to this website you are giving NEGenWeb Project permission to post the photograph AND indicating that it is your original work which you are willing to share.

If you have a scanner, please submit a photo file by forwarding it as an attachment with email message to Ted & Carole Miller. Send as gif or jpg file.
- Put NE Photo Album in the subject line.
- Provide a caption for the photo in the body of the email (see nstructions for captions below)
- If sending more than one photo scan, attach each to separate email with suitable caption information.

Cannot scan?
- We CANNOT / WILL NOT accept originals sent by mail for scanning & posting. Keep those precious items at your home.
- As an alternative, suggest you consider having a high quality copy made at a copy center and send the copy in large envelope with cardboard insert to keep the copy FLAT. Scanners "pick up" creases, creating a blemish across the image.



Please provide the date and location, if known, and any other identifying information you consider important.  Example: "Taken at the home of Alonzo & Louise Jones near Maddox, NE on the occasion of their 50th Anniversary, 19 Jun 1920."

For photos of large groups of individuals in which you can identify most, please -
1. List the people in the picture back to front, left to right.
2. Start each row of names on a new line.
3. If an identification is uncertain, add (?) after the name.
4. If identity is unknown, use "unknown" in place of the name.

If you can identify only a few of the people, please provide the names of the knowns, with their location in the photograph.  Example - second from right in the back row is "xxx".


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