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Counties are divided into geographic areas called "townships" or "precincts". You will generally find this designation in the header of a census sheet or as an identifier in a description of place of residence. The same township name may occur in more than one county.

CITIES, TOWNS & VILLAGES are NOT on this list.

To look for those please use the links on the features page of County Unknown.


Township List

   *** A    ***
Abby Twp, Hooker County
Adams Twp, Colfax County
Adams Twp, Gage County
Addison Twp, Knox County
Ainsworth Twp, Brown County
Albany Twp, Harlan County
Alda Twp, Hall County
Alexis Twp, Butler County
Algernon Twp, Custer County
Alkali Twp, Garden County
Allen Twp, Frontier County
Allen Twp, Pierce County
Alliance Twp, Red Willow County
Allston Twp, Dundy County
Alma Twp, Harlan County
Anderson Twp, Phelps County
Anderson Twp, Thurston County
Andrews Twp, Sioux County
Ansley Twp, Custer County
Antelope Twp, Dawes County
Antelope Twp, Dawson County
Antelope Twp, Franklin County
Antelope Twp, Harlan County
Antelope Twp, Hayes County
Antelope Twp, Holt County
Antelope Twp, Kimball County
Antelope Twp, Lincoln County
Antelope Twp, Sioux County
Arapahoe Twp, Furnas County
Arcadis Twp, Valley County
Arizonia Twp, Burt County
Arlington Twp, Washington County
Armada Twp, Buffalo County
Arnold Twp, Custer County
Arthur Twp, Arthur County
Ash Grove Twp, Franklin County
Ashaby Twp, Grant County
Ashland Twp, Boone County
Ashland Twp, Saunders County
Atkinson Twp, Holt County
Ayr Twp, Adams County
   *** B    ***
Bancroft Twp, Cuming County
Barley Twp, Cherry County
Barneston Twp, Gage County
Bartlett Twp, Wheeler County
Basin Twp, Boyd County
Bassett Twp, Rock County
Battle Creek Twp, Madison County
Bayard Twp, Morrill County
Beaver Twp, Boone County
Beaver Twp, Buffalo County
Beaver Twp, Nance County
Beaver Twp, Sheridan County
Beaver City Twp, Furnas County
Beener Twp, Cuming County
Bell Creek Twp, Burt County
Belle Twp, Holt County
Belle Prairie Twp, Fillmore County
Bennett Twp, Fillmore County
Berwyn Twp, Custer County
Bethel Twp, Dawes County
Bethel Twp, Gosper County
Beverly Twp, Hitchcock County
Big Springs Twp, Deuel County
Bingham Twp, Sheridan County
Biradwood Twp, Lincoln County
Bismark Twp, Cuming County
Bismark Twp, Platte County
Blackbirad Twp, Thurston County
Blackwood Twp, Hayes County
Blackwood Twp, Hitchcock County
Blaine Twp, Adams County
Blaine Twp, Antelope County
Blaine Twp, Cuming County
Blaine Twp, Dawson County
Blaine Twp, Kearney County
Blaine Twp, Pierce County
Blaine Twp, Rock County
Blair Twp, Washington County
Blakely Twp, Gage County
Blue Creek Twp, Garden County
Blue Springs Wymore Twp, Gage County
Bohemia Twp, Knox County
Bohemia Twp, Saunders County
Bonanza Twp, Boone County
Bondville Twp, Red Willow County
Bone Creek Twp, Butler County
Bonner Twp, Morrill County
Boone Twp, Boone County
Borken Bow Twp, Custer County
Bowen Twp, Sioux County
Box Butte Twp, Box Butte County
Box Elder Twp, Lincoln County
Brace Twp, Gosper County
Braden Twp, Arthur County
Brady Island Twp, Lincoln County
Brazile Twp, Antelope County
Brenna Twp, Wayne County
Brewster Twp, Blaine County
Brinkerhoff Twp, Rock County
Bristow Twp, Boyd County
Broadwater Twp, Morrill County
Bronson Twp, Cheyenne County
Brule Twp, Keith County
Bryan Twp, Garfield County
Bryan Twp, Thurston County
Bryant Twp, Fillmore County
Buchanan Twp, Lincoln County
Buffalo Twp, Brown County
Buffalo Twp, Dawson County
Buffalo Twp, Franklin County
Buffalo Twp, Wheeler County
Bunkerhill Twp, Cheyenne County
Bunkleman Twp, Dundy County
Burnett Twp, Antelope County
Burrows Twp, Platte County
Burt Twp, Logan County
Burton Twp, Keya Paha County
Burtonsbend Twp, Furnas County
Bush Twp, Boyd County
Bushnell Twp, Kimball County
Butler Twp, Platte County
Butte Twp, Boyd County
Butterfily Twp, Stanton County
   *** C    ***
Calamus Twp, Brown County
Caldwell Twp, Wheeler County
Calf Creek Twp, Cherry County
Calvert Twp, Dundy County
Cambridge Twp, Furnas County
Cameron Twp, Hall County
Camp Clark Twp, Morrill County
Canby Twp, Chase County
Castle Rock Twp, Scotts Bluff County
Cedar Twp, Antelope County
Cedar Twp, Boone County
Cedar Twp, Buffalo County
Cedar Twp, Nance County
Center Twp, Buffalo County
Center Twp, Butler County
Center Twp, Hall County
Center Twp, Phelps County
Center Twp, Rock County
Center Twp, Saunders County
Central Twp, Knox County
Central Twp, Merrick County
Chambers Twp, Cheyenne County
Chambers Twp, Holt County
Champion Twp, Chase County
Chapin Twp, Wayne County
Chapman Twp, Merrick County
Chapman Twp, Saunders County
Chappell Twp, Deuel County
Chelsea Twp, Fillmore County
Cherry Creek Twp, Buffalo County
Chester Twp, Brown County
Chester Twp, Saunders County
Chicago Twp, Douglas County
Clark Twp, Dixon County
Clarksville Twp, Merrick County
Clarwater Twp, Frontier County
Clatonia Twp, Gage County
Clear Creek Twp, Saunders County
Clearwater Twp, Antelope County
Clearwater Twp, Wheeler County
Cleveland Twp, Cherry County
Cleveland Twp, Cuming County
Cleveland Twp, Holt County
Cleveland Twp, Knox County
Cleveland Twp, Pierce County
Cliff Twp, Custer County
Clinton Twp, Sheridan County
Clover Valley Twp, Pierce County
Cod Twp, Cherry County
Cody Lake Twp, Logan County
Coleman Twp, Holt County
Coleman-Box Elder Twp, Red Willow County
Colfax Twp, Colfax County
Collins Twp, Buffalo County
Colton Twp, Cheyenne County
Columbia Twp, Knox County
Columbus Twp, Platte County
Comstock Twp, Custer County
Concord Twp, Dixon County
Concord Twp, Hayes County
Conley Twp, Holt County
Cornell Twp, Hitchcock County
Corner Twp, Custer County
Cosmo Twp, Kearney County
Cotterell Twp, Dodge County
Cottonwood Twp, Adams County
Cottonwood Twp, Lincoln County
Cottonwood Twp, McPherson County
Cottonwood Twp, Nance County
Cottonwood Twp, Phelps County
Cottonwood Twp, Sioux County
Council Creek Twp, Nance County
Court House Rock Twp, Morrill County
Covington Twp, Dakota County
Cox Twp, Lincoln County
Coyote Twp, Dawson County
Cozad Twp, Dawson County
Crafino Twp, Frontier County
Craig Twp, Burt County
Crawford Twp, Antelope County
Creighton Twp, Knox County
Creston Twp, Platte County
Crookston Twp, Cherry County
Culbertson Twp, Hitchcock County
Cuming Twp, Cuming County
Cuming Twp, Dodge County
Cuming City Twp, Washington County
Curtis Twp, Frontier County
Custer Twp, Antelope County
Custer Twp, Custer County
Custer Twp, Keya Paha County
   *** D    ***
Daily Twp, Dixon County
Dakota Twp, Dakota County
Davis Creek Twp, Valley County
Davison Twp, Cheyenne County
Dawes Twp, Thurston County
Decatur Twp, Burt County
Deeffield Twp, Hayes County
Deer Creek Twp, Lincoln County
Delight Twp, Custer County
Deloit Twp, Holt County
Denver Twp, Adams County
DeSoto Twp, Washington County
Dewey Twp, Scotts Bluff County
Dewey Twp, Stanton County
Dickens Twp, Lincoln County
Dimick Twp, Stanton County
Divide Twp, Buffalo County
Divide Twp, Phelps County
Dix Twp, Kimball County
Dolphin Twp, Knox County
Doniphan Township Twp, Hall County
Dorp Twp, Logan County
Dorsey Twp, Box Butte County
Douglas Twp, Saunders County
Douglas Grove Twp, Custer County
Dowling Twp, Knox County
Driftwood Twp, Hitchcock County
Driftwood-Grant Twp, Red Willow County
Dry Cedar Twp, Garfield County
Dublin Twp, Boone County
Dunning Twp, Blaine County
Dussell Twp, Chase County
Dustin Twp, Holt County
   *** E    ***
Eagle Twp, Cheyenne County
Earl Twp, Frontier County
East Gorden Twp, Sheridan County
East Mirage Twp, Sheridan County
East Blooming Twp, Franklin County
East Chadron Twp, Dawes County
East Custer Twp, Custer County
East Hinman Twp, Lincoln County
East Muddy Twp, Gosper County
East Newman Twp, Nance County
East Ogallala Twp, Keith County
East Valley Twp, Red Willow County
East Winters Creek Twp, Scotts Bluff County
Eastern Twp, Knox County
Eastern Twp, Pierce County
Eastwood Twp, Morrill County
Eaton Twp, Kearney County
Eckery Twp, Perkins County
Eden Twp, Antelope County
Eden Twp, Hitchcock County
Edgar Twp, Clay County
Edison Twp, Furnas County
Edward Twp, Arthur County
Eldorado Twp, Clay County
Eldorado Twp, Harlan County
Elgin Twp, Antelope County
Eli Twp, Cherry County
Elim Twp, Custer County
Elk Twp, Saunders County
Elk Creek Twp, Custer County
Elk Creek Twp, Gosper County
Elkhorn Twp, Cuming County
Elkhorn Twp, Dodge County
Elkhorn Twp, Douglas County
Elkhorn Twp, Stanton County
Ellsworth Twp, Antelope County
Ellsworth Twp, Sheridan County
Elm Twp, Antelope County
Elm Twp, Gage County
Elm Creek Twp, Buffalo County
Elsmere Twp, Cherry County
Elwood 7-22 Twp, Gosper County
Elwood 7-23 Twp, Gosper County
Elyria Twp, Valley County
Emerick Twp, Madison County
Emerson Twp, Dakota County
Emerson Twp, Dixon County
Emerson Twp, Harlan County
Emmet Twp, Holt County
Enola Twp, Madison County
Enterprise Twp, Chase County
Enterprise Twp, Valley County
Ericson Twp, Wheeler County
Erina Twp, Garfield County
Eureka Twp, Furnas County
Eureka Twp, Valley County
Everett Twp, Burt County
Everett Twp, Dodge County
Evergreen Twp, Dawes County
Ewing Twp, Holt County
Exeter-fairmont Twp, Fillmore County
Extension Twp, Sheridan County
   *** F    ***
Fairfield Twp, Clay County
Fairfield Twp, Harlan County
Fairfield Twp, Hayes County
Fairview Twp, Dawson County
Fairview Twp, Frontier County
Fairview Twp, Holt County
Fairview Twp, Lincoln County
Fairview Twp, Madison County
Fanning Twp, Scotts Bluff County
Farmers Twp, Franklin County
Farnam Twp, Dawson County
Filley Twp, Gage County
Florence Twp, Douglas County
Flournoy Twp, Thurston County
Fontanells Twp, Washington County
Ford Twp, Scotts Bluff County
Ford Twp, Scotts Bluff County
Fort Calhoun Twp, Washington County
Foster Twp, Pierce County
Fox Creek Twp, Lincoln County
Francis Twp, Holt County
Francis Twp, Wheeler County
Frankfort Twp, Knox County
Frankklin Twp, Butler County
Franklin Twp, Fillmore County
Franklin Twp, Franklin County
Fredom Twp, Hitchcock County
Frenchtown Twp, Antelope County
Fritsch Twp, Red Willow County
Fullerton Twp, Nance County
Funston Twp, Scotts Bluff County
   *** G    ***
Galena Twp, Dixon County
Gandy Twp, Logan County
Gardner Twp, Buffalo County
Garfield Twp, Antelope County
Garfield Twp, Brown County
Garfield Twp, Buffalo County
Garfield Twp, Cuming County
Garfield Twp, Custer County
Garfield Twp, Frontier County
Garfield Twp, Keya Paha County
Garfield Twp, Lincoln County
Garfield Twp, Phelps County
Gaslin Twp, Lincoln County
Geneva Twp, Fillmore County
Genoa Twp, Nance County
Georgia Twp, Cherry County
Geranium Twp, Valley County
Gering Twp, Scotts Bluff County
German Twp, Cherry County
German Twp, Dawson County
German Twp, Wheeler County
Germanville Twp, Hayes County
Gerver-Danbury Twp, Red Willow County
Gibbon Twp, Buffalo County
Gilchrist Twp, Morrill County
Gillan Twp, Dawson County
Gillaspie Twp, Cherry County
Glengary Twp, Fillmore County
Glenvil Twp, Clay County
Glenwood Twp, Gage County
Glenwood Twp, Richardson County
Golden Twp, Holt County
Good Streak Twp, Morrill County
Goose Creek Twp, Cherry County
Gothenburg Twp, Dawson County
Government Twp, Hayes County
Grace Twp, Perkins County
Grace Twp, Rock County
Grafton Twp, Fillmore County
Grand Prairie Twp, Platte County
Grant Twp, Antelope County
Grant Twp, Buffalo County
Grant Twp, Colfax County
Grant Twp, Cuming County
Grant Twp, Custer County
Grant Twp, Dawson County
Grant Twp, Franklin County
Grant Twp, Frontier County
Grant Twp, Gage County
Grant Twp, Hitchcock County
Grant Twp, Kearney County
Granville Twp, Platte County
Grattan Twp, Holt County
Greeley Twp, Greeley County
Green Twp, Saunders County
Green Garden Twp, Madison County
Green Valley Twp, Holt County
Grove Twp, Madison County
Gurley Twp, Cheyenne County
   *** H    ***
Haigler Twp, Dundy County
Hall Twp, Lincoln County
Hall Twp, McPherson County
Hamiltown Twp, Fillmore County
Hamlet Twp, Hayes County
Hancock Twp, Wayne County
Hanover Twp, Adams County
Hanover Twp, Gage County
Harlan Twp, Cuming County [*Wismer??]
Harrison Twp, Buffalo County
Harrison Twp, Dundy County
Harrison Twp, Frontier County
Harrison Twp, Gosper County
Harrison Twp, Hall County
Harrison Twp, Hayes County
Harrison Twp, Knox County
Harrison Twp, Lincoln County
Harrison Twp, Rock County
Harvard Twp, Clay County
Hat Creek Twp, Sioux County
Hawley Twp, Blaine County
Hay Springs Twp, Sheridan County
Hayes Twp, Custer County
Hayes Twp, Kearney County
Hayes Center Twp, Hayes County
Haymow Twp, Stanton County
Haynes Twp, Morrill County
Herman Twp, Washington County
Herrick Twp, Knox County
Hershey Twp, Lincoln County
High Ridge Twp, Hayes County
Highland Twp, Adams County
Highland Twp, Gage County
Highland Twp, Garfield County
Highland Twp, Gosper County
Highland Twp, Hayes County
Highland Twp, Madison County
Highland Twp, Perkins County
Highland Twp, Scotts Bluff County
Highland Twp, Sioux County
Hill Twp, Knox County
Hillside Twp, Dawson County
Hinman Twp, Lincoln County
Holmes Twp, Dawson County
Holt Twp, Gage County
Holt-Creek Twp, Holt County
Hooker Twp, Dixon County
Hooker Twp, Gage County
Hooper Twp, Dodge County
Hoover Twp, Dundy County
Hopewell Twp, Hayes County
Horrell Twp, Frontier County
Hoskins Twp, Wayne County
Howell Twp, Lincoln County
Hubbard Twp, Dakota County
Humphrey Twp, Platte County
Hunter Twp, Wayne County
Huntsman Twp, Cheyenne County
Hyannis Twp, Grant County
   *** I    ***
Imperial Twp, Chase County
Independent Twp, Valley County
Indian Creek Twp, Dundy County
Indianola Twp, Red Willow County
Industry-Rock Falls Twp, Phelps County
Inland Twp, Clay County
Inman Twp, Holt County
Iowa Twp, Holt County
Irwin Twp, Cherry County
Island Grove Twp, Gage County
   *** J    ***
Jackson Twp, Hall County
Jefferson Twp, Douglas County
Jefferson Twp, Knox County
Jefferson Twp, Madison County
Jeffrey Twp, Lincoln County
Johnson Twp, Kimball County
Johnstown Twp, Brown County
Joliet Twp, Platte County
Josie Twp, Holt County
Juanita Twp, Adams County
   *** K    ***
Kalamazoo Twp, Madison County
Kem Twp, Lincoln County
Kenesaw Twp, Adams County
Kennebec Twp, Dawson County
Kennedy Twp, Cherry County
Kent Twp, Loup County
Kewanee Twp, Cherry County
Keya Paha-Simpson Twp, Keya Paha County
Kilfoil Twp, Custer County
Kincaid Twp, Garden County
Kincaid Twp, Sheridan County
King Twp, Cherry County
King Twp, Morrill County
Kingsburg Twp, Stanton County
Kinkaid Twp, Garfield County
Kinkaid Twp, Rock County
Kiowa Twp, Scotts Bluff County
Kirkwood Twp, Rock County
Knowles Twp, Frontier County
   *** L    ***
Lackey Twp, Cherry County
Laird Twp, Frontier County
Laird Twp, Phelps County
Lake Twp, Box Butte County
Lake Twp, Holt County
Lake Twp, Phelps County
Lake Township Twp, Hall County
Lakeland Twp, Brown County
Lakeside Twp, Sheridan County
Lamar Twp, Chase County
Lavaca Twp, Cherry County
Lawn Twp, Box Butte County
Laws Twp, Frontier County
Lay Twp, Rock County
Leanard Craig Twp, Dawes County
Leicestaer Twp, Clay County
Lemley Twp, McPherson County
Lemon Twp, Lincoln County
Lena Twp, Arthur County
Leshara Twp, Saunders County
Leslie Twp, Wayne County
Lewis Twp, Clay County
Lexington Twp, Dawson County
Liberty Twp, Fillmore County
Liberty Twp, Gage County
Liberty Twp, Kearney County
Liberty Twp, Valley County
Libety Twp, Perkins County
Lillian Twp, Custer County
Lincloln Twp, Kearney County
Lincloln Twp, Knox County
Lincoln Twp, Antelope County
Lincoln Twp, Colfax County
Lincoln Twp, Cuming County
Lincoln Twp, Dawson County
Lincoln Twp, Franklin County
Lincoln Twp, Frontier County
Lincoln Twp, Furnas County
Lincoln Twp, Gage County
Lincoln Twp, Gosper County
Linwood Twp, Butler County
Lisbon Twp, Perkins County
Lisco Twp, Garden County
Little Blue Twp, Adams County
Little Rock Twp, Loup County
Lodgepole Twp, Cheyenne County
Logan Twp, Adams County
Logan Twp, Antelope County
Logan Twp, Buffalo County
Logan Twp, Burt County
Logan Twp, Chase County
Logan Twp, Clay County
Logan Twp, Cuming County
Logan Twp, Dawson County
Logan Twp, Dixon County
Logan Twp, Dodge County
Logan Twp, Franklin County
Logan Twp, Frontier County
Logan Twp, Furnas County
Logan Twp, Gage County
Logan Twp, Hitchcock County
Logan Twp, Kearney County
Logan Twp, Keith County
Logan Twp, Knox County
Logan Twp, Logan County
Logan Twp, Pierce County
Logan Twp, Wayne County
Logan Twp, Wheeler County
Lone Tree Twp, Clay County
Lone Tree Twp, Merrick County
Lone Valley Twp, Logan County
Lonegan Twp, Keith County
Long Pine Twp, Rock County
Lorenzo Twp, Cheyenne County
Lost Creek Twp, Garden County
Lost Creek Twp, Platte County
Loup Twp, Buffalo County
Loup Twp, Cherry County
Loup Twp, Custer County
Loup Twp, Merrick County
Loup Twp, Platte County
Loup Ferry Twp, Nance County
Lowell Twp, Kearney County
Lowell Twp, Sioux County
Lutz Twp, Dundy County
Lynch Twp, Boyd County
Lynden Twp, Furnas County
Lynn Twp, Clay County
   *** M    ***
Macedonia Twp, Chase County
Macon Twp, Franklin County
Madison Twp, Fillmore County
Madison Twp, Madison County
Madison Square Twp, Loup County
Madrid Twp, Perkins County
Manchester Twp, Boone County
Mantrose Twp, Sioux County
Maple Twp, Dodge County
Maple Creek Twp, Colfax County
Maple Creek Twp, Furnas County
Maple Creek Twp, Stanton County
Marble Twp, Saunders County
Marietta Twp, Saunders County
Marion Twp, Franklin County
Mariposa Twp, Saunders County
Marshall Twp, Clay County
Martin Twp, Hall County
Marvin Twp, Perkins County
Max Twp, Dundy County
Maxwell Twp, Lincoln County
May Twp, Kearney County
Mayfield Twp, Hall County
McArdle Twp, Douglas County
McClure Twp, Holt County
McCulley Twp, Boyd County
Mead Twp, Merrick County
Meado Grove Twp, Madison County
Medicine Twp, Lincoln County
Merriman Twp, Cherry County
Merry Twp, Thurston County
Michigan Twp, Valley County
Midland Twp, Boone County
Midland Twp, Colfax County
Midland Twp, Gage County
Midland Twp, Merrick County
Midville Twp, Garfield County
Milan Twp, Sheridan County
Milburn Twp, Custer County
Miller Twp, Knox County
Miller Twp, Lincoln County
Mills Twp, Keya Paha County
Mills Twp, Pierce County
Minnetonka Twp, Sheridan County
Mirage Twp, Kearney County
Missouri-Beaver Ridge Twp, Red Willow County
Mitchell Twp, Scotts Bluff County
Momence Twp, Fillmore County
Monroe Twp, Platte County
Monterey Twp, Cuming County
Moon Lake Twp, Brown County
Moorefiled Twp, Frontier County
Morse Bluff Twp, Saunders County
Morten Twp, Boyd County
Morton Twp, Knox County
Mother Lake Twp, Cherry County
Mud Creek
Muddy Twp, Dundy County
Muddy Twp, Frontier County
Mullally Twp, Harlan County
Mullen Twp, Boyd County
Mullen Twp, Hooker County
Myrtle Twp, Custer County
Myrtle Twp, Lincoln County
   *** N    ***
Natick Twp, Thomas County
Neligh Twp, Antelope County
Neligh Twp, Cuming County
Nemaha Twp, Gage County
Nenzel Twp, Cherry County
New Era Twp, Furnas County
Newcastle Twp, Dixon County
Newman Twp, Saunders County
Newport Twp, Rock County
Newwark Twp, Kearney County
Nickerson Twp, Dodge County
Niobrara Twp, Knox County
Noble Twp, Valley County
Nonpareil Twp, Box Butte County
Norden-McQuire Twp, Keya Paha County
Norfolk Twp, Madison County
North Branch Twp, Boone County
North Cedar Twp, Saunders County
North Crawford Twp, Dawes County
North Deer Park Twp, Madison County
North Dry Creek Twp, Pierce County
North Frankfort Twp, Knox County
North Franklin Twp, Franklin County
North Loup Twp, Valley County
North Rosedale Twp, Lincoln County
North Star Twp, Frontier County
North Valley Twp, Red Willow County
Number 1 Twp, Washington County[*??]
Number 2 Twp, Washington County[*??]
Number 5 Twp, Washington County[*??]
Number 6 Twp, Washington County[*??]
Number 7 Twp, Washington County[*??]
   *** O    ***
Oak Creek Twp, Butler County
Oak Creek Twp, Saunders County
Oak Grove Twp, Franklin County
Oakdale Twp, Antelope County
Oakland Twp, Boone County
Oakland Twp, Burt County
Oconee Twp, Platte County
Odessa Twp, Buffalo County
Olive Twp, Butler County
Omadi Twp, Dakota County
Omaha Twp, Thurston County
Oneida Twp, Kearney County
Orange Twp, Dawes County
Ord Twp, Antelope County
Ord Twp, Valley County
Ordville Twp, Cheyenne County
Orleans Twp, Harlan County
Osborn Twp, Frontier County
Osgood Twp, Lincoln County
Otter Creek Twp, Dixon County
Ough Twp, Dundy County
Overton Twp, Dawson County
Oxford Twp, Furnas County
   *** P    ***
Paddock Twp, Gage County
Paddock Twp, Holt County
Palisade Twp, Hitchcock County
Pan-Handle Twp, Sioux County
Park Twp, Garden County
Parks Twp, Dundy County
Pawaukee Twp, Rock County
Paxton Twp, Keith County
Payne Twp, Lincoln County
Pearl Twp, Chase County
Pebble Twp, Dodge County
Peckham Twp, Lincoln County
Pender Twp, Thurston County
Peoria Twp, Knox County
Perry Twp, Red Willow County
Perry Twp, Thurston County
Pershing Twp, Burt County
Pierce Twp, Pierce County
Pigeon Creek Twp, Dakota County
Pilger Twp, Stanton County
Pine Twp, Brown County
Pine Creek Twp, Sheridan County
Pine Glen Twp, Brown County
Pioneer Twp, Chase County
Pioneer Twp, Garden County
Plant Twp, Lincoln County
Platte Twp, Buffalo County
Platte Twp, Butler County
Platte Twp, Dawson County
Platte Twp, Dodge County
Pleasant Hill Twp, Cherry County
Pleasant Hill Twp, Hitchcock County
Pleasant Valley Twp, Dodge County
Pleasant View Twp, Hitchcock County
Pleasant Views Twp, Holt County
Plum Creek Twp, Wayne County
Plum Creek Twp, Boone County
Plum Creek Twp, Butler County
Plum Creek Twp, Frontier County
Plum Grove Twp, Pierce County
Pohocco Twp, Saunders County
Ponca Twp, Dixon County
Potter Twp, Cheyenne County
Prairie Twp, Phelps County
Prairie Creek Twp, Hall County
Prairie Creek Twp, Merrick County
Prairie Creek Twp, Nance County
Prairie Dog Twp, Harlan County
Prairie Island Twp, Merrick County
Precinct 1 Twp, Cedar County
Precinct 10 Twp, Cedar County
Precinct 11 Twp, Cedar County
Precinct 12 Twp, Cedar County
Precinct 13 Twp, Cedar County
Precinct 14 Twp, Cedar County
Precinct 15 Twp, Cedar County
Precinct 16 Twp, Cedar County
Precinct 17 Twp, Cedar County
Precinct 18 Twp, Cedar County
Precinct 19 Twp, Cedar County
Precinct 2 Twp, Cedar County
Precinct 20 Twp, Cedar County
Precinct 21 Twp, Cedar County
Precinct 3 Twp, Cedar County
Precinct 4 Twp, Cedar County
Precinct 5 Twp, Cedar County
Precinct 6 Twp, Cedar County
Precinct 7 Twp, Cedar County
Precinct 8 Twp, Cedar County
Precinct 9 Twp, Cedar County
Purdum Twp, Blaine County
   *** Q    ***
Quinnebaugh Twp, Burt County
   *** R    ***
Ramshorn Twp, Stanton County
Raymond Twp, Knox County
Read Twp, Butler County
Reading Twp, Butler County
Red Willow Twp, Red Willow County
Redington Twp, Morrill County
Reilly Hill Twp, Morrill County
Reno Twp, Sheridan County
Repulbican City Twp, Harlan County
Reuben Twp, Harlan County
Richardson Twp, Butler County
Richland Twp, Colfax County
Richland Twp, Saunders County
Richmond Twp, Furnas County
Ridgeley Twp, Dodge County
Ridnour Twp, Hitchcock County
Ringgold Twp, Dawson County
Riverdale Twp, Buffalo County
Riverside Twp, Burt County
Riverside Twp, Gage County
Riverside Twp, Hitchcock County
Rock Creek Twp, Saunders County
Rock Falls Twp, Holt County
Rockford Twp, Gage County
Rockford Twp, Garfield County
Rockton Twp, Furnas County
Rogers Twp, Colfax County
Roosevelt Twp, Garfield County
Roosevelt Twp, Sioux County
Rosedale Twp, Lincoln County
Roseland Twp, Adams County
Roselma Twp, Boone County
Ross Twp, Gosper County
Roubadeau Twp, Scotts Bluff County
Royal Twp, Antelope County
Running Water Twp, Sioux County
Rusco Twp, Buffalo County
Rush Creek Twp, Garden County
Rushville Twp, Sheridan County
Russell Twp, Cherry County
Russell Twp, Frontier County
Ryno Twp, Custer County
   *** S    ***
Salem Twp, Franklin County
Sand Creek Twp, Holt County
Santee Twp, Knox County
Sappa Twp, Harlan County
Saratoga Twp, Holt County
Sargent Twp, Custer County
Sartoria Twp, Buffalo County
Savannah Twp, Butler County
Sawyer Twp, Loup County
Sawyer Twp, Perkins County
Scandinavia Twp, Harlan County
Schell Creek Twp, Madison County
Schneider Twp, Buffalo County
School Creek Twp, Clay County
Schoolcraft Twp, Madison County
Schuyler Twp, Colfax County
Scotia Twp, Greeley County
Scott Twp, Buffalo County
Scott Twp, Holt County
Selden Twp, Rock County
Sellers Twp, Lincoln County
Seneca Twp, Thomas County
Shamrock Twp, Holt County
Sharon Twp, Buffalo County
Sheep Creek Twp, Sioux County
Shell Creek Twp, Boone County
Shell Creek Twp, Colfax County
Shell Creek Twp, Platte County
Shelton Twp, Buffalo County
Sheridan Twp, Clay County
Sheridan Twp, Frontier County
Sheridan Twp, Holt County
Sheridan Twp, Phelps County
Sherman Twp, Antelope County
Sherman Twp, Cuming County
Sherman Twp, Frontier County
Sherman Twp, Furnas County
Sherman Twp, Gage County
Sherman Twp, Kearney County
Sherman Twp, Platte County
Sherman Twp, Wayne County
Shields Twp, Holt County
Sicily Twp, Gage County
Sidney Rural Twp, Cheyenne County
Silver Creek Twp, Burt County
Silver Creek Twp, Dixon County
Silver Creek Twp, Merrick County
Silver Lake Twp, Adams County
Skull Creek Twp, Butler County
Slough Twp, Pierce County
Smith Twp, Brown County
Snake Creek Twp, Sioux County
Somerset Twp, Lincoln County
South Branch Twp, Nance County
South Branch Twp, Pierce County
South Cedar Twp, Saunders County
South Crawford Twp, Dawes County
South Deer Park Twp, Madison County
South Divide Twp, Kimball County
South Dry Creek Twp, Pierce County
South Loup Twp, Hall County
South Platte Twp, Hall County
Spade Twp, Knox County
Spalding Twp, Greeley County
Sparks Twp, Cherry County
Sparta Twp, Knox County
Spencer Twp, Boyd County
Spotted Horse Twp, Arthur County
Spotted Tail Twp, Sioux County
Spring Branch Twp, Stanton County
Spring Green Twp, Furnas County
Spring Grove Twp, Harlan County
Spring Ranch Twp, Clay County
Springbank Twp, Dixon County
Springdale Twp, Lincoln County
Springdale Twp, Valley County
Sprint Creek Twp, Custer County
St Bernard Twp, Platte County
St Charles Twp, Cuming County
St Johns Twp, Dakota County
Stanton Twp, Antelope County
Stanton Twp, Colfax County
Stanton Twp, Fillmore County
Stanton Twp, Stanton County
Stapleton Twp, Logan County
Starkey Twp, Hitchcock County
Steel Creek Twp, Holt County
Stocking Twp, Saunders County
Stockville Twp, Frontier County
Storm Lake Twp, Morrill County
Strahan Twp, Wayne County
Stratton Twp, Hitchcock County
Strohl Twp, Loup County
Stuart Twp, Holt County
Sugar Loaf Twp, Sioux County
Sughrue Twp, Garden County
Summit Twp, Burt County
Summit Twp, Butler County
Summit Twp, Dakota County
Sunshine Twp, Lincoln County
Sutherland Twp, Lincoln County
Sutton Twp, Clay County
Swan Twp, Deuel County
Swan Twp, Holt County
Swan Lake Twp, Hayes County
   *** T    ***
Table Twp, Cherry County
Table Twp, Dawes County
Table Twp, Lincoln County
Tabor Twp, Scotts Bluff County
Taylor Twp, Loup County
Thayer Twp, Dundy County
Thayer Twp, Thurston County
Thedford Twp, Thomas County
Thompson Twp, Pierce County
Thornburg Twp, Hayes County
Thornton Twp, Buffalo County
Thune Twp, Arthur County
Thurman Twp, Rock County
Timber Creek Twp, Nance County
Townsend Twp, Sioux County
Trenton Twp, Hitchcock County
Triumph Twp, Custer County
Trognitz Twp, Cheyenne County
Tryon Twp, McPherson County
Turkey Creek Twp, Franklin County
Turkey Creek Twp, Gosper County
Turkey Creek Twp, Harlan County
   *** U    ***
Ulysses Twp, Butler County
Union Twp, Butler County
Union Twp, Dodge County
Union Twp, Douglas County
Union Twp, Dundy County
Union Twp, Furnas County
Union Twp, Gosper County
Union Twp, Hitchcock County
Union Twp, Kimball County
Union Twp, Knox County
Union Twp, Madison County
Union Twp, Phelps County
Union Twp, Saunders County
Union Creek Twp, Stanton County
Union Kinkaid Twp, Morrill County
Union Valley Twp, Cheyenne County
Unorganized Territory Twp, Sheridan County
Unorganized Territory Twp, Dundy County
Upper Driftwood Twp, Hitchcock County
   *** V    ***
Valentine Twp, Cherry County
Valley Twp, Brown County
Valley Twp, Buffalo County
Valley Twp, Chase County
Valley Twp, Garden County
Valley Twp, Hayes County
Valley Twp, Hooker County
Valley Twp, Knox County
Valley Twp, Madison County
Valley Twp, Perkins County
Valley Grange Twp, Red Willow County
Verdigre Twp, Knox County
Verdigris Twp, Antelope County
Verdigris Twp, Holt County
Verona Twp, Adams County
Victoria Twp, Custer County
Vieregg Twp, Merrick County
Vincent Twp, Furnas County
Vinton Twp, Valley County
Vroman Twp, Lincoln County
   *** W    ***
Wahoo Twp, Saunders County
Wakefield Twp, Dixon County
Walker Twp, Lincoln County
Walker Twp, Platte County
Wallace Twp, Lincoln County
Walnut Twp, Holt County
Walnut Twp, Richardson County
Walnut Grove Twp, Knox County
Wanda Twp, Adams County
War Bonnet Twp, Sioux County
Ware Twp, Boyd County
Warnerville Twp, Madison County
Washington Twp, Franklin County
Washington Twp, Hall County
Washington Twp, Harlan County
Washington Twp, Knox County
Wauneta Twp, Chase County
Wayne Twp, Custer County
Wayside Twp, Dawes County
Weaaver Twp, Furnas County
Weaver Twp, Frontier County
Webster Twp, Dodge County
Webster Twp, Hitchcock County
Weir-Lisco Twp, Morrill County
Well Twp, Lincoln County
Wells Twp, Cherry County
Wertzel Twp, Boone County
West Gordon Twp, Sheridan County
West Mirage Twp, Sheridan County
West Blue Twp, Adams County
West Blue Twp, Fillmore County
West Chadron Twp, Dawes County
West Newman Twp, Nance County
West Ogallala Twp, Keith County
West Union Twp, Custer County
West Winter Creek Twp, Scotts Bluff County
Western Twp, Knox County
Westerville Twp, Custer County
Westmark Twp, Phelps County
Westside Twp, Phelps County
Whistle Creek Twp, Sioux County
White River Twp, Sioux County
Whitetail Twp, Keith County
Whitewater Twp, McPherson County
Whitman Twp, Grant County
Whitney Twp, Dawes County
Whittier Twp, Lincoln County
Williamsbury Twp, Phelps County
Willow Twp, Antelope County
Willow Twp, Lincoln County
Willow Creek Twp, Pierce County
Willow Grove Twp, Red Willow County
Willow Island Twp, Dawson County
Willow Springs Twp, Garfield County
Willowdale Twp, Holt County
Wilson Twp, Brown County
Wilson Twp, Colfax County
Wilsonville Twp, Furnas County
Winnebago Twp, Thurston County
Wisner Twp, Cuming County
Wolback Twp, Greeley County
Wood Lake Twp, Cherry County
Wood River Twp, Custer County
Wood River Twp, Dawson County
Wood River Twp, Hall County
Woodson Twp, Perkins County
Woodville Twp, Platte County
Worden Twp, McPherson County
Wounded Knee Twp, Sheridan County
Wright Twp, Box Butte County
Wyoming Twp, Holt County
   *** Y    ***
Yale Twp, Valley County
Yankee Twp, Perkins County
Yockey Twp, Morrill County
   *** Z    ***
Zero Twp, Adams County
Zimmer Twp, Frontier County


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