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From RootsWeb Review: Vol. 6, No. 30, 23 July 2003. - "Putting Your Ancestors in Their Places" By Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CG (Article encourages the elimination of abbreviations in place names.)

"The general rule about recording localities (places) is to start from the smallest and go to largest: village/town, then county/parish, then province/state, and finally the country. If you know only the town or city in which a genealogical event occurred, consult a gazetteer to find the name of the county, parish, province, etc. that it is in.

When you know the U.S. town, but not the county, type in the name of town and state here:

Put the U.S. county's name and leave the state's name blank and you will get a list of the states with a county by that name.

Can't figure out some country or regional abbreviations? Check here:

Lost in the British Isles? Here is its country and county codes:

Looking for Maps, Gazetteers & Geographical Information?

Stumbled over an abbreviation you can't find the answer to? Check "Abbreviations Found in Genealogy" here:

See also Dictionaries & Glossaries on Cyndi's List:

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