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Nebraskans in Kansas - 1918

Did any of your ancestors move from Kansas to Nebraska? In January 1918 thru June 1918, all unnaturalized males, age 14 and over, who were still subject to the German Empire , Alsace-Lorraine in France and Schleswig-Holstein in Denmark were required to register with the Department of Justice. In May of 1918, the regulation was amended to include all females, fourteen and over.

All states were required to do this registration but the records were later destroyed.

Kansas has the only known existing file of these registrations, but it lists Kansas residents only. If you have an ancestor who lived in Kansas during January through June of 1918, and he/she was not a naturalized American, they MAY BE listed.

The information contained in these registrations is wonderful -- names, parents, children, spouses, places lived, work, and even a photo of the registree.

I have an index of the registrations and would be happy to look up your ancestor. If he/she is listed, I can then tell you how to obtain a copy of the registration.

Please put AXIS ALIENS in the subject line. If you are one of the lucky ones, you will be thrilled with the information.

Hugs from Omaha, NE

Jean J. Boicourt, <>
20 July 1999


Sure, you can link me up. Remember, I just have the index, if ancestors are found, they will have to write to KANSAS STATISTICAL PUBLICATIONS who will then personally go to the National Archives in KC to copy the file.

I don't want anyone thinking that I have all 8,569 names sitting here on my desktop (grin).

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