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1860 Nebraska Territorial Census Record

If you can't find your ancestors in the extracts, check with the historical society in the county where they lived. Many groups have extracts done by people familiar with local names. Those extracts will be "more accurate" about who lived there, although you may have difficulty recognizing the same information as it actually appears on a census sheet!

Gold Hill Settlement
     Dwelling #430, Family # 275 -
     surname: FAWER

It should read Gilbert and Elizabeth TOWER.
I know the original is difficult to read. These are my great-great grandparents.
Shawn Whitney <>

Cass Co. Three Grove PO
     page 69, dwelling 612, family 471
     SPRATTIN - should be SPRATLIN


Note: my great great grandmother was Martha Spratlin PELL (you can find her as the wife of Richard Pell on p. 68 Three Grove P.O.) Judy

Dixon County, Ponca Pct
     Family #300
    HENNESSEN, Mary, 35 ... Kerry Co. Ireland etc.

The surname should be HANNIFEN. Mary Hannifen was the sister-in-law of my g-g-grandmother Elizabeth Scollard (Family #301 on same page).
Sharon Francese <>

Sarpy County, Bellvue

Dwelling. #197  Fam. 172  

Luker, Henry 35       farmer    Switzerland
           Adeline 29
           Henry    3
           Gideon 9/12   

Surname should be ZURKER

Marie Anhorn Cano
< >

Jan 2009

1882, Andreas "History of Nebraska"

CANE, Martin on

Surname should be CAIN.
Pat Cain <>

1890 NE State Gazetteer

Burt County - Farmer's List
Halbert, Chas

It should be Charles HULBERT, my g-grdfather.
Pat Malcor <> 22 Mar 2003

Nance County - Farmers list
surname as VOSBERG

Should be VOSBURGH - for Martin Junius & Wilson Deree.
Jeannine <> 14 Apr 1999

1893 Nebraska Veterans Census (by Lynn Waterman)

In the 1893 census of vets there is a listing for a 'Bonnean' no first name given, living in Takamah, having served in the Civil War from NY.

This would most likely be Edmond Bonneau, who did serve in a NY regt. in the Civil War and lived in Tekamah at the time. He married my great-aunt Theda Miller.
Harley L. Miller <>

In the 1893 vets census listing for my g-grandfather: "Broden, Orramas P. Private E, 42 and 190 Inf Ewing Pennsylvania" ...

It should read Borden, Orsamus.... etc.
Donald W. Borden <>

H320 Hetaick ...................... Wahoo ......PA

Should be John Hetrick. He served in the 84th PA from Blair Co. PA, & arrived in Wahoo shortly afterward. I am a direct descendant, and have his pension file. John is missing from most unit Rosters, as he spent a lot of time in the hospitals.
Terri Walker <> 30 Mar 2001

Census Files


Platte County, Burrows Twp - ED 156, Sheet 8A Line 28, Dwelling #125

Should be MOSTEK for the last name for Mike & Mary. I have been researching Mostek, and have this census page.
Sue Alberts

Platte County, Lost Creek Twp - p09b D161 F163 AALERS, John 48 May 1852 Aust Poland
etc. (large family)

Comparison of given names and birthdates, the surname should be GALUS.
Marge Sandlier <>

County Marriages

Burt Co. Marriage Book 8
Reifschneider, Marvin S. (groom) Nelson,
       Evy C. (bride)

1932 - Given name mis-spelled. Should be -
Ivy C. Nelson married Marvin S. Reifschneider
Joan R. Jones <>

Howard Co. Marriage Book 2 - p137
C450 Calona, Frank .................. F530 Fanta, Josie

Should be Frank CALOUD getting married to Josie FANTA.
Kristi B Lam

Merrick Co. Marriage Book C - p 196 #1091
McLillan, J.A. ...

should read McLellan.
Beth McLellan <>

Nance Co. Marriage Book 3, p254 - 20 Mar 1907 Genoa, Nance, NE
Groom: Willard, Duey J. 26 bp: Iowa res: Valley Co., NE ...

Should be my maternal grandfather's brother; Suey Ingersol Willard.
Troy Upshaw <>

Honor List of WW II, Deceased

Notes have been added to file pages giving details as available.


If book is NOT archived - have added footnotes to the pages.


SÖDERLAND - Nance County
25 March 1999
In your 1880 Federal census of Nance county, NE on page 4 you have a question mark after Scutterlans, Agst, Anna and John. I was looking again for my ancestor George Young, and noticed the question marks etc. My husband is a Swede and he and I and our kids lived 30 years in Sweden. I asked him about Scutterlans, and we and the kids agreed that something is wrong. Agst could be August. Now tonight I was going down the 1890 Federal census and on page 12a there is an Anna Sudderland whose age fits plus a G Sudderland. Maybe this could help you.
Barbara Quist

25 Mar 1999
I would be more than pleased to have my e-mail filed for perhaps some help to someone. We have looked at these names again (and I quite understand the necessity for consistency in working with the census), and my husband and I would guess that the "real" name is Söderlund. I was just thinking of some poor soul starting in Sweden and coming here to look. I realize the foreign names were changed arbitrarily by immigration officers etc. This suggestion can be tacked onto the first.
Barbara Quist <>

The above deals with a name probably mis-spelled through mis-understanding.
Other difficulties with the Swedes are the result of deliberate changes of surname by the individuals.
Most seem to have changed their name when had identity problems - too many others living in same area had the same name!
You may have to pursue information about two people with the same name, until you can prove they are not the same person.

JACOBSON - Washington County
There was an Ola Jacobson living in Washington County in 1880 census. "Our" Ola Jacobson claimed in 1900 census that he immigrated in 1882.
     Thanks to Clare Mares (Dodge Co, ENGS), we were able to determine that the "other" Ola Jacobson had married, moved to an adjacent county & died there. "Our Ola" should have been JENSON according to Swedish records - have no idea why he changed his surname.


PERSON - LUND - Platte County
Frithiof Hilding PERSON was twin of Hildeborg LUND - both born Sweden and later residents of Platte County. Their parents were Pehr Svenson and Anna Palsdotter. Hildeborg married Charles LUND, whose surname in Sweden was LARSON.
     Frithiof immigrated as PERSSON, later shortened name to PERSON; his sister immigrated as PIERSDOTTER. Note: Both had immigrated to "Amerika" with parents in 1880, family returned to Sweden about 1894. Location after first immigration is not known, may have been in Great Lakes area. Older sister Agda stayed in USA; took housekeeper's job in Brooklyn, NY, married Andrew ANDERSON. Entire Anderson family presumed to have died when a ferry sank in NY harbor - according to family lore. NO - I don't want to know how many Andersons lived in NY City during 1900 census, it might be discouraging! Carole Miller <>


Please feel free to send your corrections and additions. Do NOT expect corrections to be made to the extractions already published. We can not / will not "fix" by giving a full name for person using only initials on a census sheet, changing a birthplace stated, etc. We won't correct an age as given on a marriage record or add the mother's maiden name that was omitted. Extract is based on what appears in the original record.

Additions & corrections will be noted here. Someday, we'll add notes about all the names we KNOW are mis-spelled. Why, oh why are we doing this? - genealogy nuts! We're so accustomed to looking at originals and trying to find our own that it's just part of the usual. We expect you to be doing the same thing. Practice now - when we retire, YOU can volunteer to keep this going!

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