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Nebraska State Gazetteer,
Business Directory and Farmers List
for 1890-1891


Business (town) listings


 Barbor  Brunswick  Clear Springs  Clearwater  Elgin  Frenchtown  Glenalpine  Jessup

Mentorville  Neligh  Oakdale  Orchard  Royal  St. Clair  Savage  Tilden  Vickory  Vim


 page 65

   Barbor, a country postoffice located in the northwestern part of Antelope county, 26 miles from Neligh; the county seat.

Auman John, postmaster, justice.

 page 100

   Brunswick, a station on the Pacific Short Line Ry, in the northwestern part of Antelope county about 18 miles from Neligh, the county seat of justice.

Gunthorpe W E, postmaster.
Harris John, justice.
Krause A L, hardware.
Krause E D, hardware.
Palmer F E, blacksmith.

page 118

   Clear Springs, a postoffice in the northwestern part of Antelope county, six miles west of Plainview.

page 118

   Clearwater is in the western part of Antelope county, nine miles northwest from Neligh, the county seat, on the mainline of the F. E. & M. V. R R. The population is 225. The Clearwater Bank is the monied institution of the locality. A flour mill, lumber yard and various other branches of trade are conducted here. The Clearwater Message is a weekly newspaper published by Stockwell and Shortt. There are two churches, the Catholic and Methodist.

Bolding W R, phys.
Bressler M C, drugs.
Burnett J S, meat market.
Calder B, prop, Calder House.
Clark F P, hardware.
Clearwater Bank, Geo Newer pres, J C Smith cashier.
Clearwater Message, Stockwell and Shortt, editors.
Cosson a W, barber.
Delanoy J S, genl mdse.
Fannon J P, postmaster.
Fannon J P Mrs, millinery.
Graves George, lumber.
Horr James, blacksmith.
Kelsey J H, prop, Kelsey House.
Knievel E A, genl mdse.
Libby E R, mason.
LcCauley B M, hardware.
McGee Geo W, flour mill.
Nye & Schneider Co, lumber, grain and live stock, H W Herman mgr.
Phillips & Marwood, genl mdse.
Snider F M, furniture.
Stevenson J H, sta, tel and ex agt.
Stockwell H M, ins, justice.
Stockwell & Shortt, editors Clearwater Message.
Thon A A, shoemaker.
Uphoff Joseph, blacksmith.
Walters & Ludwick, livery.

page 148

   Elgin, a village of 250 population on the Scribner and Oakdale branch of the F. E. & M.V. R. the southern part of Antelope county, 10 miles from Oakdale and 15 miles from Neligh, the county seat. Churches are Presbyterian, Methodist and Episcopal.

Atkins A A, barber, auctioneer.
Ballah A F, real estate, justice.
Bennett John, blacksmith.
Birdsell John, prop Monitor House and livery.
Bressler J A & Co, drugs.
Bressler W M, lumber, coal, grain.
Burke, Booth & Co (Oakdale), Geo Holbrook mgr, agl implts.
Caldwell & Sheets, grain.
Chamberlain J G W, prop Elgin House.
Dworak C F, genl mdse.
Elgin Clippings, Lafe Loper pub.
Elgin Creamery, E Frink mgr.
Elgin House, J G W Chamberlain prop.
Elgin State Bank, capital $25,000, E C Davidson pres, Geo N Seymour cashier.
Gailey E Mrs, millinery.
Gallway W C & Co, E H Trowbridge mgr, lumber, grain, coal.
Hammond W F, grain, coal, live stock.
Hans Wm, restaurant.
Lehr W J, hardware.
Lobdell C W, carpenter.
Loper Lafe, editor and pub Elgin Clippings.
McKay A, blacksmith.
Monitor House, John Birdsell prop.
Nicholas W S, sta, tel and ex agt.
Norwood A H, A I Harper mgr, harnessmaker.
Paddock A B, postmaster, stationary, confectinary.
Perkins J, carpenter, wagonmaker.
Peterson W A, drugs and phy.
Reno & Sheets, live stock.
Saunders & Byrum, gen mdse.
Saunders L D, billiards.
Shain & Brown, meat market.
Shoemaker H P, hardware.
Smith B H, genl mdse.
Thompson A L, phy.
Young A L, carpenter.
Young L E, furniture.

page 182

   Frenchtown, a postoffice in the western part of Antelope county, 15 miles from Neligh, the county seat.

page 191

   Glenalpine, a postoffice in the northwestern part of Antelope county, 30 miles from Neligh.

page 240

   Jessup, a postoffice in the northern part of Antelope county, 25 miles from Neligh, the seat of justice.

page 292

  Mentorville, a postoffice in the southwestern part of Antelope county, 18 miles south of Oakdale.

page 305

   Neligh, a bright, prosperous young city of northern Nebraska, situated near the centre of Antelope county, of which it is the county seat, is on the line of the F. E. & M. R. R., and has a population of 1,500. It may not be amiss to observe that this is one of that myriad number of towns which does not presume to make metropolitan pretensions in print, nor at present does it expect to wield the commercial scepter of the section of state in which it is place. But it claims that, in the production of its soil and industry, in the opportunities it extends to money seeking profitable employment, and to men of frugality in quest of homes, Neligh and its surroundings are rich indeed. The live stock, grain and other products are largely represented here, great quantities being annually shipped to more eastern markets. A large creamery has just been started; also, there is in contemplation of starting a large sugar-beat [sic.] plant. A U. S. land office is located here. The finances of the city are kept upon an easy basis by three banks --- First National Bank established in 1880, Capital $50,000, Jno. J. Roche president, Henry E. Kryger vice-president, W. C. Estes cashier; Commercial State Bank, capital $50,000, J. H. Yates president, G. W. Wattle vice-president, H. T. Richards cashier, and the Merchants Bank, capital $60,000. A banking business in all its legitimate channels is transacted. These institutions have made forced marches to success and advancement of the towns interests. While the schools are of the best, there is in addition an excellent collegiate institution, known as Gates College, under the management of the North Nebrasks Association of Congregational churches. The facilities of this celebrated college for granting an education of the highter order are not surpassed anywhere in the west. The leading hostelries are the Commercial and Waverly House, both being well patronized. The press is represented by the Neligh Leader, Neligh Advocate and the Antelope Tribune. They are alert and in keeping with the times. Several religious denominations are represented, each having houses of worship. Also Masons, Odd Fellows etc, have lodges.

   CITY OFFICERS. -- A. B. Beach, mayor; W. H. Carl, clerk; L. C. DeWitt, engineer; J. Chappel, police judge.

Alder James, wagonmaker.
Allen S W, dentist.
Anderson A J, dry goods.
Antelope Tribune, James R Cary publisher.
Atlantic House, L S Russell prop.
Bayha C F, land and law attorney, notary public.
Best E T & C J, publishers Neligh Leader
Boyd A Miss, dressmaker.
Breese H J, dry goods, notions.
Brenton Thomas, brick mfr.
Brittel & Kison, feed stable.
Burr Geo C & Co, agl implts.
Cary James R, pub Antelope Tribune
Chappell Jesse, justis.
Chappell & Kilbourn, real estate, loans.
Coleman J M, real estate.
Conery A F, phys.
Commercial State Bank (The), capital $50,000, J H yates pres,
     G W Wattles vice-pres, K T Richards cashier.
Cox & Croll, phys.
Crawford C C, drayman.
Davidson W E, cashier Merchants Bank of Neligh.
Davis Enos, feed stable.
De Witt & Todd, genl mds.
Doolittle F M, jeweler.
Doty A Miss, dry goods, millinery.
Doty C M, restaurant.
Earl Bros, musical mdse.
Earl R J, agl imlts.
Egbert Bert, drayman.
Estes W C, cashier First National Bank.
Farrell J W, barber.
First National Bank, capital $50,000, established 1880, John J Roche pres,
     Henry Kryger vice-pres, W C Estes cashier.
Fisher Charles, genl mdse.
Fockler Simon, hardware.
Foreman J, Western Land & Loan Exchange
Gallaway W C & Co, props Nickel Plate Roller Mills.
Gardner Lon, house painter.
Gates College, Prof G A Gregory principal.
Getchell J W, genl mdse.
Gieseker H E, wagonmaker
Graves Judson, pub Neligh Advocate and postmaster.
Gregory G A Prof, principal Gates College
Gurney J H, atty.
Hall Orin, livery
Hatfield J D, county treasurer.
Hauser H B, drugs.
Holmes W H, atty.
Howell P M, millinery.
Jackson N D, atty.
Jurging H H, hardware.
Kilbourn E D, atty.
Krebs H, agl implts,
Kryger, Henry E Abstract Co, abstract of titles, real estate, loans,
     insurance and notary. (See adv page 307.)


Kryger Henry C, vice-pres First National Bank.
Lawson N P, feed stable.
Leonard F L, confectionery, stationery.
Lorbdell F H, painter.
Lybolt J H, harness.
Lytle & Spaulding carpenters.
McDonald Violet Miss, millinery.
McGinitie H L, abstracts of titles and notary public (See adv top of page.)


McKay Jas, blacksmith.
McNair J B, paperhanger, painter.
Melick J J, grain, coal, lumber.
Merchants Bank of Neligh, capital $60,000, E C Davidson pres,
     A B Beach vice-pres, W E Davidson cashier.
Miller W, mgr North America Cattle Co.
Mills Jno M, lumber, coal.
Mosher S A, sta, tel and ex agt.
Neligh Leader (weekly), E T & C J Best pubs.
Nickle Plate Roller Mills, W C Callaway & Co props.
North America Cattle Co, W Miller mgr.
Odgers J W, dentist.
Overfield J E, confectionery.
Pagel F, merchant tailor.
Peterson& Rorbye, meat market.
Phillips A H, genl mdse.
Rappe & Phillips, furniture.
Relf W E, photographer.
Remington M C, drugs.
Richards K T, cashier The Commercial State Bank.
Roben Carl, groceries.
Roche John J, pres First national Bank.
Romig Geo, groceries.
Russell L S, prop Atlantic House.
Shultz E G, jeweler.
Sims Thos, laundry.
Stelson J J, livery.
Stevens J A, prop Waverly House.
Suter L H, breeder of swine, poultry.
Thompson E L, real estate.
Thornton Fred, carpenter.
Thornton S D, attorney-at-law, notary public.
Trowbridge & Womeldorf, grain and coal.
Udey W H, drayman.
Unthank Wm M, justice.
U S Land Office, W M Roberson register, A Lundvall receiver.
Wattles G W, vice-pres The Commercial State Bank.
Waverly House, J A Stevens prop.
Weir & Sharp, livery.
Whittemore W F, phys.
Wilder J E, drugs.
Wille Charles, barber.
Willey B B, atty.
Williams O A, atty.
Wink De Walt, shoemaker
Winn A G, blacksmith.
Wolfe & Bros, dry goods, clothing.
Yates J H, pres The Commercial State Bank, real estate, loans, ins.
Zink H W, atty.

page 321

   Oakdale is in Antelope county, five miles southeast of Neligh, the county seat. It is on the main line and the terminus of the Albion line of the F.E. & M. V. R. R., has a population of 900. The surrounding country is an excellent agricultural region. Shipments of various farm products are made from this point. The banking institutions are the Antelope County Bank and the Oakdale Bank. The newspapers are the Sentinel and the Pen and Plow. The churches are Methodist, Baptist and Presbyterian. The Presbyterians have a good seminary located here.

Abrams MM, sta, tel and ex agt.
Admere B F, atty at law.
Antelope County Bank, McAdams & Huston props.
Blesh B S Mrs, furniture.
Boyd J F, atty.
Bruner Bros, restaurant.
Burdwine Nathan, wagonmaker.
Burke, Rooth & C, agl implts.
Campbell J L Mrs, Millinery.
Clingman Bros, props The Sentinel.
Cole W W, prop Storrs House.
Coleman & Leach, real estate.
Conwell W F, phys.
Cooper Frank, livery.
Cooper L L, groceries.
Davis & Wilson, drugs.
Dewey J S, hardware.
Diltz J J & Son, restaurant.
Dodge & Weatherby, lumber, coal.
Dunham H W, groceries.
Dworak C F, genl mdse.
Elliott A E, city drayman.
Elliott D, genl mdse.
Elwood R P, phys.
Emmerson John, barber.
Field J S, barber and justice.
Garhart D H, tailor.
Gier Geo, livery.
Glass C W, blacksmith.
Goodfellow W I, jeweler.
Launt W R, blacksmith.
Limberg John, livery.
Lovering J H, agl implts.
McAdams & Huston, props Antelope County Bank.
McCormick E P, pub Pen and Plow.
Mark A. saloon.
Minton E M, phys.
Morris Geo, city drayman.
Moser I Mrs, postmistress.
Norwood A H, harness.
Oakdale Bank, Ray & Priestly props.
Oakdale Roller Mill, W C Galloway & Co props.
Oleson Ole, boots and shoes.
Palmer G C, justice.
Pen & Plow, E P McCormick pub
Pilling & Putney, attys.
Ray & Priestly, props Oakdale Bank.
Reno Bros, meat market.
Rowe A J, groceries.
Stinson W J, pumps, windmills.
Storrs House, W W Cole prop.
Stratton T W, hardware.
Thornton H B, real estate.
Trask T P, drugs.
Truesdell A, flour, grain and coal.
Whisler S, groceries.
Wiltse A, jeweler.

page 434

   Orchard, a post office in the western part of Antelope county, 24 miles from Neligh, the seat of justice.

 page 468

   Royal, a post office in the northwestern part of Antelope county, 20 miles north of Neligh, the county seat.

page 470

   St Clair, a country postoffice situated in the southeastern part of Antelope county, 15 miles from Neligh, the county seat.


page 475

   Savage, a station on the Pacific Short Line Ry., in the northwestern part of Antelope county.

page 524

   Tilden is in the northwestern part of Madison county, near the line of Antelope county, on the F. E. & M. V. R. R., 23 miles west of Norfolk, and has a population of 600. Tilden is noted as an important cattle shipping point. Several large cattle firms are near here, who are well known throughout the state, for their extensive dealings in live stock. The Blade is the weekly newspaper published here. The schools of the town are good. The churches are the Methodist, Episcopal, Baptist and Christian.

Barrett House, Mrs M M Barrett prop.
Barrett M M Mrs, prop Barrett House.
Beebe Bros, blacksmiths.
Bell & Rankin, stock dealers.
Bentley W G, sta, tel and ex agt.
Blade (The), W F McGintie pub.
Burnham C E, notary.
Bure, Rooth & Co, agl implts.
Carmody & Harlow, genl mdse.
Clawson Fred, shoemaker.
Eddy A M, phys.
Elkhorn Valley Bank, James Stuart, C E Burham cashier.
Gardner, Bachelor & Wells, lumber.
Goble W A, atty.
Honeysett G W Mrs, postmistress.
Hopkins Allen, live stock.
Kierstead G A, genl mdse.
Kierstead J H, genl mdse.
Lee John, meat market.
Lord A M, lumber.
McDonald Wm, genl mdse, justice.
Macomber E P, phys.
Miller L W, agl implts.
Mills B H, confectionery.
Minkler A, hardware.
Nelson & Bliss, genl mdse
Nesonger S A, furniture.
Newhall J F, drugs.
Rightmire M Mrs, millinery.
Rounds John, livery.
Russell W G, restaurant.
Shippee G W, restaurant.
Taft A B, notions.
Thompson M L, genl mdse.
Tilden State Bank, G A Luikart pres, J A De Woprf vice-pres,
     A J Dunley cashier.
Yeoman Geo, blacksmith.
Young Wm, harness.

page 535

   Vickory, a farmhouse postoffice in the northwestern part of Antelope county, 12 miles north of Clearwater.

Vickery W E, postmaster, justice.


   Vim, a postoffice in the western part of Antelope county.

Durham E G, postmaster.
Ludwick J, blacksmith, justice.

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