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1890-1 Business Directory & Farmer's List of the Nebraska State Gazetteer 






the capital of the state, is located in the central part of Lancaster County, of which it is also the seat of justice. The first dwelling built within the present limits of this large and beautiful city, was erected in 1857. The town was first laid out in 1863, under the name of Lancaster, which was afterwards changed to Lincoln. The city was chosen as the capital of Nebraska in 1869, since which time its growth in population, commerce, industries, beauty and social, educational and political importance, has been of the most rapid and substantial character. Its situation is exceedingly favorable. It is about 30 miles south of the Platte River, on the east bank of the Salt creek, 54 miles southwest from Omaha, and 149 miles northwest from Kansas City. Four of the great railway systems, the B. & M. R. R., U. P. Ry., M. P. Ry., and F. E. & M. V. R. R. have their lines radiating in every direction, and a fifth, the C. R. I. & P. Ry. is rapidly being constructed from Omaha to Lincoln and is to be continued to Beatrice, where it will connect with its western line to Denver. One hundred and fifty trains arrive and depart from Lincoln daily. The number of magnificent buildings, both public and private, is remarkable in so young a city. The capital is a grand structure of pure Grecian architecture, with a central building, surmounted by an imposing dome, and two wings, each three

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stories in height, the walls being of brick with beautiful facing of oolitic limestone. The interior is tastefully finished in a style to correspond with the magnificence of the building. It cost $600,000. The University of Nebraska is a state institution of learning, occupying five substantial buildings which cost $250,000. It has among its facilities a fine laboratory, chemical apparatus, cabinet of minerals, library, etc., and an agricultural farm, consisting of 320 acres of rich land, a little more than a mile northeast of the city. The University is open to both sexes, tuition free. During the first three years the male students are taught military tactics. There is also a normal department for the training of teachers. The line of study in a preparatory course of two years, a short agricultural course of two years, a long course of agriculture, civil engineering, science, literature and the classics of four years. There are five different departments contemplated in the plan of the University, colleges of law, medicine and the fine arts, college of literature, science and arts, and an industrial college, consisting of agriculture, practical science, civil engineering, and the mechanical arts. The faculty, board of regents and other officers are composed of some of the best men in the state. The faculty and officers are as follows: 

Charles E. Bessey, Ph. D.

acting Chancellor and professor of botany and horticulture.

Henry E. Hitchcock, Ph. D.


George McMillan, Ph. D.


August H. Edgren, Ph. D.

modern languages and sanscrit

Lewis E. Hicks, Ph. D.


Grove E. Barber, M. A.


Lucius A. Sherman, Ph. D.

English Literature

George A. Howard, M. A.


Hudson H. Nicholson, M. A.

chemistry and director of the chemical laboratory

J. Sterling Kingsley, D. Sc.

agriculture and biology

DeWitt H. Brace, Ph. D.


Thomas W. Griffith, 1st Lieutenant, U. S. Infantry

military science and tactics

Charles N. Little, Ph. D.

civil engineering

Rachel Lloyd, Ph. D.

analytical chemistry

Howard W. Caldwell, B. Ph.

associate professor of history

Ebenezer W. Hunt, B. A.

associate professor of rhetoric and oratory

Amos G. Warner, Ph. D.

associate professor of economic and political science

James T. Lees, Ph. D.

principal Latin school and associate professor classical philology

Harold N. Allen, B. Sc.

adjunct professor, physics

Hon. Robert W. Furnas

lecturer on forestry

Harry K. Wolfe, Ph. D.

associate professor philosophy

Sarah W. Moore

painting and drawing, and lecturer on history of art

T. Morey Hodgman, B. A.


Vernon J. Emory, B. A.


Langdon Frothingham, D. V. M.

agriculture and biology

H. Elton Fulmer, M. A.


Laurence Fossier, M. A.

modern languages

Ermina D. Cochran, M. A.

piano, organ and voice culture

Albert F. Woods, B. Sc.

assistant botanical laboratory

J. Stuart Dales, M. Ph.


Ellen Smith, M. A.

registrar and custodian of library

Max Westerman


S. W. Perrin

foreman, college farm

     The state asylum for the insane is a notable institution, located a short distance from the city. The building cost $275,000 and is a handsome and commodious structure, surrounded by pleasing and well kept grounds, 480 acres in extent. The number of patients under treatment is 316. The home of the Friendless, for homeless children, another of the benevolent institutions of the state, cost $28,000. The penitentiary, one of the finest penal intuitions in the country, costing $260,000 is located about a mile and a half south of the city. The number of inmates present is 369. The United States government building, located near the business center of the city, is am imposing and substantial stone structure which cost $200,000. It is occupied by the postoffice, custom house, U. S. Courts, Etc. The Lancaster County Court House is a most beautiful structure of Cleveland and Berean Sandstone, four stories high, with a tower fifty feet in height rising from the center. The interior is principally of copper and steel, thus making the building thoroughly fire-proof. It cost $200,000. The Nebraska Wesleyan University occupies a large and handsome building four stories high, 71 by 168 feet, which cost $70,000. The Cotner University, under the auspices of the Christian church, is located at Bethany Heights, four miles north of the city. The building is of Milwaukee pressed brick and trimmed with red sandstone, five stories high with towers on each side and at the front. The design is very beautiful. The courses of study are classical, liter-

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ary, Biblical and scientific. The Seventh Day Baptists are erecting a large and costly college building. The Episcopal College for boys is to be erected at a cost of $50,000. The public school system of Lincoln ranks well with that of any of our western cities. There are eight handsome brick school buildings. The aggregate value of the property, including the grounds, amounts to $500,000; cost of maintenance, $100,000; number of teachers employed, 100; pupils enrolled, 10,000. There are many fine church buildings also in the city. The 42 church organizations have property aggregating in value $900,000, with a seating capacity of 14,000, and a membership of 10,000. The business buildings are many of them quite notable for their size, value and architecture. The Burr Block, seven stories high, cost $200,000; Richards Block, $50,000; Potvin Block, $40,000; Masonic Temple, $40,000; Odd Fellows Block, $30,000; the Exposition building, lately erected has a frontage of 150 feet on N street by 142 feet on 12th street. Its three floors each have over 10,000 feet of space, total space of flooring, 32,000 square feet. The building is largely composed of French plate glass, and cost $62,000. The Young Mens Christian Association are constructing a fine hall which is to cost $60,000.

     The excellence of the Lincoln banks is a good index to the solidity of the city financially. They are as follows: The American Exchange Bank, capital $100,000; Capital National, capital paid up, $300,000; First National, capital paid up, $200,000; German National, capital paid up, $100,000; Lancaster County, capital $50,000; Lincoln National, capital, $100,000; Lincoln Savings Bank and Safe Deposit Co., capital $250,000; Nebraska Savings, capital, $300,000; National, capital, $200,00; Union Savings, capital $200,000.

     The excellent railway connections give Lincoln exceptional opportunities for a wholesale trade with a large section of country, consequently quite a number of firms are doing an extensive jobbing business. The manufacturing and industrial interests of the city are also of considerable importance. There are here brick and tile works, canning factory, vinegar works, tannery, shoe factory, flour mills, machine shops, foundries, glue factory, pottery works, planing mills, cigar factories, paper mill, trunk factory, flaxseed mill, carriage and wagon shops, cornice works, broom factory, artificial stone works and many other industries. The Burlington  and Missouri R. R. Co., is about to erect work shops in the suburbs, four miles north of the city, which will give employment to about 1,000 men. The Nebraska Stock Yards Co., whose capital is $1,000,000 have extensive stock yards which cost $300,000, in the western part of the city, Lincoln is well lighted with gas and electricity. The Lincoln Gas Co. operate their extensive plant with a capital of $325,000. The lines of street railway are well equipped and operated by five different companies which have 35 miles of track. The city water works are built on the stand-pipe system; 25 miles of water mains have been laid. The telephone system is extensive, 700 telephones being in use. There are 22 miles of paved streets and 37 miles of sewerage. The annual recurrence of the State Fair is an attractive feature to multitudes from all parts of the State. The associations grounds are about a mile north of the city.

     A number of large hotels are first class in all their appointments, and, with numerous comfortable but less pretentious establishments, afford excellent accommodations to the many strangers who are visiting the capital of the state. The newspaper press is well represented. There are three dailies, The Nebraska State Journal, The Lincoln Daily Call, and the Lincoln Daily News, five weeklies and seventeen other periodical publications. There  are also four libraries, containing over 50,000 volumes, giving opportunity for study and literary culture. The population is 55,500.


Robt. B. Graham


Elmer B. Stephenson


D. C. Van Duyn


E. P. Holmes


W. J. Houston

police judge

S. N. Melick


R. N. Townley


W. H. Newbury

chief fire department

I. N. Lyman

water commissioner

L. J. Byer

street commissioner

W. C. Rohde

inspector for meat and livestock

A. M. Bartram

health officer

E. J. Flaherty

gas inspector

V. H. Dyer

sealer weights and measures


First Ward

P. Hayden, Alexis Halter

Second Ward

J. C. Salsbury, Henry Veith

Third Ward

William McLaughlin, Joseph Burns

Fourth Ward

F. A. Boehmer, J. B. Archibald

Fifth Ward

H. M. Bushnell, S. S. Royce

L. C. Pace,

president of council

Sixth Ward

H. M. Rice

Seventh Ward

G. A. Bush, H. W. Orr

Cemetery Trustees

L. J. Byer


A. M. Davis


A. G. Hastings


Board of Public Works

W. J. Marshall


Bd. of Education

R. C. Manley, S. McConiga

J. A. Wallingford


W. W. W. Jones

A. G. Greenlee

C. A. Wickersham

S. D. Cox

W. J. Marshall

J. A. Edson

O. E. Goodell

S. J. Kent


Abbott, N. C. atty. Burr blk.
Abbott, Wm. A. billiard hall, 131 N. 11th
Academy and Select School of the Holy
  Child Jesus, Mother St. John Superioress,
  University Ave. corner N. 14th
Ackerman, M. and Co., millinery and no-
  tions, 1145 O St.
Adams, Alfred, blacksmith 925 Q
Adams, Charles R., blacksmith, 119 N.
Adams, Lansing & Scott, attys. at law,
   20-21-22 Latta blk.
Adler, M., jeweler & pawnbroker, 920 P
Aitken & Mauritzius, real estate and loans,
  Richards blk.
Aitken, James, tailor, 1203 O
Allen & Recker, meat market, 1311 O
Allen, Ed M. & Co., abstracters, r 3,
   Burr blk.
Allen, J. J., real estate, loans, 134 S. 11th
Alliance Publishing Co. (The) pubs. The
  Farmers Alliance, cor. S. 11th and M
   (see adv.)
Almy & Bigelow, electrical supplies, 240
   S. 11th
American Exchange Bank, capital $100,000,
   I. M. Raymond - pres., Lewis Gregory -
  vice-pres., S. H. Burnham, cashier, cor.
  11th and N
Amsbery, L. A., horseshoer, 233 S.10th
Andersen & Jessen, meat market, 815 S. 11th
Andersen, P., grocer, 1447 O
Anderson, Deborah L. Mrs., dry goods,
   811 N. 27th
Anderson, L. R., dressmaker, 136 S. 11th
Andrews, Geo. E., phys., 1114 O
Andrews, James, cigars, etc., 1323 O
Andrus, E. H. & Son, real estate, cor. 8th
   & P
Angel, J., pawnbroker, 219 N. 9th
Archibald, J. B., atty., 1029 O
Arena - Gbis Fruit Co., A. Boldreghini
   mgr., wholesale fruits, 829 O
Arenson Bros., grocers, 321 S. 9th
Arenson, W., second-hand goods, 315 S.
Armour-Cudahy Packing Co., Chas. Mulholland mgr., Q and 8th
Atkinson & Doty, attys., 204 S. 11th
Austin, H., hardware, 9th and O
Axtater & Co., grain brokers, 1031 N


B & M Ticket Office, A. C. Ziemer, agt.,
   cor. O and 10th
Badger Lumber Co., J. A. Backstaff, sec. lumber and building material, 738 O
Badoye, J. U., hatter, 130 S. 11th
Bahanan Bros., meat market, 937 O
Bahls, J. C., grocery Vine and 27th
Bailey, C. Mrs., dressmaker, 128 S. 13th
Bailey, Jas. A., wallpaper, 146 S. 12th
Baird Bros., hardware, 1242 O
Baker & Smith, hardware, 809 N. 27th
Baker, A. B., clothing, etc., 1125 O
Baldwin Bros., hardware, 1217 O
Baldwin Investment Co., LeGrand Baldwin
  pres., L. C. Humphrey vice-pres., A. H.
  Humphrey sec. and treas., 106 S. 13th
Baldwin, F. W., loans, 1203 O
Baltzell, A. C., shoemaker, 27th and W
Bankers Life Insurance Co. of Nebraska
  (The), W. A. Lindley pres., L. C.
   Richards treas., J. R. Richards sec.,
   Richards blk.
Bantz, J. O., attorney, 1203 O
Barnes & Cromwell, attys., 246 N. 11th
Barnes, A. & Son, real estate loans, r 4 Richards blk., 11th and O
Barnes, A. G., real estate, 1012 O
Barnes, G. M., real estate, r 2 Latta blk.
Barnett, T., restaurant, 133 N. 9th
Bartholomew, W., restaurant, 1429 O
Barwick, Joseph S., wholesale cigars,
   225 N. 9th
Bayard & Guerin, second-hand goods,
   1337 O
Bayer, J., shoemaker, cor. P and 11th
Beachley, N. J., phys., 117 N. 11th
Beams & Lane, real estate, 1034 O
Beard & Bowers, publishers, r 120 Burr blk.
Beckman, F. & Co., general merchandise,
   146 S
Behnke, Andrew, tailor, 1214 O 9th
Beitner, Aug., shoemaker, 121 S. 9th
Bell & Polk, grocers, 401 S. 11th
Bell, Malseed J., druggist, 711 N. 27th
Bell, W. Q., atty., 1441 O
Bennett, John R., restaurant, ticket broker, cor. P and 7th
Bentley & Maxson, physicians, r 39 Latta
Berge, Geo. W., atty., 204 S. 11th
Bernine, Theo, watches, clocks, etc., 130
   S. 12th

Betts & Weaver, coal, 1045 O
Betts, Bert E., stenographer, 1134 N
Betts, J. M., loans, 1027 N
Betz, C., flour and feed, 2219 O
Billingsley & Woodward, attys., r 4 Billingsley blk.
Billmeyer & Co. (A. G. Billmeyer, C. E. Montgomery), props., Palace Livery, 1131-
  1133 M
Binford, Richard, agt. McCormick har-
  vesting machinery, 10th cor. Q
Birdsall, E. H., real estate and loans,
   Richards blk.
Bisby, H. S., prop., Hotel Ideal, 121 S.
Bishop, J. S. atty., Commercial Directory
   Co., r 104 Burr blk.
Biss, Benj. P., shoemaker, 1218 O
Bittenbender, H. C. & Ada M., attorneys,
   r 90 Burr blk.
Blair, Roy N., watches, clocks, 1230 O
Blairs, J. H. Mrs., millinery, 117 S. 11th
Blake Bros., grocers, 1032 P
Blish, Frank M., mgr. R. G. Dun & Co.
   Mercantile Agency, r 7 State blk.
Bloch, A., dry goods, 1325 O
Blodgett, G. M. , speculator
Blodgett, H. H., attorney-at-law, prop. Blodgett Park addition, 109 S. 10th
Boehmer & Williams, attys., 1041 O
Boettcher, Bahls & Co., groceries, 1234 O
   and 27th and Vine
Boettcher, C. O., grocer, Vine and 27th
Bohannon Bros., livery, sale and feed, 221
   S. 10th
Bond, Edward, loans, 145 S. 11th
Bool, Geo., shoemaker, 106 N. 12th
Booth (A) Packing Co., W. R. Cambridge,
   mgr., oysters, fish, 1026 P
Borgelt, A. D., real estate ins., 1041 O
Bosselman, Geo., grocer, 143 S. 11th
Boston Dressmaking Parlors, Mrs. Minard
   and Mrs. Kelley, mgrs. r 18 Latta blk.
Botsford, U. S. & Co., pianos and organs,
   142 S. 12th
Bowers, J. H., nurseryman, 1634-6 O

Boyker, Wm. R., butcher, 27th and R
Brace & Bigelow, real estate, 1100 O
Bradstreets Commercial Agency (The), N.
   C. Patterson, local mgr., 109 S. 10th
Braunson, Z. S., livestock auctioneer,
   1005 O
Breiner, Jacob, real estate, 1034 O
Brescoe, J. Z., boots and shoes, S. 15th
   and N, Expn. bldg.
Briggs, E. Mrs., dressmaker, 1016 P
Britt, T. F., phys., r 39 Latta blk.
Broad, J. M., grocer, 1629 O
Brockway, C. T., photographer, 1026 O
Brokelmeyer, Wm., saloon, 146 S. 10th
Brown & Houtz, cigars, tobacco, 227 S. 9th
Brown, Daniel, carpenter, 235 S. 10th
Brown, Joseph II, justice, 1029 O
Brown, R. W., drugs, 127 S. 11th
Brown, Robt. S., printer, 126 S. 11th
Brown, Thos., restaurant, 216 N. 11th
Browning, King & Co., M. A. Saal, mgr.
   clothing, 118 S. 11th
Brownwell, O. W. , general merchandise,
   143 S. 10th
Brunson, Wm. N., real estate, 1034 O
Bruse, H. F., groceries, flour, coal, 112 S.
   9th and 201 F
Brush, Martin H., capitalist, 109 S. 10th
Buckstaff, J. A., prop., Capital City Planing
   Mill, N between 8th and 9th
Burch, E. A. & Co., real estate, 1019 O
Burke & Cunningham, attys., r 108-109
   Burr blk.
Burkitt, G. W., artist, 1125 N
Burns & Co., flour and feed, 121 S. 9th
Burns, Joseph, contractor supplying towns
   and cities with water, 1246 O
Burr & Beeson, ins., loans, 103 S. 12th
Burrows, Jay, editor The Farmers Alliance,
   cor. S. 11th and M
Burrus, A. P. Dr., dentist, 1208 O
Burtis, Geo. W., real estate, 1012 O
Bushnell, H. M., ed. Lincoln Daily Call,
   1020 P
Butler, John J., real estate, 1232 O
Byerts, S. M., second-hand goods, 1421 O



Cadwallader & Zinky, meat market, 27th
  and Y
Cadwallader, F. G., meat market, 1943 J
Cady, O. L., loans, 1203 O
Caldwell, James L., atty. at law, r 35-36
  Richards blk., 11th and O
Calhoun & Coryell, (J. D. Calhoun, J. A.
  Coryell) props. The Lincoln Herald,
   935 N
Calkins, Carlton C., mgr. Retailers Commercial Agency, 1012 O
Call Bros., carpenters, 1632 O
Call Publishing Co. (The), 1020 P
Cameron, A. T. & Co., mdse. brokers,
   805 P
Cameron, Don, restaurant, 1026 O
Cameron, M. A., atty., 117 S. 10th
Camp Bros., carriage and wagon mfrs.,
   305 S. 10th
Camp, D. W. & Son, wagon makers,
   1601 O
Capital City Courier (weekly), Wessel
  Printing Co. pubs., 1134 N
Capital City Planing Mill, J. A. Buckstaff,
  prop., N between 8th and 9th
Capital Hotel, Roggen & McDonald, props.
   cor. 11th and P
Capital Machine Works, J. W. George,
   prop., 404 S. 7th
Capital National Bank, capital $300,000,
   C. W. Mosher pres., II J. Walsh vice-
  pres., R. C. Outcalt cashier, J. W.
   Maxwell asst. cashier, 11th and O
Capital Steam Carpet Cleaning Works,
   George II Newton prop., 333 S. 9th
Capital Steam Dye and Cleaning Works,
   S. R. Mann prop., 1222 O
Carothers, I. A., ice dealer, 825 S. 3rd
Carpenter & Bielefeldt, saloon, 1024 N
Carpenter, A. B., flour and feed, cor.
   13th and O
Carr Soap Works, Thos. Carr, prop.,
   West Lincoln
Cartensen, N., groceries, 1228 O
Carter, C. M., confectionery, 1026 O
Carter, J., wallpaper, 2217 O
Casebeer, H. M., oculist and aurist, r 26
   Latta blk.
Central Law College, W. H. Smith dean,
   Burr blk., 1204 O
Cerf, E. & Co., clothing, etc., 905 O
Chapel, H. E., carpenter and builder,
   1521 O, Co. 737 N
Chapin, I. G., mgr. S. K. Martin Lumber
Chapin, Leonard C., florist, office 1206
   O, greenhouses, 1612 D
Chapman & Geisthardt, attys., 105-6-7
   Burr blk.
Charles & Voigt, meat market, 115 S. 9th
Chase, M., real estate, 1044 O
Cheney, L. II, atty., 109 S. 10th
Cheney, M. B., real estate and loans,
   109 S. 10th
Cherrier Directory and Publishing Co.
   (The), L. E. Regnier, business mgr.,
   A. B. Cherrier, prop., r 25 Montgomery
Chesterfield, Samuel, flour and feed,
   2223 O
Chevront, L. G., cigars, 1229 O
Chevront, M. E., confectioner, 1016 O
Chicago Branch House, B. Harris & Co.,
   I. Sandusky, trav. agt., scrap iron, rags
  and metals, 729-731 Q

Chicago Lumber Co., H. P. Foster, mgr.,
   125 S. 8th
Chipman & Sheen, meat market, 1541 O
Chipman, J. P., real estate, loans, ins.,
   1025 N
Christenson, H., shoemaker, 1347 O
Churchill, Ed P., notary, real estate, loans,
   r 92 Burr blk.
Clark & Allen, attys., r 114-15 Burr blk.
Clark & Leonard Investment Co. (The),
   capital $200,000, Wm. M. Clark -pres.,
   Wm. M. Leonard - treas., J. W. Mc
  Donald -sec., mortgage, loans, etc.,
   115 S. 10th
Clark, Clarence, barber, 1243 O
Clark, Leonard & Wilson, (Wm. M. Clark,
   Wm. M. Leonard, G. A. Wilson) genl.
   insurance, 115 S. 10th
Clark, Wm. M., pres. The Clark & Leonard
   Investment Co., 115 S. 10th
Clarke, II T. Drug Co., Incorporated,
   capital $200,000, II T. Clarke - pres.,
   J. T. Clarke - vice-pres., W. E. Clarke -
   treas., C. J. Danbach sec., W. C. Mills,
   mgr., wholesale druggists, 8th and P
Clarkson, Henry, laundry, 346 S. 11th
Clary, Melvin D., tobacco, cigars, 217 N.
Clason, Fletcher & Co., books, stationery,
   140 S. 11th
Clemens, W. C., prop. Enterprise Bottling
   Works, 2117 O
Clements, E. G., photographer, 129 S. 11th
Cline, Josiah, blacksmith, 1630 O
Closson, G. W., grocer, 1107 O
Co-Operative Painting & Decorating Co., S. R. Lane pres., D. W. Bower sec., 120 S.
Cochran, S. T. atty., justice, Sheldon blk.
Cockrell, C. W., grain dealer, 1035 N
Cole & McFadden, barbers, 126 S. 10th
Coleman, J. E. Mrs., dressmaker, 1313 O
Columbia National Bank, F. F. Sanders
Conrad, Julia Mrs., boarding, 720 Q
Consolidated Tank Line Co., A. McDonald,
   pres., J. M. McDonald vice-pres., W. A. Johnston agt. illuminating oils, 14th and B
   and B & M R. R
Convent of the Child of Jesus, 14th and U
Coohey, M. A. C., meat market, 1831 O
Cook & Johnson, groceries, 1136 O
Cooke, R. J. & Co., harness, 225 S. 11th
Cooley, Samuel C., phys., 919 O
Coombe, Wm. J., grain, Burr blk.
Cooper, P. H., ice dealer, 634 S. 16th
Cooper, P. H., Tailoring Co., James W.
   Smith mgr., merchant tailors, 1227 O
Cooper, W. J. & Cole Bros., engines,
   boilers, pumps, etc., 144 S. 10th
Cordner, J. G., architect, 1034 O
Corniglio, S., fruits, cigars, etc., 1439 O
Cornish & Tibbets, attys., First National
   Bank bldg.
Cosgrove & Co., real estate, 204 S. 11th
Cotner University, Bethany Heights
Courtnay, D. G., atty, 1029 O
Cox, Joseph J., commercial agt. Burlington
Cox, L. A. Mrs., dressmaker, 1403 O
Cox, S. D., ed. Lincoln Daily Call, 1020 P
Craddock & Hay, architects, r 129-130
   Burr blk.
Crancer, George & Co., pianos and organs,
   212 S. 11th
Crandall, Cyprian U., pattern and machine
   shops, 121 S. 9th

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Crandall N G, loans 204 S 11th.
Cranor Bros, props Nebraska Hotel,
   800 O.
Crawford W D, pianos, real estate,
Crooker J C, atty, 1012 O. (1033 N.
Crosthwaits College of Elocution,
  L I Crosthwait principal.
Cummings A A, atty, 1012 O.
Cundiff W L, atty, 210 S 11th.
Cunningham & Green, com mer
   chants, 141 N 12th.
Cunningham John B. atty, 1007 O.
Curtice & Thiers, pianos, organs,
   207 S 11th.
Curtis F M, state agt Peoples Build
   ing & Loan Savings Assn, r 92 Burr
Cutler C H & Co, fancy goods, no
   tions, etc, 1211 O.


Daily Stockk Dealer and Market Re
   portor(The), N Hoge editor, 1034 O.
Dales J Stuart, see Nebraska
   State University.
Damrow P A, merchant tailor, 1024 P.
Danz Geo L, tailor, 130 S 11th.
Darnall & Babcock, attys, r 22 Rich
   ards blk, 11th and O.
Davis A M & Son, carpets, 1112 O.
Davis & Hibner (0 P Davis, Geo
   E Hibner), attorneys at law, no
   taries public, r 8-9 State blk.
Davis O P (Davis & Hibner), r 8-9
   State blk, 1007 O.
Dawes & Dawes, fire and life ins, r
   3 Am Ex Bank bIdg.
Dawson J O, phys, 1123 O.
Dayton W L, oculist, aurist, 1203 O.
Dean Mark, plumber, 1632 O.
Deklotz & Son, butchers, 712 N 27th.
DeLevis Mahlon M, real estate,
   Richards blk.
Demke August,shoemaker, 114 S 10th
Dennis W R & Co, hats, caps, furs,
   1137 O.
Denton J Q, atty, r 6 Billingsley blk.
Depot Hotel, H C Phifer, 228 N 7th.
Dietz C N, E Tollefsen mgr, lum
   ber, 1602 O.
Dobson Adna, civil engineer, r 8
   Richards blk, 11th and O.

Doggett Wm A, sewing Machines,
   142 N 11th.
Door Bros, real estate, 1007 O.
Door Bros & Baker, fire ins, 1007 O.
Douglas V L. grocer, 1947 T.
Douglass & Pizey, agts Omaha Bee,
   107 N 11th.
Dowden V & J, milliners, cor O and
Downing Geo jr, prop Nebraska
   Iron Works, A ad Folsom.
Drake J J, mgr Railroad News Co,
   13 & M depot.
Draper Tom, restaurant, 213 N 9th.
Dudgeon W T, drugs, 2225 O.
Dun R G & Co, Frank M Blish
   manager, mercantile agency, 27
   State blk.
Dunn & Williams, notaries, real
   estate and loans, 1100 O.


Eagle Brace Co, I Brucks agt, 1133 O.
Eastling N O, painter 112 N 13th.
Eaton J S, phys, 1116 S 11th.
Ecker W A, stone dealer, 116 S 13th.
Eden Musee, Edward Lawler mgr,
   217 S 10th.
Edmiston J M, ins agt, Burr blk.
Edson S A, real estate, 1020 O.
Edwards Bros, wholesale millinery,
   246 N 11th.
Edwards Installment Co, D M Wolfe
   agt, 1029 O.
Ehlers C, merchant tailor, 124 S 13th
Eldredge & Co, genl. commission
   Merchants, 1018 N.
Elliott Simon C, crockery, glassware, 1212 O.
Englehart & Swingle, meat market, 309 S 9th.
Ensign Gran, prop, Ensigns Omni-
   bus Transfer, 221 S 11th.
Enslow Geo W, real estate, 1034 O.
Enterprise Bottling Works, W
   C Clemens prop, mfr ginger ale,
   champagne cider and all carbon-
   ated beverages, 2117 O. (See adv
   top of page.)
Epperson Word, real estate, loans, ins, 204
   S 11th.





Ernst C T, sec Lincoln Real Estate
   Exchange, sec, treas and genl supt
   Lincoln Street Railway Co, r 14,
   Richard blk.
Esser & Schnal, (August Esser
   Henry Schaal), props Nebraska
   Staats Anzeiger (German), 129 S
   10th. (See adv page 267).
Essert E Miss, dressmaker 1305 O.
Esterday Bros, real estate, ins,
   1105 O.
Everett & Haggard, phys, Burr blk.
Ewing Clothing Co, Thomas Ewing
   pres, M W Travis treas, E P
   Ewing sec, 1115 O.


Fair Alex P, mgr Neb Tel Co, Rich
   ards blk.
Farmers Alliance (The)(weekly),
   The Alliance Publishing Co pubs,
   Jay Burrows editor, J M Thomp
   son business mgr cor S 11th and
   11. (See adv.)
Farmers & Merchants Fire Ins Co,
   D E Thompson pres, S J Alexander
   sec, Burr blk.
Farnsworth Ada K Miss, artist, 204
   S 11th.
Fedewa J A Mrs, prop National
   Hotel, 7th and P,
Fellows Bros, oysters and fish, 1229 O.
Field Abbott W, grocer, flour and
   feed, 27th and It.
Fielding A S, city ticket agt F E
   & M V R R, 1133 O.
Fenney A S, Phys, 141 S 12th
First National Bank, capital
   $200,000, surplus $80,000, (See adv)
Fisher Geo E, treas and genl mgr
   Lincoln Tanning Co, cor 4th & N.
Fisher & Westover, blacksmiths, 920 N.
Fisherdick C W, broker, 236 S 11th.
Fiske Ferdinand C, architect, r 132
   3-4 Burr blk.
Fritzgerald Patrick F, boots, shoes,
   1144 O.
Fleck & Mockett attys, 1127 O.
Fletcher & Garland, wheat, flour,
   826 O.
Fleming Ellsworth, watches, Clocks,
   etc, 118 S 10th.
Floyd S S & Co Commission mer-
   chants, 1040 N.
Folsom F P, bakery, 1309 O.
Folsom M W, notary, real estate,
   Burr blk.
Forbes Watson O, livery, 129 N 11th
Foreman & Crowe, ladies furnishing
   goods, 114 S 12th.
Foresman Geo N, Frt and pass agt
   F E & M V R R, 1133 O.
Foster H P, mgr Chicago Lumber Co,
   125 S 8th.
Fowler A E, grocer, 820 S 16th.
Fowler W Don, livery, 1121 P.
   (See adv.)
Foxworthy C H, justice, 210 S 11th.

Foxworthy Jeff H, atty, 1044 O.
Frazier E J, confectioner, 331 S 11th.
Freeman L B, real estate, ins, 1005 O.
Freeman & Smith, grocery, flour,
   865 N 27th.
Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri
   Valley R R, Geo N Foresman
   freight and passenger agent,
   depot cor 8th and S, office 1133 O.
Frey & Frey, (C H & H H Frey),
   florists and dealers in roses, car
   nations, smilax and floral designs,
   S 22d and G.
Frisbie M T, novelties and agts,
   supplies, 1215 O.
Fullerton Bros grocers, 1825 O.
Funke & Ogden, glassware, gas
   fixtures 1036 O.
Funkes Opera House, Crawford &
   McReynolds lessees and mgrs, cor
   12th and O.


Gabel J S, prop Lincoln Lumber Co,
   116 S 13th.
Gadd E T & Co real estate, r 9
   Richards blk, 11th and O.
Gale A W, grocer, 821 S 11th.
Galloway W C & Co, flour, 229 S 9th.
Gardner J D, grocer, 2249 O.
Garhart S Miss, dressmaker. 1128 N.
Garten Melchert H, oculist and
   aurist, r 16-17 Richards blk, 11th
   and O.
Gartner Peter, shoemaker, 114 S 9th.
Gates David, barber, 1401 O.
Geisler John, genl mdse, 120 S 9th.
George J W, prop Capital Machine
   Works, 404 S 7th.
German National Bank, H H Scha
   berg pres, C C Munson vice-pres,
   Joseph Boehmer cashier, Burr blk.
Gerner & Parish, ins, fire, life, 105
   N 11th.
Gertner C, restaurant, 112 S 12th.
Gerwig Geo W, Lincoln agt Con
   necticut Mutual Life, r 114 Burr
Gettier Bros, meat market, 120
   S 11th.
Gibbons J P, real estate, 1127 O.
Gillick J, merchant tailor, 209 N 11th
Gillilan John J, real estate, r 7
   Richards blk.
Ginther John C, barber, 883 N 27th.
Glaser Otto, saloon, 144 S 11th.
Globe White Lead & Color Works,
   W C Miller pres, F A Pyle Sec and
   treas, mfrs of ready mixed paints,
   etc, 305 O.
Goering J, basketmaker 106 N 13th.
Golden Eagle, I Buecks agt, cloth
   ing, 1133 O.
Goldsberg A M, barber, 129 N 11th.
Goldwater R, pawnbroker, 211 N 11th.
Goodell O E & Co, leather and find
   ings, 126 S 10th.
Goodrich James H jr, real estate, r
   69-70-71 Burr block.



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