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Arborville  Benedict  Blue Valley  Bradshaw  Charleston

Gresham  Henderson  Houston  Lushton  McCool  Thayer  Waco  York

page 53

   Arborville, a village situated in the extreme northwestern part of York county, 20 miles from York, the county seat. It is surrounded by a fine farming and stock raising country. Population, 200.

Adams G P, blacksmith.
Bates L A Mrs, milliner
De Wolfe C G, genl mdse.
Dorsey Bros, hardware.
Eckles E, hardware.
Ensign L P, phys.
Ensign S, drugs, postmaster.
Smith Fred, blacksmith
Tewell John & Moses, harness-makers
Thompson J P, justice.
Twitchell D S, genl mdse.
White D A, agl implts.
Wilcox A E, blacksmith

page 81

   Benedict is a station on the St. J. & G. I. division of the U. P. Ry., in the northern part of York county, 10 miles from York, the county seat. It is favorably situated in a rich agriculteral country, and the grain and livestock trade is a very important business interest. The population is about 200. Two hotels provide accomodations for the public, the Bank of Benedict attends to the financial needs of the community.

Bank of Benedict, G W Post pres, Lee Martin vice-pres, B B Crownover cashier.
Beanblossom G W, restaurant.
Bennett A E, sta agt O & R V R. R.
Bogart House, R Cavender prop.
Brabham R B, genl mdse.
Cavender Robt, prop Bogart House.
Commercial Hotel, F M Brabham prop.
Davis B D, confectionery.
Dever Samuel, barber.
Dovenbarger Charles H, livery.
Fairman & Harrington, genl mdse.
Frickey Adam, livery.
Garton M, shoemaker.
Green J G, hardware.
Hine L C. & Co, grain, livestock, coal
Keeler O D, coal.
Kinyon & Son, blacksmiths.
Lett J, postmaster, notary public.
McConaughey R E & Co, lumber.
Reed B H & Co, drugs.
Scott & Stoddard, genl mdse.
Sprague & James, grain and livestock.
Steinback John, harness, saddlery.
Stryker S P, grain.
Van Dyke J A, phys.
Young & Chappell. wagonmakers.

page 92

   Blue Valley, a postoffice in York county.

page 93

   Bradshaw is on the line of the B. & M. R. R. in York county, nine miles west of York, the county seat. The country around is devoted to raising grain and rearing stock, for which it is well adapted. The shipments last year amounted to 650 cars of grain, mostly corn, and 400 cars of live stock. A large tank of considerable height in the center of the main street at the far end of the town is the reservoir for the towns water works. A dozen or so hydrants line the street and water comes from them with sufficient force to reach the highest building in the place, and cost about $900. Population, 400. Churches: Methodist, Christian, Congregational and Baptist. The G. A. R. have an organization here. Note:--Since this information on Bradshaw was taken, it has been visited by a cyclone most destructive in its effects. The town is, however, rapidly recovering from the disaster.

Adams A J, live stock.
Allen A R Dr, drugs.
Barr House, J Kuebler, prop.
Bohner George W, drugs.
Bohner M M Mrs, millinery.
Bradshaw Bank, capital, $20,000, Wm Kerr pres, T M. Shallenberger cashier, H G Shallenberger asst cashier.
Brown Thomas. Dry goods, shoes.
Brumsey J A, real estate, justice.
Byrnes Carl, barber.
Byrnes R C, carpenter.
Chapin Edw E, sta agt B & M R R.
DeWitt D M, livery.
Dorsey George W, postmaster, confectinery.
Eckerman Rev, pastor, Christian church.
Englehardt J T, clothing, dry goods, shoes.
Fountain Joseph, painter.
Gierens T A, livery.
Gray & Son, blacksmiths, wagonmakers.
Hankins H S, genl mdse.
Heath A Z T, furniture.
Jennings Edward, painter.
Keck George C, ins.
Kline Andy, hardware.
Klock W W, grain, oal.
Kuebler John, prop, Barr House.
Linsley Austin, agl implts.
Logan & Bice, millinery.
McConnell & Kezar, barbers.
Miller Alexander, auctioneer.
Miller & Co, live stock.
Moore Orville, phys.
Moore S V, hardware.
Morrison E Walter, harness maker.
Noyes Arthur, carpenter.
Palmer C B, groceries.
Prescott W H Rev, pastor, M E church.
Reynolds Frank D, groceries.
Sirrs John, meat market.
Sirrs Thomas, live stock.
Stratton James, carpenter.
Stubbs Oscar A, coal, grain.
Stubbs C & Co, groceries.
Tidball & fuller, lumber, coal.
Tighe Joseph, grain, coal.
Tilden J H, justice.
Truesdell A, notions.
Truesdell, Colby & Son, live stock.
Walrod F C, groceries and meat market.
Wellman A W, washing machine mfr.
Wirt W & Bro, grain, coal.


page 115

   Charleston, a station on the F. E. & M. V. R. R., in the western part of York county, eight miles from York, the county seat

Clark W D, justice
Coon Geo W S, postmaster, hardware, genl mdse.
Hutchinson O W, grain, live stock.
Nyquist O N, wagon maker.
Richart Joseph, blacksmith.
Warren N H & Co, grain.
Welty C E, sta agt.

page 208

   Gresham, a station on the F. E. & M. V. R. R. is located in the northeastern part of York county, about 15 miles from York, the county seat. Population, 300. The shipments of 1,000 car loads of grain and 200 car loads of live stock from Gresham during the past year indicates the prosperous condition of the neighboring county. The churches are Presbyterian, United Brethern and Methodist.

Bader Gustave, carpenter.
Bank of Gresham, G W Post pres, E E Post cashier.
Barbee S A, meat market.
Bennett E D & J, livery.
Blodgett J J, farm machinery.
Bose John, bee hive mfr.
Bristol C S, agl implts.
Brown Mary Miss, millinery.
Byers & Dunn, hardware.
Carlisle Bros, genl mdse.
Davidson & Son, grain, coal, live stock.
Davis D S Rev, pastor M E church.
Elwood S H, insurance.
Fuller E & G, hardware, genl mdse.
Fuller Ernest, justice, notary.
Fuller George H, pumps, windmills, well borer.
Gill Wm, mason.
Gordon J A, feed mill.
Gresham Hotel, Mrs. S Horn prop.
Gresham Review, S R Rhodes pub.
Hawley A A, furniture.
Hirsch R S, phys.
Holbrook J L, phys.
Horn S Mrs, prop Gresham Hotel.
Hylton Clem & Co, groceries, drugs.
Hylton W N, phys.
Kingsolver & Reed, drugs.
Kreischer & Co, genl mdse.
Lash S P, restaurant.
Laudenklos Alexander, blacksmith.
Marvel & Raikes, blacksmith.
Merritt G W, horse breeder.
Moberly L, sewing machines, musical instruments.
Nelson A M Miss, dressmaker.
Oakes S C & Co, lumber.
Polehn F R, carpenter.
Rhodes Samuel R., pub Gresham Review, postmaster.
Rummel Edward, barber.
Sharp B F Rev, pastor Presbyterian church.
Sherman J F, sta agt, F E & M V R. R.
Sherman M C, jeweler.
Walford, Haines & Co, grain, live stock.
Walford & Imm, genl mdse.
Weitzel Frederick, harness.
Wemple E A, justice, insurance.
Williams A C G Miss, pastor United Brethern church.
Yates S R, billard hall.

page 226

   Henderson, a town on the F. E. & M. V. R. R., in the southwestern part of York county, 13 miles from York, and located in a fine farming country. Population, 200.

Adrien Julius, photographer.
Anthony H F, grain, live stock, coal.
Bank of Henderson, O N Knight cashier.
Dickinson H H & Co, genl mdse.
Dolkey Abraham, blacksmith.
Fay Henry W, postmaster, justice, real estate, and notary.
Flippin & Flippin, drugs and phys.
Harms J J & Co, genl mdse.
Heabert Martin, carpenter.
Johnson Bros, livery.
Kraker J I, lumber.
Kraker & Neufeld, hardware.
Leibli Bros, meat market.
Mitchell & Powers, grain and coal.
Petker Geo, blacksmith.
Poe Jeff D, sta agt F E & M V R R.
Powers James & Co, live stock.
Rample Henry H. painter
Ratzloff Peter, groceries.
Ray Cornelius N, drugs.
Regier Cornelius, grain, live stock.
Regier Isaac, hardware, agl implts.
Schneider Herman, genl mdse.
Schneider John, billiards
Shoenhoff Peter, shoemaker.
Wall Isaac, genl mdse.

page 233

   Houston, station on the F. E. & M. V. R. R. in the central part of York county. Population 50.

Beatty Minnie Miss, postmster.
Beatty P, harnessmaker.
Crumpocker Rose, dressmaker.
Floin Wm, hardware.
Gould D R., blacksmith.
Grant M L, justice.
King & Co, grain elevator.
Rich O R, sta agt.
Wolford D E, genl mdse.

page 282

   Lushton has a population of 175. It is located in the southwestern part of York county, 17 miles from York, the county seat, on the Alma branch of U. P. Ry. The State Bank of Lushton is the financial institution of the place. There is also a hotel, several stores, etc.

Bussard Wm, shoemaker
Clawson T B, cashier State Bank of Lushton and notary
Cookus Wm, blacksmith, wagonmkr
Dailey & Farber, genl mdse
Dailey S F Mrs, millinery
Eisenbeiss A, phys
Hall W A, sta, tel ex ag
Hursh Henry billiards
McNutt Geo, carpenter
Pursel P H, hardware
Scwab P H, grain
Search W B, prop Walters Hotel, livery
State Bank of Lushton, capital $12,500, G W Clawson pres, T B Clawson, cash.
Stockton S, postmaster, drugs
Thompson M B, lumber, coal
Vanderveer W R, grain, coal
Walters C D, agl implts, meat market
Walters House, W B Search prop
Walters & Watt, confectionery

page 285

   McCool is a town with about 250 inhabitants, situated in the southwestern part of York county, at the junction of the Alma branch of the U. PO. Ry., and the branch from Stromsburg to Fairbury, and eight miles south of York, the judicial seat of the county. The Blue River Bank, located here, has a capital of $25,000. The local newspaper is the McCool Record.

Albin J F, editor McCool Record.
Andrews J,livery.
Blue River Bank, capital $25,000, G W Post pres, A B Christian cashier.
Brahmsteadt Henry, saloon.
Chessman G P, grain and coal.
Christian A B, cashier Blue River Bank, notary public.
Commercial Hotel, w B seeley prop.
Corey A G, agl implts.
Ford A D, sta, tel and ex agt.
Fravel C W, blacksmith.
Grier & Lincoln, hardware.
Henahan Thomas, genl mdse.
Ingalls G F, postmaster, confectionery.
Knights F H, genl mdse.
McCool Record, J F Albin editor.
Miller & Blackmore, meat market.
Morris F S, phys.
Nahrgang John, harness, saddles.
Stanley J A, lumber.
Stanton J H, confectionery.
Sedgwick & Bagnell, drugs.
Seeley W B, prop Commercial Hotel.
Shipley WW confectionery.
Stephens A P, clothing.
Stephens J F, dry goods.
Smith T W, vice-pres Blue River Bank and auctioneer.
Tolles Henry, blacksmith.
Vanderveer W R, grain and coal.
Williams Y W, confectionery.

page 523

   Thayer, a station on the F. E. & M. V. R. R., in the northern part of York county, ten miles northeast of York, the county seat. Population 75. The Methodist have erected a substantial edifices and hold regular services.

Bennett D F, livery.
Boianton Chas, grain.
Boswell D, phys.
Butterfield G R, blacksmith.
Chambers S W, staion agt.
Conway J F, justice.
Davis Boswell, phys.
Davis T L, hardware, agl implts.
George Miss Mary, dressmaker.
Kinsey S M, ins.
Martin S K, T Davis mgr, hardware, lumber.
Miller J L, genl mdse.
Mosher M M, flour mill.
Owens Geo, meat market.
Petersen C G, blacksmith.
Price Thomas, live stock.
Randall F W, drugs.
Snow A, prop the Thayer Bank.
Turner Mrs Mary. postmaster.
Webser & Kline, genl mdse.
Wirt Bros, grain, coal, live stock.
Wudke Otto, harnessmaker

page 535

   Waco, a town on the B. & M. R. R. , in the eastern part of York county is seven miles east of York, the county seat. Through this section sufficient fruit of an excellent quality is grown to supply the home demand. This, with the 100 cars of stock and other farm products that were forwarded to market, has brought in a sufficient volume of currency to make he many improvements it has wrought, a noticeable feature of the country. The hotel accommodations are good, and the religious societies are provided with good buildings in which services are held. Large elevators along the railroad tracks speak louder than words of the volume of traffic in this little town of only 400 inhabitants.

Bishop David H, atty, justice.
Chessman G P, J Jones, agt, coal, grain.
Commercial Hotel, W S fisher prop.
Downing Albert R, phys.
Downing Joseph H, phys.
Evans Ezekiel Rev, pastor Christian Church.
Evans J, postmaster, confectionery.
Farmers & Traders Bank, capital and surplus, $30,000, Geo W Post pres, W L White, cashier.
Fisher W S, prop Commercial Hotel.
Fox Paul prop metropolitan Hotel.
Gairdner T M, phys.
Gilbert & Maddill, genl mdse, meat market.
Hansen L P, real estate, ins.
Imbody Lewis, blacksmith.
Jones Joshua, agt G P Chessman.
Kibble Bros., barbers, confectionery.
King M A & co, grain elevators, coal.
Lyle John T, drugs.
McMurray John, shoemaker.
Martin (S K) Lumber co, Robert Beckord agt lumber, coal.
Metropolitan Hotel, Paul Fox prop.
Miller J E, sta agt, B. & M. R. R.
Moore H G, nursery.
Puttman Thos, livery.
Pruyn L P, agt, drugs.
Rogers A H, genl mdse, meat market, justice.
Sayre Jennie Miss, millinery.
Scot, Suffel & co, lessees, T C Tagg, owner, grain elevator, coal.
Strickler Samuel, livery.
Strickler T J, Rev, pastor M P Church.
Tagg Thomas C, hardware, farm machinery, coal, grain elevators.
Tinker Chas W, hardware, harness.
Wheeler Chas F, billiards.
White Frank, blacksmith.
Wilken Henry, genl mdse.
Witters J L, restaurant, groceries.

page 555

   York, this energetic and prosperous city with a population of 4,500, is located at the geographical center and is the county seat of York county. The location is auspicious and the site most beautiful. The business portion of the city is situated in the valley of the Beaver, which at this point extends back about a mile from the stream, and from which the ground rises on all four sides by a gentle slope to an eminence overlooking some of the business portion of the city. Upon this elevated ground and confronting each other across the valley, are many fine, costly and elegant residences. The country surrounding York is exceedingly rich, highly cultivated and productive. Three great railroads centering here give the city superior railway facilities. They are the Nebraska City to Newcastle branch of the B. & M. R, R., the Fairbury and Stromsburg branch of the U. P. Ry., and the York and Hastings line of the F. E. & M. V. R. R. a street railway connects the two depots. The business part of the city is lighted by electricity. The improvements made during a comparatively short time are extraordinary. The court house, a very imposing brick and stone edifice, cost $75,000; the Masonic block $40,000, central block $35,000, a school building $25,000, a new brick hotel, the le Grand, B. Crabb & Co, proprietors, cost $25,000, the Methodist church $20,000, the Presbyterian church $15,000 and private residences to the value of over $75,000. The college of the United Brethren has recently been removed from Gibbon to this place, and will soon erect suitable buildings. The York Foundry and Engine co, a large and increasing business in mill and elevator supplies, engines, boilers, etc., the steam roller mills have a capacity of 80 barrels per day; a canning factory in active operation has a capacity of 500,000 cans, a water power mill, four steam elevators, and two more about to be built, two brick yards, three printing offices, two extensive nurseries, a fence factory, marble works, and various other industries are in active operation; also a number of hotels and two banks. Two daily papers are published here, the York News and the Times, ands several weeklies. A number of fine churches have been erected. The denominations represented are the Congregational, Lutheran, Methodist, Catholic, Baptist, Swedish Evangelical and Free Church. Societies: G. A. R., A. F. & A. M., R. A. M., I. O. G. T., I. O. O. F., M. W. A., A. O. U. W., K. of L., K. of P. and W. R. C.

Allen A A, carpenter.
Allen James T, confectionery.
Armstrong & Cowan, dry goods.
Armstrong James, blacksmith.
Atkins M B, furniture.
Badger E B, notary.
Baer Chas, furniture
Bagg R A, feed stable.
Bagnell W H, drugs.
Baher I A, news depot.
Baldwin & Wyckoff, abstracts, loans.
Ball W K & son, lumber.
Ballard & Laird, barbers.
Barnett O, pianos and organs.
Basom & Bamgrove, props York News.
Beaver Valley Poultry Yard, R C Swartz prop.
Behling & Hawthorne, clothing.
Bell J M, groceries.
Bell & Miller, loans, ins, real estate.
Bennett T E, atty.
Bever & Wagner, contractors.
Bick James, carpenter.
Bissell Aron, groceries.
Blodget A, prop Blodget House.
Blodget House, A Blodget, prop.
Bloomer A F, prop York County Lumber Co.
Bloomer R H, fence mkr, agl implts.
Bohn Peter, meat market.
Bolles Chas, meat market.
Boyer & Troutman, drugs.
Boynton C M, grain dealer.
Briley James M, pumps etc.
Bringham C W, laundry.
Brooks W S, shoemaker.
Brown & Giller, contractors.
Brumer J H, laundry.
Burr Geo F, agl implts.
Carnahan J C, atty.
Burr Geo F, agl implts.
Chaney A Z, feed stable.
Chessman G P, prop York creamery.
Chilcote & co, groceries.
Chittenden C M, editor Gazette and Register.
Christman T F, loans.
Clappen A F, confectionery.
Clark & Beveridge, meat market.
Clark Perry, prop Farmers House.
Clark W L, livery.
Cobb E M & Co, dry goods.
Cochran Wm, jewelry.
Codding A B, ins.
Codding & Weaver, loans.
Coles R J, groceries.
Colling D J, dry goods etc.
Colling George, wagonmaker.
Conaughty Robert, phys.
Conoway J B, phys.
Conner, sta agt B. & M. R. R.
Coosding A B, surveyor.
Corcoran George F, editor and proprietor York Democrat.
Cowell J H, ins.
Cowell W H, atty and ins.
Cowell W M, atty.
Crabb B & Co, props Le Grand Hotel.
Daggy F B, real estate.
Dale P W, comfectionery.
Dale P W Mrs, dressmaker.
Daniels O J, prop Broadway House.
David & Kildow, marble works.
Davidson J M, grain elevator.
Davis J N, phys.
Davis T L & Co, dry goods.
Dayton & Frank, props, York Republican.
Dean N A, second-hand goods.
Deefenbaugh N A, painter.
Dennis H J, wood turning.
Detreck H M, postmaster.
Dever J L, restaurant.
Dever S K, barber.
Dieffenbacher J A, dentist.
Dillon F M, jeweler.
Dsoerffel H, cigar mfr.
Dorr E H, drugs.
Downie George F, practical machinist, machine work of all kinds,
     including patterns, models, forging, etc. shop north of B. & M. Depot.
Dsufford W H, flour and feed.
Earl & Bishop, prop, The St. Elmo Hotel.
Edwards C S, grain, coal, live stock.
Eisen A, merchant tailor.
Elarth P N, musical mdse.
Elliott O A, notions.
Estevelt M Mrs. notions.
Ewen & Butler, dry goods.
Farley B F, phys.
Farmers & Merchants Bank, capital $50,000, E E Brown pres, C E Waite vice pres, J P Hebard cashier.
Faulkner A G, phys.
Fender W H, livery.
Ferguson Samuel, livery.
First National Bank, capital, $50,000, T O Bell pres, F Baldwin, vice-pres, H C Kleinschmidt cashier.
Fisher A R Mrs, millinery.
Foristall D E, phys.
France George B, atty.
Frank M C, atty and justice.
Frickey J B, pumps and windmills.
Froid O, boots and shoes.
Furman W R, bakery.
Garternicht F, soda water mfr.
Gazette & Register, C M Chittenden ed.
Gilbert E A, atty.
Gould W H, wagonmaker.
Graham & Tenney, pumps and windmills.
Grippin S C, vice pres York foundry and Engine Co.
Hacker R W, candy maker.
Hamlin C H, loans.
Harlan & Harlan, attys.
Harrison W & Bro., prop, Harrison Nursery Co.
Hatfield T J, dentist.
Heislar D, broom mfr.
Heislar & Collier, carpenters.
Hendricks May Miss, millinery.
Hicks A D, billiards.
Hix M, blacksmith.
Holden Wm, carriage painter.
Hopkins Geo. clothing.
Houston L, cigar mfr.
Huffman Jasper, real estate.
Hunter R v & Co, hardware.
Hutchins Cyrus, real estate.
Hyde G S, prop, Waverly House.
Iliff Geo, restaurant.
Ittner Jno, brick mfr.
Jerome G H & co, drugs.
Jones Charles W, barber.
Jones F J, loans and groceries.
Keilbert Joseph, merchant tailor.
Kilner J C, pres York Foundry & Engine Co.
Kilner P A, sec and mgr, York Foundry and Engine Co.
Kingsley J C, loans
Knapp & Ryan, drugs.
Kneeshaw W C, dentist.
Knott John S, genl mdse.
Lacey W H, abstractor (Sovereign & Lacy)
Laird George, drayman.
Lee Wm, photographer.
Le Grande Hotel, B Crabb & Co
Lennox J, coal.
Leslie C F, contractor and builder.
Lininger & Metcalf Co, A J Bolster mgr.
Linn, Harrison &o, lumber.
Lloyd C P, abstracts.
Lloyd J A, photographer.
Lueders Gustav, groceries.
McCloud C A, loans.
McGinnis R W, sta, tel and ex agt.
Mack W, flour and feed.
Mansfield S E, groceries and bakery.
Marshall B F Jr, carriage repository,
Meehan Bros, boots and shoes.
Meker merton, atty.
Meissner C L, dry goods.
Meredith, Clopp & Swartz, barbers.
Metcalf & Wood, grain, live stock.
Miller G W, merchant tailor.
Miller J P, auctioneer.
Miller N, carpenter.
Miller Wm, second-hand goods.
Montgomery A C, atty, notary.
Montgomery &Colton, props, York Roller Mills.
Moore D T, atty.
Morgan & Green, carpenters.
Morrison Joseph, coal.
Nebraska National Bank, capital $50,000, E Davis pres, F F Mead vice-pres, N M Ferguson cashier.
Newman A F, pension agt.
New York Auction Co, genl mdse.
Niles & Fuller, billiards.
Nobes C F, loans.
Nobes C J, real estate.
Mugent John, cigar mfr.
Olson I, tailor.
O'Neal T M, meat market.
Page H C, grocers.
Paley John, loans and collections.
Parmelee A & Co, hardware.
Perry S C Mrs, prop, Windsor Hotel.
Porter H I, plumber.
Pruitt A G, commission.
Rick & Son, bed spring mfr.
Ritger Philip, agl implts.
Rosendorf Nils, tailor.
Ross & Co, meat market.
Rothman Lewis, sign painter.
St Elmo Hotel (The), Earl & Bishop props.
Sampson Sisters Misses, dressmakers.
Scott & McClelland, groceries.
Sedgwick D E, phys.
Sesdgwick & Power, attys.
Sedgwick T E, pub, York Times
Seeley Z E, painter.Seymour B, junk dealer.
Seymour & Maylard, agl implts.
Sheeks I H, coal.
Shepardson H C, coal.
Shidler G W, phys.
Shindle W H, bakery.
Simmons & Devine, livery.
Smith E C, real estate.
Smith Ira A, jewelry.
Snodgrass Louis, groceries.
Snow A L, loans.
Snyder A C, hardware, groceries.
Southworth L F, livery.
Sovereign & Lacey (M Sovereign, W H Lacey), abstracts of titles, real estate, loans and insurance.
Sovereign M, ex-county clerk, (Sovereign & Lacey).
Spencer A H, carriage painter.
Stache Ernest, harness.
Stafford Wm, livery.
Stark & Mosher, real estate.
Stilson & Worley, pubs, York Star.
Swartz O D, drugs.
Taylor W M, veterinary surgeon.
Tilden N F, blacksmith.
Torrance M, restaurant.
Tucker Sarah Miss, dressmaker.
Wagner F S, groceries.
Walker C E, mgr, York Telephone Exchange.
Ward A C, loans.
Warner E A, coal and ice.
Weaver Edith Mrs, dressmaking.
Weldman & Rainboldt, attys.
Westervelt P J, shoemaker.
Whedon F L, groceries.
Whedon W L, jeweler.
White & Ingrey, ins.
White J D, notary.
Wickman Charles, groceries.
Wildman M M, justice.
Williams W K, mayor, clothing.
Winne J G, ins.
Wirt Bros, grain elevator.
Woods E B, clothing.
Woolard W S, atty.
Woolman C M C, ins.
Wray & Johnson, blacksmiths.
Wruck & Behling, boots, shoes.
Wyckoff A D, rubber stamps.
York Auction Co, A L Gray mgr. genl mdse.
York Building & Loan Association, R Rae, sec.
York Canning Co, E A Butterfield pres.
York Democrat, George F Cocoran editor and pub.
York Foundry and Engine Company, J C Kilner pres, S C Grippin vice-pres, P A Kilner sec and mgr.
York National Bank, Geo W Post pres, J C Kingsley vice-pres, Lee Love cashier.
York Republican, Dayton & Frank props.
York Roller Mills, Montgomery & Colton prop.
York Star, J C Worley pub.
York Street Railway Co, H L Love, mgr.
York Telephone Exchange, C E Walker mgr.
York Times, T E Sedgwick prop,
York Water Works, Robt McGowan mgr.
Young Mens Christian Assn, E A Ford, sec.
Ziegler G O, dentist.
Zimmerer Carl, genl mdse.
Zimmerer E V, hardware.

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