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Volume 3   LINCOLN, NEBR   Number 1







Genealogical Material Wanted


   THE NEBRASKA GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY will be glad to consider for Publication in the Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record

    FIRST. Manuscript genealogical records of family lines including record of the original settler in America and the first five succeeding generations of his descendants, provided such material has not been completely published elsewhere, or where such material is a correction of matter previously published. References to printed authorities, giving volume and page should when possible accompany such material.

    SECOND. Manuscript genealogical records of the last four or five generations, accompanied by a transcription of Bible records or tombstone inscriptions to substantiate the dates of birth, death and marriage.

    THIRD. Verified church records including vital records of births, baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials.

    FOURTH. Verified transcriptions of old burying ground inscriptions.

    FIFTH. Verified transcriptions of old wills, provided they have not previously published elsewhere.

    SIXTH. Transcriptions of Bible records of single families prior to 1850.

Miss Roxy V. Ammerman, Fairmont, Nebr.
Mrs. B. G. Miller, Crete, Nebr.
Mrs. R. C. Hoyt, Omaha, Nebr.
Mrs. David Hill, Salina, Kas.
Mrs. William Rogers, Lincoln, Nebr.
Mrs. H. K. White, Wahoo, Nebr.
Dr. David C. Hilton. Lincoln, Nebr.
Mrs. R. S. Merrell, Fairbury, Nebr.
Mrs. Charles L. Sprague, Beatrice, Nebr.
Mrs. D. O. Cleghorn, Chadron, Nebr.
Mrs. R. J. Kilpatrick, Beatrice, Nebr.
Mr. J. V. Thompson, Uniontown, Pa.
Mrs. S. D. Kilpatrick, Beatrice, Nebr.
Mrs. C. R. Peterson, University Place, Nebr.

The Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record

Copyrighted January, 1925, by the Nebraska Genealogical Society




No. 1 

     Published by the Nebraska Genealogical Society; issued in quarterly numbers at two dollars a year; single copies seventy-five cents.

     The Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record is a magazine of History and Genealogy. Manuscripts, data and queries upon these subjects are solicited and will be given careful consideration.

     Contributors should attach to their manuscripts their full names together with the authority for the statements made therein. Address all correspondence to the managing editor.


Note: The original publication had no table of contents.

Silver Family (MA, NH, PA, WI, NE)


Rosedale Cemetery, Phoenix, AZ (con't from Oct 1924)


Veghte Bible Records (owner at Beatrice, NE)


Earliest Inscriptions at Cemeteries of Williamburg, Blair Co., PA


    Presbyterian Cemetery (14 names)


    German Reformed Cemetery (3 names)


    Lutheran Cemetery (3 names)


Greene Family Bible (with interpolations) no locations, owner in NE


Royce Family Baptism Records (Meridan, CT)


Gravestones from old cemetery at Beatrice, NE (con't from Oct 1924)


Van Arsdale Family (Holland, NY, NJ)


    Baptimals records - Harlingen, NJ


    Members on Confession


    Cemetery Records


MISS MABEL LINDLY, Managing Editor.
1715 SO 20th st., Lincoln, Nebr.

MRS. C. R. PETERSON, '27, University Place, Nebr.
MRS. VICTOR F. CLARK, '27, Diller, Nebr. 
MRS. B. M. ANDERSON, 27, Omaha, Nebr.
MRS. S. D. KILPATRICK, '26. Beatrice, Nebr.
MRS. T. A. HINMAN, '25, North Platte, Nebr.
MRS. THEODORE WESTERMAN, '25, Bronxville, N. Y.
MRS. DAVID HILL, '25, Salina, Kas.
MRS. H. B. MARSHALL, '25, Lincoln, Nebr.


THOMAS1 SILVER, is mentioned, according to Water's history of Ipswich, Mass., in a document of 1637, as one of the earliest settlers of Ipswich. There is some reason for believing that he belonged to the English family of Silver, descended from Sir Bartholomew Silver, Knt. of county Herts, in the time of Edward II. (See Berry, Pedigrees of the Families of the County of Hants, p. 92). Thomas Silver removed from Ipswich to Newbury, and died there Sept. 6, 1682. He was twice married. He married second, in 1649, Catharine ---.


1. Mary Silver, b. Newbury, 1646. Married there, 1664, Robert Robinson.
2. Elisabeth Silver, b. Newbury, March 14, 1650.
3. Martha Silver, b. Newbury, March 14, 1660, married at Newbury. 1669, Thomas Willet.
4. Hannah Silver, b. Newbury, 1665. Married at Newbury, Henry Acres.
5. Sarah Silver.
6. Thomas Silver, b. Newbury, 1652; died there March 3, 1655.
7. Thomas Silver, b. Newbury, 1658.
8. John Silver, b. Newbury, 1660.
9. Samuel Silver, b. Newbury, 1662.

     THOMAS2 SILVER (Thomas1), b. Newbury, according to Sav-



age in 1652, but in the opinion of the compiler on March 26, 1658. He is mentioned as a soldier in King Philips War in Dodge's "Soldiers", and resided first at Newbury and later at Haverhill, Mass. He died at the latter place on August 26, 1695. He married Mary Williams, celebrated for her courageous defense of Silver Hill when the Indians made their attack on Haverhill in 1709. She was a daughter of John and Rebecca (Colby) Williams, and was born at Haverhill, Nov. 24, 1663. Her mother, Rebecca, was a daughter of Anthony Colby. Mary Williams Silver married second, Captain Simon Wainright. Children:

1. Sarah Silver, born Newbury, 1682
2. Mary Silver, b. Haverhill, 1685; died there 1686.
3. John Silver
4. Thomas Silver
5. Mary Silver, b. Haverhill, Febr. 26, 1693. She was taken prisoner during the Indian raid of 1709, and carried to
  Canada. There under the name of Marie Adelaide she became a mother superior of the Order of St. Joseph.

   THOMAS3 SILVER (Thomas,2 Thomas1), b. Haverhill, Mass., Febr. 21, 1690-1. Resided at Haverhill and Methuen. He married Mary Pecker, daughter of James and Ann (Davis) Pecker, and granddaughter of Selectman James Pecker of Haverhill and his wife, Elizabeth (Friend) Pecker. Elizabeth Friend was daughter of John and Mary (Dexter) Friend.


1. Anne Silver, b. Haverhill, 1713.
2. Susanna Silver
3. Mary Silver
4. Elizabeth Silver
5. James Silver
6. Hannah Silver
7. Daniel Silver
8. Sarah Silver
9. Mehitable Silver
10. Abigail Silver

     DANIEL4 SILVER (Thomas,3 Thomas,2 Thomas1), born Methuen, Mass., Febr. 3, 1729. Married at Methuen, Dec. 4, 1750, Susanna Austin, a descendant of Thomas and Hannah (Foster) Austin, who were originally of Andover. Daniel Silver was a




soldier in the French and Indian War and was at Scarborough in 1748. Either he or his son Daniel was probably the Daniel Silver who enlisted at Methuen in the Revolutionary War and who served as a lieutenant in Captain Furbush's company, Colonel Ebenezer Bridge's Regiment. (See Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution.) Children:

1. Hannah Silver
2. Daniel Silver, born Methuen, 1753.
3. Susanna Silver
4. Mehetable Silver
5. Deborah Silver
6. Zebadiah Silver
7. Pecker Silver
8. David Silver
9. John Silver

     ZEBADIAH5 SILVER (Daniel,4 Thomas,3 Thomas,2 Thomas1 ) b. in Methuen, Sept. 14, 1760. Died in Grafton county, New Hampshire, Sept. 20, 1820. He married at Haverhill, Febr. 17, 1785, Sally Killy or Kelly. He served for three years, from Jan., 1777, to Jan., 1780, in the Revolutionary War, as a member of Captain Wiley's company, Colonel Michael Jackson's regiment. He also fought, together with his sons Christopher, Putnam and Benjamin, in the War of 1812.


1. ---- Silver
2. ---- Silver
3. Putnam Silver, b. 1787. Killed, battle of Plattsburg, 1814,
4. Benjamin Silver
5. Roxa Silver
6. Laura Silver
7. Joseph Silver
8. Ralph Silver
9. Christopher Silver

      CHRISTOPHER6 SILVER (Zebadiah,5 Daniel,4 Thomas,3 Thomas,2 Thomas1 ), b. Grafton county, New Hampshire, May 5, 1797. Removed to Green county county, Wisconsin, and died there August 30, 1881. He married, in Erie county, Pa., March 2, 1820, Marinda Loveland, daughter of Andrus and Rachel (Bates) Loveland, and granddaughter of Deacon Malachi Love-



land. Malachi Loveland, who belonged to the Glastonbury, Conn., family of Loveland, served as an ensign in the Revolutionary War and was several times selectman at Middlefield, Mass. (See Loveland Genealogy by J. B. Loveland; and Stiles' History of Wethersfield, Conn.) Children:

1. Sarah Silver
2. Artemas silver
3. Lewis Silver
4. Gilbert Silver
5. Rachel Silver
6. Melissa Silver
7. Eliza Jane Silver
8. Azariah Silver
9. Clarissa Silver, born 18401, married William Brown. Their son Barsam Brown, is associate curator of paleontology
    with the American Museum of Natural History, and the author of many magazine articles of scientific subjects.
10. Willis Silver
11. Alonzo Clark Silver
12. Ann Celesta Silver

     AZARIAH7 SILVER (Christopher, 6 Zebadiah,5 Daniel,4 Thomas,3 Thomas,2 Thomas1 ), born Mercer county. Pa., May 3, 1838. Died Holdrege, Nebraska, July 9, 1906. He married in Green county, Wisconsin, May 20, 1860, Elizabeth Jane Crompton, daughter of James and Elizabeth (Duckworth) Crompton, who came to the United States from Bolton, Lancashire, England. The Lancashire Cromptons, according to Burke, descend from Simon de la Legh, lord of the manor of Crompton in the early thirteenth century, who is said to have been the first to assume the surname of Crompton.


1. Mirenda E. Silver
2. Ella M. Silver
3. Arthur F. Silver
4. Elbert U. Silver
5. Emery H. Silver
6. Norman B. Silver
7. Nellie May Silver, born Green county, Wisconsin, April 13, 1877. Married at Holdrege, Nebr., Dec. 22, 1900, Daniel
   Jacob Fink, L. Ph., a son of Gottlieb Z. and Alcinda F. (Rupp) Fink, and a grand-



  son of Philip Jacob and Margaret Von Finck, who came to Philadelphia, from Baden. Germany, in 1836. Alcinda F.
   (Rupp) Fink was a daughter of the historian and scholar, I. Daniel Rupp, and his wife, Carolina K. (d'Aristide) Rupp. Children:

Zera Silver Fink, b. Holdrege, Aug, 8, 1992.
Orman Silver Fink, b. Holdrege, March 8, 1905.
Ruth Electa Fink, b. Holdrege, April 11, 1913.

8. Maud E. Silver

Authorities: Vital Records of Newbury, Haverhill and Methuen; Water's History of Ipswich: Savage's New 'England Families; Pope's
      Pioneers of Massachusetts; Hoyt's Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury, Loveland's Loveland Genealogy; and other works
      as listed in the text.

Contributed by Z. S. Fink, Holdrege, Nebr.

(Continued from October, 1924)


DRUM, MINIE A., b. Dec. 13, 1848, d. Aug. 21, 1908 (board at head of grave).

EMERSON, REV. R. F., b. July 5, 1857, d. July 28, 1898.

FRANKLIN, ELLA, d. Sunday, Jany. 29, 1893, aged 33 yrs., 11 mos., 12 days.

FULLER, EDWARD L., b. 1875, d. 1902. Co. D, U. S. 1. ("All alone, but not forgotten" inscribed on marble headstone.)

CAUFMAN, IDA FLORENCE, wife of Jacob H., d. June 19, 1902, ae. 21 yrs., 1 mo., 22 days.

FLETCHER, ALVA, b. 1875, d. 1901 (granite marker lying in grave, nearly covered with soil).

GIEGES, AMELIA, wife of Henry, b. Apr. 11, 1858, d. Dec, 28, 1898 (monument by Woodman Circle).

GORDON, ELIZABETH A., b. Oct. 4, 1834, d. Jany. 22, 1904.

GOULD, J. R., b. Feby. 19, 1876, d. Apr. 7, 1903 (board badly worn).

HARR, EMIL, d. Aug. 13, 1905, aged 35 yrs. (board at head of grave).

HARRIS, HARVEY S., b. 1902, d. 1904 (granite marker).

HARVEY, ERNEST, d. Dec. 1903 (rest of inscription illegible).

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