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    MRS. H. B. MARSHALL, '33



Some Descendants of George Sexton of
   Westfield, Massachusetts

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At the Annual Meeting of the Nebraska Genealogical Society which was held January 29th, 1932, at the Lincoln University Club, Mr. Gilbert H. Doane was appointed by the President to serve on the Publication Conmittee, and the following officers were elected:


Mrs. C. A. Reynolds

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The RECORD is published quarterly by the Nebraska Genealogical Society, in January, April. July, October. Subscription, including membership in the Society, $2.00 per year. Address orders to Mrs. Newell H. Barnes, Treasurer, 1848 Prospect St,, Lincoln, Nebraska.




Compiled from the notes of Howard N. Saxton, Albany, New York,
and James Saxton, Blissfield, Michigan

   1. GEORGE1 SEXTON was undoubtedly the emigrant ancestor of this family, although there is no record of his coming to America. The earliest mention of him, June 10, 1663, is found in a book of deeds at Springfield, Massachusetts, where he is called a resident of Windsor, Connecticut. (a) At that time he bought of Thomas Cooper two parcels of meadow and upland at Waranoke [called Westfield since 1669]. He is supposed to have been born about 1618. The apparent ages of his sons would place his birth at not later than 1635. One theory as to the origin of George Sexton seems worthy of further investigation. The Sextons of Limerick, Ireland, were Protestants and undoubtedly of English ancestry. During the famous siege of Limerick by Ireton in 1651, some of the inhabitants fled to America, among them, it is said, Edmund Fanning and George Sexton. In the Irish probate records is the will of a "James Sexten, Lemerick, Burgess," lated December 14, 1669; sons, George, Symen, Patrick, Joseph, Stephen, and a daughter Joane, to whom are left certain legacies in case the estate be recovered.

   If George Sexton was an Irish refugee, it is easy to understand why the records of Windsor have so little to say concerning his presence there. Living in a community where lids neighbors were partisans of Cromwell and hence potential enemies, he would be content to live safe from further persecution. He would not be likely to become an adherent of the church organization that had been responsible for loss of property and kinsmen, a tyranny from which he had barely escaped with his life. Hence he could not become a freeman, or a citizen, and a real member of the community. No record has been discovered showing that he had his children baptized. It is possible too that on coming to America he moved from place to place and that his stay at Windsor was brief.

   Because George Sexton lived at Windsor for a time, it has been said that he was a brother of "Richard Saxston." This seems unlikely, for the two families did not use the same

(a) Deeds, Vol. I, p. 33, Hall of Records, Springfield, Mass.


baptismal names. It is more likely that he was a nephew or even a more distant relative. It is possible that the similarity of surnames was merely a coincidence.

  Between 1663 and 1666 George Sexton removed to Westfield, Massachusetts, (b) where he was one of the first three permanent settlers. His life at Westfield was not without its troubles. On September 24, 1678, George Sexton and his wife were called before the county court for "abusive words and actions to Samuel Root, constable." He became straightened in circumstances and at last was compelled to mortgage his lands and crops to pay his debts. On January 25, 1687/8, he sold his housing and lands at Westfield for £160 to his sons, Joseph and Benjamin, (c) and before October 30, 1690, he had died leaving an estate valued at £49, 10 shillings. (d)

  It seems probable that George Sexton was never reconciled to the church in New England, but Katherine, his wife, was admitted to the church at Westfield, July 13, 1682. She died September 19, 1689. The names of six sons are known, but the order of their birth is uncertain. There may have been other children not recorded.

  There has been considerable discussion as to the proper spelling of this surname. In the early records of George Sexton and his family, the name was almost always spelled as given here. After the family had scattered, many branches, either by accident or design, adopted the spelling "Saxton."

Children of George and Katherine (--------) Sexton:

       i. George, b. about 1658, m. about 1679, (e) Hannah ---- ; living at Newton, Long Island, Oct. 30, 1690. (c)
2.   ii. James.
     iii. Daniel, m. Dec. 28, 1680, (e) Sarah Bancroft; said to have removed to Long Island and died 1710.
     iv. Joseph, b. Feb. 3, 1666; d. May 3, 1742; m. Nov. 20, 1690, Hannah Wright; lived at Enfleld, Conn. (h)
      v. Benjamin, b. Dec. 10, 1667 at Westfield; d. Apr. 8, 1754, at Westfield; (b) m. Mrs. Mary ( Strong)
     vi. John, b. May 26, 1673; probably d. young.

   2. JAMES2 SEXTON (GEORGE1) was born about 1660, or perhaps earlier. He may have been older than his brother George. Early in life he removed with his parents to Westfield, Massachusetts, where he lived the remainder of his life. He married, first, April 29, 1680, Hannah Fowler, daughter

   (b) "April 8, 1764, died Benjamin Sexton, aged 88, who was the first white person born in the town." Journal. of Rev. John Ballantine. New England Historical and Genealogical Record, Vol. VI, p. 265. If his son Joseph was born Feb. 3, 1666, and his son Benjamin was the first white child born at Westfield, the date of his removal would be 1666 or 1667.
   (c) Deed Book, Springfield, Mass., Vol. II, p. 73.
   (d) Hampden County, Mass., Probate Records, Book A.
   (e) Charles Sexton, apparently his oldest son, was born Sept. 9, 1680. Vital Records of Westfield, Mass. N. E. Hist. and Gen. Rec., Vol. VI, p. 268.
   (h) Tombstone Inscriptions, Enfield, Conn. N E. Hist. and Gen. Reg., Vol. LX, p. 307.


of Ambrose and Jane (Alvord) Fowler. (j) She was born at Windsor, Connecticut, December 20, 1654; and died at Westfield, March 10, 1701. He married, secondly, January 22, 1702, at Springfield, Massachusetts, Anna Bancroft, daughter of Thomas and Margaret (Wright) Bancroft (k) and widow of Thomas Gilbert. (l) She was born May 5, 1663, and died March 16, 1733. He married, thirdly, February 11, 1734, Mary Burbank, daughter of John and Susanna (Merrill) Burbank, (m) and widow of Lazarus Miller and William Mackranney. She was baptized at Rowley, June 24, 1666, and died at Westfield, December 16, 1740. James Sexton died at Westfield, December 12, 1741. (e)

  Children of James and Hannah (Fowler) Sexton: (e)

          i. John.
         ii. Hannah, b. Oct. 29, 1683; d. Dec. 25, 1757; m. June 22, 1710, John Harmon.
        iii. Phebe, b. Jan. 7 1686; d. Oct. 17, 1722, m. Nov. 3, 1711, as his second wife, John Pyncheon.
        iv. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 5, 1688; d. May 7, 1689.
         v. Mary [or Mercy], b. Dec. 26, 1695, d. June 22, 1746; m. [int. Nov. 6, 1726], James Burt.

  Children of James and Anna (Bancroft) Sexton: (p)

   3.   vi. James
        vii. Catherine [?], m. May 8, 1735, Samuel Loomis; removed to Sheffield, Mass., in 1745.

   3. JAMES3 SEXTON (JAMES2 GEORGE1) was born at Westfield, Massachusetts, November 9, 1702. (e) He married, publishment June 8, 1728, Abilena Gilbert, daughter of Samuel and Mercy (Warner) Gilbert. (r) She was born at Lebanon, Connecticut, March 10, 1710/11, and died at Sheffield, Massachusetts, June 3, 1774, in her 66th year. Their seven oldest children were born at Westfield, where they lived until 1742. In that year, they removed to Sheffield, where the younger children were born. James Sexton's death is given as October 31, 1756, and also as June 12, 1783.

   Children of James and Abilena (Gilbert) Sexton:

   4.   i. James
        ii. Abigail, b. June 28 1731.
       iii. Anna, b. April 26, 1733.
       iv. Mercy, b. Sept. 24, 1736.

   (j) Charles Edwin Booth - One Branch of the Booth Family, pp. 40, 177.
   (k) Ibid. pp. 40, 44.
   (l) The children of Thomas Gilbert and his first wife, Abilene Marshfield, were Thomas, Samuel, Sarah, Jonathan, John, and Ebenezer. The children of Thomas Gilbert and his second wife, Anna Buncroft, were John, Margaret, Sarah, and Anna. Donald Lines Jacobus. - Families of Old Fairfield, Vol. I, p. 223.
   (m) Charles Edwin Booth - One Branch of the Booth Family, pp. 40, 41, 42.
   (p) Northampton Probate Records, Estate of John Harmon. See also Springfield Registry of Deeds, Vol. XI, V. 569; Vol. XVI, p. 316.
   (r) Data supplied by Mr. Homer W. Brainard, Genealogist, Hartford, Conn., who has in preparation a genealogy of the Gilbert family.


       v. William, b. Jan. 1, 1737, d. Dec. 1755.
5.   vi. Jasper.
     vii. Asher, b. Mar. 6, 1741; d. Jan. 21, 1762.
    viii. Ebenezer, b. Aug. 3, 1743, d. June 12, 1745.
      ix. Desire, b. May 1, 1746
6.    x. Frederick.
      xi. Rhoda, b. Aug. 10, 1751.


Contributed by Mrs. Anna (Turley) Noland, Genealogist,
Richmond, Kentucky

John McWilliams, born in Albemarle County, Virginia, March 3, 1751, served as a private in the Revolutionary War under Captains Philip Taliaferro and Thomas Minor, Colonels Gregory Smith and Wm. Brent of the Second Virginia State Regiment. * He enlisted December 5, 1776, to serve three years. On December 10, 1779, he married Elizabeth Cleveland, daughter of Alexander Cleveland, and first cousin to Colonel Ben Cleveland, hero of King's Mountain. Soon after his marriage, he removed to Madison County, Kentucky.


IconJohn McWilliams b Mar 3 1751
Elizabeth Cleveland b 1752

Married Dec 5 1779

1 Margaret McWilliams born Mar 1, 1781 m Danil Maupin III 2nd wife [6/16 1805
2 Nancy        "      "  Oct 17 1782 m Andrew Black 4/2 1801
3 Patsey       "      "  May 20 1784 m John Cornelison 9/16 1807
4 John Cleveland " Jr    "  Oct 2 1787 m Nancy Hockaday Jan 10 1814
5 Elizabeth     "      "  Aug 7 1789 m Thomas Vaughn May 30 1811
6 Mildred      "      "  Apr 20 1791 - Sept 1818
7 Alexander Cleveland " "  Apr 8 1794 m Jane Breedlove
8 Anna McWilliams     "  Dec 3 1797 m Louis Vaughn
9 Eli McWilliams       "  Aug 19 1799 m Sarah Hardin

John McWilliams SrÝ died March 12, 1824 aged 74 yrs
Elizabeth Cleveland McWilliams his wife died Jan 4 1846 aged 94 yrs

Mathew Johnson and Sally McWilliams, daughter of James McWilliams, Sept. 24, 1799.
Andrew Black and Nancy McWilliams, April 2, 1801.
James H. McWilliams and Polly Donnelson Aug. 13, 1801.
John McWilliams and Peggy Barrett, Feb. 11, 1802.
Andrew McWilliams and Mary Kinkead, Aug. 9, 1804.
Daniel Maupin and Peggy McWilliams, Jan. 16, 1805.

* D. A. R. Papers.

Ý Note by Mrs. J. B. Noland. John McWilliams, Sr., and his wife are buried in McWilliams burial ground in Madison County, Kentucky, near a little village called Minnelaus.


John Cornelison and Patsy McWilliams, Sept. 8. 1807.
James McWilliams and Nancy Summers, Nov. 30, 1809.
Thomas Vaughn and Betsy McWilliams, May 30, 1811.
Alexander McWilliams and Fanny Kilpatrick, Aug. 11, 1811.
John McWilliams and Nancy Hockaday, Jan. 11, 1814.
William Cook and Jane McWilliams, Oct. 12, 1815.
David McWilliams and Susanah Cook, Aug. 6 1816.
John McWilliams and Polly Hudson, April 15, 1821.
Joseph McWilliams and Elizabeth Hudson, Oct. 22, 1822.
Joseph Kinkaid and Jane McWilliams, Jan 31, 1828.
Wm. McWilliams and Polly Stinson, Feb. 29, 1830.
Isaac Lane and Margaret McWilliams, May 28, 1830.
Wm. G. McWilliams and Francis Grigler, Dec. 23, 1830.
Jonathan Ogg and Sarah McWilliams, Nov. 22, 1832.
Hugh McWilliams and Delia McHenry, May 15, 1833.
Zazy Boen and Rachel McWilliams, Sept. 15, 1836.
David Cooper and Eliza Jane McWilliams, Oct. 15, 1840.
Wm. Henry Harrison McWilliams and Mary Hill, Oct. 21, 1841.
John H. Parrish and Susan McWilliams, Nov. 20, 1845.
James H. McWilliams and Elizabuth Munday, Oct. 8, 1850.
John Q. A. McWilliams and Emily E. McCord, Jan. 20, 1853.
John W. Butner and Harriet McWilliams, Oct. 23, 1853.
Schuyler N. McWilliams and Sally Newland, Oct. 7, 1854.
Sidney McWilliams and Cynthia Ann Rogers, daughter of Adam Rogers, Apr. 3, 1860.
George W. Warder and Virginia P. McWilliams, Sept. 18, 1861.
Brutus Crooke and Ophelia McWilliams, Dec. 20, 1864.
David Russell and Julia B. McWilliams, Jan. 27, 1875.
James McWilliams and Margaret Maupin, Nov. 7, 1877.
Williamson Boulware and Arthusa McWilliams ----


  "I will & bequeath to my dear wife Elizabeth McWilliams all my land with herediments thereunto belonging - Also all my personal Estate - - - - during her natural life or widowhood - - - - at my wife's death or marriage

  "I do will the estate above mentioned to my son Eli C McWilliams & to his heirs forever & to his disposal

  " - - - - he the said Eli C McWilliams at his mother's death to pay to each of my other children $2.00 each

  "To Peggy Maupin $2.00
  "To Nancy Black $2.00
  "To Patsey Cornelison $2.00
  "To my son John C McWilliams $2.00
  " "  "   "   Alexander C  "  $2.00
  "To my daughter Anna $2.00
  "To  "    "    Betsey $2.00"

  "Lastly I appoint my beloved wife Elizabeth McWilliams & Eli C McWilliams executrix & Executor of this my last Will & Testament

  "In witness whereof, I have here unto set my hand and affixed my seal this 10th day of Feb. in year 1824

Signed sealed & acknowledged                                  John McWilliams (seal)
In the presence of us
John Mason
William Moss
James H. McWilliams"
Admitted to probate, May 5, 1824. (Will Book C, p. 501.)


  James McWilliams, Aug. 8, 1807. Names wife, Nancy; children, James, John, Mary, Nancy, and Sarah; grandson, Robert Mc W Cleveland. Exors., wife, Nancy; sons, James and John. Witss. John Hart, Samuel Estill. Probated Oct. 5, 1807. (A-405)

  Nancy McWilliams, Dec. 12, 1831. Brothers, Hugh McWilliams, Joseph McWilliams, Wm. McWilliams; sisters. Margaret Lane, Jane Cook, my beloved mother. Witss., Thos Gates, John Reed. Probated May 1832. (E-270.)

  James H McWilliams, Feb. 1848. Wife, Polly; two sons-in-law Williamson Boulware and John H Parrish to hold 45 acres for my son John McWilliams; after John's death to be given to my daughters, Arthusa Boulware and Susan Parrish and their heirs; to my son, James D McWilliams 111 acres, if he dies without heirs, then to my daughters Arthusa Boulware, Susan Parrish, and Rutha Boulware, and the heirs of my deceased daughter, Sally Ogg. My grandson, James McWilliams Boen, $130.00 and one negro and child. John McWilliams, A. D McWilliams, Harrison McWilliams, James D McWilliams, Arthusa Boulware, Rutha J. Boulware, Susan Parrish, and grandson James M Boen, and infant heirs of daughter, Sally Ogg Dued. Exors., John W Parks, Silas Newland. Witss. Wilson B Stivers, A B Lyman. Probated, Aug. 14, 1848. ( I-442. )

  Alexander C McWilliams, March 9, 1867. Wife [not named]; children, Eliza, Amanda, Almira, Ophelia, Oliver, Sidney, Cornelia, Jennie, and Julia. To Harriet Butner, $1700, her share of my estate. Balance to Oliver and Sidney in trust for benefit of their mother and three youngest sisters so long as single. Witss., J. W. Crook, C. C. Ball. Probated March 1869. (S-481).

  Wm G McWilliams, April 3, 1868. Wife, [not named]; daughter, Sally Ann, wife of Thos J Gibbs. Probated, Dec. 7, 1869. (S-630).

  Eli C McWilliams, June 24, 1876. Sons, John McWilliams, oldest, now in Texas, Oliver C McWilliams, and James N McWilliams. Probated. May 4, 1885. (Will Book 1-281).

  James McWilliams, Aug. 17, 1892. Brothers, John C and Ollie C; mother-in-law, Mrs. Elizabuth J Maupin and her son, Clay Smith Maupin; my children, Clere McWilliams [daughter], John McWilliams, and Margaret Jane McWilliams. Probated Sept. 5, 1892. (2-55).



Abstract by Miss Nellie Schock, Falls City, Nebraska.
[Continued from Vol. IX, p. 36.]

(Note: the following text is all single spaced in the original)

  April 14, 1857, James F. Miller and Amelia M. Sears, both of Archer. by Wingate King, M. E. Minister

  April 2, 1857, James M. Ham, aged 27, and Mary F. Hare, aged 20, in Salem, in presence of A. T. Roberts and Charles McDonald, by W. T. Stout, J. P.

  May 10, 1857, James Miller, aged 39, and Mrs. Catherine Francis Samuels, aged 37, both of Richardson Co., by W. T. Stout, J. P.; Witss., Joshua and Wm. Boyd.

  July 7, 1857, George Frederick and Susan Baker, both of Richardson Co., at Archer, by J. C. Miller, Probate Judge.

  Nov. 21, 1857, Jacob B. Shelhorn and Mary Moore, both of Richardson Co., by Wingate King, Methodist Minister, recorded by Wm. Trammell,


P. J.

  Nov. 9, 1857, Francis DuPuis and Mary Roubedau of Richardson Co., by P. H. Johnson, J. P., recorded by Wm. Trammell.

  June 16, 1858, John Mansell [or Hansell] of Rulo and Mary Juran of same place, by Patterson McCoy, J. P., recorded by J. C. Anderson, County Judge.

  Dec. 2, 1858, Perry Taylor and Mary Donlee, both of Falls City, by Wingate King.

  Feb. 3, 1859, Solomon Plummer and Sarah Jane Nichols, both of Falls City, by Wingate King.

  Jan. 8, 1859, Jasper Corn and Lucinda Potter, both of Falls City, by Wingate King.

  Feb. 27, 1859, Jerome Tann to Sarah Ann Corn, both of Falls City, by David Dorington, J. P., record filed Mar. 15, 1859, by J. Anderson, C. J.

  May 27, 1859, Levi B. Reeves and Mary Furrow, both of Richardson Co., certificate issued by J. C. Anderson, C. J., ceremony performed by D. S. Ayres, May 29, 1859

  Moritz Berthold to Auguste Wolger, by C. F. Walther. [Date not given]

  May 16, 1859, Louis Darveau to Sarah Ann Casey, both of Rulo; married at Rulo, by E. H. Johnson, J.P.

  Nov. 10, 1859, Israel Ackerman, aged 26, to Nancy E. Grear, aged 18, both of Richardson Co., at house of bride's father, by James Leverett, J. P.

  Wm. Biemendorf, aged 26, to Mary Klingelhoefer, aged 22, at bride's home in Arago, by Chas. Walther; wltss., Wm. Rieschick and Conrad Klingelhoefer.

  Feb. 7, 1860, John Helfenbine and Magdalene Wist, at bride's house (Arago), by Chas. Walther; witss., Conrad Grab and Valentine Schmitt.

  Jan. 27, 1860, Louis Lamoureaux and Mary Benvist, both of Rulo, at Rulo, by James F. Miller, J. P., wltss., Joseph Brazo and A. M. Acton.

  Jan. 12, 1860, A. J. DeShazo and Sarah King, by J. W. Taylor M. G.

  Apr. 10, 1860, Matthew Moore and Elizabeth Hoppes, at residence of Elizabeth Hoppes, by Thos. Davis, M. G.

  Aug. 16, 1860, John L. Crow and Phoebe Jane Harris, by Wingate King, M. G.

  Dec. 10, 1859, Chas. Robadeaux and Catherine DeRoin, at St. DeRoin, by S. W. Lyon, J. P.

  June 20, 1860, Abraham R. Pierce and Lizette Napoleon, of Richardson Co., at home of Eli Bedard, by James Miller, J. P.

  July 20, 1860, Erastus Wright and Sarah Carroll, of Richardson Co., by Israel May, J. P.

  Oct. 22, 1869 (sic), John P. Welty and Matilda J. Taylor, both of Richardson Co. at house of J. W. Taylor, by Wingate King.

  Aug 4, 1861, August Fritz and Adelhand Fint, by Chas. Walther.

  July 4, 1861, Osman Griffin and Sarah Reavis, at house of A. Miller, in Falls City, by Wingate King.

  Mar. 31, 1861, Hermann Walther and Mary Quinlan, by Wm. Stout, J. P.; witss., L. L. Hayes, S. B. Miles, Joseph Walther.

  Jan. 1, 1861, Wm H. Holbrook and Virginia Ware, by A. P. Forney, J. P.; witns., Harriet Forney.

  Sept. 15, 1861, Albert Dickerson and Eliza Robertson, by A. P. Forney, J. P.

  Jan. 22, 1861, J. C. Schuyler and Amanda M. Hanna, at house of Dr. O. H. Hanna, both of Falls Clty, by Wingate King.

  Sep. 25, 1862, Felix Kitch and Malinda M. Lamb, by Isham Nance, J. P. and M. G.

  May 1, 1862, J. T. Shepherd and Belhone Price, at St. Stephens, in presence of D. W. Willard and Wm. Mann, by Rev. Philip McNees

  June 12, 1862, Chas. Klark and Lucinda Robinson, by W. Watts, J. P.


  Dec. 21, 1862, Daniel Sheppard and Nancy Lewis, at St. Stephens, by E. W. Donagua, M. G.

  Mar. 1, 1863, David Boyd and Julia Mullin, by M. V. B. Dunn, J. P.

  Apr. 19, 1863, John ------- to Catherine Stevens, at Arago, by Chas. Walther, J. P.

  April 19, 1863, Wm. Lawler and Emily Whipple, at home of J. D. MilIer, Arago, by Chas. Walther.

  May 5, 1863, J. R. Dowty and Letty M. Beaver at Arago, by Chas. Walther.

  Mar. 13, 1862, Chas. Robideaux and Susie Kenceleur, by Thos. Harpster, J. P.

  Jan. 4. 1863, Wm. Baldwin and Priscilla Lormis, by Wm. Watts, J. P.

  Mar. 1862 (sic), Augustus Hall and Mary Ann Pre------, by Thomas Harpster, J. P.

  Mar. 24, 1863, W. H. Whitney and Mariah Boyd, by Chas. Walther, J. P.

  June 28, 1863, Henry Gould and Louisa Dripp, by Chas. Walther, J. P.

  Nov. 5, 1863, David Robinson and Lucinda Boyd, at home of Joseph Boyd, both of Richardson Co., by Wingate King

  Nov. 28, 1863, Benjamin Park and Ellen Manly, by T. Minshall, M. G.

  Oct 14, 1863, John Harkendorff and Sarah Hitchcock, by S. L. Collins, M. G.

  Oct. 14, 1863, August Falsken and Sophie Harkendorff, by S. L. Collins, M. G.

  Oct. 15, 1863, Ephraim Cooper and Theda Hitchcock, by Stephen L Collins.

  Mar. 13, 1864, John Myer and Christine Deiclure, at home of Thomas Harpster, by Rev. Wm. Uber

  Sep. 28, 1862 (sic), Burges Benschoter and Permelia Craix, by Thomas Newton, M. G.

  May 1, 1862 (sic), W. C. Cook and Sarah Cunningham, by George Hickman, M. G.

  Jan. 1, 1863 (sic), John Blacklaw and Margaret Eliza Quinlan H. H. Dobbins, Officiating Clergyman.

  June 7, 1863 (sic), Richard Coupe and Julina Hutchins, by Isham Nance.

  June 6, 1863 (sic), Thomas Greenup and Esther Hai----, Thos. Greenup, J. P.

  Mar. 1, 1864, Wm. Giverton and Rosalie Step, Isham Nance, J. P.

  Apr. 7, 1864, Benjamin ------ and Nancy Jane Wolf, by Chas. Talther.

  Feb. 28, 1864, Granville Bradley and Mary Ann Hile.

  Mar. 20, 1864, G. B. Scott and Adeline Thomas, by T. Minshall, Minister.

  May 8, 1864, Chas. Portrey, aged 20, and Carolina Santo, aged 18.


Contributed by Elmer Haight, David City, Nebraska

  Benjamin Haight's Bible passed at his death to his daughter Delia Vaughn. She probably added the later death records. Before her death she gave the Bible to the present owner Elmer Haight, David City, Nebraska, son of Lewis B. Haight, (Benjamin and Alma Beach).

Benjamin Haight,         Born May 31st 1794,   Died Jan. 6 - 1866 Age 71 yrs.
Pheobe Comstock (1st wife)  "   Jan. 13 - 1795, (a)  "   Aug 6 - 1825 Age 30 yrs.
Alma Beach      (2nd  " )  "   Aug.17 - 1808, (b)      "   Jan. 31 - 1848 "  40  "
Jane C. Wood    (3rd  " )  "   Mar. 12 - 1815,        "   Mar. 17 - 1870 "  56  "

Notes by Editor:
   (a) Friend's Records at East Hoosuck, Mass., give 6 mo-17-1795 as date of birth. See New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 71, p. 364.
   (b) Children of Highland and Abigail Beach, all born at Middlebury, Vt., were Seymour Giles, b. Nov. 2, 1806; Alma, b. Aug. 17, 1808; Abigail, b. Nov. 7, 1810. Records on file in office of Secretary of State, Montpelier, Vt.

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