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Contributed by Mrs. William Wallace McPherson, Chicago, Ill.
  This record, written on a separate sheet of paper and kept in the family Bible, is from pages 7, 8, 9 of "Manuscript Book, Vol. I, Old Bible Records prior to 1850, Families who came to Southern Michigan: Collected by Vivian Moore, Hinsdale, Michigan."
  I was born in Dartmouth the 12th day of the 5 month in the year of Our Lord 1732: 0 Stile and Meribah My wife was born in Dartmouth the 16" day of the 11" month - 1739: Old Stile And we ware Merried the 13 day of the 2th month 1755: N. Stile.

  An account of Our Childrens Ages is

  Allen Mosher our son was born the 25th day of the 9 month in the year of Our Lord - 1755 - New Stile.

  Deborah Mosher our daughter was born the 6th day of the 3d month in the year - 1758.

  Margaret Mosher our daughter was born the 16th day of the 8th month in the year 1760.

  Paulina Mosher our daughter was born the 11th day of the 5 month in the year 1763.

  These four children was born in Dartmouth. About the Middle of the Fall [ ? ] of the year 1764 we removed to Scituate in the County of Providence

  Jonathan Mosher our son was born the 11th day of the 11th month in the year 1765.

  Hannah Mosher our daughter was born the 10th day of the 4 month n the year 1768


  Job Mosher our son was born the 26th day of the 12 month in the year 1770.

  N. B. these three Jonathan, Hannah and Job was born in Scituate. In the spring 1771 we removed to Smithfield.

  Abiel Mosher our son was born the 2 day of the 4 month in the year 1773.

  George Mosher our son was born the 12th day of the 11 month in the year 1775.

  N. B. these two Abiel and George was born in Smithfield. In the spring of 1777 we removed to Uxbridge in the County of Worcester and the 3 day of the 7 month 1778 then departed My well beloved wife. About half an our after four in the After Noon and the 4 day in the After Noon was Buried in Friends Burying Ground in Uxbridge and after a sollomen Meeting of Friends and Others on the Acation the Body was folowed to the silent Grave By Me and Our Nine Children and there took our sollomen ferewell of that body which was once lovly to us All. Turn Over. Som further Accoumpt [ ? ] of Som things that happned in the Corse of My life.

  The 23d of the 5 month 1782 I Merried Elizabeth Briggs of Dartmouth daughter of Ben Jamin Briggs deceased and Mary his wife who was born 12 of M---th 1747 and she came with me to Uxbridge and in ----- the ---- our Mother Briggs Came to Live with us at Uxbridge She being a woman of a broken Constitution was often onwell tho a pleasant person and well respected in our family. She was taken sick som time in the first Month 1783 and was prety Clostly Confined for About three weeks and departed this life the 16th day of the 2th Month following about half an hour after sunsett and seemed as tho she went in Peac and was buried the 19th of the same In friends buring -- ground in Uxbridge.

  Mary Mosher daughter of Joseph Mosher and Elizabeth My wife was born in Uxbridge ye 29 day of the third Month 1783.

  The 18 day of the 2 Month 1784 we removed to Little White Creek in the Government of New York County of Albany.

  John Mosher our son was Born in White Creek ye 23 day of the 2 month 1785

  Joseph Mosher our son was born the 11 Day of the 5 Month 1787.

  Amy Mosher was born 12 day of 2 mo 1790.

  Joseph Mosher Jun. dye'd 28 of 8 Mo 1794 Aged 7 years 3 months and 17 days.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  

  Joseph Mosher Our father departed this life 29 of 10 Mo 1801, and was inter'd in Friends burying-ground on the 31 of the same aged 69 years 3 months and 6 days.

  A duplicate of the above account written by Joseph Mosher contains additional items as follows: --

  The Above Named Joseph Mosher - was entered in Friends burying ground in White Creek County of Washington, state of New York aged 69 years three months and 6 days. Elizabeth Mosher, the mother of the last four Children and widow of Joseph Mosher departed this life at Spring-Port in the County of Cayuga on the 13 day of the 5th month and was buried in Friends burying-ground at Union Springs 1831.

  Job Mosher died on the evening of the 5th of Aug 1839 at Abiel Moshers in Scipio, Cayuga Co., N. Y., and was buried in the Orthodox Friends burying-place near Allen Moshers on the 7th Aug.



Abstract by Raymond E. Dale, A.B.. Lincoln, Nebraska
[Continued from Vol. XI, p. 43.]

  1862, Feb. 15. - Married, "On Thursday evening, February 15th, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. Thos. McCartney, Mr. Thos. F. Wheeler of this city to Miss Elizabeth E. [Jackson], eldest daughter of D. F. Jackson, of Delaware precinct."

  1862, Feb. 15: - Died, "Of croup, on Thursday morning, Feb. 13th, Frank [Tucker], son of N. W. and Martha A. Tucker, aged 2 years."

  1862, Feb. 22.- Married, "On the 17th day of February, by Rev. Isaac Chivington(a), at the residence of the bride's father, Frederick Renner, M. D.(b), to Miss Victoria [Hellig], daughter of Rev. Daniel Heileg, all of this city."

  1862, Mar. 22. - Died, "Martin Stowell, of the Nebraska cavalry - a well known character about Peru and, Civil Bend -was killed at the recent fight between the cavalry and the rebels at Paris, Tenn."

  1862, May 10 .- Died, "On the 4th inst. of lung fever, Jonny C. [Rector], son of Sanford and Rachel R. Rector, aged 7 years 2 months and 19 days."

  1862 May 10. - Died, "At his residence in this city, on the 4th inst. of pneumonia, Hugh Pearman, in the fifty-fifth year of his age."

  1862, May 31. - Married, "On the 14th of May, by Rev. Mr. Adams, Dr. J. C. Campbell(c) of this city and Miss S[arah] P. Childs of Deposit, N. Y."

  1862, May 31 .- Married, "at the residence of the bride's father on the 25th inst., by Rev. J. M. Taggart(d), Mr. Robert T. Gale and Miss Amelia Wooley, all of Otoe county.

  1862, June 7 .- Died. "Hon. Peter Lott, a highly respected resident of this city two years ago, died at Tehauntepec, Central America on May 24th. Judge L. was appointed by President Lincoln, U. S. consul at that port, whither he went in the early part of last winter."

  1862, June 7. - Married, "At Pleasant Ridge parsonage, May 31st, by Rev. H. M. Giltner, Dr. Sylvester Dunkin and Miss M. Amanda Gregg, all of Nebraska City."

  1862, June 21. - Estate of J. J. Semple, deceased, Otoe County; Sarah Jane Semple, infant, heir; A. D. Fox, administrator.

  1862, June 21. - Married, "On the 19th inst., by the Rev. H. M. Giltner, at the residence of Nathan L. Simpson, Miss N. L. Simpson of Westport, Mo., and Mr. Wm. Fulton of this city."

  1862, June 28.- Died, "In this city on the 21st inst., of Dropsy, Mrs. Rachel Ackors, aged 49 years."

  1862, July 5.- Married, "On Wednesday evening, the 2d of July, by Rev. T. B. Lemon, W. L. Prey to Miss Mary E. Moore, all of this city."

  1862, July 19. - "Died, July 13, A. D. 1862, one mile south-west of Nebraska City, at the residence of W. D. Wier, his amiable wife, lacking only 8 days of being 40 years of age . She was born in Kanawa county, Virginia, July 23, 1822, being the fifth of seven daughters of Adam and Lucinda Barger . In 1833 she removed with her parents to Sangamon county, III . Jan. 30th, 1840, she was united by Rev.

     (a) Pastor of the Methodist Church. Morton-Watkins, History of Nebraska, II, 534-6.
     (b) Frederick Renner was born on the Rhine in Germany, June 16, 1830, and settled at Nebraska City in May, 1856. Victoria Heilig, his second wife, was the daughter of Rev. Daniel Heilig and was born in Virginia. Andreas, A. T., History of Nebraska, 1228.
     (c) John C. Campbell was born near Lexington, Ky., Dec. 22, 1814, and settled at Nebraska City in November, 1854. Sarah P. Childs, his second wife was a native of New York. Ibid, 1217.
     (d) John Miller Taggart was a Baptist minister, who settled in Nebraska in 1856, locating first at Fontenelle. Morton-Watkins, 1, 333-4.


A. W. Lansden In marriage to W. D. Wier . bereaved husband [and] children."

  1862, Aug. 3O. - Died. "The body of the late Lt. Col. McCord was found on Saturday last about a mile above Plattsmouth." He was last seen on board the steamer Omaha near St. Mary's Landing and was believed to have fallen overboard.

  1862, Sept. 6. - Petition for divorce, Otoe County; Mary Rebecca Wheeler vs. Henry M. Wheeler.

  1862, Sept. 20. - Died. "Dr. J. H. Seymour(e) of the Nebraska First, died on the 10th inst."

  1862, Oct. 18. - Petition for divorce, Otoe County; Georgiana, Hellen McGrew vs. Archibald M. McGrew.

  1862, Oct. 25. - Married, "By the Rev. T. B. Lemon(f), on Oct. 4th, Miss Susan Hanks to Mr. George Wright(g), all of Otoe County."

  1862, Oct. 25. - Married, "On the 21st of Oct., by Rev. T. B. Lemon, Miss -aria L. Worrall of Worrallton, Nemaha County, to Jerome H. Dachey of Nemaha City."

  1862, Oct. 25. Married, "On October 17th by Thomas M. Rash, Esq., of Atchison Co., Mo., Miss Flora E. [Draper), daughter of ----- Draper, Esq., to Mr. E. J. G. Christy, all of Nebraska City."

  1862, Oct. 25. Died, "At the Seymour House in this city -------- Sunday evening, Oct. 19th, 1862, Frank -----row, only son of Hon. J. E. & E. G. Stree--r, aged 4 years and 3 months."

  1862, Oct. 25. Died, "October 17th, 1862, Curtis [Smith], son of Thomas and Lovinla Smith, aged 4 years 1 month."

  1862, Nov. 1. Died, "On Sunday evening the 26th ult., Willie Joseph Byram [Lemon], infant son of T. B. and M. B. Lemon, aged 4 months and 18 days."


Contributed by Mrs. Anna (Turley) Noland, Genealogist,
[Continued from Vol. XI, p. 52.]
(original text is single spaced)


James Williford & Jenny Bates, July 29 1782 James Renfro

Thomas Butler & Rachel McDonald, Apr. 12, 1798, John Pace.

Moses Paine & Mary Nickerson, May 30, 1798, Peter Woods.

John Die orsey & Sally Barnes, June 7, 1798, Peter Woods.

Robert Miller & Sallie Estell, June 12, 1798, Peter Woods.

Wm. Kavanaugh & Elizabuth Miller, June 13, 1798, John Pace.

Barnabas Johnson & Caty Kindred, June 13, 1798, John Pace.

John Neal & Rebecca Gass, June 14, 1798, Peter Woods.

George Caperton & Elenor Conn, June 28, 1798, Peter Woods.

John Hawkins & Rody Crook, June 28, 1798, Peter Woods.

George Abell & Anny Right, July 3, 1798, Peter Woods.

Samuel Yates & Elizabeth Watson, July 3, 1798, Peter Woods.

Jonathan Estell & Lucy Shelton, July 25, 1798, Peter Woods.

Abner Davis & Margaret Johnson, July 25, 1798, Peter Woods.

Elias Baker & Mary Fitsjard, July 25, 1798, Peter Woods.

Willis Embry & [omitted], Aug. 30, 1798, John Pace.

Joseph Lewis & Margaret Hart, Sept. 6, 1798, John Pace.

Reubin Mardis & Martha Estell, Sept. 11, 1798, Christopher Harris.

Isaac Sampson & Rebecca Apperson, Sept. 20, 1798, John Pace.

     (e) James H. Seymour was born at New Hartford, Conn., July 9, 1825, and settled at Omaha in 1857. Ibid, II, 41.
     (f) Thomas B. Lemon was a pioneer Methodist minister, who settled in Nebraska in 1860. Ibid, II, 537-9.
     (g) George Wright, son of Michael and Rosina (Atlee) Wright, was born in Germany in 1835 and came to Nebraska City in October, 1855. Chapman, Pictorial and Biographical Album of Cass and Otoe Counties, pp. 234-5.


Hutching Burton & Betsy Stepp, Sept. 21, 1798, Christopher Harris.

Benjamen Hatherly & Becky Crooke, Oct. 4, 1798, John Pace.

Mordica Morgan & Caty Turner, Nov. 2, 1798, Peter Woods.

Thomas Grubbs & Katy Howard, Nov. 28, 1798 John Pace.

Elisha Logston & Susanah Baker, 1798, ettu Foumur.

Nicholas Durbin & Margaret Brown, 1798, ettu Foumur.

Elisha Bradley & Mary Logaton, 1798, ettu Foumur.

John Logston & Susanah Durbin, Dec. 29, 1798, ettu Foumur.

Squire Boone & Mouring Grubbs, May 18 [omitted],* Squire Boone.

Moses Baterton & Anne Curlooe Jan 10 1799 John Pace

Jacob Holloway & Betsy Green Feb 21 1799 John Pace

Alexander Quick & Naney Gilbert Apr 21 1799 John Pace

James De Jarnett & Eliza Sims July 4 1799 John Pace

Thamas Moore & Winny Bently July 7 1799 John Pace

Mathew Johnson & Sally McWilliams Sept 24 1799 John Pace

Frances Glothlen & Easter Kinder Oct 13 1799 John Pace

Jeremiah Thorpe & Rebecca Pinkston Nov 16 1799 John Pace

Martin Runyon & Patience Boxter Dec 19 1799 John Pace

John Cross White & Nancy Hoseach Jan 28 1800 Nathanel Harris

Osmus Fullilove & Sarah Oxford Jan 2 1801 Jonathan Kidwell

Starling Turner & Sophia Carver Jan 2 1801 Jonathan Kidwell

Philip Harter & Rachel Pinkston July 1 1801 Micah Gilbert

Mitchell Warren & Elizabeth McMullin Jan 23 1803 Jesse Frans

Samuel Waters & Polly Isbell Jan 19 1804 Jonathan Kidwell

John Malone & Elizabeth Paris Feb 7 1804 Christopher Harris

Cornelius McGlofhin & Polly Richardson Feb 16 1804 Jonathan Kidwell

George Rowland & Jemima Goggin Mar 1 1804 Jonathan Kidwell

John Cross & Eleanor Cluff Mar 15 1804 Christopher Harris

John Maupin & Elizabeth Richardson Apr 12 1804 Christopher Harris

Bailey Ellison & Clacy Roberts Apr 12 1804 Jonathan Kidwell

Thomas Patterson & Polly Harvey June 18 1804 Christopher Clark

Edward Dunkin & Gracy Taylor Aug 2 1804 Jonathan Kidwell

Wm Kidwell & Rutha Lockhart [no date]

Andrew McWilliams & Mary Kincaid Aug 9 1804 Christopher Clark

Joseph Kinkead & Rachel Donaldson Aug 28 1804 Christopher Clark

Thomas White & Daughtery Taylor Nov 14 1804 Jonathan Kidwell

Joseph Todd & Jane Cox Dec 6 1804 Christopher Harris

John Irvine & Elizabeth Brassfield Dec 13 1804 Christopher Harris

Thomas Smith & Sally Woods Dec 13 1804 Christopher Clark

Wm L Martin & Betsey Bowles Dec 17 1804 Jesse Thomas

Wm Cross & Nancy Yates Dec 19 1804 Christopher Harris

Wm Printree & Susan West Jan 23 1805 Christopher Clark

James Vichas & Lucy Brown Jan 24 1805 Christopher Clark

Jonathan R Standley & Elizabeth Covington Jan 24 1805 Christopher Harris

Elias Pinkston & Elenor Morris Feb 7 1805 Jesse Thomas

Isaac Todd & Sally Todd Feb 14 1805 Christopher Harris

Robert Garland & Jane Flack Feb 21 1805 Christopher Harris

Wm DumbrIn & Sally Collins Feb 21 1805 Christopher Harris

John Morris & Susanah Thorp Mar 4 1806 Christopher Harris

James Brassfield & Polly Moberly May 23 1806 Christopher Harris

James Brassfield & Tabitha Moberly May 29 1806 Christopher Harris

Henry Tucker & Rebecca Kennadey June 19 1806 Christopher Harris

Thomas Richardson & Betsy Burris July 23 1806 Micah Gilbert

Benjamin Todd & Alsey Nickerson Aug 15 1806 Christopher Harris

     *According to D. A. R. Lineage Book CXVIII, p. 235, a certain Squire Boone (1760-1817) married, 1784, Anna Grubbs (1766-1843). It is probable that the above marriage belongs to an earlier period than is indicated by the page where it is recorded.


Michael Early & Mary Kenney Sept 28 1806

Hezikiah Bowman & Elizabeth Lackey Oct 7 1806 Christopher Harris

Jacob Bowman & Eleanor Evins Nov 4 1806

Samuel McCallum & Nancy McClure Clark [no date]

Wm Connell & Lucretia Lamb Jan 29 1807 Christopher Harris

Isaac Butcher & Rebecca Laud Feb 25 1807 Micah Gilbert

David Stewart & Eliz Lawson May 31 1807 David Chinault

Thomas Gray & Hannah Noland June 8 1807 David Chinault

Dabney Haggard & Lucy Simpson Aug 28 1807 James Haggard

Wm Clubb & Elizabuth Davis Sept 12 1807 Micah Gilbert

Wm Nicholson & Francis Thomas Nov 20 1807 David Chinault

Ell Bal Wilson & Sally Peak Dec 8 1807 David Chinault

Samuel Chestnut & Rachel Gum Dec 9 1807 David Chinault

Thomas Crews & Sally Blackwell Jan 31 1808 Wm Thompson

John Anderson & Polly Olin Mar 8 1808 James Sullivan

Robert Chanaten & Polly Hall Apr 7 1808 Chas Finnel

Wm Hook & Peggy Anderson Apr 10 1808 James Sullivan

James Moore & Margaret Lackey Apr 27 1809 Jesse Thomas

Patrick Hamilton & Tabitha Horne Sept 4 1809 Jesse Thomas

John Woods & Elizabeth Duncan Dec 28 1809 Jonathan Kidwell

Thomas White & Margaret Farden Mar 25 1810 Jonathan Kidwell

Delaney Miller & Matilda Goggin May 8 1810 Jonathan Kidwell

Zacheus Newby & Winfred Perkins Aug 29 1810 Jonathan Kidwell

Samuel Picklesimon & Lydda Logsdon Jan 17 1811 Robt Angier

James Barnes & Barry Dunham May 6 1811 James Prather

Greenberry Quinby & Polly Johnson May 6 1811 James Prather

Wm Going & Elizabeth Tatum Aug 2 1811 Joseph R Pond

John Ping & Lidia Woodall Aug 11 [no year] Elijah Barnes

George Hightower & Polly Hopper Aug 11 1811 Christopher Clarke

Grooms Taylor & Sarah Howard Aug 29 1811 Jonathan Kidwell

Thomas Tevis & Milly Malaier Sept 8 1811 Christopher Clarke

Wm Anderson & Ester Hale Sept 15 1811 Chas Finnel

Joseph White & Polly Brown Sept 29 1811 Christopher Clarke

James Rafferty & Nancy Boothe Oct 18 1811 Jonathan Kidwell

Wm Mitchell & Nancy Estes Oct 24 1811 Christopher Clarke

Reubin Butterton & Nancy Ruble Oct 31 1911 Christopher Clarke

John Hill & Elizabeth Gooch Nov 3 1811 Christopher Clarke

James Hopper & Anna Renalds Nov 6 1811 Jesse Thomas

Richard Perkins & Polly Foster Nov 26 1811 Jonathan Kidwell

Wm Symmes & Susanah Mads Dec 1 1811


Contributed by Lotan R. Willis, Lincoln, Nebraska
(most of the following text is single spaced in original)

This copy was made by Mrs. Edna Ann (Willis) Williams, Harrisburg, Arkansas, present owner of the Bible. Inscriptions:

Lewis Willis's Bible
To John Robert Willis, his son.
To Edna Ann (Willis) Williams, his daughter


Lewis Willis A son of John Willis born* November the 30th day 1793.

Polly Willis The wife of Lewis Willis Born the 18th of March 1798.

Sary. J Willis daughter of Lewis Willis and Polly Willis his wife born January the 24th 1819.

Ryle Willis bornÝ the 11th day of November 1820

     *It is thought that Lewis Willis was born in Orange Co., Va.
     ÝRyle Willis was born at Northport, Ky.


Eliza Mary Willis born March the 6th 1823.

May the 11th 1825 Anna G Willis born.

March the 28th 1827 Elizabeth Willis born.

March the 19th 1829 Larkin W. Willis born.

April the 14th 1831 Isaack Willis born.

July the 12 1833 Lee Ann Bell Willis born.

Sandy W. Willis was born the 12th day of Sept. of 1835

December the 16th 1837 John Robert Willis was born.

Lauson Willis was born the 22 of Jan. 1841.

Annie Bell Carpenter was born August 19th 1859 daughter of E. W. and M. E. Carpenter.

Sallie Willis a daughter of E W and M. E. Carpenter born February 18 1862.

Charley L Carpenter was born 15th June 1864 a son of E. W. and M E Carpenter.

Richard Lee was born the 20th day of May 1815.

Eli K Lee was born August 3d 1845 [or 25].

Richard H Lee was born October 13th 1848.

Elizabeth R Lee was born 19th day Feb. 1839.

Lillian Viola Willis born July 13 1875.

Thomas Lewis Willis born July 23 1877.

John Henry Willis born July 2nd 1879.

Mary Lucinda Willis born March 19 1883.

Ethel Ryle Willis born Sept 11 1886.

Edna Ann Willis born Jan. 8 1889.

Robert Sidney Willis born Sept 15 1898.

Cody Larmle Willis December 8 1900.

Jewell Toms daughter of Lillian & E. T. Toms born July 6 1902.

Myra Belle Toms born Dec. 18 1904.


John Ryle the father of Polly Willis died the 14th day of October 1934 Aged 67 years and 4 days.

Eli K Lee died Feb 25th 1850.

Richard H Lee died Feb 18 1850.

Lawson Willis died Jan. 3 1842.

Polly Willis the wife of Lewis Willis died June the 3d 1843 Aged Forty Five years Two months and Fifteen days.

Larkin Willis died the 15th day of Feb 1847.

Lewis Willis died the 17th day of Sept. 1852, 58 years 9 months and 17 days.

Sarah J Lee daughter of Lewis and Polly Willis died June 23d 1870 Aged 51 years and 5 months.

Mary Jane Willis wife of John R Willis died July 23 1896.

Sally Ryle the mother of Polly Willis died the 13th of November 1848.

Thomas Lewis Willis son of J R and Mary Jane Willis died Dec. 16 1903 Aged 26 years.

Elizabeth R Cooper died Aug 18 1904 Aged 77 years 4 months 21 days.

Lillian Viola Toms daughter of John Robert and Mary Jane Willis died Oct 20 1907 Aged 32 years.

Ryle Willis son of Lewis and Polly Willis died Oct. 13 1907. Aged 87 years.

J. R. Willis son of Lewis and Polly Willis died July 22 1910 Age 73.

Ann G. Willis daughter of Lewis and Polly Willis died Aug 15 1910 Age 85 years.

John Henry son of J. R. and Mary Willis died Oct 28 1930.

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