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Contributed by Lillian Potter Whitten (Mrs. W. S.)*, Lincoln, Nebraska.

In the name of God Amen - I John Potter of South Woodberry Township Bedford County being infirm of body, and in delicate health but of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding, in order to be the better prepared for death when It shall please my maker to call me hence do make publish and declare this to be my last Will & Testament in manner and form following Viz - First and principally I commit my soul into the hands of Almighty God who gave It me, and my body to the earth to be buried in a decent Christian manner at the discretion of my Executors herein after mentioned ----

  2nd I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Susannah, one bed and bedding one ten plate stove and pipe, one Cow, one Bureau, one Table, one mantle Clock, and also the interest of the one third of what my Real Estate may be worth after all my debts shall be paid, which interest shall be paid unto her yearly during her life

  3rd It is my will that as soon as practicable after my death all my Real Estate shall be appraised by three disinterested reputable freeholders to be mutually chosen by my heirs and my Executors herein after named, which appraisement Shall be made at cash price, and if any of my heirs shall see proper to take the said Real Estate at the valuation so made, they or any of them may do so, by giving their Bond with security to my Executors, for the money comeing thereout to my other heirs ----

  4th And it is also my will that my son George Potter shall have the sum of five hundred dollars extra over and above any of my other heirs, as a compensation for his services in doing my business during the time I have been too feeble in health to attend to it myself ----

  5th And also my will is that as soon as all my debts are fully ascertained and taken out of the amount of my estate, with the five hundred dollars above bequeathed unto my son George, the remainder of my estate shall be divided among all my Children in the following ratio or proportion, that is to say, for every dollar that one of my sons shall receive. a daughter shall receive seventy cents ---- or for every ten dollars recd by a son, a daughter shall receive but seven dollars, except my daughter Catherine intermarried to Thomas Davis she shall receive only fifty cents for a dollar received by one of my sons, or in other words only half as much as one of my sons shall receive ----

  6th And it is also my will that the share of my Estate that shall come to my son John Potter and the share coming to my daughter Catherine intermarried to Thomas Davis shall be and remain in the hands of my Executors, and by them put on interest ---- and the interest of my son John's share shall be paid to him yearly, and the share of my daughter Catherine shall also remain at interest until the death of her husband Thomas Davis, when it shall be paid unto the said Catherine or her heirs ----

  7th and whereas my son in law John Glenn has commenced working a Factory on my real estate, it is my will that in case I should die fore Glenn is paid or satisfied for what work and expenses he is at in constructing or erecting said Factory he is to be paid a fair and reasonable price for what he has done at said Factory upon said Glenn's producing a bill for what he has fairly & honestly done thereat ---- And upon the death of my son John, the share coming to him and on interest as aforesaid shall be paid to his heirs ----

*John Potter, great grandfather of Lillian Potter Whitten (Mrs. W. S.), lived at Potter's Mills, Morrison's Cove, Bedford County, Pa. He operated a woolen mill, a flour mill, a grist mill and a general store. See Vol. IX, pp. 28-31.

And lastly I do hereby appoint Dr. Samuel H. Smith and my son George, Executors of this my last will and Testament ---- In witness whereof I have herewith set my hand & seal this nineteenth day of April A. D. 1839


Signed, sealed published & declared by John Potter to be his last will & Testament, who in his presence and in the presence of each other, and at his request have hereunto set our names as Witnesses

Henry Beaver
John Detwiler
Saml H. Smith
Contributed by Mrs. Florence (M'Kean) Knight, Alliance, Nebraska.
     This record is from a German Bible, printed 1819, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, now owned by Mrs. J. F. Harmon, Omaha, Nebraska. Printed on the front page of the Bible is a list of subscribers, in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia and Maryland.

John Hinzey, born 1780, March 19th. John Hinzey married Elizabeth Wingert, July 23, 1811.

John Hinzey, 2nd, married Martha Chyler, July 22, 1821.

   Children by first wife:
1 - Sarah, born March 14, 1812.
2 - Susanna, born June 14, 1814.
3 - Mary (Martha), born 1816, married Andrew Heister.

   Children by second wife:
1 - Sarah, born 1823, died 1823.
2 - Elias, born Mar. 29, 1825.
3 - John, born Nov. 28, 1828.
4 - Christopher, born Nov. 14, 1826.
5 - David, born May 8, 1831.
6 - James, born March 22, 1835.


Elizabeth Hinzie, first wife of John, died Nov. 13, 1819.
Sarah, born 1812, died 1817, March 8th.
Sarah, born 1823, died March 25, 1823.
Mary (Martha), wife of Andrew Heister, died Nov. 3, 1846.
Christopher, died Dec. 8, 1846.
Martha ChyIer Hinzey, second wife of John, died Mar. 24, 1861.
John Hinzey, died at Pekin, Ill., Mar. 1, 1867 (1780-1867).
Elias died Jan. 1, 1899, Omaha, Nebr.
David died Aug. 11, 1909, Peoria, Ills.
James died Sept. 26, 1905
Louise M. Randall Hinzie, died in Omaha, Nebr., Mar. 28, 1906.
John Hinzey, Jr. d. Sept. 26, 1900, Brimfield, Ill.

  Elias Hinzey, was married Oct. 28, 1856 to Louise M. Randall at Peoria, Ill. She was the daughter of Elias Randall and Mindwell Corning. She was born July 21, 1836, at Mentor, Ohio. Their children were:
  1. Charles Willard, born Canton, Ill., July 26, 1857, died Febr. 25. 1926, Omaha, Nebr.
  2. Minnie Corning, born at Peoria, Ill., Nov. 23, 1859, died 1860.
  3. George McClellan, born at Peoria, Ill., Nov. 5, 1862, died Feb. 27, 1895.
  4. Harry Robert, born at Iowa City, Iowa, June 12, 1875.


Contributed by Miss Gertrude E. Abbott, Lincoln, Nebr.

  The record from which this copy was made is on a sheet of unruled paper, pasted on the inside of the back cover of a copy of the New Testament, which belonged to Miss Abbott's father, a former resident of Lincoln, Nebraska, now deceased. Mr. Abbott came originally from Sanbornton, New Hampshire, and the Bean family was his mother's mother's family. The Testament probably belonged to Mr. Abbott's mother.

Phinehas Bean and Judith Snow ware maried Decm 11 1770
Sinkler son to Phinehas Bean by Judith his wife born June 4 1772
Anna was born Novm. 25. 1773
Jonathan born Febu 26. 1776
Mary B born June 23 1779 Died Novm 8 folowing
Joshua S born July 27 1780
Mary B born June 6 1782
Phinehas born Oct 12 1784
Judith born March 21 1786
0 Israel born May 11 1789
John and Martha born August 10 1791


Abstract by Raymond E. Dale, A.B., Lincoln, Nebraska
[Continued from Vol. XI, p. 26.]
  Feb. 7, 1871 (Feb. 7). George Leavitt of Lancaster Co., age 25, born in England, son of John and Charlotte (Knight) Leavitt, married Sarah A. Drinkwater of Lancaster Co., age 19, born in New Hampshire, daughter of William and, Agnes (Brown) Drinkwater, by John M. Yearnshaw, at Oak Creek; witss., J. L. Briscoe, Rebecca Yearnshaw, both of Lancaster Co.

  Aug. 21, 1870 (Aug. 17). Diedrick Mayland of Seward Co., age 38, born in Prussia, son of Diedrick and Sophia (Mallering) Mayland, married Sophia Wille of Seward Co., age 22, born in Prussia, daughter of Christopher and Caroline (Jurgens) Wille, by Henrich Violockenmeyer; witss., "in the presence of the Evangelical Lutheran Church," William and Charlotte Liebbe, both of Seward Co.

  Oct. 9, 1870 (Oct. 8). William H. Meyer of Lancaster Co., age 25, born in Prussia, son of Christian and Mimi (Sohlens Rer.) Meyer, married Lizzie Heidenrich of Lancaster Co., age 20, born in Prussia, daughter of Charles and Sophie (Brin Rohoff) Heidenrich, by Henry Vilockenmeyer; witss., Mr. Preuchenbach and Mrs. Brand, both of Lancaster Co., "and the whole church."

  Jan. 15, 1871 (Jam. 2). John H. Lohmier of Lancaster Co., age 39, born in Germany, son of William and Caroline (Rodenberg) Lohmier, married Wilhelmina K. S. Prening of Lancaster Co., age 21, born in Germany, daughter of Philip and Margaretha (Kassing) Prening, by Henry Vilockenmyer; witss., Frederick Prening and Anna Prening, both of Lancaster Co., "and the whole church."

  Feb. 15, 1871 (Jan. 20). Albert G. Fischer of Saline Co., age 26, born in Hanover, son of Edward and Louisa (Dounners) Fischer, married Sophie L. C. Suder [marriage return says 'Fischer], of Chicago, Ill., age 23, born in Schleswig, daughter of Hans and Henretta (Barnhart) Suder, by H. T. Davis; witss., Carter Blondoman, Emily Davis, both of Lancaster Co.


  Feb. 18, 1871 (Feb. 18). Adam P. Jacobson of Polk Co., age 36, born in Sweden, son of Jacob and Mary (Halner) Jacobson, married Ava Charlotte Videu of Lancaster Co., age 26, born in Sweden, daughter of Gustavus Parson and Hannah Manuel, by S. B. Pound; witss., C. W. Bowman, Augusta Bowman, both of Lancaster Co.

  Feb. 20, 1871 (Feb. 20). John Bluckowitz of Lancaster Co., age 35, born in Prussia, son of Mathias and Josephine (Stophenoch) Bluckowitz, married Helena Wende of Lancaster Co., age 31, born in Prussia, daughter of Carl Wende, by S. B. Pound; witss., R. A. Boin, Peter C. Iverson, all of Lancaster Co.

  Mar. 2, 1871 (Mar. 2). Isaac Mayo of Gage Co., age 34, born in Missouri, son of Valentine and Margaret (McCullough) Mayo, married Mrs. Margaret Ritchie of Lancaster Co., age 33, born in Kentucky, daughter of George Brown, by S. B. Pound; witss., W. J. Lamb, D. G. Null, both of Lancaster Co.

  Feb. 21, 1871 (Feb. 21). Sidney B. Scoggins of Lancaster Co., age 22, born in Wisconsin, son of Lemuel and Elizabeth (Barker) Scoggins, married Maggie Haffron of Lancaster Co., age 18, daughter of Thomas and Margaret (Jordon) Haffron, by H. T. Davis; witss., John Scoggins, Emily Davis, both of Lancaster Co.

  Feb. 22, 1871 (Feb. 16). John Viger of Otoe Co., age 23, born in England, son of John and Mary (Hilder) Viger, married Mary Saunders of Otoe Co., age 16, born in England, daughter of William Saunders, by William Felley, J. P.; witss., Agust Flautman, James Odger, both of Otoe Co.

  Mar. 8, 1871 (Mar. 8). Peter M. Teed (or Tweed) of Platte Co., age 47, born in Nova Scotia, son of David and Catharine (Matdall) Tweed, married Mrs. Sarah Watson of Saunders Co., age 45, born in Kentucky, daughter of Green and Docia, (Preston) Fletcher, by S. B. Pound; witss., Oliver Watson of Saunders Co., A. L. Palmer of Lancaster Co.


Contributed by Helen Lyons Wikoff (Mrs. H. E.), New York.
This Bible was published in 1813 by Hudson & Goodwin at Hartford, Connecticut, and is now in possession (1931) of Mrs. F. L. Bowe, Binghamton, New York. This copy was made by Mrs. Lucy Mosher, Binghamton, New York.

Jesse Hinds* born July 10th 1759, Greenwich, Mass.
Martha (wife) born Aug. 27, 1766 in Rochester, Mass.


Samuel born March 27, 1785 in Greenwich, Mass.

Sarah, Dec. 12, 1786 in Greenwich, Mass.

Matta born Dec. 19, 1788 in Greenwich, Mass.

Laviah, Jan. 15th 1790 in Greenwich, Mass.

Nehemiah, June 27,1793 in    "        "

Jesse born Sept. 17, 1794 in Greenwich, Mass.

Mary P. Sept. 9th 1797 in      "         "

Joanna March -- 1800 in Brandon, Vt.

Tabitha, Aug. 13, 1802      "       "

Roger Wing, July 27th. 1805 Brandon, Vt.

Joseph Ganson, July 25th. 1807    "    "

Lorenzo, July 26, 1809 in Brandon, Vt.

*Jesse Hinds died Binghamton, N. Y., May 26, 1842. His wife was Martha Wing.



The Early Records of the First Presbyterian Church at Goshen, New York, from 1767 to 1885. Compiled by Charles C. Coleman, Goshen, N. Y., 1934. 139 pages and Index, 67 pages.

  This volume contains Record of Marriages, Register of Members, Record of Deaths, and Register of Baptisms. The birth date and parentage is usually given in the baptismal record. Mr. Coleman is an attorney at Goshen, whose training, experience and knowledge of local history fit him for this work. In these records we find along with Dutch names such as Van Duser, Connecticut names represented by Case and Coleman, Westchester County names represented by Conklin and Vail, Long Island names represented by Mapes and Reeves, together with many Scotch and Scotch-Irish names. In Orange County, New York, the overflow of population from Connecticut often stopped for a generation, then spread to southern New York, Northern Pennsylvania and Ohio. This is a valuable addition to our source material of New York families and should be included in every genealogical library.

Census Returns of Doddridge, Ritchie and Gilmer Counties, (West) Virginia for 1850, and Calhoun County, (West) Virginia for 1860. Compiled by W. Guy Tetrick, Clarksburg, W. Va. 1933. 340 pages and Index.

  This is a companion volume to Census Returns of Harrison County, (West) Virginia, mentioned In this publication, Volume X, page 27 (April 1932). The name of every man, woman and child, with age and place of birth is given. In the 1860 Census, the state and county are given under place of birth. A few random surnames, represented by ten or more heads of families are Allen, Bee, Bush, Cain, Collins, Cox, Cunningham, Dotson, Goff, Hall, Lowther, Nutter, Richards, Riddel, Starcher, Stout and Stump. For genealogists the Census of 1850 is one of the most important documents in existence. Every genealogical library should be supplied with these books. Those whose family lines pass through the counties mentioned can better afford to buy one of these books than to employ some one to search the records in Washington.



Mrs. C. A. Reynolds

First Vice President

Mrs. W. J. Byer

Second Vice President

Mrs. W. S. Whitten

Recording Secretary

Mrs. C. F. McAdams

Corresponding Secretary

Mrs. 0. W. Olsen


Mrs. N. H. Barnes


Mrs. C. S. Paine


Mrs. T. S. Allen


Mrs. C. H. Jenkins, 1936

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Mrs. C. A. Reynolds, 1937

Mrs. Newell H. Barnes, 1937

Mrs. Lila Woodruff, 1937


Mr. Carl Gray

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