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J. W. Hughes, 35, Va.; wife, Mary Hughes, 26, Miss.; children, Eliahue (M), 7, Ia.; Mary, 2, Neb.; Matilda,
   3 mo., Neb.
William Gill, 33, England.
Sanford Rector, 49, 0.; wife, Rachel R. Rector, 45, 0.; children, Elizabeth A., 14, 0.; Wm. C., 12, 0.; Levi S.,
   8, 0.; [p. 21] Lucy B., 6, Neb.; Rush, 4, Neb.
William Rennick, 64, Ky.
E. A. Ketrowl(f), 47, 0.; wife, Maria Ketrow, 40, Ind.; children, Julia, 17, Ind.; Joseph, 15, Ind.; Mary, 13,
   Ind.; Laura, 8, Ind.; John, 5, Neb.
Reuben C. Golden, 29, Mo.; wife, Nancy H. Golden, 28, Mo.; children, Thomas M., 10, Mo.;
   Francis M. (M), 8, Mo.; Viola A., 6, Mo.; Martha M., 4, Mo.; Wm. L., 1, Neb.
David Woodruff, 32, Va.; Mary J. Woodruff, 20, 0.
John W. Davis
, 8, Mo.
James B. Davis, 23, 0.
Lizzie Bogis, 22, Va.
[p. 22] J. W. Chadduck(x), 34, Va.; wife, E. M. Chadduck, 31, Va.; child, Martha B., 8, Va.
Eleazer Bales, 44, Ind.; wife, Lucinda Bales, 37, Ind.; children, Albert, 19, Ia.; Lydia M., 15, Ia.; Addson C.,
   13, Ia.; Stephen 0., 7, Ia.; Harriet, 3, Neb.
Reuben Pigg, 45, Ky.; wife, Susan, K. Pigg, 34, Mo.; children, Olive A., 10, Mo.; Wm. L., 5, Mo.;
   George H., 3, Mo.
Patrick M. Gary, 45, Va.; wife, Sarah E. Garey, 26, Pa.; children, Mary A. F., 11, Va.; Benj. F., 10, Va.;
   George H., 4, Neb.; Rankin W., 2, Neb.
Joseph Moffatt, 50, N. C.; wife, Irena Moffatt, 34, Ind.; children, Nathan, 20, Ind.; Mary J., 18, Ind.;
   J. Clark, 16, Ind.; Marian D. (F), 13, Ind.; Marion D. (M), 2, Neb.; infant son, 1, Neb.
[p. 23] R. J. Williams, 30, Pa.; wife, Martha J. Williams, 22, Ia.; child, William H., 1, Neb.
Wm. B. Miller,
38, Ky.; wife, Rachel A., 28, Va.; child, John G., 8, Mo.
G. C. Jackson, 55, Ky.; wife, Matilda Jackson, 52, Ky.; child, Nancy M., 15, Mo.
Martha J. Thatcher, 25, Mo.; children, Wm. C., 4, Mo.; John, 1, Mo.
Maria L. Markum, 27, Mo.; child, John, 1, Mo.
Absalom Donahoo, 37, Ind.; wife, Mary E. Donahoo, 32, Ky.; children, Allen M., 10, Ia.; Allice, 6. Neb.;
   Cora, 5, Neb.; Crystol M. (M) , 3, Neb.
Isaac Epler, 28, Ill.; wife, Caroline F., 26, Ill.; children, Margaret E., 6, Neb.; Matella E., 5, Neb.; John E.,
   3 mo., Neb.
Wm. C. Foulks(f), 47, Va.; wife, Martha A. Foulkes, 23, Ind.; children, Willie P., 9, Neb.; Julia J., 7, Neb.,
   Edward C., 4, Neb.; Martha A., 1, Neb.
Robert C. Elvin(y), 42, Scotland; wife, Martha B. Elvin, 37, Scotland; children, Robert M., 18, Scotland;
   Mary, 15, Mo.; Elizabeth, 11, Ia.; Martha, 5, Neb.; John W., 1, Neb.
Wm. Rotten, 39, England; wife, Caroline Rotten, 30, Mo.; children, Wm., 15, England; Elizabeth A., 14,
   Mass.; Josephine W., 11, Mo.; John W., 9, Mo.; living in family, Thos. Henry, 11, Ky.; George W. Rotten,
   10, Ia.; John W. Rotten, 8, Neb.; Sophia Rotten, 4, Neb.; Alonzo Williams, 10, Mo.; Augustus Williams, 4,
   Mo.; infant son, 3 days, Neb.
J. E. Markum, 44, Ky.; wife, Margaret Markum, 39, Ky.; children, John, 9, Ky.; Arthur, 7, Ky.; Sarah E.,
   5, Kans.; Della, 6 mo., Neb.

   (x) James W. Chadduck, b. Feb. 2, 1831, in the Shenandoah Valley, son of Eli and Catherine (Botts) Chadduck, married there, June 12, 1855, Miss Eliza M. Colvin, b. in Culpepper Co., Va. He settled at Nebraska City in 1863, opening a dental office. Chapman. pp. 704-5.
   (y) Cass Co. census. 1856. - Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record, Jan. 1899.



   These records, somewhat abbreviated, are from the federal census, 1860, Schedule 3, which bears the heading, "Persons who Died during the Year ending 1st June, 1860,-----" The original manuscript of this Nebraska census was made in duplicate and an incomplete copy is now to be found at the University of Nebraska library. Unfortunately the families were not identified in the records of 1860, as they were in the records of 1870. Nebraska City papers of this period contain very few death notices. An examination of these shows that the deaths were not listed in the census if the party who died did not belong to an Otoe County family, or if the family had removed from the county before the census was taken.(a)

Sarah E. Lauer (b) (F), b. N. Y.; d. Feb., age 12.
Edward Halpine (M), b. Ireland, married, laborer; d. May, age 45.
William Morgan (M), b. England, married, timber dealer; d. Oct. [1859], age 38.
Joseph Pullin (M), b. England, married, carpenter; d. Aug. [1859], age 38.
Albert Thibits (M), b. Nebr.; d. May, age 9 mo.
Thomas Delashmuth (M), b. unknown, farmer; d. Oct. [1859], age 23.
Samuel J. Hayward (M), b. Nebr.; d. Jan., age 10 mo.
Frederick Haskell (M), b Mich.; d. Feb. age 5, scarlatina.
Bonapart F. Tindle(c) (M), b. 0., married, carpenter; d. Sept. [1859], age 24.
William B. Hall(d) (M), b. Vt., married, merchant; d. Sept. [1859], age 40.
Cora M. Sibley (F), b. Nebr.; d. Sept. [1859], age 7 mo.
Walter H. Lowrie, Jr.,(e) (M), b. Pa.; d. Nov. [1859], age 5.
Orville M. Brown (M), b. Ind.; d. Sept. [1859], age 9, shot by accident.
Fidelia L. Brown (F), b. Nebr.; d. Apr., age 9 mo.
Sarah Pierce (F), b. Pa., married; d. Aug. [1859), age 41.
James Pierce (M), b. Pa.; d. Oct. [1859], age 14.
Fanny K. Blackman (F), b. Nebr.; d. Aug. [1859], age 11 mo.
George Schnider (M), b. Nebr.; d. Mar., age 8 mo.
Alfonso R. Welch (M), b. Nebr.; d. Feb., age 6 mo., whooping cough.
Ida Hawke(f) (F), b. Mo.; d. Jan., age 4.

   (a) Friel N., only child of H. P. and Sarah Bennet, died July 20, 1859, age 7 months and 20 days. - Nebraska City News, 1859 July 23. H. P. Bennet moved to the gold fields, now Colorado, in November, 1859. - Peoples Press (Nebraska City), 1860 Jan. 5:
      Miss Marcella Hickok, teacher, parents dec'd, formerly of Mich.. died July 22, 1859, niece of Elvira Gaston Platt, Civil Bend, Ia. - Nebraska City News, 1859 July 23; July 30.
      James E. Scott, employed by Russell, Majors & Weddell, died at Nebraska City, Sept. 29, 1859. - Ibid, 1859 Oct. 8.
      John Haft (or Pfaff), recently returned from the plains, died at Nebraska City, Nov. 19, 1859. - Peoples Press (Nebraska City), 1859 Nov 24; Dec. 1.
      Mr. Ewing, a stranger, died at Nebraska city, May 9, 1859. - Ibid, 1860 May 11.
   (b) Lily Lauer, died at her mother's home near Wyoming, Jan. 30, aged 12 years. Nebraska City News. 1860 Feb. 4.
   (c) N. B. Tindall, died at Nebraska City, Oct. 13, 1859, aged 24. Cleveland, Ohio, papers please copy. - Ibid, 1859 Oct. 22.
   (d) William B. Hall, died at Nebraska City, Sept. 10, 1959, in his 41st year, Survived by wife and children. He was a member of the legislature of 1859. - Ibid. 1859 Oct. 1.
   (e) Walter H., son of Joseph W. and Cornelia W, Lowrie, formerly of Pittsburg, Pa., died Nov. 18, 1859, aged 5 years and 8 months. - Nebraska City News, 1859 Nov 19. Peoples Press (Nebraska City), 1859 Nov 24.


Allen M. Hargus(g) (M), b. Nebr.; d. Nov. [1859], age 2.
Elizabeth Creel (F), b. Ireland, married; d. Dec. [1859], age 25.
Alice L. Pearman(h) (F), b. Nebr.; d. Feb., age 9 mo., whooping cough.
John Laflan (M), b. Va., married, laborer; d. July [18591, age 65.
John Hastings (M), b. Pa., widower, laborer; d. Oct. [1859], age 57.
William Nicholson (M), b. England, married, farmer; d. Jan., age 56.
Reuben H. Beebe (M), b. Nebr.; d. May, age 7 mo.
Josephine Bueter (F), b. Nebr.; d. Aug. [1859], age 1, diphtheria.
Thomas Busby (M), b. Nebr.; d. Oct. [1859], age 1.
William W. Young (M), b. Pa., harness maker; d. May, age 26.
Isaac C. Young (M), b. Pa., farmer; d. June [year ?], age 19.
Isabella Jeffers (F), b. 0.; d. Dec. (1859], age 7, frozen.
John Gibbs (M), b. Nebr.; d. Febr., age 3 mo.
John Lucas (M), b. Nebr.; d. Feb., age 6 mo., whooping cough.
Charles Cook (M), b. Nebr.; d. July [1859], age 2 days.
William M. Seaton (M), b. England, married, engineer; "found dead", Dec. [1859], age 50.
John L. Davis (M), b. Nebr.; d. May, age 1.
Abner Penn
(M), b. Pa.; d. Apr., age 3, scarlet fever.
Hannah Sibert (F), b. Pa., married; d. Aug. [1859], age 36.
Charles W. Bradford (M), b. N. Y.; d. Feb., age 1.
Ora Gilmore (M), b. Nebr.; d. Aug. [1859], age 4 mo.
Jenette Knox (F), b. Nebr.; d. Sept. [1859], age 1.
Lewis Morgan (M), b. Nebr.; d. May, age 1 day.
Cornelius McDaniel (M), b. Nebr.; d. Oct. [1859], age 11 mo.
Nancy J. Spry (F), b. Ia.; d. Oct. [1859], age 11 mo.
Alice McNemara (F), b. Ind.; d. Dec. [18591, age 6.
Olive 0. Bennet (F), b. Nebr.; d. Feb., age 1.
Nevada Lemon (F), b. Nebr.; d. Apr., age 3.
William N. Fitchie(i) (M), b. Pa.; d. Aug. [1859], age 18, thrown from horse.
Henry C. Thompson (M), b. Wis.; d. Jan., age 7.
Louisa Haupman (F), b. Nebr.; d. Aug. [1859], age 11 mo.
Ann P. Stuckenhoft (F), b. N. Y.; d. Mar., age 4, whooping cough.
Harmon S. Stuckenhoft (M), b. Nebr.; d. Aug. [1859], age 1.
Caroline A. Bronson
(F), b. England; d. May, age 2, measles.
John Bronson (M), b. England; d. May, age 3 mo., measles.
Laittia Bronson(j) (F), b. England; d. June, age 6, measles.
Mary M. Ott (F), b. Ill.; d. May, age 4, scarlatina.
Rachel A. Ott (F), b. Ill.; d. May, age 8, scaralatina.
Harriett Ott (F), b. Ill.; d. May, age 1, scarlatina.
Jesse C. Pentecost (M), b. Nebr.; d. Nov. [18591, age 1.
Maria C. Lewis (F), b. Neb.; d. Sept. [1859], age 7 mo.
Austin Coon (M), b. Neb.; d. June [year ?] age 1 mo.
Ruth Bignell (F), b. Neb.; d. Aug. [1859], age 1.
Asa Anderson
(M), b. 0.; d. Feb., age 6.
Elizabeth Mosher (F), b. 0., married; d. Dec. [1859], age 19.

   (f) Ida, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth A. Hawke, died Jan. 16, 1860, aged 3 years, 10 months and 13 days. - Nebraska City News, 1860 Jan. 21. Peoples Press (Nebraska City), 1860 Jan 19.
   (g) Allen N., son of Simpson and Harriet Hargus, died Nov. 22, 1859, aged 2 years and 4 months. - People's Press (Nebraska City), 1859 Dec 1.
   (h) Alice L., daughter of J. Wallace and Mary A. Pearman, died Jan. 27, 1860, aged 9 months and 7 days. - Ibid, 1860, Jan. 31.
   (1) William Nelson Fitchie, son of T. James Fitchie, was killed by a fall from a horse, Aug. 25, 1859, aged 19 years 5 months and 24 days. - Andreas, History of Nebraska, p. 1219.
   (j) It is obvious that this death was in June, 1860, for the a months old chlid (sic) that died in May had been born in England.


John Wolph (M), b. N. Y., farmer; d. Oct. [1859], age 69.
Nicholas Throme (M), b. Switzerland, "ostler"; d. May, age 25, kicked by horse.
Hannah Raush (F), b. Pa., widow; d. Oct. [1859], age 55.
William E. Lowe (M), b. Nebr.; d. July [1859], age 3.
Mary Van Tilberg (F), b. Ia.; d. Feb., age 1 mo, diphtheria.
Florida lvers (F), b. Nebr.; d. Sept. [1859], age 1.
John W. Stoner (M), b. Nebr.; d. Jan., age 1 mo.
Mary Dorsey (F), b. Ind.; d. Apr., age 20.
Thomas Perkins (M), b. 0., married, merchant; d. Apr., age 46.
Charles H. Downs(k) (M), b. Nebr.; d. May, age 5.
Harriet Downs(l) (F), b. Nebr.; d. Feb., age 5 mo., whooping cough.
John Hoffman (M), b. Nebr.; d. Aug. [1859], age 2 mo.
Mary J. Sample (F), b. Pa.; widow; d. Aug. [1859], age 30.
John Murray (M), b. Wis.; d. Dec. [1859], age 15.
Caroline Yates (F), b. Ky.; d. Sept. [1859], age 14.
John Ellis, Jr., (M), b. England; d. Nov. [1859], age 8.
Alice Hurst
(F), b. Nebr.; d. Feb., age 1.
Adam Bishop (M), b. Germany; d. July [1859], age 32, shot.

   (k) Charles H., son of H. P. and Rachel Downs, died May 10, age 4 years, 8 months, 23 days. - People's Press (Nebraska City), 1860 May 11.
   (1) Harriet, youngest child of H. P. and Rachel Downs, died Jan. 25, aged 4 months, 29 days. - Ibid, 1860 Jan. 31. Nebraska City News. 1860 Jan 28.


Transcribed by R. Harold Marks, Lincoln, Nebraska.

  This Bible, formerly the property of John S. Bowen*, is now deposited in the Blair (Nebraska) public library. Strangely this Bible records only three of his ten children.


IconJohn Stevenson
Jane Porter

Margaret and Mary their children

Jane Porter
John Bowen
Mary Stevenson

James, Jane P, John S., William and Mary - their children

IconJohn S. Bowen
Annette McWilliams

April 15th 1834.

IconSamuel McWilliams
Margaret Irwin

Annette their child.


Mary - daughter of John S. and Annette Bowen, born March 4th, 1835.
and William R. Williams - born September 4th 1836.
and Jane Porter - born November 22nd 1838.


Samuel McWilliams died January 18th 1835 aged 70 years.
Mary, daughter of Jno. S. and Annette Bowen died February 23rd 1837 aged 1 year 11 months & 19 days.

   *John Stevenson Bowen was born July 31, 1811, New York City and was educated there and in England. For several years he clerked in his father's business houses in New York City and Philadelphia. He settled in Chester Co., Penna., where he married, April 15, 1834, Annette McWilliams. He studied both law and medicine, organized a company that built a railroad from West Chester to Philadelphia, edited a newspaper and served two terms in the Pennsylvania legislature. In 1856 he was secretary of the congressional committee sent to investigate the trouble in Kansas. In April 1857 he settled on a farm in Washington Co., Nebr., removing to Blair in 1870. He was twice a member of the Nebraska territorial legislature. Of ten children born, eight attained their majority. - Morton-Watkins, History of Nebraska, I. p. 593.



Contributed by Frank W. Mosher, Wichita, Kansas.

   According to an old county history, Daniel Mosher was born, September 9,1802, in Oppenheim Township, Montgomery County, New York, the son of Isrel and Ester (Ingerson) Mosher. He settled in Rock Island County, Illinois. Mr. Mosher married, first, December 31, 1826 [?] Phebe Churchill; secondly, Jane Benson. The family Bible is the property of his granddaughter, Irene Mosher Schane.

Daniel Mosher, born Sept. 9, 1802.
Jane Mosher, born January 15, 1822.
John Mosher, born April 14, 1842.
Elenora Mosher, born Jan. 5, 1845;
Janette Mosher, born April 26, 1848.
George Mosher, born Sept. 11, 1849.
Mary J. Mosher, born Dec. 18, 1851.
Emily Mosher, born Apr. 25, 1854.
Josephine Mosher, born Dec. 19, 1855.
Douglas Mosher, born Apr. 19, 1858;
John Mosher, born Mar. 18, 1861.
McClellan Mosher, born Mar. 15, 1864.

Samuel Mosher, born July 10, 1824 [?]
Louise Mosher, born Aug. 21, 1828.
Nelson Mosher, born Sept. 22, 1830.

John Mosher, died Oct. 8, 1846.
Josephine Mosher, died Dec. 14, 1857.
George Mosher, died May.


Contributed by Ada 0. Waltenbaugh (Mrs. C. C.), Canton. 0.

   This record is from a Bible at the home of Mrs. Wm. Conner, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. The records were verified in part at Bull Creek Cemetery, north of Tarentum, Pennsylvania.

Moses Brown,            married to Mary Owen,
   born June 28, 1775.*             born Nov. 11, 1780.


Jonathan Owen Brown, born Nov. 23, 1797.
Archibald Cain Brown, born Nov. 30, 1799.
George Fosset Brown, born May 9, 1801.
Thomas Jefferson Brown, born Jan. 3, 1803.
JesseÝ Brown, born June 18, 1805.
Julia Brown, born Nov. 2, 1807.
Moses Brown, Jr., born Feb. 5, 1809.
Andrew Jackson Brown, born Apr. 28, 1815.
Mary Jane Brown, born Jan. 25, 1818.

* Goshen, N. Y.. First Presbyterian Church has:
     Moses Brown. b. June 29. 1775, bpt. Aug. 13, 1775.
     Thomas Brown, b. Mar. 15. 1777. bpt. July 6, 1777.
           Sons of Archibald and Rebeckah Brown.
  ÝJesse Brown, died Oct. 7. 1870, near Tarentum, Pa., aged 65.He was born in New York State and came to western Pennsylvania about 53 years before - Unidentified newspaper clipping.

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