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No. 1

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Ganong-Carver Family Records

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Nebraska Census, 1865; Otoe County


Contributed by Malvina G. Croft, Lincoln, Nebraska

  The Bible from which these records were copied was the property of Lewis C. Ganong and is now in possession of Mrs. Malvina G Croft, Lincoln, Nebraska. All the entries except the last three were in the hand of Lewis C. Ganong. This copy was made by the Editor.

  On the front page is printed:


Published and Sold by Daniel D. Smith, at the Franklin Juvenile
Book and Stationary Store, No. 190 Greenwich Street.
Also by Principal Booksellers in the United States.


[Page 1] Lewis C Ganong and Mary Kniffin was married Jan 5th 1831
George Ruscoe and Belinda Ganong was married December 31st 1850
Newman M Worden and Emmalinda Ganong was married June 1st 1853
Kniffin J Ganong and Jane Ann Reynolds was married December 24th 1857
Ely Bailey and Laura A Smith was married January the 13th 1859
Elezer H Ganong and Hellen Peck was married May the 29th 1862


[Page 2] Lewis C Ganong was born December 9th 1809
Mary Z Kniffin was born July 23th 1800
Belinda and Emmalinda Ganongs was born September 8th 1833
Kniffin J Ganong was born September the 15th 1836
Newman C Ganong was born September the 29th 1840 Died March 20th 1863
Irene Worden was Born November 27th 1855
Laura A Smith was Born December 22nd 1837 (or 1834)
Jane Ann Reynolds was Born February 16th 1838
Ely Bailey was Born August 18th 1838
George Ruscoe was Born July 27th 1831
Newman M Worden was Born May 3d 1832 Died Dec 16th 1899 (Death record in a later hand.)
Francis L Ganong was Born Nov 13th 1858
Addison Ganong 2d was born March 3d 1861
Mary E Kniffin was Born December 5th 1840


Sarah J Kniffin was Born January 29th 1842
Newman Ganong 2nd was Born March 7th 1863
Malvina Ganong was Born July 9th

[Page 3] Jeremiah Ganong Jun was Born March 8th 1779
Hannah Carver was Born May 8th 1785
Rachael Ganong was Born April 15th 1813
Phebe M Ganong was Born April 19th 1815 died 1900 (Death record in a later hand.)
Addison P Ganong was Born December 15th 1817 died June 25 1900 (Death record in a later hand.)
Elezer H Ganong was Born December 11th 1821
Maranda J Ganong was Born February 1st 1828
Jeremiah Ganong Sen was Born Aug 15th 1740
Zerviah Kellogg was Born Sept 6th 1737 (wife of Jeremiah Ganong, Sen.)
Hellen Peck was Born July 15th 1825
Belinda Ruscoe was Born Oct 10th 1862

Timothy Carver was Born Oct 30th 1753
Phebe Baldwin was Born Oct 3d 1755
Hannah Baldwin was Born Sept 22nd 1758
Jonathan Carver was Born July 21st 1777
Mary Carver was Born December 3d 1778
Rebecca Carver was Born January 29th 1780
James Carver was Born September 26th 1781
Elija Carver was Born January 18th 1783
Mabitable Carver was Born December 8th 1786
Elezer Carver was Born November 28th 1788
Barnabus Carver was Born March 9th 1790
Sally Carver was Born August 9th 1791
John Carver was Born October 24th 1792
Lewis Carver was Born November 20th 1794
Zilla Carver was Born December 13th 1795
Rachiel Carver was Born February 5th 1797
Daniel Carver was Born August 3d 1799
Henry Carver was Born February 15th 1804


[Page 4] Hester Kniffin The Wife of John Kniffin died February the 12th 1831
In memory of Juda the wife of Silvenus Kniffin who died January 16th 1837
In memory of Sylvenus Kniffin Who died August 24th 1850
In memory of Rachel Ganong Who died Oct 11th 1814
In memory of Maranda J Ganong Who died August 8th 1838
Belinda Wife of George Ruscoe Died oct 11th 1862
Newman C Ganong Died at Harpers Ferry March 20th 1863 Agd 22 years, 5 months & 20 days
Jeremiah Ganong Sen Died May 15th 1827
Zerviah Ganong Died June 5th 1827
Jeremiah Ganong jun Died August 21st 1863
Jonathan Carver Mar 22d 1783
Phebe Carver March 14th 1798
Mary Carver Aug 5th 1799
Rachel Carver July 12th 1810
Rebecca Pinckney march 15th 1821
Hanner Carver Aug 20th 1825
Timothy Carver Nov 3d 1825
James Carver July 2nd 1837
Sally Longwell July 15th 1848


Elijah Carver July 14th 1854
Lewis Carver Sept 12th 1861
Mahitable Longwell Feb 27th 1869
Hannah Carver Wife of Jeremiah Ganung Aug 30th 1869
John Carver March 11th 1871
Henry Carver August 19th 1872
Elezer Carver October 21st 1873
Barnabus Carver June 16th 1876
Mary Z Wife of Lewis C Ganung August 25th 1876
Zilla Longwell March 4th 1880
Lewis C Ganung died August 21st 1883
Addison Ganung June 25th 1900
Elezer Ganung Nov 25th 1906

  Mrs. Walter May, Okanogan, Washington, gives the family of seven of Timothy6 Carver's children as follows:

James Carver (1781-1837) had six children, Hannah, Mary Ann, Jane, Hosea, Charlotte and Phoebe.
Elijah Carver (1781-1854) married Susanah Longwell who died in 1840.
Eleazer Carver (1788-1873) had three sons, David, William and Ira.
Barnabus Carver (1790-1870) had three sons, Stephen, Frederick and Madison
Sarah (or Sally) Carver (1791-1848) married James Longwell and had thirteen children, Hosea, Zillah, Lewis, Phoebe, Jerry, Amanda, Hannah, James, Ira, Sarah, David, Mary and Orman.
Zillah Carver (1785-1880) married Ira Longwell and had six children, Daniel, Rachel, David, William, Harriette
   and Sarah Jane.
Henry Carver (1804-1872) had four children, James, Margaret, Mary and George.

   The older Timothy Carver and his wife Rebecca Washburn were early settlers in the vicinity of Carmel, New York. Five children reached maturity; Rebecca, wife of Jeremiah Hughson; Mehetable, wife of Daniel Pierce; Timothy (1753- 1825); Thankful, wife of ------ Abbott; Barnabas (1761-1831), who left no descendants. Pelletreau, William, History of Putman County, New York, pp. 357-359.

  Timothy5 Carver (Eleazer4-3, John2, Robert1) came to New York from eastern Massachusetts. This branch of the family merits further study for Rebecca Washburn must have been the descendant of a Mayflower passenger, either Francis Cooke or John Billington. Of the children of Timothy' Carver at least four died unmarried, Jonathan, Mary, Rachel and Daniel. James7 Carver was involved in a famous law suit over a tract of land.



(Continued from Vol. XIX, p. 33.)


p. 51] W. T. Clasby, 27, Mo.; wife, Jennie Clasby, 25, Va.; children, Lorena, 3, Mo.; May, 1, Mo.
R. A. White(a), 29, Mo.; wife, Margaret White, 26, Mo.; children, John B., 6, Mo.; Albert, 4, Mo.

  (a) Richard A. White, b. Aug. 28, 1836, Saline Go., Mo., was the son of John A. and Elizabeth (Atkins) White, natives of Va. He married, Aug. 1857, Miss Margaret E. Burns, daughter of Jeremiah Burns. In 1863 they moved to Denver, and the next year settled at Nebraska City. He engaged in freighting several Years. - Portrait and Biographical Album of Cass and Otoe Counties (Chapman Bros., Chicago, 1889), pp. 581-2.


Ann Burnes, 26, children, Edward, 7, Mo.; Cora, 5, Mo.,
John W. Anderson, 39, Va.
Peter Rottenhow, 22, Germany.
Charles Jackey, 27, Germany.
Henry Stanley, 26, Mo., colored; Eliza, 21, Mo., colored.
Phillip Moll, 36, Germany; wife, Richie Moll, 28, Germany; son, John, 1, Neb.
Minnie Poddie, 24, Mo.
Thomas Mon(t)gomery, 35, Ky.; wife, Susan Montgomery, 25, Mo.; son, Thomas, 4, Mo.
G. F. Clemmings(b), 34, Va.; wife, Charlotte T. Clemmings, Ky.; children, Parmelia J., 8, Kans.;
    Franklin, 2, Mo.
Elizabeth Kuykendorff, 56, Ky.
Wm. Oliver, 42, Va.; wife, Anna Oliver, 28, Pa.; children, [p. 521 Kate, 4, Mo.; Bettie, 2 Mo.;
   John, 10 mo., Mo.
P. P. Baker, 23, Va.; wife, Lucinda Baker, 22, Va.; son, Charles H., 2, Mo.
Joseph McClosky, 36, Ind.; Nancy, 30, Mo.; Mary M., 18, Mo.
Benj. Smith, 35, 0.; wife, Elizabeth Smith, 25, England; children, Alexander, 5, Neb.; Frank, 3, Neb.;
   Eda, 6 mo., Neb.
W. H. Welch, 24, Mo
J. L. Callwell, 27, Ky.
Vinson Lovelady, 21, Tenn.; wife, Eliza Lovelady, 21, Mo.
Alexander Schmidt, 26, Germany; wife, Joanna Schmidt, 23, Ireland; son, Joseph A., 6 mo., Neb.
J. W. Jones, 31, Va.
Eglehart Schmidt, 18, Germany.
Frank Bower, 45, Germany; wife, Katherine Bower, 44, Germany; children, Michael, 18, Germany; Minnie,
   16, Germany; Christina, 8, Mo.; Katherine, 6, Kans.; Frank, 1, Neb.
p. 53] Miles Monaghn, 63, Ireland; wife, Bridget Monaghn, 62, Ireland; children, Thomas, 27, Ireland;
   Edward, 25, Ireland.
John Dotton, 27, Ireland; wife, Elizabeth Dotton, 21, Ireland; children, Rosanna, 3, Neb.; Bidans, 2, Colo.
Patrick Monaghn, 27, Ireland; wife, Mary Monaghn, 27, Ireland; dau., Mary A., 5, Ill.
John M. Davis, 47, Ky.
Isaac Baker, 31, Mass.; wife, Amanda Baker, 27, Conn.; dau., Mary A., 9, Neb.
Daniel Allen, 30, Ireland; wife, Katherine B., 30, Ireland; children, Margaret, 7, Ill.; John, 5, Neb.;
   Mary A., 3, Neb.; Sarah, 2, Neb.; Daniel, 8 mo., Neb.
John Hancock, 38, Ind.; wife, Elizabeth Hancock, 32, Ky.; son, Wm. D., 13, Ind.
David B. Hancock, 31, Ind.
Thomas W. Johnson, 27, Pa.
L. M. Townsley, 28, Pa.
Mason Brown, 21, Mo.
p. 54] David Siegel, 44, Germany; Henrietta, 21, Md.; Mary V., 7, Neb.
Lena Guthmer, 24, Germany.
Henry Siegel, 24, Germany.
Calvin McCord, 18, Wis.
Saml Strauss, 20, Germany.
Richd D. Simpson, 28, Ky.; wife, Missouri A. Simpson, 24, Mo.
Mary Carrol, 11, Neb.

  (b) George Franklin Clemings, b. Mar. 4, 1830, Loudon Co., Va., son of Alfred and Matilda (Payne) Clemings, moved with his father's family to Ohio. In 1851 he opened a blacksmith shop at Platte City, Mo., moving to Jefferson Co., Kans., in 1854. He later returned to Platte City, Mo., and served about nine months in the Confederate army. In 1864 he moved to Nebraska City, returning to Platte Co. in 1866. His first wife was Charlotte, daughter of John Kerkendall. - History of Clay and Platte Counties, Missouri (National Historical Company, St. Louis), p. 935.


L. J. Holland, 34, Tenn.
J. Poteet, 42, Ala.; Rebecca, 27, Mo.; Wm., 12, Mo.; John, 10, Mo.; Charles, 8, Mo.; Ambrose, 6, Mo.;
   Catherine, 5, Mo.; Lizzie, 3, Mo.
S. E Ward,(c) 47, Va.; Mary F., 34, Ky.; Martha, 18, Colo.; James, 16, Colo.; Richard, 13, Colo.;
   John, 4, Mo.; Hugh, 2, Mo.
Alex Majors(d), 50, Ky.; wife, Susan D., 28, Va.; children, Flora, 21, Mo.; Benjamin, 19, Mo.;
   [p. 55] Jane, 16, Mo.; Green, 11, Mo.; Katie, 6, Neb.; Alexander, Jr., 4, Neb.; Nellie, 2, Neb.
John McFarland, 55, Ireland; wife, Elizabeth McFarland, 50, Ireland; children, Samuel, 16, Pa.;
   Wm. J., 12, Pa.
C. W. Seymour(e), 26, 0.; wife, Katherine Seymour, 18, Mo.; son, Wm. F., 1, Neb.
Wm. LaGrass, 37, Ky.; wife, Albertie LaGrass, 22, Va.; children, Eugenia, 3, Mo.; Albert, 3 mo., Neb.
Wm. Dorsey, 49, Ind.; Loise Dorsey, 47, England; children, Adeline, 19, Ind.; Geo. D., 11, Ind.
Jesse Blackburn, 35, Pa.; wife, Eliza Blackburn, 28, Ill.; children, Clara, 4, Mo.; Eliza, 6 mo., Neb.
p. 56] Henry Phillips, 30, Mo.
S. Badham, 60, England.
Andrew Habor, 47, Germany; wife, Annetta Habor, 35, Germany; children, Matilda, 5, Mo.;
   John, 3 mo., Neb.
Hiram Fenrose, 30, Germany; wife, Anna Fenrose, 20, Germany; infant dau., 4 da., Neb.
W. F. Morelan, 37, Va
Solomon Enfield, 22, Pa.
Peter Enfield, 26, Pa.
W. H. Buck, 27, 0.
Julius Snider, 22, Germany.
0. Williams, 23, 0.
Wm. H. South, 23, 0.
A. Albright(f), 31, Germany; wife, Loiza Albright, 28, Germany; children, Emma, 5, Neb.; Alexander, 3, Neb.;
   Loiza, 1 mo., Neb.
John I. Smith, 38, Germany; wife, Margaret Smith, 28, Germany; children, Margaret, 2, Neb.;
   Josephine, 1, Neb.
Frederick Magors, 39, Germany; wife, Doretta Magors, 36, Germany; dau. Emma, 8, Mo.
Wm. S. Wheeler, 34, Va.
M. V. Greenwood, 25, 0.
p. 57] I. H. Rhoads, 26, Ind.
D. M. Rhoads, 24, Mo.; wife, Armilda Rhoads, 22, Ill.; children, James A. 5, Mo; Lucinda, 2 Mo.
James F. Anderson, 21, Mo.

  (c) Seth Ward lived among the Indians in Colorado and Wyoming from 1838 to 1845. Later he freighted from independence, Mo., to the Indian agencies in Kansas and later kept a trading post at Laramie. Later he lived at Nebraska City, where he was an extensive freighter. In 1855 he married Mrs. McCarty whose father owned a part of Westport. At the time of the real estate boom at Kansas City, Mr. Ward had extensive holdings and became very wealthy - Nebraska City News, 1903, Dec. 15.
  (d) Alexander Majors, b. Oct. 4, 1814, Franklin, Ky., son of Benjamin and Laurania (Kelly) Majors, moved with his father's family to Lafayette Co., Mo., in 1818, and to Jackson Co. in 1825. He was a partner in the freighting Company of Russell, Majors & Waddell and lived at Nebraska City nine years. - Morton-Watkins, History of Nebraska, I, pp. 92-3. See also Nebraska City News, 1900 Jan. 23, p. 1 (1).
  (e) Charles William Seymour, b. June 4, 1838. Licking Co., 0., son of John William Seymour, graduated from Ohio Wesleyan, Delaware, 0., 1860. He came to Nebraska City in 1861 and was elected to the territorial legislature in 1862 and 1863. He married July 4, 1863, Katherine Ella Holly, daughter of Judge Charles F. Holly, born at Savannah, Mo. He was an attorney. - Andreas, History of Nebraska, p. 1228. See also Chapman, pp. 891-2.
  (f) Adolph Albright, b. Feb. 16, 1833, Gandersheim, Brunswick, Germany, came to America in 1855. The next year he settled at Nebraska City, where he was a shoemaker. He married there, Sept. 26, 1858, Miss Louisa Schmidt, a native of Hesse, Germany. - Chapman, pp. 353-4.


John Erwin, 23, Mo.
Shelby S. Cook, 19, Ky.
August Sangerman, 27, Germany; wife, Lisette Sangerman, 24, Germany; dau., Lizzie, 1 mo., Neb.
N. B. Larsh(g), 30, 0.; wife, Ella S. Larsh, 25, 0.; children, Thomas B., 5, Neb.; Sarah C., 4, Neb.;
   Ella L., 2, Neb.
T. B. Stephenson(h), 28, N. Y.
Samuel Saunders, 34, England; wife, Elizabeth Saunders, 25, Pa.; children, Jennie, 3, Neb.; Anna, 2, Neb.
J. Wayne Snowden, 34, Pa.; wife, H. Elizabeth Snowden, 33, Pa.; children, Charles G., 11, Pa.;
   Sallie F., 5, Mo.; Maggie Belle, 1 mo., Neb:
p. 58[ Thomas Givens, 72, Va.; Ellen, 50, Ky.; Thomas, 23, Mo.; Wm., 18, Mo.; Amanda, 16, Mo.;
   James, 13, Mo.
John Murdoch, 18, N. Y.
Michael Vasser, 41, Canada; wife, Mary Vasser, 27, Wis.; children, Edmund, 8, Neb.; Henry, 6, Neb.;
   Albert, 4, Neb.; Joseph, 1, Neb.
F. Y. Ewing, 53, Ky.; wife, Jane T. Ewing, 40, Va.; children, Wm. L., 19, Mo.; Kate, 9, Mo.; probably
   living in family, Sally Ewing, 16, Ind.
Leopold Kaiser, 16, Germany
B. J. Newsom, 30, Tenn.; wife, Anna Newsom, 24, Mo.; children, Emma, 4, Mo.; Anna, 3 mo., Neb.
Mary Strange, 33, Va.
John D. Clayton, 30, Va.; wife, Carrie Clayton, 22, Mo.
Wm. Warfield, 32, Mo.; wife, Celia J. Warfield, 22, Mo.; children, Anna L., 3, Mo.; Carlos M., 1, Neb.
p. 59] John Edmison, 50, Tenn.; Eliza, 16, Mo.
Stewar McConiga, 36, Va.; wife, Jane B. McConiga, 31, 0.; children, James C., 10, Ia.; Ida M., 6, Neb.
Sarah Frasier, 63, Va.
Robert Dunn, 15, England
Charles A. Place, 24, N. Y.; wife, Gussie Place, 21, N. Y.; infant dau., 11 da., Neb.
Leonard Frost, 41, N. Y.; wife, Lizzie Frost, 31, N. Y.; children, Wm., 13, N. Y.; James, 11, N. Y.;
   Mollie, 9, N. Y.
Jane McMurry, 35, Ireland
Lewis Devenport, 25, 0.
James Applegate
, 30, Ill.; "Blind in right Eye."
Martha J. Wooley, 20, Ill.; Frank, 4, Neb.; Minnie A., 2, Neb.
Daniel Fouts, 39, Ind.; "Deformed."
Wm. Fallon, 46, Ireland; wife, Julia Fallon, 35, Ireland; children, Margaret, 10, Mass.; Mary, 8, Mass.;
   James, 5, Neb.; Julia, 3, Neb. Jane, 3 mo., Neb.
p. 60] W. C. Williams, 34, Ireland; wife, Rachel Williams, 25, 0.; children, Thomas J., 6, Neb.;
   Joseph G., 3, Neb.; infant son, 6 mo., Neb.
W. H. Sexton, 26, Mo.
S. G. Norris, 45, Va.
Wm. R. Sexton, 29, Mo.
Robert Williams, 40, Ireland
C. W. Lambeth, 50, Va.; wife, Caroline V., 44, Ky.; children, Wm. C.(i), 18, Mo.; Thomas C., 17, Mo.;
   Mary E, 11, Mo.; Edward, 9, Mo.

  (g) N. B. Larsh, b. Jan. 6. 1835, Eaton, Preble Co., 0., graduated from Miami Medical College, Cincinnati, 0., in 1857. Two years later he settled at Nebraska City, where he married, Dec. 22, 1859, Ella S. Armstrong, also a native of Ohio. He was a member of the territorial legislature and later of the state senate. - Andreas, p. 1224.
  (h) Thomas B. Stevenson, b. July 28, 1835, Jefferson Co., N. Y., came to Nebraska City in April 1863 where he was an attorney. He married, Mar. 1858, at Sidney, Ia., Anna C. Nisewhander, a native of Tazewell Co., Va. - Andreas, p. 1229. He served against the Indians in the fall of 1864 as captain of a militia company. - Editor.
  (i) William C. Lambeth, b. Aug. 9, 1846, Lexington, Mo., came to Nebraska City in 1862, where he became a merchant. He married, Oct. 19, 1872, Amanda F. Torbett, a native of Ky. - Andreas, p. 1224.


Perry Keith, 45, Ky.; wife, Emma Keith, 35, Va.; children, Katie, 15; La.; James, 8, Kans.; Boyd, 3, Mo.
Mathilda Keith, 26, Ky., colored; children, Alice, 6, Mo.; Rachel, 10; Mo.
Stephen Johnston, 50, 0.
Lewis Wessells
(j), 29, Germany; wife, Rosa Wessells, 24, Garmeny (sic); son, Julius, 1, Neb.
Austin Humphrey(k), 31, 0.; wife, Sarah M. Humphrey, 22, N. Y.; children, Julia, 3, Neb.; Cora, 1, Neb.
p. 61] 0. N. Humphrey(k), 25, 0.
Wm. B. Doherty, 33, Mo.; wife, Dorothy A. Doherty, 25, Mo.; children, Mary B., 7, Mo.; Margaret A., 5,
   Mo.; Octava D., 6 mo., Mo.
Joseph B. Doherty, 66, Tenn.
Wm. 0. Bigerstaff, 25, Mo.
J. Bigerstaff, 21, Mo
Wm. W. Trice, 23, Mo.
J. P. Halsell, 58, Ky.
Wm. Berry, 21, Ky.
Jas. Baxter, 27, Mo.
Wilson H. Smith, 32, Mo.; wife, Bell Smith, 27, Ky.; son, Wilson M. Smith, 5, Mo.
A. R. Baker, 39, Va.
H. Whittington, 51, Ky.
J. A. Torbett, 45, Ky.; wife, Frances M. Torbett, 38, Ky.; children, Sarah C., 15, Ky.; Amanda F.(l), 13,
   Ky.; Wm., 10, Ky.; Charles, 7, Mo.; John, 5, Mo.; James, 3, Mo.
W. J. Miller(l), 47, Va.; wife, Lucy M. Miller, 40, Va.; children, John E., 16, Va.; Martin M., 14, Va.;
   [p. 62] Wm. E., 12, Mo.; Fannie W., 9, Mo.; Gideon T., 7, Mo. Jessy B. (M), 3, Mo.; infant son, 6 mo.,
Jane H. Darnel, 21, Va.; Wm., 1, Mo.
T. K Bradley(m), 39, Ky.; wife, Lucy G. Bradley, 31, Mo.; children, Eugena (F), 9. Mo.; Graham, 7, Mo.;
   George, 5, Mo.; Newton and Fannie, 3, Mo., twins.
Nicolas Utvits, 35, Hungary; wife, Laura Utvits, 29, Germany; children, Sophia, 8, Ill.; Oscar and Mathilda,
   6, Iowa, twins; Allen, 4, Ia.; Anna, 2, Neb.; Lizzie, 8 mo., Neb.
Wm. Wood, 23, Ky.
P., C. Shelton, 20, Mo.; wife, Mary Shelton, 24, Ky.; dau., Anna B., 2, Mo.
Joseph H. Gerard, 32, France; wife, Sabina Gerard, 34, Bavaria; dau., Mary S., 12, Mo.
p. 63] Martin Bowlre, 32, Ky.; wife, Susan A., 24, Mo.; dau, Permelia E., 2 mo., Neb.
George W. Love, 47, Tenn.; wife, Ann E. Love, 44, Va.; childen, George L., 16, Mo.; Richard A., Mo.;
   Anna B., 8, Mo.; Claud H., 4, Mo.,

  (j) Lewis Wessel, a native of Bohemia, came to Nebraska City about 1862. He was in the dry goods business. - Andreas, p. 1230.
  (k) Oliver Norris Humphrey, b. Nov. 26, 1840, Richfield, 0., son of Norris and Julia (Case) Humphrey, came to Otoe Co. with his brother Austin Humphrey in 1859. He served in the Second Nebraska Cavalry against the Indians in 1862-3. After freighting three years, he opened a commission house at Nebraska City in partnership with his brother Austin. In 1869 they moved to Lincoln and engaged in the hardware business. - Morton-Watkins, I, p. 680.
  (1) W. Jackson Miller, b. Nov. 18, 1918, Va., married May 7, 1840, Miss Lucy M., daughter of Jesse Miller. He settled in Platte Co., Mo., in 1851, and engaged in farming. He served in the Confederate army, becoming captain of his company. Later he moved to Nebraska City, where he engaged in the wholesale grocery business. After the war he returned to his farm in Platte Co. - History of Clay and Platte Counties, Missouri (1885, National Historical Company, St. Louis), p. 954.
  (m) T. K. Bradley, b. Apr. 13, 1827, was the son of James F. and Nancy (Keller) Bradley, natives of Ky., and grandson of Thomas and Philadelphia (Ficklin) Bradley. In 1836 the family moved to Rush Co., Ind., and in 1840 to Platte Co., Mo. He went to California in 1849, where he kept a store, returning to Mo. in 1851. He married, June 5, 1853, Miss Lucy Lincoln, daughter of George and Ann (Gatewood) Lincoln of Liberty, Mo. He came to Nebraska City in 1864 where he was a merchant. - Chapman, p. 227.

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