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Peter Orea, 22, Mo.; Landy Orea, 20, Mo.
Thomas D. Oliver, 28, Ky.; wife, Susannah Oliver, 32, Ind.; son, George 0., 3, Mo.
Nathan Redfield(o), 42, 0.; wife, Martha Redfield, 36, 0.; son, Charles, 3, Neb.
p. 100] George Boughton, 49, Conn.; wife, Emily Boughton, 24, England; son, George E., 5, Neb.
M. B. Boughton, 26, 0., "Transient"; Mary, 25, Mo.; "Transient."
John R. Fretwell, 28, Wis., "Transient".
J. N. Clark, 32, Va.; wife, Anna Clark, 28, Ky.; daughters, Ella M., 3, Mo.; Ewins, 1, Mo.
Wm. Stinett, 72, Va., "Transient."
James L. Thompson, 37, Mo.; wife, Virginia Thompson, 27, Va.; children, Mary I., 9, Mo.; Wm. H., 6, Mo.;
   Isabel J., 3, Kans.; Amanda Z., 1 mo., Neb.
L. H. Alby, 30, Va., "Transient."
J. R. Payne, 28, Mo.
Miles Marshall, 36, Ind.; wife, Mary Marshall, 28, Ind.; children, Nancy E., 9, Mo.; James S., 1, Ia.
Zilphla A. Graves, 18, Ind.
Anna Bond, 45, Germany; children, Loiza, 17, 0.; Emma, 13, 0.; Jennie, 8, Neb.; George, 7, Neb.;
   Cornelia, 4, Neb.
p. 101] John Patterson, 40, Pa.; wife, Eliza Patterson, 35, Pa.; daughters, Ada, 11, Ill.; Gertrude, 8, Ia.;
   Hellen, 2, Neb.
Oliver P. Norris, 40, Ind.; wife, Elizabeth Norris, 39, 0.; children, Sarah E., 17, Ind.; Edith, 15, Ind.;
   Nicolas, 13, Ind.; Jacob, 9, Ind.
Joshua Howell, 55, 0.; wife, Matilda Howell, 50, Va.
Daniel Gregg(p), 38, Ky.; wife, Sarah F. Gregg, 23, Mo.; dau., Mary A., 6, Mo.
L. M. Loyd, 29, Va.; wife, Sarah E. Loyd, 26, Mo.; son, Walter, 1, Colo.
America Brambell, 52, Ky.; W. S. Bramble, 22, Mo.
John Gregg, 26, Ky.
Enoch Riggle, 34, Ind.; wife, Levica Riggle, 26, Ind.; children, John C., 10, Ind., Martha, 2 mo., Neb.
Houston Nuckolls(q), 26, Va.; wife, Mollie N. Nuckolls, 24, 0.; daughters, Fannie, 6, Neb.; Iola, 4, Neb.
p. 102] B. F. Houts, 45, Mo.; wife, Alice Houts, 37, 0.; children, Mary F., 15, Mo.; John, 13, Mo.;
   Hester, 12, Mo.; Henry, 10, Mo.; Ruth, 5, Mo.; George, 6 mo., Neb.
Eugene Munn, 28, 0.
J. C. Meader, 30, N. Y.; wife, Susan E. Meader, 30, Mo.; children, Henrietta, 6, Ill.; Zerolda A., 4, Ill.;
   George B., 2, Ill.
Jas. W. Harris, 29, Mo.; wife, Maria L. Harris, 20, Mo.; children, Austin, 4, Mo.; Emmet, 1 mo., Mo.
Jas. S. Guthrle(r), 53, Va.; wife, Helen T. Guthrie, 46, Va.; children, Rebecca, 20, Mo.; Caroline, 13, Mo.;
   William, 16, Mo.; Martha, 9, Mo.; James, 8, Mo.; P. H., 23, Mo.

  (o) Nathan Redfield came to Nebraska City in the early 1850's and served in the Civil War in the Second Nebraska cavalry. - Nebraska City News, 1900, Aug. 21.
  (p) Daniel Gregg was one of the bondsmen for the First Christian Church of Nebraska City when that institution received a loan of $4,000 from the state school fund. The state obtained a deficiency judgment against him and his fellow bondsmen, but they were relieved of their liability by act of the legislature. - Morton-Watkins, III, p. 50.
  (q) Houston Nuckolls was a brother of Stephen F. Nuckolls, founder of Nebraska City. Ile was a member of the 1859-60 legislature from Richardson County - Editor.
  (r) James S. Guthrey, b. Sept. 22, 1812, Cumberland Co., Va., son of John and Elizabeth Guthrey, moved to Saline Co., Mo., in 1835, where he taught school and was a traveling salesman for the Sappington Pill Co. In August, 1837, he married Helen, daughter of William Brown. Later he became county judge. Being a southern man, he lost all he had during the war and about 1863 he moved to Nebraska City, where he remained two years. - History of Saline County, Missouri (Missouri Historical Co., St. Louis, 1881), p. 842.


Austin Hail, 21, Mo.
J. S. Calvert, 49, N. Y.; wife, Margaretta Calvert, 37, N. Y.; children, Margaretta, 15, Ill.;
   [p. 103] Cornelia, 12, Ill.; Thomas, 18, Ill.; Cora, 4, Neb.; Montgomery, 2, Neb.
Mary Brown, 19, Ill.; Margaretta, 8 mo., Neb.
Joseph Craven, 23, Mo.
Jas. Kinkade, 23, Mo.
Gabriel Baun, 29, Germany.
Thomas Short, 29, Ky
Wm. Carlos, 17, 0.
C. Harris
, 29, 0.
Robt. McCauly
, 30, N. Y.
Wm. Gibbons, 21, England.
D. Hodge, 27, Ky.
Chisly Craven, 22, Mo.
Thos. Cripin, 28, Mich.; wife, Ellen Cripen, 20, Tenn.; dau., Hattie, Colo.
Rebecca Judkins, 47, N. C.; Charles, 23, Tenn.
Martha A. Gibbs, 42, Vt.; children, Coy, 14, 0.; Duella, 9, Neb.; Bird C., 6, Neb.; Julia B., 3, Neb.;
   Minnie, 3 mo., Neb.
Milaura Jackson, 69, N. Y.
Maggie Doyle, 11, Mo.



   This record was made from a photostatic copy of a Bible owned by Mrs. Francis H. Spencer, Richmond, Virginia, a descendant of Washington Fuller.


Joseph Fuller(a) born July 30th 1779. Wrentham Mass.
Anna Knight born Jan. 7th 1779. Worcester Mass.
Luther Knight Fuller born May 8th 1805. Franconia N. H.
Betsey Fuller born July 23d 1806. Franconia N. H.
Christopher Columbus Fuller born July 16th 1809. Westmoreland, N. H.
Washington Fuller born Nov. 1st 1812. Westmoreland N. H.
Mary Fuller born October 8th 1814. Westmoreland., N. H.
Simon Fuller born August 3d 1816. Westmoreland N. H.
John Fuller- born May 25th 1818. Wetmoreland, N. H.
Lucy K. Fuller born May 21st 1820. Westmoreland N. H.
Lydia Fuller born September 27th 1823. Westmoreland N. H.


Joseph Fuller was married to Anna Knight, Jan. 30th 1803 in Westmoreland N. H.
Luther K. Fuller was married to Samantha B. Foster, March ------
Christopher C. Fuller was married to Else H. Clement 1833 in new london N. H.
Betsey Fuller was married to Ebenezer Britton July 1830 Westmoreland N. H.
Washington Fuller was married to Lucinda Constantine 1838 in Ashby Mass.
Lydia Fuller married to Elliot Wyman June Thursday 27th [?] Westmoreland N. H.
Lucy H. Fuller was married to Frederic Dean in Westmoreland N H Oct 9, 1854
Mary Fuller Married To Caius [?] H Hall Westmoreland, N. H., Nov. 1, 1837
Lydia Wyman had her name change by Law from Lydia Wyman to Ellen Wyman July 2, 1847
Ellen Wyman was Married to Levi. M. Bowman Nov 16th 1866 East Westmoreland N H



   This record was made from a photostatic copy of a Bible owned by Mrs. Paul Shirley, Omaha, Nebraska. The imprint on the title page is New York, 1857.


Mary S. Hastings born Oct 19th 1830
Sarah Jane Marsh born June 22 1831
Minnie Ida Fuller born in Davenport Iowa Sept. 25-1856
John Maxim Newman born in Plutnam Co. Indiana May 16-1855

Children of J. M. & Ida F. N.

Frank Hastings Newman born in Terre Haute Indiana Oct 17th 1882 12:30 A. M.
Helen Rachel Newman born in Terre Haute Ind Dec. 30th-1885. 5:15 A. M.
Irene Belle Newman born in Indianapolis Ind August-22d-1888 1:45 A. M.
Charles Fuller Newman born in Indianapolis Ind. Dec. 4 1894 9:00 A. M.
Luther K. Fuller May 8 1805
Samantha Foster Fuller May 19 1807

Charles E. Fuller Dec. 7 1829
Mary E. Fuller Jan 1st 1833.
Milton D. Fuller Dec. 17 1836

William H. Fuller Oct 3rd 1840
Milton A. Fuller April 12 1844
Sarah S. Fuller April 12 1846
Ellen G. Fuller June 29 1848
Emma Bell Fuller Jan 16 1852

Children of F. H. & Lulu Newman

Frank Hastings N. Jr., born in Temple Texas Aug 28 1909.
Mary Taylor Newman born in Austin Texas Jan 9 1913.
Dorothy Belle Newman born in Galveston Texas Feb. 22d 1922
Mary T. & Dorothy Belle daughters of Frank & Lulu N.

Children of C E & Mary S Fuller

Mary Frances Fuller born at Rock Island Ills. July 7th 1855
Minnie Ida Fuller born at Davenport Iowa Sept 25th 1856
Hattie Emma Fuller born at Davenport Iowa February 8th 1858
Carrie Warner Fuller born at Davenport Iowa September 24th 1859
Charles Edwin Fuller Born in Terre Haute Ind October 27th 1862
George William Fuller Born in Terre Haute, Ind. June 19th, 1865

Children of C. E. & S. J. Fuller

Willie Born in Terre Haute Ind April 24th 1870
Isabel Hosmer. Born in Terre Haute-Ind November 29th 1871
Harry Marsh Born in Terre Haute Ind Jany 22nd 1874

Children of Leslie C. & Irene N. DeWolf

Thaddeus Newman DeWolf son of Leslie & Irene N. DeWolf born at Rogers Park Chicago Ill May 27 1919.
   11 P. M.
Leland Cooley DeWolf son of L. C. & Irene N. DeWolf born Nov. 22 1922 in Rogers Park Chicago Ill.
   3:00 A. M.


Mary S. Wife of C. E. Fuller Died in Terre Haute Ind June 24th 1865
George William Died in Terre Haute Ind July 4th 1865
Willie Died in Terra Haute Ind May 2nd 1870


Isabelle H. Fuller Brattleboro Vt Sept 7th 1888. Aged 16 y 9 mo 9 D
Harry M. Fuller. Died in Terre Haute Ind Jan. 19 1894 aged 19 y 11 mo 28 days.
Charles E. Fuller. Sr. Died April 10 1894 Terre Haute, Ind. aged 64 y 4 mo 3 days
Sarah J Fuller wife of C. E. Fuller Died Aug. 22, 1904 Age 73 yrs. 2 mo Terre Haute Ind
Luther K. Fuller July 20 1852 age 47 years
Samantha B. Fuller wife of L. K. F. Feb. 7 1839 Aged 31 yr. 7 m 19 days
Mary E. Fuller Feb. 3rd 1850-aged 17 yrs.
Milton A. Fuller Oct 7 1845 Aged 1 yr. 5 mo. 25 days
Sarah S. Fuller Jan 24 1850 3 yrs 4 mo 7 days
Milton D. April 23rd 1838 1 yr 4 mo 6 d
Emma B. Fuller July 30 1861 10 yrs, 6 mo.
Harriet Emma Fuller. Age 68 yrs. 8 days. Feb. 16, 1926 Terre Haute, Ind.
Ida Fuller Newman wife of John M. Newman Jan 22,1930 Indianapolis, Ind. Age 73 yrs, 4 mo.
Mary Frances Bugh, wife of Henry Bugh age 77 yrs. 1 mo. 3 day - Died Indianapolis, Ind. Aug. 10, 1932

Chas. E. & Mary S. Hastings Married at Saxton River Village Vermont. February 21st 1853 by the
   Rev. J. Wilson
In Walpole N. H. Sept. 19th 1867 by the Rev. Y [?] H. De Boois [?] Mr C. E. Fuller to Miss Sarah J Marsh
   (writing very dim)
In Terre Haute Indiana Sept 3 188- by the Rev. Chas. R. Henderson at 8 P. M. John Marion Newman and Ida Fuller
Married in Elgin Texas May 25 1908 by the Rev C. H. Brooks at the North Church 9:30 P. M. Frank Hastings
   Newman & Lulu E. Creseham [?]
Married in Indianapolis Indiana Nov. 17 1910 by the Rev. Harry Blunt at 4 P. M. Helen Rachel Newman and
   Talbert Jerome Smith.
Married in Indianapolis Indiana Dec. 1st 1917 at 4 P. M. by the Rev. Allan B. Philpult. Irene Belle Newman and
   Leslie Cooly DeWolf
Luther K. Fuller and Samantha B. Foster Married at Whitestown March 16 1829
Samantha Foster was the daughter of Mr. Reuben Foster
Luther K. Fuller and Sarah N. Cushing married in Putney Vt. June 12 1839



   These records, somewhat abbreviated, are from the federal census, 1870, Schedule 2, which bears the heading, "Persons who Died during the year ending 1st June, 1870, -------" The family number is given for purposes of identification.


4. Thomas A. Sullivan (M), b. Nebr.; d. June [1869], age 2.
28. John Pocock (M), b. Nebr.; d. Feb., age 3 mo.
50. Joseph C. A. Shera(a) (M), b. Ireland; d. Mar., age 11.
34. Elizabeth Clemmons (F), b. Ia., school teacher; d. Oct. [1869], age 21.
75. George Boeck (b) (M), b. Nebr.; d. Nov. [1869], age 2.

  (a) Died Feb. 15, aged 11 yr., 1 mo., 3 da., son of Joseph and Anette Shera of Rock Bluffs. - Nebraska Herald (Plattsmouth), 1870, Feb 24, p. 4 (6).
  (b) Died Nov. 2, aged 2 yr., 2 mo., 4 da., son of George and Theresa Boeck. in Rock Bluffs. - Ibid, 1869, Nov. 4, p. 4 (6).


81. Letitia Latta(c) (F), b. Pa., married; d. Feb., age 35.
85. Oren R. Cole(d) (M), b. Ia.; d. July [1869], age 4.
94. Lilly Hobbs (F), b. Nebr.; d. Oct. [1869], stillborn.
94. Myrtle Hobbs (F), b. Nebr., d. Oct. [1869], stillborn.
122. Jane Latta(e) (F), b. Pa., widow; d. Dec. [1869], age 70.
116. Elizabeth McCord(f) (F), b. Va., widow; d. Feb., age 87.

18. Anne Ferree(g) (F), b. Pa., married; d. Mar., age 51.
19. Mary Peak (F), b. N. Y., married; d. Nov. [1869], age 43.
27. W. A. Smith(h) (M), b. N. H., married, sea captain; d. Feb., age 34.
47. J. K. Welbourne (M), b. Ky., married, farmer; d. Jan., age 55.
50. Ernest Cummins(i) (M), b. Nebr.; d. Feb., age 2.
51. Alling Ackerson (M), b. Sweden; d. June [1869], age 18.
59. Abraham Snyder(j) (M), b. Va., married, farmer; d. Apr., age 72.
67. Malcolm Wiles(k) (M), b. Nebr.; d. Oct. [18691, age 2.
48. Mary Miller (F), b. Mich.; d. Mar., age 27.


10. Della Jones (F), b. Nebr.; d. Apr., age 1.
17. Henry C. Allen (M), b. Nebr.; d. Mar., age 2.
17. Joseph AIIen (M), b. Nebr.; d. Mar., age 5 mo.
51. George Copple (M), b. Nebr.; d. Aug. [18691, age 1 mo.
55. Eliza Freeman (F), b. Wis.; d. Mar., age 5.
55. Ines Freeman (F), b. Nebr.; d. Feb., age 3.
67. Francis Edmundson (M), b. Ia.; d. Oct. [18691, age 1.
72. Louisa Jones (F), b. Nebr.; d. Aug. [18691, age 10.
72. Nancy Jones (F), b. Nebr.; d. June [18691, age 4.
80. Nancy Barnes (F), b. Ia.; d. June [18691, age 1.


12. Frederick Schlantz (M), b. Prussia, married, farmer; d. Sept. [1869], age 56.
114. Harris L. Levy (M), b. Poland, married, farmer; d. Aug. [18691,age 42, killed by Indians.


26. Susan Sibert (F), b. Va., married; d. Mar., age 26.
27. Charles Connor (M), b. 0.; d. Mar., age 14.
28. Ida Connor (F), b. 0.; d. Feb., age 10.
36. William Merton (M), b. 0.; married, farmer; d. June [1869], age 39.

  (c) Wife of Robert Latta, died Feb. 17, 1870. He died in Chicago in April, 1871.Portrait and Biographical Album of Cass and Otoe Counties (Chapman Bros., Chicago, 1889) p. 830.
  (d) Son of Brand and Harriet (Bruner), Cole. - Ibid, pp. 1013-4.
  (e) Mrs. Jane Latta, died Nov., 20, aged 70. - Nebraska Herald (Plattsmouth), 1869, Nov. 25, p. 4 (6).
  (f) Mrs. Elizabeth McCord, died Feb. 9, aged 86, mother of W. D. McCord, David A. McCord and Mrs. Henry R. Anderson. - Ibid, 1870, Feb. 17, p. 4 (7).
  (g) Wife of Uriah W. Ferree, died March 19, aged 51 yr., 4 me., 21 da. - Ibid, 1870, Mar. 31, p. 2 (6).
  (h) Capt. William A. Smith from Petersboro was fatally injured at West Mills on the Blue River Jan. 31. His family was at Plattsmouth at the time. - Ibid, 1870, Mar. 3, p. 3 (4).
  (i) Died Mar. 20, aged 2 yr. in latter part of April, son of John C. and Salena Cummins. - I bid, 1870, Mar. 24, p. 4 (7).
  (j) Abraham Snyder came to Cass County in April, 1859, accompanied by three grown sons. - Ibid, 1870, Apr. 7, p. 4 (2). See also Chapman, pp. 962-3.
  (k) Died Oct. 5, aged 17 mo., son of Isaac and Elizabeth Wiles. - Nebraska Herald (Plattsmouth), 1869, Oct. 7, p. 3 (4).

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