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John Holt, 45, Germany.
John Peters, 37, Germany.
Starling R. Woodridge, 54, Ky.; wife, Ann M. Woodridge, 46, Md.; children, Saml G., 17, Mo.;
   Sarah E., 20, Mo.; Mary F., 17, Mo.; Margaret A., Mo.
Samuel Woodridge, 46, Ky.; wife, Matilda Woodridge, 40, Mo.; dau., Mary F., 4, Mo.
Anton Gaess, 39, Germany.
Martain Pfeff, 40, Germany.
Alfred Willoby, 40, N. Y.; wife, Katherine Willoby, 25, Ireland; probably servant in family,
   Dick Willoby, 30, Mo., colored.
[p. 127] John C. Hinks, 54, N. Y.; Elizabeth, 23, Mich.; Flora, 11, Mich.; Marthand (m), 3, Mich.;
   Willie C., 2 mo., Neb.
Samuel Martin, 21, 0.; Juliann, 19, 0.
John F. Martin
, 38, Pa.; wife, Nancy Martin, 35, 0.; children, David, 12, 0.; Franklin, 10, 0.; Calvin, 7, 0.;
   Katherine, 2, 0.
Dan'l McElvoy
, 45, Va.; wife, Martha A. McElvoy, 38, Ky.; children, Jas. E., 15, Mo.; Leola, 7, Mo.;
   Flora, 5, Mo.; Harriet, 2, Mo.
W. H. Beck, 27, 0.; wife, S. J. Beck, 27, 0.; dau., Ionie G., 2, Ind.
Sam'l D. Ferrel, 60, Tenn.; wife, Minerva Ferrel, 54, Ky.; children, Elizabeth, 21, Mo.; Geo., 18, Mo.;
   Richard, 16, Mo.; Alexander, 13, Mo.; living in family, Wineford Ferkel, 12, Mo.
Wm. Edwards, 58, Ky.; wife, Elizabeth Edwards, 52, Ky.; [p. 128] children, Edwin H., 23, Mo.;
   Catherine E., 16, Mo.; Lucy H., 14, Mo.; Julia W., 12, Mo.
B. R. Baxter, 40, Mo.; wife, Ellen A. Baxter, 36, Va.; children, Henry B., 16, Mo.; Mary A. and Perry F.,
   12, Mo., twins; Rosannah P., 9, Mo.; Charles and Eddie, 4, Mo., twins; Katy C., 2, Mo.
Geo. Montgomery, 30, N. Y.; wife, Miranda Montgomery, 28, Mo.; children, Walter, 7, Mo.; Nellie, 4,
   Neb.; Mary, 1, Neb.
Saml Ratliff, 27, Mo.; wife, Mary J., 22, Mo.; children, Wm. F., 4, Mo.; Martha J., 2, Mo.; Jas. R., 1, Mo.
Geo. Willson, 56, 0.; wife, Mary S. Willson, 49, Ill.; children, Parry S., 19, Ia.; John W., 14, Ia.



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18. Lewis P. Pierce (M), b. Vt., farmer; d. Feb., age 26.
23. Hitts Burton (M), b. Nebr.; d. May, age 11 mo.
30. Mary Jane Dulanty (F), b. Wis.; d. Dec. [1869], age 10 mo.
38. Sarah Ida Leach (F), b. Nebr.; d. Jan., stillborn.
51. George Chamberlain (M), b. Minn.; d. Feb., age 2.
57. Sonora Tucker (F), b. Neb.; d. Mar., age 10 mo.
58. Edward Murphy (M), b. Ill.; d. Mar., age 2.
85. E. R. C. Cameron (M), b. Mo.; d. Aug. [1869], age 1 day.
115. Emily A. Lazenby (F), b. Ind., married; d. Feb., age 31.
125. Edwin G. Tutt (M), b. Nebr.; d. Oct. [1869], age 4.
125. Grace E. Tutt (F), b. Nebr.; d. Apr., age 3 mo.
125. Peter A. Ruffner(l) (M), b. Va., widower, farmer; d. May, age 56.
141. William W. Irish(m), (M) b. Vt., married, pastry cook; d. Nov. [1869], age 33.
137. Leonard Spires (M), b. Neb.; d. Feb., age 8 mo.
147. Amanda Juda (F), b. Mo.; d. May, age 2.
147. Samuel Juda (M), b. Mo.; d. May, age 8 mo.

  (l) Died May 8, aged 57 yr. - Ibid, 1870, May 12, p. 4 (1).
  (m) Died Nov. 2, survived by wife; had served in Co. A, First Nebraska Regiment. - Ibid, 1869, Nov. 11, V. 3 (2); p. 4 (3, 4).


150. Margt. Murphy (F), b. Nebr.; d. Mar., age 1 mo.
159. Lindell L. Crocker (M), b. Pa., surveyor; d. Sept. [1869], age 19, killed by Indians.
170. Lucia McIntosh (n) (F), b. 0.; d. Mar., age 21.
170. Daniel Frazier(o) (M), b. Canada West, railroad laborer; d. Nov. [1869], age 17.
170. Andrew Carpenter (M), b. Va., railroad laborer, married; d. Oct. [1869], age 41.
247. James E. Tutt(p) (M), b. Mo., store clerk; d. May, age 34.
253. Margt. Murphy(q) (F), b. N. Y., married; d. Nov. [18691, age 32.
263. Catherine Quaid (F), b. Wis.; d. Jan., age 16.
274. George Goos(r) (M), b. Schleswig; d. May, age 7.
280. Sarah Egan (F), b. Ireland, married; d. May, age 38.
313. Mary Hicks (F), b. England, married; d. Jan., age 30.
316. Geo. W. Morehouse (M), b. Pa.; d. May, age 1.
383. Frederick Shaffer (M), b. Va., widower, farmer; d. Oct. [1869], age 78.

63. Henry Watson (M), b. Ireland, farmer; d. Nov. [1869], age 40.
69. Esther Griffith (F), b. Nebr.; d. Aug. [1869], age 2 mo.
69. George Beard (M), b. Va., farm laborer; d. Apr., age 22.
90. Riley Canady(s) (M), V. Ind.; married, farmer; d. July [1869], age 50.
3. Emma Stattler (F), b. Nebr.; d. Apr., age 6.
6. F. E. Lynn (M), b. Nebr.; d. Mar., age 2.
10. Elizabeth Folden (F), b. Ia.; d. Aug. [18691, age 13.


77. Nelson Martin (M), b. Pa.; d. June [1869], age 11.
83. Sarah Garrett (F), b. 0.; d. Feb., age 19.


70. Elisha Stafford (M), b. Va., married, farmer; d. Oct. [1869], age 49.


61. Amanda Richardson(t) (F), b. Neb.; d. Aug. [1869], age 1 year.
25. Emily Crabtree (F), b. Conn., married; d. Sept. [18691, age 42.


2. Wm. L. Thomas(u) (M), b. 0., married, photographer; d. Aug. [1869], age 38.
60. Ida Ginder (F), b. Wis.; d. Mar., age 2.


48. Lilly Roden (F), b. Nebr.; d. Apr., age 8 mo.

   The notes give a synopsis of whatever newspaper accounts of the deaths were found. It will be noted that quite often the two

  (n) Lucia A. McIntosh died Mar. 15, aged 22 yr., 5 mo., step-daughter of John Ross. landlord of Platte Valley House. - Ibid, 1870, Mar. 17, p. 4 (8).
  (o) Duncan Frazier from Canada, a stranger, who worked for the railroad, died Nov. 20, aged about 20. - Ibid, 1869, Nov. 25, p. 4 (1).
  (p) Died May 6, aged 32. - Ibid, 1870, May 12, p. 3 (5) ; p. 4 (1).
  (q) Died Nov. 1, aged 29, wife of E. B. Murphy. - Ibid, 1869, Nov. 4, p. 4 (6).
  (r) Died June 15, aged about 6 yr., son of G. Goos.-Ibid, 1870. June 23, p. 4 (5).
  (s) Died July 24 near Weeping Water, one of the oldest settlers living near there - Ibid, 1869. July 29, p. 2 (3).
  (t) Died Aug. 8. aged 2 yr., 13 da., daughter of Samuel and Mary Richardson. - Ibid, 1869, Sept. 9. p. 3 (4).
  (u) Died Aug. 19, at home 4 mi. west of Plattsmouth, aged 88, leaving a large family. - Ibid, 1869, Aug. 26, p. 3 (3).


records do not agree. The following deaths are found in the Nebraska Herald (Plattsmouth) during the period June 1869 to May 1870. Probably a file of the other newspaper published at Plattsmouth at that time would show additional ommissions.

Mrs. R. P. Child, Plattsmouth, buried Sept. 5. - 1869 Sept. 9, p 3 (1)
Effie Copeland, Plattsmouth, died Aug. 26, infant daughter of J. G. and Fannie Copeland. - 1869 Sept. 2, p 3 (3)
Isaac Dyer, Plattsmouth, drowned, latter part of April. - 1870 May 5; p. 4 (1)
James Garvin, railroad laborer, d. Aug. 12. - 1869 Aug 19, p 3 (1)
George Hanlon, native of Ireland, construction foreman on railroad, d. Aug. 2. He had been in the city only a
   few days - 1869 Aug. 5; p 3 (2)
George W. M'Maken, d. Mar. 9, aged 11 mo., 20 da., son of H. C. and Kate E. M'Maken. - 1870 Mar. 17,
   p 3 (4)
Ella B. Poisel, d. Feb. 11, aged 17 years, daughter of Jacob and Emily Poisel. - 1870 Feb. 24, p 4 (6)
The daughter of George Shoopman died near Weeping Water. - 1869 July 29, p 2 (3, 4)
Harry A. Stiles, d. Nov. 28 at Plattsmouth, aged 3 yr., 10 mo., son of L. C. and L. S. Stiles. - 1869 Dec. 2,
   p 4 (5)
Joseph Touvenal, native of France, d. July 18, aged 59, leaving a dependent family. He had lived in
   Plattsmouth about 4 yr. - 1869 July 22, p 3 (4)
Mary Estella Wells, d. Aug. 18, aged 3 mo., 12 da., daughter of W. L. and Jennie R. Wells. - 1869 Aug. 26,
   p. 3 (3)



   From the files, Daughters of American Revolution in Nebraska, Mrs. Florence (M'Kean) Knight, Alliance. Nebraska, State Chairman of National Committee, Genealogical Research.

  The Bible from which these records were copied is owned by Dr. Grace (Bliss) Du Vall, Fairbury, Nebraska.


1 Capt. Henry Lovejoy, b. Andover, Mass. Aug. 13th, 1714.
  Phebe Chandler, wife, b. Andover, Mass. Jan. 2nd, 1714.
    Their children born in Andover, Mass.
2 Phebe, b. Sept. 20th, 1735
2 Abail, b. July 25th, 1737
2 Dorcas, b. Sept. 10th, 1739
2 Chandler, b. Jan. 16th, 1742
2 Hannah, b. June 26th, 1748
2 Sarah, b. June 8th, 1752
    2 Children of Abial Lovejoy.
3 Jeremiah, b. May 22nd, 1763
3 Abial, b. Aug. 10th, 1767
3 William, b. Mar. 10th, 1771
3 Phebe, b. July 26th, 1774
3 Elizabeth, b. Jan. 23rd, 1776
3 Anna, b. Apr. 16th, 1785
    2 Children of Chandler & Miriam Virgin Lovejoy.
3 John, b. Jan. 23rd, 1766
3 Miriam, b. July 25th, 1767
3 Ebenezer, b. Oct. 17th, 1772
3 Sarah, b. June, 1775


    3 Children of John & Abigail Ambrose Lovejoy. Concord, N. H.
4 Polly, b. May 4th, 1792
4 Judith, b. May 20th, 1794
4 Harriet, b. April 12th, 1798
 Chandler twins, b. Jan. 19th, 1803
    4 Children of Miriam Lovejoy & John Little (1st husband)
5 John Ambrose, b. May 21st, 1826
5 Emma Ambrose, b. June 5th, 1828
    4 Children of Miriam Lovejoy & George Melville (2nd Hus.)
5 Hester, b. May 20th, 1835
5 George Henry, b. Jan. 27th, 1838
5 Agnes Mary, b. Feb. 15th, 1842
5 Helen Maria, b. Nov. 23rd, 1846
    5 Child of Emma A. Little and John Lovejoy Challis.
6 Henry William Challis, b. May 16th, 1862
    5 Child of Helen Melville & Horace H. Bliss
6 Grace Melville Bliss, b. May 4th, 1878, Indiana.

1 Children of Capt. Henry Lovjoy & Phebe Chandler.
2 Phebe, m. Joseph Abbott, Concord, N. H.
2 Abial m. Anna Stickney, Concord, N. H.
2 Dorcas m. Eben Virgin, Concord, N. H.
3 John, son of Chandler, m. Abigail Abrose, 1790
3 Miriam, dau. Chandler, m. Phineas Thorne, 1792
3 Eben, son Chandler, m. Susan Virgin, 1794
3 Sarah, dau. Chandler, m. Dr. John Thorne, 1804
    Children of John and Abigail Lovejoy.
4 Polly, m. Timothy Challis, Jan. 31st, 1814
4 Miriam, m. John Little, Sept. 8th, 1824
    After his decease she married George Melville in 1834.
4 Chandler m. Fanny Virgin, Dec. 28th, 1827
5 Nancy, dau. Chandler, m. Mr. Kibby, Mar. 1852, Yorkshire, N. Y.
5 John L., son Timothy & Polly L. Challis, m. Emma Little, Oct. 27, '52
5 Hester, dau. Miriam & Geo. Melville, m. Geo. Holden, Oct. 1860.
5 Geo. Henry, son Miriam & Geo. Melville, m. Etta Bonner, Jan. 3rd, 1865
5 Helen Melville, m. Horace H. Bliss, Sept. 11th, 1872
6 Grace M. Bliss, dau. of above, m. Dr. George R. Du Vall, Oct. 31, 1906


1 Capt. Henry Lovejoy d. March, 1793
  Phebe, his wife, d. Jan. 1805
2 Chandler d. Nov. 29th, 1828
  Miriam, his wife, d. May, 1806
3 John Lovejoy, d. Sept. 16th, 1837
  Abigail Ambrose, his wife, d. Mar. 25th, 1832
  Robert Ambrose, father of Abigail, d. Mar. 1816
  Mary Ambrose, mother of Abigail, d. 1776
  Sarah Ambrose, d. 1840, aged 99 yrs.
3 Eben Lovejoy d. Apr. 1st, 1847
4 1st Harriet, dau. John Lovejoy, d. Nov. 20th, 1797
4 2nd Harriet, dau. John Lovejoy, d. Apr. 23rd, 1850
4 Polly Lovejoy Challis d. May 29th, 1833
4 Judith Lovejoy d. July 28th, 1857
4 Miriam Lovejoy Melville d. Dec. 8th, 1864
  Fanny Virgin Lovejoy, d. Yorkshire, N. Y. Feb. 28th, 1853


5 Hester Melville Holden d. Jan. 1st, 1863
5 Emma Little Challis d. Oct. 21st, 1895
5 George H. Melville d. Mar. 25, 1890
  George Melville, husband of Miriam Lovejoy Little, d. Nov. 22nd, '85
  Horace H. Bliss, d. Nov. 27th, 1890
5 Helen Melville Bliss d. June 13th, 1908
  Agnes M. Melville d. Jan. 5th, 1923



  Abstracts of Snyder County Probate and Orphans Court Records (1772-1855). Compiled by Dr. Charles A. Fisher, Selinsgrove, Pa., 1940. 77 pages and Index, 9 pages.

  This volume contains the abstracts of wills, where a will is on record. Otherwise the abstracts of letters of administration are given. Surnames most frequently found among the deceased are Boyer, Fisher, Hassinger, Hummel, Kline, Miller, Moyer, Newman, Romig, Schoch, Shaffer, Smith, Snyder, Stock, Stroub, Swartz, Swineford, Wagner, Walter, and Witmer. This volume covers the area before Snyder County was formed. For that reason none of the original records would be found at Middleburg, the county seat of Snyder County. The earlier records are found at Sunbury, county seat of Northumberland County; the late records are found at Lewisburg, county seat of Union County. This volume should be included in genealogical libraries in regions where Pennsylvania families have settled.

  Guide to Ten Major Depositories of Manuscript Collections in New York State. Edited by Harry B. Yoshpe and George W. Roach. Published as Volume 38, Number 2, of Proceedings of the Middle States Association of History and Social Science Teachers. Teachers College, Columbia University, New York City, 1941. 57 pages and Index, 20 pages.

  This is an indispensable guide book for the student of social science, especially in history, biography and genealogy. In using this book it should be remembered that depositories in New York City are not included and that there are many other depositories in upstate New York. Why can we not have a book such as this for every state?

  Neal Family. By Emma E. (Neal) Brigham, Springfield, Mass. Published by the author, 1938. 338 pp & Preface, 16 pp. & Index, 40 PP.

  The greater part of this book is a record of the descendants of Samuel Neal and Walter Neal of Portsmouth, N. H. The author calls them brothers and it would seem that they were. The author also gives a certain Walter Neal as their father. Perhaps he was their father but there seems to be no proof given in this book. Scanty records make it a little difficult to reach definite conclusions regarding some New Hampshire families in the seventeenth century. The second part of the book is devoted to the descendants of John' Neal of York Co., Me. The last three parts are devoted to other lines of New England families of the name of Neal which have not yet been thoroughly studied. The author has crowded a great amount of information into the space used. The descendants of daughters of the family are often followed for two or more generations. This feature adds much to the value of the book and helps to give a clearer picture of the intermarriages of early New Hampshire families.


  Gosney Family. By Georgia Gosney Wisda, Norwalk, Ohio, 1940 [?] 282 pages, introduction 4 pages and index 34 pages.

  This volume gives some of the descendants of William Gosney, who died in Culpepper County, Virginia in 1767. The book also includes considerable information about a good many families that have intermarried with the Gosney family. Those that should be mentioned especially are Arnold, Baker, Bryan, Caldwell, Harney, Hazard, Hopkins, Lutz, Smith, Van Cleave, Wisda and Yelton. Most of these are families on which very little genealogical work has been done. Hence the book should be very useful. Mrs. Wisda is to be commended that she decided to publish this pioneer volume.

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