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Gottlieb Schlecht, 28, Germany; wife, Anna Schlecht(f), 26, Bohemia; Bobine Schlecht (perhaps mother
    of Gottlieb), 68, Germany; children, Frank, 6, Wis.; Minna, 5, Wis.; Maria, 1, Neb.
Daniel F. Hasenkamp, 44, Germany; wife Maria Hasenkamp, 39, Germany; son, Friedrick, 8,
Carl Schluter, 46, Germany; wife, Uricka Schluter, 40, Germany; children, Albert, 17, Germany; Frank,
    15, Germany; Augusta, 11, Wis.; William, 10, Wis.
Christian Newman(g), 35, Germany; wife, Maria Newman, 32, Germany; children, Willhelm, 5, Wis.;
    Minna, 4, Wis.; Herman, 2, Wis.; Emel, 1, Neb.
William Malchow(e)(h), 32, Germany; wife, Augusta Malchow, 26, Germany; dau., Iada, 2, Wis.; [p. 4]
    Laura, 1, Wis.
William Schmolt, 46, Germany; wife, Louise Schmolt, 36, Germany; children, Minna, 12, Germany;
    August, 9, Germany; William, 6, Wis.; Carolina, 4, Wis.; Ferdinant, 3, Wis.; Amelia, 1, Neb.
John Wagner, 38, Germany; wife, Justina Wagner, 28, Germany; children, William, 6, Wis.; Augusta, 4,
    Wis.; Julius, 3, Wis.; August, 1, Wis.
August Ra[a]be, 48, Germany; wife, Augusta, 46, Germany; children, Wilhelm, 20, Germany; August,
    17, Germany; Maria, 11, Germany; Robert, 7, Germany; Paulina, 2, Germany.
Robert Ra[a]be(i), 44, Germany; wife, Mina, 41, Germany; children, Otto, 10, Germany; Istia (F), 9,
    Germany; August, 7, Wis.; Frank, 4, Wis.
F. Fu[e]llner
(j), 35, Germany.
F. Hoefs, 30, Germany; wife, E. W. Hoefs, 29, Germany; [p. 5] children, M. (F), 8, Wis.; T. (M), 6,
    Wis.; Otto, 4, Wis.; W. (M), 1, Wis.
August Lambrecht(k), 41, Germany; wife, Maria Lambrecht, 44, Germany; children, Augusta, 14,
    Germany; Carl, 9, Wis.; Wilhelmine, 5, Wis.; Hannah, 3, Wis.; Heinrich, 1, Wis.
August Lierman, 46, Germany; wife, Halina Lierman, 30, Germany; children, Amelia, 14, Germany;
    Carl, 12, Germany; Fredrick, 10, Germany; Augusta, 6, Wis.; John, 5, Wis.; Frank, 3, Wis.; Liena,
    2, Wis.; Mena, 3 mo., Neb.

  (f) Anna (Walla) Schlecht, b. July 25. 1837, Pisek, Bohemia, came to Wis. with her parents where she married Gottlieb Schlecht. They came to Cuming Co. in June 1864, settling six miles northwest of West Point. She died at Norfolk, May 2, 1935. - West Point Republican, 1935 May 9, p. 1 (5).  
  (g) Christian Neumann, b. Apr. 4. 1829, at Alt Ruednitz, province of Brandenburg, Germany, came to Dodge Co., Wis., with his parents in 1848, where he married Miss Mary Fuellner in 1859. He came to Cuming Go. in 1864 where he became very wealthy. About 1882 he moved to Stanton Co., where he died Aug. 81, 1896. His son William was a banker at Stanton and his son Emil, county treasurer of Stanton Co. - Stanton Democrat, 1896 Sept. 4, p. 5 (4).
  (h) William Frederick Malchow, b. Apr. 21, 1833, Falkenberg, province of Brandenburg, Germany, son of Christian and Johanna Malchow, came with his parents to Watertown, Dodge Co., Wis., at the age of twenty. He married, Dec. 20, 1861, Miss Augusta Schultz and came to Cuming Co. in 1864. He died in the fall of 1919. - West Point Republican, 1919 Oct. 3, p. 1 (4).
  (i) Robert Ludwig Raabe, b. Mar. 13, 1823, Freienwalde, province of Brandenburg, Germany, married Miss Wilhelmina Wreege, Apr. 19, 1858. He came to Dodge Co., Wis., in 1856 and to Cuming Co. in 1863. From 1882 to 1890 he lived in Stanton Co. He died Apr. 15, 1913. - Stanton Register, 1913 Apr. 18; p. 4 (2).
  (j) Ferdinand Fuellner lost his life in a snow storm, Feb. 15, 1866, while on his way to Tekamah afoot. - Sweet, E. N., History of Cuming County, pp. 22-25. He may have been a brother of Mrs. Christian Neumann - Ed.
  (k) Carl H. A. Lambrecht, b. Dec. 14, 1823, Greifenberg, Pommern, Germany, died at Beemer. Mar. 17, 1916. He came to Watertown, Wis., in 1854 and to Cuming Co. in 1863. - West Point Republican, 1916 Mar. 31, p. 1 (2).


William Lierman, 47, Germany; wife, Tiellaleira Lierman, 47, Germany; children, William, 17,
    Germany; August, 17, Germany; Heinrich, 14, Germany; Amelia, 12, Germany; John, 6, Wis.;
    Frank, 1, Wis.
John Bromer(l), 41, Germany; Sophia, 19, Germany; [p. 7] Maria, 12, Ill.; Wilhelmina, 10, Ill.
Anton Fisher, 44, Germany; wife, Elithabet Fisher, 40, Germany; children, John, 16, Germany;
    Catherine, 13, Germany; Conrad, 8, Germany; Doradea, 7, Ia.; Justina, 2, Neb.; Joseph, 1, Neb.
Casper Eberline(m), 40, Germany.
Charles Schuth(e)(n), 50, Germany; Julius, 20, La.; Mary, 4, Ill.; Wilhelmina, 2, Neb.; George, 1, Neb.;
    Margaretta, 20, La.
Conrad Ginder, 45, Germany; wife, Catharina Ginder, 35, Germany; children, Casper, 12, Germany;
    Conrad, 7, Germany; Carl, 5, Germany; Anton, 2, Neb.; Fredeick, 2, Neb.; Elisabeth, 1, Neb.
Fritz Grobian, 43, Germany; wife, Justina Grobian, 32, Germany; children, Carl, 18, Germany; Fritz,
    15, Germany; Catherine, 8, Germany; [p. 6] Mary, 8, Ia.; William, 6, Ia.; Juska (F), 4, Ia.; Henry,
    2, Neb.; Elizabeth, 1, Neb.
Joseph Kaup(o), 50, Germany; Henry, 18, Germany; Maria, 20, Germany; Catharine, 12, Germany.
Framk Grewe, 30, Germany.
Henry Hastick(p), 53, Germany; wife, Dorado Hastick, 45, Germany; children, Fransiska, 15, Germany;
    Henry, 17, Germany; Mary, 6, Ia.; Augusta, 5, Ia.; Anna, 1, Neb.
Elizabeth Schmicker, 60, Germany; Mathias(q), 26, Germany; Anton, 40, Germany, deaf mute; Casper,
    37, Germany, deaf mute; Hariet, 30, Germany, deaf mute; Anton, 6, Ia.
Carl Cappius, 46, Germany; wife, Gertrud Cappius, 36, Germany; children, Meinolph, 8, Germany;
    Justina, 3, Germany; Carl, 2, Neb.; Gertrud, 1 mo., Neb.
William Goeken, 28, Germany; wife, Gertrud Goeken, 29, Germany; [p. 81] sons, Anton, 2, Neb.;
    Joseph, 1, Neb.
Barnard Hallbur, 30, Germany.
Joseph Habel, 43, Germany; wife, Barbara Habel, 42, Germany; children, Ottillia, 7, Ia.; Joseph, 5, Ia.
John McKirahan(r), 35, 0.; Josiah, 31, 0.; Elizabeth, 27, 0.

  (l) John Bromer voted in the first Cuming Co. election, Oct. 12, 1858, when he was elected a county commissioner. His wife, Mary, lost her life in a prairie fire, June 1860. - Sweet. E. N., History of Cuming County. pp. 8, 15, 16.
  (m) Living in Cuming Co., June 1859. - Ibid. p. 11.
  (n) Charles Schueth, b. May 7, 1815, Westphalen, Germany, son of John and Maria (Langer) Schueth, married Miss Margaret Hagerdorn in 1841. In Nov. 1841 he brought his family to New Orleans, La., remaining nine years. After taking family back to Germany, he visited California and Australia. He returned to New Orleans in 1858 and then to St. Louis, where his wife died, May 9, 1860. He married before the end of the year, Miss Margaret Buttriet, born Jan. 7, 1844, near New Orleans. They settled in Cuming Co. in 1861, where he died, Feb. 13, 1897. Another son by his first wife, Charles, not given in the census survived him. - West Point Republican, 1897 Feb. 19, p. 1 (5, 6) 1916 July 30, p. 1 (5).
  (o) Joseph Kaup was severely burned in a prairie fire in the fall of 1861 in which his wife and two children lost their lives. - Sweet, p. 17.
  (p) Probably Henry Harstick.
  (q) Matthias Schmuecker, b. Jan. 21, 1832, at Hagensdorff, Westphalia, Germany, was the son of Frederick and Elizabeth (Reimann) Schmuecker. After the death of his father the mother brought her family to America, landing at New Orleans. They lived near Dubuque, Ia., before coming to Cuming Co. - West Point Republican, 1920 Mar. 19. p. 1 (2).
(r) John and Josiah McKirahan settled at West Point in the spring of 1858. Sweet, p. 6.


Jas. C. Crawford(s), 28, Pa.; wife, Kate Crawford, 28, Mich.
Josiah Long, 33, N. J.; wife, Mary A. Long, 23, N. J.; children, Carolina, 3, Neb.; Raymond, 1, Neb.
Henry Sherlock, 52, Mass.; wife, Nancy A. Sherlock, 35, N.Y.; children, Stephen, 11, Mich.; Charles, 9,
    Mass.; Gary, 8, Mass.; Arlen (F), 6, Mass.; Lusy A., 4, Mass.; James, 24, Mass.
Patrick M. Noyes(t), 37, N. H.; wife, Baka Noyes, 31, N. H.; children, Bewarn (M), 16, N. H.; Charles,
    4, Mass.; Mary, 3, Ill.
L. Webb, 40, Ia.; M. Webb, 16, Ia.

  "I hereby certify that the Above is a correct copy of the Enumeration of the Inhabitants of this County as filed by the Assessor in my office Given under my hand & seal this 19th day of April A D 1865

John D Neligh  
County Clerk."

  (s) James Chamberlain Crawford, b. Oct. 23, 1836, Northampton Co., Pa., son of Seth and Mary (Mutchler) Crawford, came to West Point in the spring of 1858. He married, May 11, 1864, Miss Kate, daughter of B. B. Moore. He served in many public offices, including six terms in the legislature. - Morton-Watkins, I, p. 627.
  {t} Mr. Noyce and a son were lost in the snow storm of Feb. 15, 1866. - Sweet, p. 25.


  1. JOHN1 HASELTINE was at Rowley, Massachusetts, as early as 1639, where he and his brother Robert were made freemen, May 13, 1640. He is supposed to have been born about 1620, but he must have been a little older. The brothers came from Biddeford, county Devon, England. His wife was named Joan or Jean, said to have been Joan Anter, a servant of Mr. Holman of Boston. He lived in that part of Rowley afterwards known as Bradford. In 1660 he removed to Haverhill, where he died Dec. 23, 1690, aged about 70 years. His wife survived him, dying July 17, 1698. He was a selectman at Haverhill and gave two acres of his land to the town for the support of the minister. The children listed, all born at Rowley, were the ones mentioned in his will. There were probably others who died in childhood.(1)

  Children of John1 and Joan (Anter) Haseltine:
        i. Samuel, b. Feb. 20, 1645/6; m. Dec. 28, 1670, Hampton, N. H., Deborah, dau. of Peter Cooper;
            d. Aug. 10, 1717, Bradford.
       ii. Mary, b. Dec. 9, 1648; m. June 30, 1673, Nathan, son of John and Mary (Shatswell) Webster; lived
           at Bradford; 7 children.
2.   iii. John, b. abt. 1650.
      iv. Nathaniel, b. Sept. 20, 1656; d. Jan. 14, 1723/4, Haverhill; twice married; 7 children.

  2. JOHN2 HASELTINE (John1) was born at Rowley, Massachusetts, about 1650, and married, July 17, 1682, Mary, daughter of

This genealogy was prepared by the editor.
  (1) Essex Institute Historical Collections, XXI, pp. 110-112.
  Hurd, E. H. History of Essex County, Massachusetts. pp. 1929, 1933.
  Rowley Vital Records.
  Haverhill Vital Records.
  Bradford Vital Records.


Philip and Sarah (Jewett) Nelson, born March 26, 1662. He served in King Philip's War. John Haseltine was a carpenter and lived at Haverhill. He was a lieutenant in the train band and a deacon in the church. He was a representative for Haverhill in the General Court (i. e. legislature) of Massachusetts. John Haseltine died April 5, 1733, his widow surviving him.(2)

  Children of John2 and Mary (Nelson) Haseltine:
        i. John, b. Aug. 4, 1683; living in 1732.
3.    ii. Philip, b. Mar. 13, 1684/5.
      iii. Sarah, b. Apr. 28, 1688; d. June 20, 1688.
     iv. Mary, b. Nov. 19, 1689; d. Oct. 27, 1760; m. Joseph Emerson, Jr., Dec. 9, 1718.
      v. Joseph, b. Oct. 1, 1691; d. Apr. 25, 1765; m. Nov. 28, 1717, Judith Easton.
     vi. Benjamin, b. Apr. 20, 1695; d. Aug. 31, 1695.
    vii. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 24, 1696; d. unmarried, Mar. 5, 1732.
   viii. Benjamin, b. Jan. 22, 1705; d. before Apr. 19, 1743, when his wife is called a widow; m. Aug. 5,
          1740, Mercy Lufkin.

  3. PHILIP3 HASELTINE (John2,1) was born March 13, 1684/5. He married, January 9, 1717/8, Judith, daughter of John and Tryphena (Locke) Webster, born September, 1694. Six of their children died in 1738 in the great epidemic of throat distemper that swept New England from the scattered settlements in Maine and New Hampshire to the villages along the Hudson. He represented Haverhill in in the General Court of Massachusetts and in later life was known as Captain Philip Haseltine. The date of his death is not known, but he was living in 1760. His wife, Judith, died September 29, 1782.(3)

  Children of Philip and Judith (Webster) Haseltine:
        i. John (twin), b. Sept. 22, 1718; d. Feb. 5, 1722/3.
       ii. Philip (twin), b. Sept. 22, 1718; d. Aug. 5, 1738.
4.   iii. James, b. Mar. 28, 1720.
      iv. Tryphena, b. May 3, 1722; d. Jan. 3. 1759; m. Apr. 28, 1742, Nathaniel Duston.
       v. Ann, b. June 25, 1724; d. June 21, 1738.
      vi. Lois, b. July 12, 1726; d. June 2, 1738.
     vii. Benjamin (twin), b. Aug. 21, 1728; d. May 30, 1738.
    viii. Joseph (twin), b. Aug. 21, 1728; d. Sept. 2, 1728.
      ix. Stephen, b. Jan. 18, 1731/2; d. June 29, 1738.
       x. Asa, b. Oct. 9, 1735; d. Sept. 1, 1738.

  4. JAMES4 HASELTINE (Philip3, John2,1), one of the two surviving children of Philip Haseltine, was born at Haverhill, March 28, 1720. He married, first, November 13, 1741, Elizabeth Hutchins, who died at Haverhill, July 12, 1750. He married, secondly, November 5, 1751, Ruth Ladd. He lived in the West Parish. James Haseltine

  (2) Hoyt, David W., Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury, II p. 978.
  Chase, George W., History of Haverhill, Massachusetts, pp. 128, 155, 172, 661.
  Haverhill Vital Records
  (3) Chase, History of Haverhill, pp. 306, 307, 315, 329. 661.
  Hurd, History of Essex County, Massachusetts.
  Haverhill Vital Records. Essex Antiquarian, I, p. 10.


saw service in the French and Indian War in 1757 as cornet in Major Richard Saltonstall's Second Foot Company. This company formed a part of the colonial militia sent to the relief of Fort William Henry. On arriving at Worcester, Massachusetts, they received the news that the fort had surrendered to the French and then returned to their homes. The death of neither James Haseltine nor his wife is recorded. When clothing was being collected at Haverhill for the Revolutionary soldiers in the winter of 1779/80, Ruth Haseltine, who gave two blankets and nine shirts, was called a widow.(4)

  Children of James4 and Elizabeth (Hutchins) Haseltine:
        i. Asa, b. June 15, 1742; m. Dec. 6, 1763, Mary Ober; ten children; lived at Atkinson, N. H.; d. at
           Manchester, N. H.
       ii. Philip, b. Jan. 25, 1743/4.
      iii. Anne, b. Oct. 14, 1745.
      iv. James, b. June 12, 1747.
       v. John, b. July 9, 1749.

   Children of James and Ruth (Ladd) Haseltine:
      vi. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 1, 1752; m. James Chase
     vii. Ruth, b. Sept. 8, 1754; d. of cancer, unmarried, Feb. 6, 1845.
    viii. Ladd, b. Aug. 22, 1755; d. Oct. 5, 1842, Haverhill; m. Dec. 10. 1782, Hannah Ladd.
      ix. Tryphena, b. Dec. 20, 1758.

  (4) Chase, History of Haverhill. pp. 348, 351, 417, 418.
  Haverhill Vital Records.
 -------------------------- "A remarkable permanence of habitat developed in all parts of Europe ---------------------- A local development of small village communities set in, which --------------- came to be exceedingly permanent. The members of these communities were only slightly increased from the outside, and thus a period of inbreeding set in. -------------------- It is difficut to obtain exact information in regard to this process; but the investigation of genealogies of a few European communities show that it has been very marked ----------
Boaz, Franz, Race, Language and Culture, (1940), p. 24.



Mrs. C. A. Reynolds

First Vice President

Miss Anna Jennings

Recording Secretary

Mrs. Serris Norris

Corresponding Secretary

Mrs. 0. J. Allison


Mrs. C. S. Paine


Mrs.Walter Whitten


Mrs. T. S. Allen


Mrs. C. A. Reynolds, 1945

Miss Ida Robbins, 1945

Mrs. W. S. Whitten, 1945

Mrs. C. H. Jenkins, 1946

Mrs. C. S. Paine, 1946

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