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Published by
Nebraska Historical Library, Lincoln, Nebraska
    MRS. H. B. MARSHALL, '33



The Editor's Corner

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Migration of a New England Family


Pension Records and What They May Disclose


Some Descendants of John Potter, alias Heffner, of


    Cumberland County, Pa.

Potter Papers:

    Simon Heffner Potter Bible Records


    John Potter Bible Records


    Jacob H. Potter Bible Records


    Potter Memorials


    Will of John Dodson


    Dodson Birth Records


Nebraska Marriage Records - Richardson County


Tombstone Inscriptions, Archer Cemetery

     (Richardson County, Nebraska)


Nebraska Probate Records - Lancaster County


Material for a History of the Hazelrigg Family


Revolutionary Pension Record - James Noland


School Census, Lancaster County, Nebraska, April, 1875


Marriage Records, First Methodist Church, Plattsmouth

    Cass County, Nebraska


Record of Baptisms, First Methodist Church, Plattsmouth,

    Cass County, Nebraska


John White Noland's Bible


Broaddus Family Bible


Nebraska Marriage Records - Lancaster County


Questions and Answers


Surname Index - Vol. IX (not stated in original TOC)


The RECORD is published quarterly by the Nebraska Genealogical Society, in January, April. July, October. Subscription, including membership in the Society, $2, 00 per year. Address orders to Mrs. M. M. Hale, Treasurer, 2936 Sewell Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.




   It is with a feeling of deep regret that we announce the retirement from the Editorship of the Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record of Mr. Gilbert H. Doane, Librarian of the University of Nebraska. In tendering his resignation, Mr. Doane was influenced by the ultimatum of his physician that he lighten his work. A young man of genial, magnetic personality, he has made many friends in all parts of the country, who are hoping with us that his health may soon be entirely recovered. During his tenure the magazine has reflected his high ideals regarding genealogical research and literary form, and we desire that this standard may be maintained. Although Mr. Doane is retiring as Editor, we hope that his interested support may continue, and that we may have the pleasure of hearing from him from time to time in the magazine.

   In this issue will be found probate, marriage and school census records from the Court House at Lincoln. These records are printed to show what may be found at many a Nebraska court house. We are pleased to announce that Miss Nellie Schock of Falls City, Nebraska, will contribute early marriage records of Richardson County, and Mrs. E. B. Wescott of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, early records from Cass County, both beginning with the current number.

   As a part of our plan to make this magazine more useful in tracing the ancestry of the middle west, Mrs. Anna (Turley) Noland of Richmond, Kentucky, begins, in this issue, a series of contributions from Madison County, in which Boonesboro, the oldest settlement in Kentucky, is situated. Mrs. Noland is thoroughly familiar with the public records at Richmond. These contributions should be of especial interest, for a great number of pioneers went forth from Madison County, Kentucky, to settle throughout the west.

   Beginning with the current issue, we are publishing a larger proportion of the source material upon which family history is based. We do this believing that the printing of these records is the greatest contribution that this magazine can make to genealogy. An examination of the probate and marriage records in this number will reveal many connections with eastern families. No doubt the history of the western


migration of American families will have to be written from western rather than from eastern sources.

  During the coming year we hope to mail the Record to our subscribers promptly each quarter. Believing that there is a distinct field for a genealogical magazine in the Middle West, we ask the co-operation of all who are interested in the preservation and publication of the source material from which family history must be written.


Contributed by Miss Ida L. Robbins, 1941 B St., Lincoln, Nebraska

  This little account of the journey of a Connecticut family from a home they had made in the Wyoming Valley, N. Y., to Athens, Ohio, was told by Eliza (Beach) Wells and written down by her daughter Rhoda (Wells) Conard on January 27, 1896. Mrs. Wells was ninety-two years old at that time:

  "My father, Benjamin, and his twin brother, Isaac, were the sons of Eben and Eunice Beach and were born February 28, 1778. They were the eldest of the family except one daughter, Mary Ann. Isaac died in 1800. My mother was Anah Hawley, daughter of Joseph Hawley and a distant relative of General Hawley of Connecticut, now a congressman from that state.

  "They were married and settled down close by Grandpa Eben Beach near Stratford, Connecticut, where they lived until after the birth of myself and brother Isaac. While there we were baptised in the Presbyterian Church. We moved from there to Cheshire where we lived perhaps two years and where my sister Minerva was born, Sept. 24, 1807. Sometime near the last of 1807 we moved to Granville, N. Y. Father purchased a farm there and his brother-in-law, Walleston Hawley, did the farming while Father attended to the blacksmith shop. I remember they built quite a large frame house on this farm. Here, sister Mary Ann was born July 20, 1809. We were surrounded by the Frank family for neighbors - Colonel Nathaniel, Dr. Augustus, and John Frank who had married Aunt Huldah, father's third sister. Uncle John Frank was one of the most amiable of men and they were all quite influential. Shipman, youngest son of Colonel Nathaniel Frank, married father's youngest sister, Selina. Reuben Beach, father's youngest brother, lived just across the Granville River and our farms joined.

  "While we lived here we had sickness in our family more or less all the time. It was thought to be on account of the water, so my parents concluded to sell and go to the "Holland Purchase" which is now called Wyoming, N. Y., where two of father's sisters, Eunice and Catherine, lived. They had


married Obijah and Daniel Bradley. Again we bought a small farm and settled down. On this farm was a beautiful eminence on which the Wyoming Academy now stands. Here we were when the British and Indians burned Buffalo and father volunteered to go in defense of the country. In the fall of 1814 Uncle Josiah Coe* came this way from his visit in Connecticut and persuaded father to sell out and go with him to Ohio. Our home here was in a beautiful valley and it was sacrificing much to leave it. Uncle Coe soon finished his visit with the Bradleys and he and Francis Beardsley (a young man who was going to Ohio with him) went on to Olean, N. Y., to make preparations for going down the river when we should come.

  "They cut down trees and made a raft of logs. After we started there came heavy storms and the rain swelled the streams we had to cross and we were nearly swept away and at the same time the flood carried away the log raft Uncle Coe had built so he bought a flat bottomed boat called a "broad horn." They built a roof over part of it and a small clay platform in one corner of the front end for a fire. On this boat we started down the river. It leaked some and had to be bailed out but we will pass over the haps and mishaps of our journey until we fastened our boat on the near side, a few yards up the Hock Hocking River. Uncle Coe and Mr. Beardsley took a beeline for home. While Uncle was gone there came a heavy storm of rain which brought down logs and trash and our boat was nearly swept away. Father had to stand with a long pole and head off the logs which would have swamped our boat. In three or four days Uncle was back with two horses, provisions, and his three boys, John, Beach, and James. The boys with the help of my father and my brother Isaac took the boat up to Athens. Uncle rode one horse and took Mary Ann in front and Minerva on behind him, while mother rode the other horse with me on be

  * The Josiah Coe, so often mentioned in the letter, was born in 1769 Stratford, Conn., and died in 1843 at Athens, Ohio. He was the son of Capt. James and Huldah (Wilcox) Coe. He married Mary Ann, daughter of Eben and Eunice (Beach) Beach in 1799. They came to Ohio in 1805. He built the first grist mill in Athens Co. He built another mill later at Nelsonville, which was not torn down until about 1922. The farm on which the latter mill was built is still owned by his descendants.
  He owned a boat and took his flour to New Orleans. On his last trip so staunch was his little vessel that the exporter bought it as well as its cargo; and the boat, after it was reconditioned, carried the cargo on to England. Josiah Coe walked home from New Orleans, La., to Athens Ohio and so long did the trip take that his family mourned him as dead until he walked into the house one evening just at sunset.
  The Ohio Children's Home stands on the old homestead now, and his land joined that of Ebenezer Foster whose home has been so vividly described in "Grandmother Brown's Hundred Years."


hind her. Some of the way we traveled on a road and sometimes across through the woods. We were- very weary when we finally came to the top of a hill where just at its foot we could see Uncle's grist mill. Beyond the mill the bottom land extended near a mile where at the foot of another steep hill stood the house. Rest was very acceptable. Here we met Aunt Mary Ann and her other children, Mary who was a little older than I, Eunice, Lois, Harriet and Harry (twins), Julia, Selina, and Charles, and right glad we were to see all of them.

   Hoping that my bit of history will interest you I will close,

Yours truly,


Interesting Genealogical History Established in the Pension
Record of John White of Donegal Township,
Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

   The following letter from the Bureau of Pensions, Washington, D. C., is contributed by Miss Rose Carson, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Miss Rosanna Carson,
1809 C St.,
Lincoln, Nebr.;
Dear Madam:

  I advise you from the papers in the Revolutionary War pension claim W. 6480, it appears that John White was born May 20, 1760, in Maryland; place not designated.

  He enlisted in Maryland or Virginia, as a private in Lieut. Col. Henry Lee's Legion, served three years and nine months and was discharged July 23, 1781. It is also stated that he was elected captain in the militia after his marriage. He received a bayonet wound in the thigh in battle; name of battle not shown.

  The soldier married May 13, 1788, in Donegal Township, Westmoreland Co., Penn., Eleanor or Eleanear Williams, born June 9, 1768, daughter of Richard Williams of said Donegal Township. They were married by her father who was then Justice of the Peace for said Westmoreland County. The soldier died in August, 1818, in Donegal Township, Westmoreland Co., Penn., and was buried on the farm which he purchased from his father-in-law, in said Donegal Township. His widow Eleanor died Oct. 11, 1851, in the same place.

  John and Eleanor White had the following children:

   Margaret or Peggy, born July 25, 1789, married Dr. Wm. Brannon; living in Westmoreland Co., Penn., in 1855
   Rosanna born May 2, 1791, married James O. Carson; living in Franklin Co., Penn., in 1855
   Sarah born Nov. 27, 1792, unmarried; died Sept. 11, 1851



   Susannah born Aug. 22, 1794, married Henry Brindle, living in Illinois in 1855
   Drusylla born May 13, 1796, married John A. Brooks; living in Lawrence Co., Penn., in 1855
   Elizabeth born Jan. 3, 179...., married John Patterson, living in Fulton Co., Penn., in 1855
   Eleanor born Nov. 20, 1800; married John Brindle; living in Westmoreland Co., Penn., in 1855
   John born July 20, 1802
   Isaac Stull born June 3, 1804, died in infancy
   Matilda S. born Oct. 20, 1806, married John Kuhn who was living in Schuyler Co., Ill., in 1855, but wife had died subsequent to her mother's death
   Isaac S. born Aug. 4, 1808

  John Kuhn and his wife Matilda, soldier's daughter, had eight children, named as follows: Isaac, Phillip, Eleanor, Nancy, Margaret, Matilda, John, David.

  On Apr. 23, 1855, John White, soldier's son, then a resident of the borough of West Newton, Westmoreland Co., Pa., applied for the pension due their mother in behalf of himself and the other children, then surviving. The claim was allowed.

  One William Duff was living in Westmoreland Co., Pa., in 1885, aged thirty-four years. He married soldier's granddaughter; her name not designated.

  In regard to photostatic copy of the "brief" in the above named pension claim, it is proper to state that the data therein were assembled from statements made in the original papers filed in the claim, and such briefs are not included in photostatic copies.

  It is suggested that you apply to the Adjutant General, U. S. A., War Department, this city, for a statement in regard to the military service of John White in Lee's Legion, referred to in said brief.

Very truly yours,

EARL D. CHURCH, commissioner.


Compiled by Mrs. H. B. Marshall, Lincoln, Nebraska.

  I. JOHN HEFFNER, immigrant ancestor, was born in Germany and is known to have brought at least one son with him to America. The family settled first at Fredericksburg, Maryland, from which place they moved to Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. As is shown by the following record his name was changed to JOHN POTTER.

  "A Draught of a Tract of Land Situate in Antrim Township Cumberland County Containing One hundred Acres and twentyfour perches and an Allowance of Six Verst Surveyed for John Potter the 2 day of Sep


tember 1772 In pursuance of an Order of Survey dated December 16th 1766 H. 2188. -


"Returned into the Secretary's Office the 7th April 1774 for John Hafner al. Potter by Warrt, dated the same day.

for John Lukens, Esq S G


Issue, known, (surname, Heffner; later, Potter):

2.  i. Simon

   2. SIMON [HEFFNER] POTTER, son of John Potter, alias Heffner, was born in Germany. He married, first, Catherine _____, who was born in 1757 and died Sept. 10, 1814, aged 57 years, 7 months. He married, secondly, Oct. 8, 1816, Elizabeth Keger. He lived at Morrison's Cove, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, located two or three miles from a little village called Woodbury. He must have been one of the earliest settlers there for the stream which flows through Morrison's Cove is still known as Potter's Creek. Simon Potter built the church in that vicinity and gave it to the community. The original church, a frame building, was torn down in 1842, and a brick church was erected in its place. It is still called Potter's Church, although its official name is Saint John's Evangelical Lutheran Church. He also gave the land for the burying ground at the Cove, which is now called Potter's Creek Cemetery, and is kept in beautiful condition. Simon Potter served in the American Revolution as a private in Captain Daniel Clapsaddler's company, Eighth Class, First Battalion, Pennsylvania Militia from Cumberland County, and was mustered into service Aug. 20, 1780.*

Issue, known, (by first wife):
3.   i. John.

   3. JOHN POTTER, son of Simon [Heffner] Potter, was born, Feb. 8, 1779, in Franklin County, Pennsylvania; died, May 5,1839, aged 60 years. He married, Mar. 26,1804, Susannah Dodson, daughter of John Dodson of Bedford County, Pennsylvania, born, Aug. 10, 1784; died, Apr. 30, 1861, aged 76 years.

   i. Samuel, b. Oct. 2, 1805.
  ii. Catherine, b. Mar. 11, 1807.
 iii. George, b. Oct. 3, 1808.
 iv. Mary, b. Oct. 13, 1810.
  v. John, b. July 25, 1812.
 vi. Daniel, b. May 24, 1814.
4.          vii. Jacob, b. May 7, 1817.
            viii. Elizabeth, b. July 5, 1820.
 ix. David, b. Aug. 5, 1822.


*Pennsylvania Archives, Fifth Series, Vol. 6, pp. 94, 97, 117.


4. JACOB POTTER, seventh child of John and Susannah (Dodson) Potter, was born at Morrison's Cove, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, May 7, 1817, and died at Tiffin, Ohio, Nov., 1851. He married in Bedford County, July 17, 1838, Mary A. Mickle, born Nov. 15, 1815, died at Mansfield, Ohio, June 10, 1867. She was the daughter of Griffiths Mickle, born in Ireland, 1787, and Rebecca Polk, his wife, born 1791. In 1841 Jacob Potter removed with his family to Wayne Co., Ohio. He was a country doctor subject to call of the sick at all times of the day and night. The two oldest sons were born in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, four were born in Wayne County, Ohio, and the youngest in Ashland County, Ohio. Issue:
           i. Hezekiah, b. Dec. 24, 1839; a corporal in an Ohio Regiment; d. Jan. 28, 1863,
              of wounds received in battle.
5.       ii. William H., b. Jan. 8, 1841; d. Dayton, O., Sept. 14, 1913.
         iii. James F., b. Feb. 27, 1843, served in Co. E, 54 Ohio Volunteers; killed in the
              Battle of Shiloh, Apr. 6, 1862; buried in a separate grave on the battlefield.
         iv. Ezra, b. Sept. 19, 1844; d. Feb. 2, 1925; enlisted Sept. 1861, in Co. E, Third
              Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, served three years and five months, nearly a year of
              which time was spent as a prisoner of war in southern prisons.
          v. Hiram, b. Mar. 7, 1847; d. Nov. 22, 1865; served in the Second Ohio Heavy
         vi. Gilbert, b. Mar. 13, 1849; d. Dec. 9, 1850.
        vii. Franklin, b. June 26, 1851; d. Aug. 6, 1852.

  5. WILLIAM H. POTTER, second child of Jacob and Mary A. (Mickle) Potter, was born in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, Jan. 8, 1841, and died at Dayton, Ohio, Sept. 14, 1913. He married, at Perrysville, Ohio, July 18, 1866, Pearl Parr, born at Perrysville, Ohio, Oct. 5, 1846, and died Feb. 27, 1921. Pearl Parr was the daughter of Andrew H. Parr, born Oct. 16, 1807, and Lucina Donaldson, his wife, born Oct. 4, 1809. Both were born at Pittsburg where they grew up and were married in 1831. They moved to the vicinity of Perrysville, Ohio, in 1834. Lucina Donaldson was the daughter of Robert and Isabella (Clendening) Donaldson. William H. Potter enlisted as a private in the Third Ohio Volunteer Cavalry and about 1863 was promoted to corporal. On Sept. 10, 1864 he was promoted to ordinance sergeant. In 1865 he was mustered out as captain of Company I, One Hundred and Thirty Seventh Ohio Volunteer Cavalry having served four years, four months and eight days. He was never wounded but he was captured once and exchanged immediately on parole. He was a member at Indianapolis, Indiana, of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. Following his discharge from the army William H. Potter studied


law at Mansfield, Ohio, three years, during which time he taught school to support his family. He then entered into partnership as a photographer with his brother, Ezra, at Mansfield. In 1875 he removed to Indianapolis, Indiana, where he lived the remainder of his life. He was one of the eight men who were founders of the Photographers Association of America (now an international organization), and in 1886 he was president of the Association. He presided at the national convention of the Association which met at St. Louis in June, 1886.      Issue:
     6.    i. Lilian.
     7.   ii. Ann Charlton.
          iii. Pearl Parr, b. Mansfield, O.; mar. Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 25, 1900, Charles Wesley
                Barkhurst lives in Cincinnati, O; issue (surname Barkhurst); 1. Catherine, b.
                Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 21, 1905.
          iv. Lucile Donaldson, b. Mansfield, O.; lives in Boston, Mass.

   6. LILIAN POTTER, oldest daughter of William H. and Pearl (Parr) Potter, was born in Mansfield, Ohio, and married at Indianapolis, Indiana, Nov. 21, 1894, Walter Stanley Whitten, son of Charles Perry Whitten, (born at Leavenworth, Indiana, April 4,1837), and Malvina Cuyler, his wife, (born at Brome, Canada, August 12, 1845). They were married, Nov. 21, 1867. Malvina Cuyler was the daughter of Charles and Louise (Field) Cuyler, married July 19,1829.

     Issue  (surname Whitten):
  i. John C. Potter, only child of Walter S. and Lillian (Potter) Whitten; b. at St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 12,         1900; m Broken Bow, Neb., June 8, 1926, Vivian Varney, daughter of Thomas Tiffany and Mary         (Sargent) Varney; issue (surname Whitten); 1. John Varney, b. Aug. 26, 1927.

  7. ANN CHARLTON POTTER, second child of William H. and Pearl (Parr) Potter, was born in Mansfield, Ohio, and married at Indianapolis, Indiana, Oct. 1, 1896, Nathan Kline Garhart.

     Issue  (Surname Garhart):  i. Elizabeth Ann, b. July 9, 1905; mar. Eugene K. Bramhall; Oct. 7, 1922; issue (surname
     Bramhall); 1. Priscilla, b. Mar. 13, 1924; 2. Mary Ann, b. June 5, 1927.
ii. Priscilla, b. Feb. 3, 1912; d. Nov. 25, 1917.


Contributed by Mrs. W. S. Whitten (Lilian Potter), Lincoln, Nebraska.

This Bible is now owned by Mrs. W. S. Whitten (Lilian Potter).

Simon Heffner Potter born in Germany
Catherine his wife born 1757
John Potter born Feb. 8, 1779
Susanah Dodson born Aug. 10, 1784
Samuel Potter born Oct. 2, 1805
Catherine Potter born Mar. 11, 1807
George Potter born Oct. 3, 1808
Mary Potter born Oct. 13, 1810
John Potter born July, 1812
Daniel Potter born May 24, 1814
Jacob Potter born May 7, 1817
Elizabeth Potter born July 5, 1820
David Potter born Aug. 5, 1822

IconState of Pennsylvania
    County of Blair



  D. L. Potter, being on oath first duly sworn, says that the following is a true and correct copy of the fly leaf of a certain Bible (Date Nov. 14, 1813), in the German language: "I, Simon Heffner, bought this book from Nichola Carle for seven dollars. On the tenth day of September my wife Catherine, died in the Lord and was buried on the 14th, 1814. Her age was 57 years and 7 months. I married my second wife, Elizabeth Keger, Octo. 8th, 1816," that said writing appeared thereon in German and that said writing was translated into the English above, at my instance and request, by one familiar with the German and English languages; that to the best of my knowledge and belief, said Bible is now in the possession of one Alonzo Brown of Martinsburg, Pennsylvania.

  Affiant further says that he knows of his own knowledge that Simon Heffner was the father of John Potter, born Feb. 8, 1779, in Franklin Co., and who died May 5, 1839, age 60; that John Potter married Susanah Dodson who was born Aug. 10, 1784, and who died April 30, 1861, age 76, that affiant is the grandson of said John Potter and the great-grandson of Simon Heffner; that the English translation of the German name "Heffner" is "Potter."

  Affiant further says he possesses a Bible giving the birth records of the children of John Potter and Susanna Dodson, his wife they had six sons and three daughters; that Jacob Potter, their son, was born May 7, 1817, in Morrison's Cove, Bedford County, Pennsylvania.


Subscribed in my presence and sworn to before me this 18 day of August, 1926.

ADA E. REYNOLDS, Notary Public.



  Copied from a Bible in the possession of Mrs. W. S. Whitten, on the fly leaf of which is written: "John Potter's Bible, presented to L. J. Brown, A. D. 1899."

John Potter Feb. 8, 1779.
Susanna Dodson Aug 10, 1784
John Glen Feb. 15, 1801


Mary Glen Oct. 13, 1810
Susanna P. Glen July 21, 1831
Catherine D. Glen Sept. 2, 1834
Martha J Glen May 25, 1837
James Glen May 14 1838
Josiah Glen Aug 22 1841
Alice Laura Reed Apr. 28, 1856
J. D. Brown Jan 2, 1838
A. W. L. Brown Aug 12, 1866
Lawrence C Brown July 28,1869
Nevada Brown June 4 1873
     wife of
Lorenzo I. Nov. 23, 1871
Delila Pearl Brown Nov 28 1894
Franklin Irvin Brown, July 3, 1896
Ethel Viola Brown Aug 26, 1898
Charles Aurand Brown, Nov 26 1900
Sheridan Harrison Brown, April 7, 1903
John Aurther Brown, April 21, 1908
James Russel Brown August 6, 1910
Jay Elden Brown was born Aug 25 1912
Woodrow Wilson Brown born October 10, 1913
Mrs. Edith Brown, April 19, 1890
Vera Leota Brown was born April 17, 1916
Georgia E. Brown was born June 1, 1923
Margaret Herring [grand-daughter] was born March - 2 - 1924

John Potter & Susanna Dodson was bound by the Holly bonds of Matrimony By Rev Hartley on Mar 26 A D 1804.
John Glenn & Mary Potter Were Joined in Holy Wedlock by Rev Yeager A D on Dec 22 1829
J D Brown & Catherine D Glenn Were Joined in the Holy bonds of Matrimony by Rev P. S. Hooper. Nov 21 A. D. 1865
Atlee W L Brown & Alice V Guyre were Joined in the Holy bonds of Matrimony by the Rev Still on the 2 Day of July in the year of our lord 1893
Lorenzo I Brown and Nevada M Detwiler were united in the Holy bonds of Matrimony By the Rev Emanuel Myers in Nov 23 A D 1893
Lorenzo I. Brown & Edith Funk were united in marriage Oct 13, 1907. By Justice of Peace Ben Longnecker.
Homer C. Herring & Ethel V. Brown were married Sept 18, 1922

Martha Jane Glenn Aug 23 1846 Aged 75 years
Susie P Grove Feb 17, 1858 Aged 26 yrs 6 Mos 23 Days
James Glenn May 18 1838 Aged 4 Days
M. J. Glenn July 20 1837 Aged 2 Mos
Alice L Reed Jan 29 1862 5 yrs 9 mos 1 day
Mary Glenn Apr 16 1872 Age 61 yrs 5 Mos 3 days
Laurence Curtis Brown Apr 20 1876 Aged 6 yrs 8 Mos 23 days
John Glenn Jan 5, 1880 Aged 78 yrs 10 Mos 20 Days
Mrs. Nevada Brown Died July 4th 1903 aged 30 years


Record from the Jacob H Potter family Bible in possession of Mrs. W. S. Whitten (Lilian Potter).


Jacob H Potter was born tha fift of May in tha year of our Lord A d 1817 Bedford Co pensylvany
Mary A Potter was Born the fifteenth day of november Bed Co Pa A d 1815
Jacob Potter and Mary A Potter Was Maried tha Seventeenth of July 1838 Bedford Co Pa
[A copy of this record made by her son, Wm. H., says "Mary A. Mickle."]
Hezekiah Potter was born Dec 24th A. D 1839 Bedford County Pa
Wm. H. Potter was born Jan 8th A. D. 1841 Bedford Co Pennsylvania
James F. Potter was born Feb 27 A. D. 1843 Wayne Co Ohio
John. Ezra. Potter was born Sept 19th A. D. 1844 Wayne, Co, O.
Hiram Potter was Born March 7th A. D. 1847
Gilbert Potter was Born March 13th A. D. 1849
Franklin Potter was Born 26 of June in the year of our Lord A D 1851
Jacob H Potter departed this Life november A d 1851 tif ohio
Gilbert Potter our Son Departed this Life on Munday the 9th Day of December 1850 aged one year Nine months and fourteen Days
Franklin Potter our Son Departed this Life wens the 9th [6 or 8?] of August 1852 Aged one year one month and 21 Days [at Jeromeville, O.]
James F. Potter was killed on the 6th April 1862, in battle of Pittsburg Landing or Shiloh. Co E. 54 O. V. Z.
Hezekiah Potter departed this Life the 28 day of Jenury 1863 he went into the Sirvis of his Contry Aprile 31 with the thre month voteers Sirved out his time inlisted tha Second time Staid Six month returned home Sick and died
Hiram Potter Departed this life the 22nd November 1865 Weds 7 A M
Mary A. Potter Died Monday June 10 1867. Mansfield Ohio Funeral sermon Sunday June 16 1867 Numbers XXIII 10 verse last part - "Let me die the death of the righteous. - By Rev J. Mudge
William H. Potter died Sunday Sept 14th, 1913, Dayton, Ohio.
Mrs. Pearl Parr Potter [Feb. 27], 1921. [This last record is on a separate sheet of paper.]


Names appearing in stained glass windows in the St. John's E. L. Church, commonly called Potter's Church:

John Potter and wife Susan

George S. Potter and wife Susan

John Potter, Jr., and wife
Inscriptions on tombstones in the Potter Creek Cemetery, Morrison's Cove, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, copied by Mrs. W. S. Whitten:

In memory of our beloved parents George and Catherine Potter

Apr. 22, 1879

March 11, 1880
Elizabeth, wife of Simon Potter, died March 18, 1868, aged 85 yrs., 1 mo., 28 days

Josiah, son of G and C Potter, May 21, 1858, age 8 yrs., 3 mo., 1 day

Caroline, dau. of G and C Potter, Dec. 25, 1854, aged 2 yrs., 1 mo., 22 days

Urilla, dau. of John and Susannah Potter, died Aug. 26, 1854, aged 1 yr., 2 mos., 27 days

Rebecca, dau. of G and C Potter, died Sept. 6, 1838, aged 10 mos. 8 ds.

George S. Potter, Mar. 31, 1837 - Nov. 19, 1911

Susan B., his wife, Apr. 1, 1835 - Dec. 16, 1886


Susan, wife of John Potter, died July 5, 1904, aged 91 yrs., 1mo., 8 ds. "A fond mother and friend to all"
John Potter of Co. M, 22 Reg., died July 6, 1867, aged 54 yrs., 11 mos., 8 ds. "As a husband devoted   As a father affectionate   As a friend ever kind and true"

  In the name of God, Amen. I, John Dodson, Sr., of Greenfield Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, being sick and weak in body but of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding, considering the certainty of death, and the uncertainty of the time thereof, and being desirous to settle my worldly affairs, and thereby be the better prepared to leave this world when it shall please God to call me hence, do therefore make and publish this my Last Will and Testament, in manner and form following, that is to say -

  First and principal, I commend my soul into the hands of Almighty God and my body to the earth, to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executrix hereinafter named and after my debts and funeral charges are paid I devise and bequeath as follows.

  I give and bequeath my plantation whereon I now dwell containing one hundred and four acres and allowance to my loving wife during her life and all the profits arising from the same during her said life and one little sorrel mare and saddle and two cows, one ewe and lamb, two feather beds, her choice, and all the small grain now in my possession after harvest is paid out and to keep all her bodily clothing to herself and household furniture and two beehives and the hay in the strait mow I also devise further after my said loving wifes decease that my sons Michael Dodson, William Dodson and John Dodson my daughters Mary Cassidy, Susannah Potter and Elizabeth Bridendoll, my lawful children, shall go share and share alike in all my real and personal property, to be equally divided by my Executrix hereinafter named.

  I also further devise if my said son John Dodson shall make any building or fencing on the place in my said loving wife's life that he does not get paid for when it is divided among my loving children after my wife's decease, then he shall draw pay for the same.

  I also devise to my loving wife, the barrow she always called hers.

  And lastly, I do hereby constitute and appoint John Barnhart and my son John Dodson, to be sole executrix of this my last will and testament, revoking and annulling all former wills by me heretofore made, ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament.

  In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 29th day of July, in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and fiiteen.

  Signed, sealed, published and declared by John Dodson for the above named testator, as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us, who at his request, in the presence Of each other, have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto.

Signed JOHN X (his mark) DODSON (seal)

Michael X (his mark) Dodson
John Bennet

  I, Ella M. Stewart, Register for the probate of wills, etc. in and for said county, do hereby certify that the foregoing copy of the last will and testament of John Dodson, Sr., late of "Greenfield Township" said county [now in Blair County], deceased, is true and correct, so full, perfect and entire as the same is found of record in Will Book No. 1, page 459, etc.

   Witness my hand and official seal, this 31st day Of July, A. D. 1929,




Copied from the original in the possession of Mrs. Walter S. Whitten, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Michael Dodson was Born August the [blurred] 177[5?]
Wiliam Dodson Was Born September the 24 - 1777
Mary Dodson Was Born Agust the 1 - 1779
Thomas Dodson Was Born September the 23 - 1782
Susanah Dodson Was Born August the 10 - 1784
ElizeBeth Dodson Was Born October the 8 1786
John Dodson Was Born September the 1 - 1788
Elijah Dodson Was Born April the 27 1790
Joseph Dodson Was Born April the 28 1792

Abstract by Miss Nellie Schock, Falls City, Nebraska, Genealogist for Reavis-Ashley Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution.

(Note: The original text is all single spaced & without bold.)

  These marriages, the earliest in Richardson County, Nebraska Territory, are recorded in the office of the County Judge, in the Richardson County Court House, at Falls City, Nebraska.

  Nov. 29, 1855, Joshua Boyd of Holt Co., Mo., to Miss Elizabeth Miller of Richardson Co. by Pharagus Pollard, acting J. P. Filed for record in office of J. C. Lincoln, Register of Deeds.

  Dec. 18, 1855, Mr. Samuel Howard and Miss Mary Gallaher, both of Richardson Co., N. T., by Pharagus Pollard, at the house of David Gallaher.

  Oct. 4, 1855, W. M. Maddox of Nebraska City, N. T., and Miss Margaret Miller of Archer, N. T., by Wm. Gage, Minister of M. E. Church. Recorded by E. S. Sharp, Deputy Register of Deeds.*

  Mar. 13, 1856, Richard Clinsey and Perrilla Adamson, by Joseph Friese, J. P. Certified at Archer by W. H. Mann, July 7, 1856.

  Mar. 13, 1856, James Loughlin and Liddy Adamson, by Joseph Friese, J. P. for Richardson Co., N. T. Certified at Archer by W. H. Mann, July 7, 1856.

  Apr. 29, 1856, Marcellus Hausner and Polly Ann Shelly, at home of A. Shelly, by Pharagus Pollard, J. P. Certified by E. S. Sharp, Aug. 21, 1856, at Archer.

  May 27, 1856, James Robertson and Sarah Levinda [Lucinda?] Robertson, all of Richardson Co., N. T., by J. C. Miller, Probate Judge.

  Aug. 10, 1856, John Hoyt and Sidney Davis all of Richardson Co., at house of Wm. Cain at St. Stephens, by J. C. Miller, Probate Judge in and for Richardson Co.

  July 29, 1856, N. J. Sharp and Miss Ellena Trammel, by Thomas D. Allen, Minister of Gospel.

  July 17, 1856, Wm. Abrams and Margaret A. Shafer, by Joseph Friese.

  Sept. 7, 1856, Livingston G. Jenkins and Mary Jane Anderson of Pawnee Co., at Archer, by J. C. Miller, J. P.

  Sept. 14, 1856, Elisha Ashcum and Lawisa Huffman of Kansas Territory, by J. C. Miller, J. P.

  Sept. 14, 1856, A. J. Crowl and Elizabeth Short of Territory of Kansas, at Archer, by Judge Miller.

* Note by Mrs. N. 0. Reynolds (May Maddox). - W. M. Maddox was the son of Michael and Frances (Jones) Maddox. Margaret Miller was the daughter of John Calhoun and Elizabeth (Campbell) Miller.

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