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World War, and is a member of the American Legion. He holds membership in the Nebraska State Bar Association and the Lancaster County Bar Association, is a Mason, and a member of the Young Men's Christian Association. Residence: Lincoln.

Roy Bowen Ford

Roy B. Ford was born near Bertrand, in Gosper County, Nebraska, April 30, 1897, and has lived in this state all his life. His father, Roy Ford, who is a farmer and stockman, was born in Illinois, January 19, 1873. His ancestry is English. His mother, who was born at Camden, New Jersey, August 10, 1875, is descended from Scotch English ancestors who came to this country in 1740.

Mr. Ford attended the rural schools of Gosper County, Nebraska, and was graduated from the high school at Bertrand, Nebraska, in 1915. He was awarded the A. B. degree at the University of Nebraska where he was president of Pi Kappa Phi, 1919. Since his admission to the bar, Jane 21, 1921, he has engaged in general law practice at Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska, specializing as insurance and trade association counsel. He is associated in practice with his brother, Ralph W. Ford.

He was united in marriage with Ethel Beatrice TousIey at Crookston, Minnesota, May 9, 1920. Mrs. Ford was born at Fargo, North Dakota, April 3, 1899; she is descended from early English settlers in America. They have the following children: Robert Bowen, born October 28, 1921; Virginia Mae, born November 10, 1922; and Bruce, born September 25, 1926.

Mr. Ford was a member of the Pershing Rifles at the University of Nebraska, the Cadet Rifle Team, Quartermaster Cadet Regiment, and in 1918 he enlisted in the Officers Training Camp of Fort Sheridan, Illinois. He was commissioned second lieutenant of infantry, special assignment, personnel adjutant's school, and was personnel adjutant in charge of the Student Army Training Corp at Fargo, North Dakota.

He is a member of the American Legion, the Nebraska and Lancaster County Bar Associations. He also holds membership in the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, the Lions Club, and the Nebraskana Society. He is a Mason, a member of the Sheridan Parent-Teachers' Association and the Lincoln Young Men's Christian Association, and is affiliated with Westminster Presbyterian Church of Lincoln. His hobbies are fishing and hunting. Residence: Lincoln.

Charles Fordyce

Charles Fordyce, leading Nebraska educator, was born at Bloomington, Illinois, February 7, 1857, the son of Lebbeus, and Martha Ellen (Stephens) Fordyce. His father, who was born at Zanesville, Ohio, July, 1833, and died at Houston, Texas, April, 1915, was a cabinet maker; he was of Scotch descent. His mother who was born at Columbus, Ohio, June 1833, died in 1913. She was of English and German descent.

Dr. Fordyce received his early education at Prairie College, Gridley, Illinois, and was graduated from high school in 1879. He holds the following degrees: diploma, State Normal University of Illinois, 1882; A. M., Nebraska Wesleyan University, 1893; B. S., University of Nebraska, 1896; A. M., University of Nebraska, 1898; Ph.D., University of Nebraska, 1900. He was a student at De Pauw University, 1892; University of Chicago, 1904; Columbia University, 1912-13; and Harvard University, 1929. He is a member of Sigma Xi and Phi Delta Kappa.

He served as professor at Nebraska Wesleyan University, 1893-1908; was dean of the college of liberal arts at the latter, 1896-1908; was dean of the college of education, University of Nebraska, 1908-21; and since 1921 has been in the department of measurements and research. He is the author of Monographs of Cladocera of Nebraska, and Scale for Measuring the Achievements in Reading. He is associate editor of The New Reference Library and the Journal of Educational Research. Dr. Fordyce has lived in Nebraska for the past 45 years.

He holds membership in the following: Nebraska State Teachers Association; the National Education Association; the Rotary Club; the Optimist Club; and the Nebraskana Society. He has been chairman of the Nebraska State Young Men's Christian Association since 1928; is chairman of the research committee in the personnel division of the National Council of the Young Men's Christian Association; and is a member of the St. Paul's Methodist Church at Lincoln. During the late war he served as lecturer under the Fosdick Commission, 1918. Politically, Dr. Fordyce is a Republican.

He was married to Marie Priscilla Gray at El Paso, Woodford County, Illinois, June 8, 1882. Mrs. Fordyce was born at Hudson, Illinois, May 19, 1860; her ancestry is English and Irish. Three children were born to this marriage: Claude Powell, born March 6, 1893, who is a physician, and is now medical advisor for Merck Company, New York; Glen Gray, born October 30, 1887, who is executive for the Boy Scouts of America at Iowa City, Iowa, and Mildred Marie, born June 15, 1893, who died August 15, 1894. Residence: Lincoln.

Claude Powell Fordyce

Claude P. Fordyce, physician, author and editor, was born at McLean, Iowa, March 6, 1883, son of Charles and Marie (Gray) Fordyce. His mother, who was of Scotch ancestry, is active in P. E. O. and Woman's Club. His father, a noted educator, received the degrees of A. M. and Ph. D. at the University of Nebraska, and has been responsible for many advanced education measures in that institution. Since 1921 he has been at the head of the department of educational measurements and research.

Dr. Fordyce was at one time a student at the Illinois State Normal University. He has received the following degrees: A, B., Nebraska Wesleyan University, 1905; B. S., 1907; M. D., Washington University, 1910. He was a student at the University of Nebraska, 1907-08, where a scholarship in zoology was awarded him. While there he was appointed special representative for the governor of Nebraska to the National Conference on State Parks; at one time he was on the board of directors of the latter. He is a member of Sigma Chi, and Nu Sigma Nu.

The author of over 200 special feature magazine articles on nature, among them are: Trail Craft and Touring-Afoot. For eight years he was editor of the recreation department of the Outdoor Life Magazine in Denver. He is at the present time assistant editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association and Hygeia, Chicago. In 1930 he was appointed assistant editor of the American Medical Association.

He was married at Falls City, Nebraska, June 22, 1910, to Dora Maude Maddox. Mrs. Fordyee, who is of German descent, was born at Falls City. They have one child, Marileen Ann, born September 29, 1916.

Dr. Fordyee was admitted to the practice of his profession at Broken Bow, Nebraska, June, 1910. He is a member of The American Medical Association; Nebraska State Medical Association; Nebraska Writers' Guild, of which he is president; the advisory board of the National Safety Council of Chicago; and Academy of Science, in Nebraska. During the war he was on the bureau of examinations for the draft. A Methodist, he is a member of the Heminway Church, at Evanston, Illinois.

Motor boating, hiking and camping are his favorite sports. He is vice-commodore of the Missouri Valley Boat Racing Association, and editor of the motor boating department of Outdoor Life, Denver.

Dr. Fordyce is a member of the Odd Fellows Lodge.

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He is a Democrat. His home and office are in Falls City. (Photograph on Page 419).

Harry Franklin Fore

Harry F. Fore was born at Albany, Gentry County, Missouri, March 25, 1879, the son of John Warren and Rose (Owen) Fore. His father, who was a farmer, was born in Iowa, February 8, 1849, and died at Albany, June 18, 1912. His ancestors were Frenchmen who came through Netherlands to America in 1750. His mother was born of Welsh and English parentage in Texas, February 22, 1854, and died at Albany, March 12, 1884.

Dean Fore attended the country schools of Missouri, and the town school at Gentryville, Missouri, and in 1900 was graduated from Stanberry Normal School. He was awarded the A. B. degree at the University of Missouri, in 1905, and a B. S. in Education in 1906. He attended the University of Chicago during the summer sessions of 1907, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911, 1920, 1921, and 1923, and was awarded a fellowship in English at the University of Chicago, in 1924. Active in debating, he was a member of the Union Literary Society; was elected to membership in Sigma Delta Chi; and was a member of Tan Kappa Alpha and Delta Tan Delta.

Principal of the high school at Van Buren, Arkansas, 1905 to 1907, he was instructor in English at the A. and M. College in Mississippi, 1907-08; and was associate professor of English at Purdue University from 1908 to 1928. He is now head of the English department and acting dean of the graduate school at Creighton University. He is the author of Life of Josieh Gilbert Holland; Courtley Love in Shakespeare; both of which will be published soon. He has contributed various articles to The Nation.

On July 8, 1913, he was united in marriage with Valpey Cottle Trimble. Mrs. Fore, who is of English descent, was born at Memphis, Tennessee, July 2, 1888. They have three children: Elizabeth, born June 14, 1914; Frances, born February 22, 1916; and Louise, born January 12, 1918.

During the World War, Dean Fore was on the publicity committee and was a speaker in various loan campaigns. He is a member of the Business and Professional Men's Club. His sports are fishing and golf, and his hobby collecting Americana. Resilence (sic): Omaha.

Ira George Forell

Ira George Forell, insurance executive and member of the Nebraska legislature, was born at Dwight, Illinois, February 11, 1881. He is the son of August George and Nancy Melissa (Thomas) Forell, the former a member of the von Forell family of Germany. August George Forell was born at Buffalo, New York, October 1, 1850, and died at Chester, Nebraska, March 24, 1925. An outstanding resident of his community, a farmer by occupation, his progenitor, Adolph von Forell belonged to the military or "King's family," which entitled him to the honorary sub-title of "von."

August George Forell was married to Nancy M. Thomas of Round Grove, Illinois. She was born January 20, 1856, of Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry, and died at Chester, Nebraska, May 19, 1919.

Educated in the rural schools of Thayer County, Ira G. Forell was graduated from Chester High School in May, 1898, and received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Nebraska on June 8, 1912. He is a member of Acacia and Phi Rho Sigma, and in 1909 served as treasurer and representative to grand conclave of Acacia.

On December 19, 1927, Mr. Forell was united in marriage with Cecelia Sophie Wehrs at Omaha. Mrs. Forell, who was born at Milford, Nebraska, is of German and French descent, and traces her ancestry to Count von Moltke. They have one daughter, Mary Cecelia, born February 28, 1931.

A Democrat, Mr. Forell was defeated for election to the Nebraska house of representatives in 1924 and 1926, and was successful in November 1930. He is the author of Hops on the Farm, published in the Ozark Countryman (1915). A farmer and rural school teacher for a number of years, he has been associated with the Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Thayer County for some time, and is vice president of the organization. He has been a director also.

During the World War Mr. Forell was chairman of the local school district thrift stamp drive, and the 5th Liberty loan drive. He has been a member of the Red Cross, and since 1913 has been a director of School Board District No. 58. During the years 1915-17 he was a member of the Chester Community Club. His fraternal organizations include the Masons and Eastern Star, he is a 32nd degree Mason and a member of the Shrine and past master of Chester Lodge of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons.

Mr. Forell holds life membership in the Nebraska Alumni Association, and was elected to the board of directors in June, 1931. He is past president of the Thayer County group of the University of Nebraska Alumni, and during 1903, 06, 07, and 08 was a member of the Young Men's Christian Association at the University. He also served as treasurer of that organization in 1907.

A member of Ak-Sar-Ben, and the Order of the Yellow Dog, he is also a member of the University Club by courtesy. Mr. Forell's hobbies are reading, philosophy and politics. Residence: Chester.

Harry Alden Foreman

Born at Sterling, Nebraska, October 2, 1888, Harry Alden Foreman is the son of Charles Elmer and Ida Ann (Atkins) Foreman. His father, who was a farmer and stockman, was born at Altoona, Pennsylvania, of German parentage, August 12, 1865, and died at Lincoln, Nebraska, December 19, 1919. His mother, who was a teacher before her marriage, was born at Minonk, Illinois, February 14, 1865; she is descended directly from John Alden and Priscilla Mullins, of Mayflower fame.

Mr. Foreman attended grade school at Adams, Nebraska, and was graduated from the high school at Central City, Nebraska; later he studied normal training for two years at the Nebraska School of Business at Lincoln. He taught in the business department of Nebraska Central College, at Central City, for five years, was commercial instructor in Brown's Business College at Colorado Springs, Colorado, and is now manager of the Columbus Fuel & Storage Company at Columbus, Nebraska. He is endowment trustee of the Nebraska Central College at this time.

On June 3, 1913, Mr. Foreman was united in marriage with Inez Esther Taber, daughter of James C. and Clara (Roberts) Taber, at Central City. Mrs. Foreman, who was a missionary in Japan, for five years and taught in American public schools prior to her marriage, was born at Marshalltown, Iowa, June 1, 1879. They have two children: Esther, born January 31, 1914; and Charles, born August 13, 1918.

Mr. Foreman is a member of the board of directors of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, is affiliated with the Young Men's Christian Association and the Nebraskana Society. He is interested in baseball, football, and mechanics. During the World War he acted as postmaster at Rokeby, Nebraska, and was awarded medals for his activities in the sale of War Saving Stamps and Liberty bonds. He is a Republican. Residence; Columbus.

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George Forgan

George Forgan, prominent Omaha banker, was born in Linlichdowsh, Scotland, July 1, 1871, son of Peter Liddie and Grace (MacMillan) Forgan. The father was born in St. Andrew, Scotland, April 2, 1833, and died there on May 6, 1915. He was a banker. His wife, Grace, was born in Glasgow, Scotland, July 22, 1833, and died at Omaha, July 25, 1926.

Mr. Forgan received his education in Scotland. On June 12, 1894, he was married to Mabel Cole at Omaha. She was born at Bamboo, Wisconsin, April 10, 1875. At the present time Mr. Forgan is the owner of the Forgan Investment Company. He is a member of Westminster Presbyterian Church, the Masons, and the Woodmen of the World Residence: Omaha.

Eric Forslund

An outstanding merchant of Stromsburg, Nebraska, Eric Forslund was born in Darana, Sweden, May 17, 1866, the son of Johan and Johanna Forslund. Johan Forslund was born in Sweden, October, 1830, and died at 5tromsburg, in 1900. His wife was born in Sweden on July 15, 1834, and died there during the summer of 1880.

Mr. Forslund attended public school and junior high school, and later the Agricultural College at Lincoln, Nebraska. On February 28, 1890, he married Emma Carlson. Mrs. Forslund was born at Falun, Dalarna, in Sweden, April 8, 1864. Two children were born to them, Lillie, in November, 1890, and now the wife of Hartwig Flodman; and Sigrid, born in July, 1892, now the wife of Delbert Query. Sigrid, who was a school teacher before her marriage, has two daughters, Ruth, aged 10, and Lillie Marie, aged 6. Mr. and Mrs. Flodman have a son, Earl, aged 13.

A farmer for twenty-five years, Mr. Forslund was in the grain business in Polk, Nebraska, for five years, and for the past fifteen years has been the proprietor of a grocery store. Politically he is a Democrat and has served as mayor of Polk, Nebraska, for two terms, as justice of the peace in Stromsburg two terms, and for six years as assessor in the Stromsburg precinct.

Mr. Forslund is a member of the Swedish Free Church of Stromsburg, holds a membership in the Red Cross, the Stromsburg Commercial Club, and The Nebraskana Society. He has served on the Stromshurg board of education, and for two years has been president of the Young Men's Christian Association. Fishing is his hobby. Residence: Stromsburg. (Photograph in Album).

R. T. Fosnot

R. T. Fosnot, distinguished educator and school executive of Nebraska, has lived in Nebraska all his life and has taken an active part in the progress of education. He was born at Davenport, Nebraska, September 16, 1886, the son of C. C. and Ida (Hefflinger) Fosnot. His father, a farmer, was born at Newville, Pennsylvania, March 17, 1860; he is of Scotch and German descent. His mother, whose ancestry is German, was born at Newville, October 25, 1859.

Mr. Fosnot attended the rural schools of Thayer County, and in 1905 was graduated from the Davenport High School He holds the following degrees: B. E., Peru State Teachers College, Peru, Nebraska; A. B., Nebraska Wesleyan University, 1912; and A. M., University of Nebraska, 1915. He is now superintendent of the public schools at Schuyler, Colfax County, Nebraska.

His marriage to Lestia Irene Simmons was solemnized at Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska, November 3, 1915. Mrs. Fosnot, who was born in Kansas, March 12, 1892, formerly a school superintendent. They have two children., Jeannette, born February 23, 1917; and Glenn, born July 2, 1919.

Mr. Fosnot is a member of the Chamber of Commerce; the Nebraskana Society; and the Red Cross. He is a life member of the National Educational Association and the Nebraska State Teachers Association; is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church; and is a member of the Masons. His sports are: golfing, scouting, and fishing. Residence: Schuyler.

Charles Eber Foster

Charles Eber Foster, judge of the district court, was born at LaFayette, Illinois, December 6, 1877. His father, Ira George Foster, was born at Meadville, Pennsylvania, October 22, 1842. He was a tinsmith, hardware merchant and lumber merchant, and served three years in the Civil War. He came to Nebraska when a young man, and died at Nelson, Nebraska, October 17, 1916. His wife, Emmogene Wentworth, was born in Bennington, Vermont, November 2, 1848. Essentially a homemaker, she was active in the church and in club and lodge work, and was eligible to the Daughters of the American Revolution through both her father and her mother. She died at Nelson, August 29, 1926.

Upon his graduation from Nelson High School, Judge Foster attended the University of Nebraska and received his LL. B. in 1900. A member of the Maxwell Debating Society and the Union Society; he was also active in athletics, particularly baseball, football and track.

His political career has extended over a period of twenty-five years, and he has served as member of various Republican committees and conventions, and as police magistrate and deputy county attorney, municipal judge and now district judge, all at Omaha.

He is the author of various short stories, newspaper articles, etc. During his thirty years of active practice in the law he has handled and been connected with many known cases, both civil and criminal.

During his university days he was a member of the University Cadets, and later a member of the National Guard. During the World War he was a member of the draft board, and active in loan drives, recruiting and Red Cross work. He is a member of the Officers Reserve Corps, the Sons of Veterans, the Sons of the American Revolution, and the Heroes of '76.

A member of the First Presbyterian Church of Omaha, and the Young Men's Christian Association, he is active in all civic enterprises, and is an enthusiastic worker with children, especially those that are under-privileged.

His professional organizations include the American Bar Association, the Nebraska State Bar Association and the Omaha-Douglas County Bar. He is a member of the Ad-Sell League, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Kiwanis Club. He is a member also of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, Scottish Rite, Shrine, Royal Arch, Eastern Star and other bodies. He is fond of golf, hiking and swimming, and his hobby is the collecting of old law books. His clubs are the University Club, the Omaha Field Club and the Omaha Walking Club. Residence: Omaha.

Fred Charles Foster

Fred Charles Foster was born at Lincoln, Nebraska, December 13, 1880, son of John Lewis and Mary Ceneska (Damrow) Foster. John Lewis Foster, who was born at Remington, Indiana, February 5, 1856, was a physician many years. He was descended from English settlers in America prior to the Revolution, and died at Tyler, Texas, August 1, 1899. His wife, Mary, was born at Williamsport, Indiana, January 21, 1858, of German and English descent. For thirty-eight years she has been a teacher in the Lincoln public schools.

Mr. Foster was graduated from Lincoln schools in 1894, and received his LL. B. at the University of Nebraska, in 1903. He is a member of Alpha Tau Omega and Phi Delta Phi. He has been engaged in the practice of law since his admission to the bar in 1903, and was

Horz. bar

deputy county attorney of Lancaster County in 1901; city attorney of Lincoln, 1911-15, elected on the Republican ticket and member of the home rule charter convention, city of Lincoln.

On September 23, 1904, he was married to Beulah Livesay of Hebron, Nebraska, at Council Bluffs, Iowa. Mrs. Foster was born December 14, 1879.

Mr. Foster is a member of the American, Nebraska State and Lancaster County Bar Associations, and the Rotary Club. A Mason, he. belongs to the Blue Lodge, Scottish Rite and Shrine bodies. His club is the Lincoln Country Club, and his favorite sport is fishing. Residence: Lincoln.

Henry Hubbard Foster

Henry H. Foster was born at Buffalo, New York, December 3, 1876. For the past ten years he has been one of Nebraska's leading legal educators and since 1926 he has been dean of the college of law at the University of Nebraska. His father, Hubbard A. Foster, who was a graduate of the Harvard Medical School, was born at Adrian, Ohio, November 22, 1847, and died at Buffalo, June 6, 1902. His ancestors were New Englanders, and he was a Civil War veteran. Florence A. (Jenkins) Foster, mother of Henry H. Foster, was born at East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, March 29, 1848, of New England ancestry, and died at Lincoln, September 3, 1923.

Dean Foster was graduated from Central High School at Buffalo, in 1894. He was awarded the degree A. B., at Cornell University, 1899, and LL. B., at Harvard, 1908. He was made a member of the Alpha Chapter of Sigma Xi at Cornell, 1899, and of Phi Delta Phi. Principal of Franklin School At Peoria, Illinois, 1899-1902; be was associate professor of education at the New Jersey State Normal School, 1902-04; began the practice of law at Peoria, 1908; and was professor of law at the University of Oklahoma, 1910-20.

Since 1920, he has been professor of law at the University of Nebraska. He is dean of the law school there and is legal alvisor (sic) to the Board of Regents. During his college days he was the author of a thesis published in Volume XII of American Junior Psychology. He is the author of various articles on real estate law appearing in the Nebraska Law Bulletin, the University of Pennsylvania Law Review and other legal periodicals. With W. A. Seavey, he was founder of the Nebraska Law Bulletin.

His marriage to Emma Beatrice Adams was solemnized at Peoria, Illinois, December 29, 1910. Mrs. Foster, whose ancestry is Scotch, was born at Haverstraw, New York, January 21, 1873. There are three children: Henry H., Jr., born December 3, 1911; Margaret Adams, born December 20, 1913; and Virginia Beatrice, born February 18, 1917.

Dean Foster is a member of: American Bar Association; Nebraska State Bar Association; Lancaster County Bar Association; the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce; and the Lincoln Rotary Club. He is a Mason, a member of the University Club, and has served as president of Cornell Alumni Club of Lincoln. He is affiliated with the First Plymouth Congregational Church. Residence: Lincoln.

James Espey Foster

For the past 40 years James E. Foster has lived at Omaha, and has taken an active part in the civic and business affairs of his community and state. He was born at Steubenville, Ohio, March 23, 1878, the son of George Marshall and Sally Jane (Wallace) Foster. His father, who was born at Carnegie, Pennsylvania, April 17, 1852, died at Park Ridge, Illinois, September 25, 1923. His mother was born at Steubenville.

Mr. Foster received his education in the public and high schools of Omaha. He entered business in the employ of the Aetna Insurance Company in the northwest department at Omaha, and remained in this company for 14 years. For two years he was manager of a local insurance agency at Omaha, and for five years was chief examiner of the Columbia Fire Underwriters Agency of the National Fire Insurance Company.

Resigning from the latter position in 1919, to become secretary-treasurer of the National American Fire Insurance Company, he was made president and treasurer of this organization in 1925.

Mr. Foster is married to Mary Virginia Robinson, who was born at Council Bluffs. He is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Young Men's Christian Association, and the Omaha Athletic Club. He is affiliated with the Episcopal Church at Omaha, and is a member of Happy Hollow Club. Residence: Omaha.

Margaret Vera Foster

Margaret Vera Foster, educator and club woman at York, Nebraska, has lived in this state all her life, is prominent in every civic and educational undertaking in her community. She was born at Hartington, Cedar County, Nebraska, October 16, 1887, the daughter of Jacob Napoleon Lemon and Margaret Missouri (Jones). Her father, who was a real estate dealer, was born at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, July 12, 1851; his parents came to this country from England. He is deceased.

Her mother was born at St. Louis, Missouri, July 16, 1857. Her parents came to America from Wales, and her father, Lewis E. Jones, Sr., who was the author of many historical articles, was at one time the owner and editor of the Christian Advocate. She died in March, 1932.

Mrs. Foster was graduated from the Hartington High School in 1906. She received the A. B. degree in 1910 from the Nebraska Wesleyan University where she was president of the junior class, 1909, treasurer of the Young Women's Christian Association, 1908, and president of Alpha Epsilon, 1909-10. She was valedictorian of her graduating class in high school at Hartington, 1906.

She served as superintendent of the public schools at North Loup, Nebraska, 1910-13, and was principal of the Edison school in York, 1914-17. In recent years Mrs. Foster has acted as substitute teacher in both the grade and high school at York. She is a member of the Parent-Teacher's Association at York, and the Red Cross. She is guardian of Jobs' Daughters, which she organized at York in 1930, served as president of the Eastern Star Kensington in 1928, and as Worthy Matron of the Eastern Star in 1930, was president of the Young Men's Christian Association Auxiliary, 1926-28, and acted as secretary of the Woman's Club in 1921. She holds membership in the Nebraska Teachers' Association, is affiliated with the Methodist Episcopal Church at York, and is a member of the Nebraskana Society. Her social club is the York Country Club.

Her marriage to Leslie Everett Foster occurred at University Place, Lancaster County, Nebraska, June 7, 1913. Mr. Foster, who was born at Giltner, Hamilton County, Nebraska, January 17, 1888, is in the dry cleaning business, and is the author of books and articles on dry cleaning. His grandfather, Jonathan Foster was a lieutenant in the Civil War. They have three children, all of whom are honor roll students in school. They are: Arthur Hubert, born November 9, 1917; Robert Gayle, born December 5, 1919; and Dorothy Maxine, born May 18, 1922. Mrs. Foster is a Republican. Residence: York.

Mattie E. Franks Foster

Mattie E. Franks, daughter of George Milton and Mary Jane (Holsey) Franks, was born at Maryville, Missouri, June 23, 1866. Her father was born at Quincy, Illinois, March 7, 1842, and died at Maryville, September 10, 1869. Her mother was a native of St. Joseph, Missouri, born March 6, 1844, and died at Rockford,

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