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20 and 23, Doctor Hoehen was able to call on the others. Mr. Haney was able to get to town on March 20. He walked west of the house, and in some places, jumped from one cake of ice to another. He walked to John Haney's farm, and from there, they were able to drive a team to Columbus. On the way to his brother's place, he met Jake Louis and his son, Charles, then a boy of about fourteen, who were out viewing the flood.

When he arrived in Columbus, James bought a coffin and a little wreath of wax flowers for Margaret, from Henry Gass, Sr., who was the undertaker at that time. John Haney accompanied him as far as they could drive on the way home, and then James walked, the rest of the way, carrying the little coffin on his shoulder.

On March 21, Dan Condon, who lived north of Richland, drove down as far as Lost Creek in an effort to find out how his sister, Mrs. Jerry Donnelley, had fared in the flood. At the same time, Jake Maple, Jr., who was staying at Haney's, attempted to get to Richland from the south. The foot bridge where they used to cross was washed away and Jake swam across Lost Creek and there met Mr. Condon. Dan then drove back to Richland, and procured a boat and also sent word to Schuyler for a doctor to come. He then bought a sack of flour and other groceries, drove south as far as Lost Creek, then loaded the provisions into the boat, and he and Jake rowed across the water. They then had to walk a distance of two miles, and Dan carried a fifty-pound sack of flour on his back. They came in northeast of the Haney house. Dan then went back to Richland and met the doctor, who came up on the train from Schuyler, and brought him across in the boat, and together they walked the rest of the distance to the house.

March 26, Michael, twelve years old, died of diphtheria. March 27, Mary Ann (Mazie), age ten years, died. The three children were buried when the flood subsided. All the roads had been washed out, and it was necessary to find solid ground where they could drive a team. They rode out on horseback and located a place to drive. The next day, they proceeded with the funeral. The procession was led by boys on horseback. Henry Gass' hearse was a long spring wagon. The others rode in farm wagons and drove across the country to St. Joseph's Cemetery, near Platte Center.

When James Haney returned from the burial, Elizabeth too had died. She was four years old, and was buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery.

In 1884, Mr. Haney built a new frame house, and the family moved from their log house in the fall. The next ten years were happy and uneventful, until 1894, when John A., the oldest son, died during a measles epidemic. He was twenty-seven years old and was teaching school at the time. His death occurred May 1, 1894.

Mr. Haney prospered with the years. He was a breeder of horses, and at one time had sixty head of horses on the farm. He also raised cattle and hogs.

He was a kind and charitable soul, always ready to help others. He had a keen sense of humor and always looked on the bright side of things. He lived an active life and his mind remained clear to the end.

February 8, 1912, while on a trip to Columbus, Mr. Haney suffered a stroke, and on Monday, February 12, died at the home of his son, James S. Haney. He was survived by his wife, three sons, James, Jr., Patrick and Frank, and two daughters, Elizabeth and Agnes.

Mrs. Haney died February 8, 1920, at the age of seventy-two, at her farm home. She had lived in the same neighborhood for fifty-six years, as Johanna Meaney with her mother, three sisters and two brothers, she emigrated from County Clare, Ireland in 1850.

The Meaney family first went to Canada, where they lived for one year. They then came to the United States, where they resided in Iowa for thirteen years. In the winter of 1864, they came to Nebraska, crossing the Missouri River ice, near Omaha. They drove a team of horses and covered wagon.

Their family consisted of two sons, Mike and Dan, and three daughters; besides Mrs. James Haney; Mary, Mrs. John Haney; Anna or Nan, Mrs. Thomas Lyons; and Margaret, Mrs. Pat Lyons.

Mike and Dan Meaney worked on the Union Pacific Railroad when it was being built, in 1866. One day, the railroad workers had a skirmish with the Indians, in the vicinity of Sidney, Nebraska, and Dan was killed and scalped by the Indians. He was buried at Sidney. His mother, Mrs. Ann Meaney, later went by train to visit the grave.

In July, 1881, Mrs. Meaney was killed when a team ran away and she was thrown from the wagon. The team was frightened by the Burlington and Milwaukee train near the Jacob Louis farm.


Rose Agnes Haney was born September 24, 1886, at the family home near Columbus. Her father, James Haney, was born March 17, 1836, in Strieve, Londonderry, Ireland. He came to America in 1854, to Evansburg, Pennsylvania, and in 1856 moved to Omaha, Nebraska. A year later in 1857, he settled six miles east of Columbus. He died February 12, 1912.

Mrs. James Haney (Johanna Meaney), was born March 17, 1848, in County Clare, Ireland. She came with her parents to Columbus in 1864 from Iowa. They crossed the Missouri River near Omaha in winter, driving a covered wagon across the ice. Mrs. Haney died in February, 1920, at her farm home east of Columbus.

Rose Agnes Haney has three brothers and one sister: James S., Patrick, Mary Elizabeth and Frank. Deceased brothers and sisters were: Thomas, who died June 16, 1875; Margaret, March 19, 1881; Michael, March 26, 1881; Mary Ann, March 27, 1881; and Lizzie, April 1, 1881. An infant brother died in 1884; John A., on May 1, 1894. Margaret, Michael, Mary Ann and Lizzie were victims of the diphtheria epidemic of 1881.

The History of Platte County Nebraska

Rose Agnes Haney lived on the family farm until 1944 when she moved into Columbus with her sister, Mary Elizabeth, and brother, Patrick. She attended St. Francis Academy, Fremont Normal and Kearney State Normal. For seven years then she taught school.

She is a member of St. Bonaventure's Catholic Church and the Franciscan Missionary Union and has served on the Democratic Central Committee in Colfax County. She is a member also of the United Spanish War Veterans Auxiliary and the Catholic Daughters of America.


James S. Haney was born on May 12, 1872, on the Haney farm in Colfax County. He is the son of James and Johanna Meaney Haney. He attended the Colfax County schools and the Fremont Normal at Fremont, Nebraska.

On November 4, 1903, Mr. Haney was married in Columbus to Miss Alma Segelke, daughter of Carl and Minna Hackelberg Segelke. The Haneys had six children: William, who married Marjorie Gass of Columbus; Arthur Haney, in Civil Service at the Columbus Post Office; Robert Haney of California; Helen, married to J. L. Quinn of Washington, D. C.; and Louise, in Civil Service, Washington, D. C. Carl, who was married to Edna Ketchmark, died October 17, 1945, leaving four children: James Haney III, born June 1, 1925, died August 26, 1929; Charles, born July 7, 1930, graduated from St. Bonaventure's High School; Diane, born August 16, 1934, attends St. Bonaventure's High School; and Jayne, born October 27, 1939, attends St. Bonaventure School.

James S. Haney was engaged in farming in Colfax County until 1902. He moved to Columbus in 1902 and from then until 1904, he was with the Asche and Ryan Grocery Company; from 1904 to 1907 with the Herman Oehlrich Grocery Company. He operated a grocery store from 1907 to 1911 at 2401 Eleventh Street under the firm name of Brunken and Haney. From 1912 to 1913, he was assistant to the Colfax County treasurer, and from 1913 to 1915, he was with the John R. Lueschen Grocery. From then until he was employed by the Union Pacific Railroad. In 1937, he retired.

Mr. Haney was a member of the Columbus City Council from 1914 to 1916. He saw military service during the Spanish-American War, and in the First Nebraska National Guard Volunteer Infantry was First Sergeant of Company K. He served in Manila and was discharged in December, 1898. He is a past president of the Spanish War Veterans, a member of the Union Pacific Old-Timers Club, the Fraternal Order of Eagles (F.O.E.), and is a Democrat. Mr. Haney is a member of St. Bonaventure's Church in Columbus.


William Francis Haney, the son of James S. and Alma Segelke Haney, was born September 28, 1907, in Columbus. His father was born May 4, 1872, in Colfax County. His mother was born October 29, 1876, in Columbus. "Bill" has three brothers and two sisters: Carl, married to Edna Ketchmarc, died October 19, 1946; Helen, married to John Quinn of Washington, D.C.; Arthur, of Columbus; Louise, of Washington, D.C. and Robert, of California.


William Francis Haney

William Haney attended the St. Francis Academy and was graduated from the Columbus High School.

On February 24, 1936, in Omaha, Nebraska, William Haney was married to Marjorie Gass, the daughter of Henry and Sophia Kaufmann Gass. Mr. Gass, owner of the Gass Funeral Home, was born October 2, 1879, in Columbus. Mrs. Gass was born March 3, 1879, in Hampton, Nebraska. Marjorie Gass Haney has one sister, Dorothy, who was married to Lawrence D. Parrett.

Mr. and Mrs. William Haney have two children: Stephen Henry, born November 19, 1938, in Columbus; and Patricia Ann, born October 31, 1941, in Columbus.

Mr. Haney was employed in the early 1930's by the Loup River Public Power District, He is now associated with his father-in-law, Henry Gass, in the undertaking business, at the Gass Funeral Home, where he is a funeral director.

His hobbies are hunting and fishing, baseball, basketball, football, golf, and reading.

William F. Haney holds membership in the Wayside Country Club, the B.P.O.E. (Elks), the F.O.E. (Eagles), the Rotarians, the Columbus Fire Department and the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. Politically, he is affiliated with the Democratic Party.

William Haney is a member of the St. Bonaventure's Catholic Church.


Francis William Haney was born at Richland, Nebraska, October 6, 1916. He is the son of Frank and Jessie Maple Haney, and is the grandson of James and Johanna Haney. His grandfather, James Haney, settled in the eastern part of Platte County, now a part of Colfax County, in the spring of 1857.

His father, Frank Haney, was born on the Haney farm near Richland on June 12, 1882; his mother, Jessie Maple Haney, was born in Colfax County in June, 1881, and died in Columbus, October 14, 1943. The


Maples were numbered among the pioneer families of Colfax County.

When a small boy, Francis Haney moved with his parents from Richland to a farm near Silver Creek, Nebraska. He attended school at Richland, Silver Creek, and the St. Bonaventure School at Columbus, graduating from high school in 1935.

In March, 1936, he entered the employ of the Coca-Cola Bottling Company in Columbus as plant superintendent, and has since continued in that position.

During World War II, Mr. Haney served from September 11, 1942, to February 17, 1946, in the United States Army, as a sergeant.

On May 4, 1946, he was married to Miss Josephine L. Thush in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mrs. Haney is the daughter of Anton Thush, who was born in Wisconsin on May 29, 1876, and died June 15, 1929, and Mary Gniada Thush, who was born in Wisconsin November 6, 1877, and died June 1, 1929.

Mrs. Haney is one of seven children. The others are: Angeline, Mrs. Stanley J. Molke; Amelia, Mrs. Arthur Kiefert; Caroline, Thomas, Walter and Henry. Thomas and Walter are farmers; Henry is a machinist at the Delta Manufacturing Company of Milwaukee. Josephine attended the Woodrow Wilson School at Crivitz, Wisconsin.

Francis W. and Josephine Thush Haney have one child, Michael, born July 11, 1947.

Francis W. Haney is a Democrat, and is a member of the Columbus Council Knights of Columbus, being a past Grand Knight of that organization. His hobbies are hunting and music.

Mr. and Mrs. Haney are members of the St. Bonaventure Catholic Church.


Willard R. Hanke, of the plumbing co-partnership of Rector, Hirshbrunner and Hanke, was born at Beatrice, Nebraska, November 10, 1899. He is the son of Fred R. and Mary Ida Robinson Hanke. Fred Hanke, a native of Weisdorf, Germany, was born January 11, 1871. He was a locomotive engineer. Mary Hanke, born July 27, 1873, at Cassville, Wisconsin, died at Beatrice, Nebraska, February 19, 1919. Willard Hanke has one brother and two sisters. A brother, Frederick Luther Hanke, is married to Juanita Bonebrake, and is a radioman with United Airlines. Ida Lucille, a clerk, and Grace, a teller at the First National Bank, live in Beatrice, Nebraska. Ida L. and Frederick L. are twins.

Willard R. Hanke received his early education in the elementary schools of Beatrice, and was graduated from the Beatrice High School. He attended Northwestern Business College.

On May 14, 1922, he was married to Miss Mildred Avis Dill at Fairbury, Nebraska. Mrs. Hanke is the daughter of Rollie T. and Lena Ann Chancellor Dill. A son, John Willard, born February 27, 1928, attended the elementary schools in Beatrice and Columbus, and was graduated from Kramer High School. He attended the University of Nebraska. Mary Ann, a daughter, was graduated from Kramer High School. She is an accomplished pianist.

Mr. Hanke came to Columbus in June, 1936, as a representative of the stock and bond office of Gooch and Company.

During World War II, he was a telegrapher with the Union Pacific Railroad, and later a train dispatcher.

Willard R. Hanke holds membership in the A.F. & A.M., the R.A.M., the R.A.S.M., the K.T., the A.A.O.N.M.S., the Boy Scouts of America, and the Lutheran Church. Mrs. Hanke, John and Mary Ann, attend the Federated Church in Columbus.


Louis Peter Hansen was born on March 6, 1885, in Joliet Township, Section 18, Range 19, 3 West. His parents were Andrew and Mary Larson Hansen. Andrew Hansen was born June 24, 1856, in Kolding, Denmark, and died Easter morning, 1934. Mary Larson Hansen died in 1890. Two sisters and three brothers of Louis are deceased.

On September 29, 1911, Louis Hansen was married in Hampton, Nebraska, to Miss Anna C. Peterson, daughter of Carl Peterson and Maren Peterson Elkjer. Her father, a farmer, was born September 5, 1859, in Denmark, and died in Central City, Nebraska, in 1945. Her mother, born also in Denmark, died at Hampton, Nebraska. Mrs. Hansen had three sisters and four brothers.

Louis P. and Anna Hansen had five children, two of whom are deceased. Myra Hansen Stone, born August 12, 1912, is a widow and has two children. Norma, born September 21, 1915, died in 1916. Kenneth, born March , 1918, served three years in the United States Army in World War II, and is engaged in farming in Joliet Township. Emma, born December 10, 1920, is married; her husband is in the United States Army, and they have two children. Dennis Hansen, born September 8, 1923, died in 1928.

Louis P. Hansen attended the District 64 School in Joliet Township. He is a Republican, and a member of the Bethany Lutheran Church. His hobbies are baseball and music.


Elvin John Hanson of Monroe Township, was born in the West Hill community September 18, 1878, and is the son of John and Karna Nelson Hanson, Platte County pioneers.

John and Karna Hanson and five of their children came to Platte County from Skone, Sweden, December 31, 1874. They first went to the Swan Nelson home. Mr. Nelson was a brother of Mrs. Hanson. In early spring of 1875, they filed on a homestead nine and one-half miles northeast of Genoa. The first two years they lived in a dugout. Then a sod house was built. Several

The History of Platte County Nebraska

years later, a frame house was erected. The lumber was hauled from Columbus by team and wagon.

Besides doing his own work, John Hanson dug many wells for his neighbors, including one at the Genoa Indian Reservation. The Indians often came to the Hanson home while Mr. Hanson was away working. Mrs. Hanson would feed them well, hoping they would not harm her or the children.

John Hanson was born at Skone, Sweden, May 1, 1837, and died at his home in the West Hill community, December 26, 1928. Karna Nelson Hanson was born in Skone, Sweden, April 29, 1839, and died December 16, 1921, at the family home.

Elvin Hanson received his education at the school in District 26. He was one of eight children. Hannah, who was Mrs. Charles Charnquist, died April 7, 1937, at Omaha, Nebraska. Nels died July 19, 1920, at Genoa. Carl died May 7, 1938, at Genoa. Swan died January 15, 1930. Axel, married to Hilma Kallberg, died at Columbus, October 23, 1921. Emma is Mrs. P. P. Cedar. Anna died August 22, 1877.

On February 5, 1902, Elvin Hanson was married to Miss Anna R. Anderson, daughter of Lars John and Eva Matilda Anderson. Three daughters were born to this union: Ethel, born January 25, 1903, married Edwin Loseke; Mae, born January 31, 1905, married Clarence Christensen of Genoa; Hazel, born March 3, 1918, married Clarence Goering of Platte Center. All three attended the schools in Districts 26 and 81, and the state normal schools, and all three were school teachers.

Mr. Hanson has been a plumber, carpenter, and farmer. In earlier years, he was half-owner in a livery stable in Lindsay, Nebraska. He is a member of the West Hill Methodist Church. His father was a charter member of this church. Elvin Hanson is also associated with the Modern Woodmen. He was a director of the school in District 81 for nine years and treasurer of the school in District 26 for three years. He has been a member of the board of directors of the Farmers Coal and Grain Company of Genoa since 1918, and has acted as secretary of that organization since 1933.


Fredrick C. Harris was born at St. Edward, Nebraska, August 2, 1881. He was the son of Thomas and Sarah Wiley Harris.

Fredrick C. attended the St. Edward School and was graduated from the Fremont Normal in 1901. He was associated with the Boone State Bank from 1901 to 1904; from then until 1909 with the First National Bank of St. Edward. From 1909 to 1911, he was the assistant cashier of the Newman Grove State Bank, and from 1911 to 1920 was a partner in the firm of Nelson and Harris of Belgrade, Nebraska. He was associated with C. A. Larsen in the Potter State Bank from 1920 to 1930.

In 1930, Mr. Harris moved to Monroe, Nebraska, where he reorganized the Bank of Monroe and became its president.

On March 10, 1908, he was married to Ida A. Larsen. The Harris' have two sons, Fredrick C. Jr. of Columbus, and Donald W. of Monroe.

Outside the banking field, Fredrick C. Harris has been administrator of the Harris estate in Boone County and one of the administrators of the Wiley estate in Platte County, and a past member of the School Board. He is a member of the Nebraska and American Bankers Associations, the A.F. & A.M., and the Union Church of Monroe, and is a Republican. His hobbies are hunting and gardening.


Fredrick C. Harris, Jr. was born in Belgrade, Nebraska October 9, 1912. He is the son of Fredrick C. and *Sarah Wiley Harris of Monroe.

Fredrick C. Harris, Jr. was graduated from the Potter High School in 1930. In 1931, he became associated with the Monroe Bank as cashier. He entered the service of the United States Navy in September, 1942, and in December, 1942, was commissioned an Ensign. He served as Flight Instructor at Dallas, Texas, and in Memphis, Tennessee, and was discharged with the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

On December 24, 1934, Fredrick Harris was married at Monroe, Nebraska, to Gwendolyn A. Kelly, daughter of Edward and Maude Hill Kelly of Monroe.

The Harris' have one son, Lee Kelly, born June 22, 1936, and one daughter, Linda Jean, born January 14, 1941.

Mr. Harris is manager of Great Planes Airways in Columbus. He is a member of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, the American Legion and the Cosmopolitan Club. As a scoutmaster, he organized Troop No. 120 of Monroe. Politically, he is a Republican. The Harris' are members of the Federated Church of Columbus.

* Overstruck: “Ida Larsen”


Reverend Arno Hartman, O.F.M., assistant pastor of the St. Bonaventure Catholic Church, Columbus, Nebraska, was born at Lockport, Illinois, March 17, 1914. He is the son of Joseph F. and Bertha Schumann Hartman. Joseph F. Hartman was born in Munich, Germany, and Bertha Schumann Hartman in Chicago, Illinois. She died February 21, 1922. Reverend Father Arno Hartman has one sister, Mary B. Hartman, a graduate nurse and a lieutenant with the Army Nurses Corp.

Father Arno received his early formal schooling at St. Denis School in Lockport, Illinois, from 1920-1927.

In the fall of 1927, he enrolled at St. Joseph College, Hinsdale, Illinois, where he remained for seven years from 1927 to 1933. He then entered, the Seminary of Our Lady of the Angels in Cleveland, Ohio, where he spent three years in study and in 1937, entered St. Joseph Seminary at Teutopolis, Illinois, where he studied until 1941.


Reverend Arno Hartman was ordained to the priesthood on June 24, 1940, at St. Francis Church, Teutopolis, Illinois. He celebrated his first mass June 29, 1940, at St. Denis Church, Lockport; Illinois, and following his final year of study at Teutopolis, was assigned to St. Joseph Church in Omaha as an assistant pastor.

In 1943, he came to St. Bonaventure Church in Columbus, serving as an assistant pastor until September, 1949. He was the choir director of the St. Bonaventure Choir, and Director of Athletics at the St. Bonaventure School.


Anthony Hassebrook was born in Danforth, Illinois, December 13, 1878. His father, John Hassebrook, Sr., was born in Germany, March 16, 1844, and died in Platte Center, Nebraska, December 18, 1906. His mother, Meta Cramer Hassebrook, also a native of Germany, was born May 2, 1850, and died December 6, 1911.

Anthony Hassebrook had ten brothers and sisters: John, married to Mary Hulsebus; Fanny, widow of Louis Gehring; Henry, who died at the age of nine months; another son, Henry, who died in 1897 at the age of fourteen; Tena, widow of Henry Gehring; Ettie, who died at the age of nine weeks; George, who died in March, 1917; Etta, Mrs. Fred Michaelsen, who died in 1932; William, who lives in Columbus; and Meta, the youngest, who died in 1912 at the age of eighteen.

Anthony Hassebrook came to Platte County with his father in the winter of 1893. He was fifteen then and was given the responsibility of caring for the livestock, which was being transported on open flat cars by the Union Pacific Railroad. Due to extremely cold weather and long delays enroute the trip lasted for ten days. Anthony suffered from exposure to the extent that his feet were frozen.

Mr. Hassebrook received his early education in the rural schools of Illinois and Creston, Nebraska. He then worked on his father's farm.

In February, 1904, he was married to Miss Minnie Gehring, daughter of Henry (and) Giliphine* Gezelinger Gehring. They had five children: Lydia, Mrs. Fred Borchers of Monroe; Elsie, Mrs. Carl Martensen of Pierce, Nebraska; Anthony H. Jr., proprietor of a grocery store in Platte Center, Nebraska, born April 6, 1910; Leona, Mrs. William Zeims of Ewing, Nebraska; and Marie, Mrs. Arthur Feye of Columbus. Mrs. Minnie Hassebrook died February 24, 1919.

On March 22, 1921, Mr. Hassebrook was married to Miss Anna Borchers, daughter of John and Gesena Mindrup Borchers. They had four children: Edward, a farmer, born March 4, 1922, married Phyllis Hoessel; Eleanor, born December 9, 1926, living at home; and William, born June 20, 1929, farming at home. One child died February 24, 1924, in infancy.

In addition to farming, in which he is still actively engaged, Mr. Hassebrook has operated a garage and implement shop. He is a member of the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, and politically is a Republican.


*Given name should be Philipina?


John Hassebrook was born November 9, 1887, at Danforth, Illinois, and came to Platte County March 1, 1903. His father, John Hassebrook, Sr., was born March 16, 1844, and died December 18, 1906. His mother, Meta Cramer Hassebrook, was born May 2, 1850, and died December 6, 1911. John, Jr. had ten brothers and sisters: Anthony, Fanny, Henry, another brother Henry, Tena, Ettie, George, Etta, William, and Meta.

John Hassebrook was educated in the Danforth Public Schools and in Creston, Nebraska.

On January 23, 1907, he was married at Platte Center to Mary Hulsebus, daughter of Bernard Hulsebus, a retired farmer, who was born January 8, 1857, in Germany. Her mother, Lena Aldenhorst Hulsebus, was born October 8, 1860, in Germany, and died January 10, 1945, at Platte Center. Mrs. Hassebrook had five brothers and eight sisters.

Mr. and Mrs. John Hassebrook had two sons and two daughters: Meta, Mrs. Elmer Christensen; Johnny, a farmer near Platte Center, married to Verona Husmann; Bernard, married to Alice Husmann, who died January 10, 1943; and Madeline, Mrs. Reuben Schmitt.


Raymond Matthew Hauser, District Manager for the International Harvester Company, was born at Fremont, Nebraska, January 31, 1901. He is the son of John and Margaret Launer Hauser. John Hauser, of Steinenbrun, Germany, was born September 3, 1852, and died at Fremont July 13, 1924.

He spent most of his active years as a merchant in Fremont. Margaret Hauser, of Oberaum, Stuttgart, Germany, was born March 20, 1866.

Raymond M. Hauser has three brothers and two sisters: Harry, John and Frank; Margaret, Mrs. Walter Martin; and Irene, Mrs. Harry Rump.

After his graduation from the Fremont High School, Raymond M. Hauser attended Midland College at Fremont.

On August 28, 1923, Mr. Hauser was married to Miss Lena Hembd, daughter of Otto C. and Mary Adamy Hembd, in Council Bluffs, Iowa. They have one son and one daughter.

Raymond M. Hauser, Jr., born January 31, 1925, attended Creighton University at Omaha. During World War II, he served in the United States Navy as a radio man in the Asiatic Pacific Theatre of Operations. In 1948, he was graduated from. the University of Nebraska College of Agriculture. He married Miss Ann Rooney of Lincoln.

Miss Catherine Hauser was graduated from St. Bonaventure's School in Columbus and attended. Duschene College in Omaha and Midland College in Fremont, Nebraska.

Raymond M. Hauser came to Platte County in May, 1918. He was associated with his brother in the Platte Center Bank and later served as a state bank examiner. Besides banking and wholesale retail implement merchandising, he has been in the insurance business and

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