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"Franciscans In New Mexico" (with map of Quivira) Michael A. Shine, O.F.M.

Note: A copy of map of Quivira appears in "Franciscans In Nebraska", Eugene Hagedorn O.F.M.

Current History of New Mexico. Article---Discovery of Paintings at the Indian Village of Kuaua, New Mexico.

Penalosa 1662 (Governor, New Mexico) Report-James W. Savage, Omaha, 1880.

Account of Union Pacific Engineers (on construction of branch railroad line along Loup River near Columbus) James W. Savage, 1880.

The Don Pedro De Villasur Expedition 1720 Nebraska History Magazine. (Series of articles) January-March, 1923, July-September, 1924, Nebraska State Historical Society by A. E. Sheldon; A. Thomas, University of California; M. A. Shine, O.F.M.; E. E. Blackman, curator; and History of Louisiana, Volume III, pages 246-251.

Territorial Development of Louisiana Purchase, Albert Watkins, Ms. Library State Historical Society, Lincoln, Nebraska.

History of Expedition of Lewis and Clark and account of Louisiana Purchase (Lewis and Clark Journals), Illustrated History of Nebraska, Volume 1, Chapter 2.

James Report, Fort Atkinson, 1819-1827. Original Documents State Historical Society, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Major Stephen H. Long's Expedition, 1819-1820, Library State Historical Society, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Pawnees and Otoes, Indian paintings by Samuel Seymour.

Song of Indian Wars, John G. Neihardt.

Fighting Norths and Pawnee Scouts, Robert Bruce, Published (State Historical Society), Capitol Building, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Traditions of the Skidi (Pawnees), George A. Dorsey, Boston, Houghton Muffin Company, 1904.

Astoria, Washington lrving.

Winning of Farther West, "Old Oregon Trail" article. (Baker, Oregon speech), 1922. Ezra Meeker.

Ox Team Days on the Oregon Trail, Ezra Meeker and Howard R. Driggs, Publishers. World Book Company, Yonkers, New York and Lincoln, Nebraska.

The Oregon Trail, Francis Parkman, Little, Brown and Company, Boston.

Pawnee Expedition 1859, John M. Thayer, Nebraska State Historical Society, Volume V. (2nd series P. 232).

Nebraska State Historical Society Publications, "Nebraska History," edited by Robert W, Furnas, 1885, George Edgar Howard, Howard W. Caldwell, Albert Watkins, 1910, C. S. Paine and A. E. Sheldon.

Andreas, Alfred T. A   History of the State of Nebraska. Volumes I and II, Western Historical Company, Chicago, 1882.

Johnson's History of Nebraska, Harrison Johnson, Published by-Henry Gibson Herald Printing House, Omaha, Nebraska, 1880 (p.p. 494-502).

Historical and Descriptive Review of Nebraska. John Lathem, Omaha, Nebraska, 1892.

Early Times and Pioneers, J. Sterling Morton.

National Atlas of Nebraska (Gray), Addison E. Sheldon: History and Stories of Nebraska, 1926, State Historical Society, Lincoln, Nebraska. Nebraska History, "Who's Who In Nebraska," published by Nebraska Press, 1940.

Faded Frontier, Frank J. Burkley. Published by Burkley Envelope Company, Omaha, Nebraska, 1935.

Nebraska, A Guide to the Cornhusker State (Federal Writers Project), Viking Press, New York, 1939.

The Story of Omaha, Alfred Sorenson, Omaha, 1923.

Past and Present of Platte County. Volumes I and II. G. W. Phillips. S. J. Clarke, Publishers, Chicago, Illinois, 1915.

The Franciscans in Nebraska, Eugene Hagedorn O.F.M. (with) Historical Sketches of Mid-Nebraska. Francis M. Dischner, 1931.

Our Own History, Martha Turner. Published by The Art Printery, Columbus, Nebraska, 1936.

Tri-County Pioneers, H. Haldman, Newman Grove, Nebraska, 1948.

Pamphlet, Eighty Years of Progress, 1856-1936. The Art Printery, 1936.

Historical Sketch, I. N. Taylor (Centennial, July 4, 1876). Printed by Columbus Republican, 1876.

Bibliography for Archives Listed, Chapter 8, pp. 66-92, Platte County History, 1950, Margaret Curry, Originals State Historical Society Library, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Annals of County Organization. Platte County, 1857-1872. Original copy, Files, County Clerk's Office, Platte County Court House, Columbus, Nebraska.


Golden Age, 1866, C. C. Strawn, Publisher. J. M. Crothers, Columbus Editor. Copies, Nebraska State Historical Society Library (newspaper section), Lincoln, Nebraska.

Columbus journal (weekly) 1870-1905.

M. K. Turner, Editor. Publishers, Columbus Journal Company. (Private collection Martha Turner).

Columbus Republican (a few copies 1875-1876), Frank B. Burgess, Platte County Court House Library.

The Era 1874-1880, W. N. Hensley Editor. Files, Platte County Court House Library.

The Columbus Telegram, Edgar Howard, Editor 1900-1950. Publishers, The Telegram Company (Zela Loomis, Robert Kennedy). Papers: Weekly 1900-1922. Daily 1922-1950. Files, Platte County Court House Library, Columbus, Nebraska.

The Humphrey Democrat, John Zavadil, Editor (a few copies 1929-1939), Humphrey, Nebraska.

The Monroe Booster, Daniel H. Ziegler, Editor (copies 1946-1948).


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