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by The Lewis Publishing Company, 1891


Excerpts of articles that refer to Nebraska connections provided by Mona Sarratt Knight.
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Table of Contents from original "Biographical History of Pottawattamie County, Iowa".

23 Jan 1999 - Mona has provided the full text for the two Kimball articles. Caleb Kimball does NOT have Nebraska connections, he does have a son in California!
5 Feb 1999: We have added full text for Col. Wm. F. Sapp (who was an official in NE Territory), and Francis T. McPherron (who has no NE connections, but happened to follow Col. Sapp article).


442  (page 2)

LATHAN, Edmond

675  (page 2)  


583  (page 2)  





LEWIS, Nelson


BARTON, Reuben

417  (page 2)

BEEZLEY, William

666  (page 2)


595  (page 2)

BOLTON, George


McKEOWN, William




McMILLEN, William A.

483  (page 2)


528  (page 2)

McPHERRON. Francis T. (no NE connections)

428, full text (page 2)

BROWN, Alexander L.

604  (page 2)



BROWN, William


MILLER, Robert

499  (page 2)

BROWN, William R.

437  (page 2)

MINAHAN, Michael












CARTER, Amos Scott

710  (page 2)

NIXON, William


CARTER, Isaac G.

692  (page 2)


444  (page 2)

CHAMP, George H.

477  (page 2)

CLARK, Daniel B.


OLDS, James

413  (page 2)

COLLINS, Nathan Smith

476  (page 2)

OSBORN, George H.

684  (page 2)

COOL, John





457  (page 2)



DAVIS, John C.



575  (page 2)

DeHART, Francis Asbury

527  (page 2)

PLUMER, Henry F.

654  (page 2)

DEVOL, David


PRICE, Charles S.

577  (page 2)



DeWITT, William Jr



677  (page 2)


453  (page 2)



REYNOLDS, Columbus



451  (page 2)


637  (page 2)







SAPP, Colonel William Fletcher

423, full text  (page 3)

GOULD, John H.

641  (page 2)



GREEN, Charles

511  (page 2)


470  (page 2)

SMITH, Peter

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521  (page 2)


529  (page 2)




533  (page 2)

TAYLOR, William H.

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TERRY, Henry A.

472  (page 2)

HUFF, Alexander M.

690  (page 2)







619  (page 2)











WALDO, Mrs. Mary A.

709  (page 2)

JONES, Thomas J.

440  (page 2)

WELLS, William S.

410  (page 2)



KEAST, Thomas

704  (page 2)


538  (page 2)

KIMBALL, Caleb (no NE connections)

368, full text  


497  (page 2)

KIMBALL, John Frederick

416, full text (page 2)  

WRIGHT, George


KNOTTS, Rev. Joseph

493  (page 2)



BARSTOW, Samuel (page 245) - native of OH. Mrs. Martha BARSTOW SPAULDING, wife of M.W. SPAULDING, Tecumseh, Nebraska. Martha, daughter of Samuel and Alvira (WOODRUFF) BARSTOW, natives of Maine and Ohio respectively.

ROLLINS, J.Q. (page 248) - b Augusta, Maine. Mrs. Mary Ellen ROLLINS WILLS, wife of J.B. WILLS, Butler Co, Nebraska; has 4 children. Mary Ellen, daughter of J.Q. ROLLINS and Mary Viena FULLER ROLLINS [she, daughter of Ezra and Arloa (TURNER) FULLER].

LEWIS, Nelson (page 252) - husband of Emily J. MUSSER LEWIS. Charles O. MUSSER, "of Nebraska", and sister Abbie M. MUSSER BALLINGER wife of George W. BALLINGER of Dawson Co, Nebraska, and sister Julia A. MUSSER BALLINGER wife of William BALLINGER of Omaha. These are some of the children of John and Caroline A. (SOULS) MUSSER, natives of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

NIXON, William (page 289) - Mary NIXON MEGINESS, wife of Joseph MEGINESS "residing in Nebraska". Mary is the daughter of William NIXON and Eliza COLLINS. Eliza was the daughter of Joseph and Margaret (ALLEN) COLLINS, Margaret being the daughter of Colonel Ethan ALLEN (of historical fame). Some of Mary's siblings married into the MEGINESS family as well: Hannah, widow of Benjamin MEGINESS residing Pottawattamie Co; Sarah, wife of W.H. MEGINESS, residing in California.

REYNOLDS, Columbus (page 291) - Sarah E. WILSON REYNOLDS, wife of Columbus REYNOLDS, married Sept 16, 1872, in Red Oak, Iowa. Sarah born Sullivan Co, Indiana. Her parents were William and Anna (PEMBERTON) WILSON, the former a native of North Carolina and the latter of Ohio, "now residing in Nebraska."

BOLTON, George (page 299) - b. in the Territory of Wisconsin (now Iowa), 12/9/1840, son of William BOLTON, grandson of Henry BOLTON. George married Hannah M. PIERCE (of Ohio) daughter of Dennis and Mary (POLICK) PIERCE. George and Hannah had children: Charles E.; A.W.; Ida M., wife of D.W. MAGEE sheriff of Banner Co, Nebraska; Nellie G., Albert, and James A.; Luke, Minnie and Frank all died of diptheria.

WILLIAMS, John E. (page 300) - b. South Wales, 10/22/1841, son of Daniel and Margaret (EVANS) WILLIAMS; came to America in 1856. John WILLIAMS married Elizabeth PETERSON, a native of Sweden, brought to America at age 4. "As of this writing, Mrs Margaret (EVANS) WILLIAMS resides in Merrick Co, Nebraska, and is 74 years of age." Mrs. Margaret (EVANS) WILLIAMS had siblings Daniel EVANS; John E; Ruth; Margaret; Samuel EVANS now residing in Grand Island, Nebraska; Annie, now Mrs John ROBINSON of Clarkesville, Nebraska.

MONTGOMERY, Harrison (page 308) - b. Ohio 9/27/1839, son of Moses and Elizabeth (JONES) MONTGOMERY. In 1857 Harrison married Mary Jane MILLS, daughter of William and Elizabeth (BURKHALTER) MILLS of Indiana and then Jasper Co, Iowa. Harrison and Mary Jane had children: Ella, wife of John WALKER of Carson Township; Emma, wife of Thomas MARSHALL, Lincoln, NE; Hatty, wife of Charles WOOD, Grove Twp; Irvin, living in Sarpy Co, NE; Casin; Sadie; Tillie May; John; Pearly; Laura; and Clarence L., all at home. Two children died in infancy.

DeWITT, William Jr (page 309) - b. Montgomery Co, NY, 11/29/1826, son of Willard DeWITT Sr who was born in Massachusetts and lived to be 105 years old. His mother was Elizabeth MOSIER DeWITT. William Jr married Delphia MONTGOMERY on 1/18/1850 in Winnebago Co, IL. She was daughter of William and Elizabeth (JONES) MONTGOMERY, natives of Pennsylvania. William Jr and Delphia had 5 children: James Willard DeWITT, married with 3 children and living in Cedar Co, Nebraska; George Lincoln at home; Leticia wife of M.F. PRICE; P. Grant who is married; John Harrison at home. Four children died in infancy: Antionica age 12; John H. age 10; William H. age 5; Cora May 13 months.

CLARK, Daniel B. (page 311) - b. Batavia, NY, 1/4/1819, son of Eli K. and Eunice (BROWN) CLARK, both of Connecticut. Daniel B. CLARK married Eleanor BATES at Ridgeway, Orleans Co, NY, 10/4/1840. Eleanor b. Madison Co, NY, 12/22/1819. Daniel and Eleanor have 10 children, only 4 living: Edwin J. died 1/30/1873 at age 32; Ora is a farmer of Red Willow Co, Nebraska; Emma J. wife of George W. BARTLETT of Red Willow Co, NE; and Samuel W. is a resident of that same county.

WRIGHT, George (page 314) - deceased, former farmer of Hazel Dell Township, b. Thurcaston, Leicestershire, England, 4/12/1819; married 1/16/1842 to Elizabeth WOOLENTON, b. Thrusinton, Leicestershire on May 30, 1821. George was employed after marriage as a gardener and florist. Emigrated to America in Dec 1847, locating first at St Louis. "In a few years, he removed to Genoa, Nebraska, whence he was driven two years later by the Indians back to the Missouri River." (He didn't actually stay in Nebraska, but I thought it interesting that the Indians drove him out! I guess that Iowa looked good after that experience!)

HARBERT, B. F. (page 315) - b. July 6, 1853, Peoria Co, IL, son of Parcus HARBERT, native of Johnson Co, Indiana, and of English and Scotch ancestry. Parcus HARBERT married Mary Ann HULICK; came west to Iowa in 1854. Parcus and Mary Ann HARBERT reared 5 children: America, wife of Joseph CRAMER of Wayne Co, Nebraska; B.F. the person of this sketch; Katie wife of J.M. COONS of Macedonia Twp Iowa; Michael of Mills Co; John of Carson Twp. B.F. Harbert married Cynthia A. CRAMER on March 4, 1880, daughter of John and Elizabeth (McMULLIN) CRAMER.

DEVOL, David (page 327) - b. Chatham, NY, 11/27/1805, son of Joshua and Martha (GIFFORD) DEVOL, of French extraction, and natives of Massachusetts. David was youngest of five children and the only one to survive to adulthood. David married Oct 20, 1830, in Canaan, NY, to Delia ROBY, who was born in NY in 1812. They came west to Nauvoo, IL, then moved to Iowa in 1846. Children of David and Delia DEVOL are: George, deceased; Harriet wife of William N. GREEN of Council Bluffs, IA, died 1889; P.C. in Council Bluffs; Emily, Martha, David, Charles all deceased; Delia, wife of W.R. VAUGHAN of Omaha, Nebraska; and William, deceased.

DEVOL, P.C. (page 327) - b. 1/10/1836, son of David and Delia (Toby) DEVOL. P.C. formed a partnership in 1883 with W.S. WRIGHT, opening a jobbing house for 2 years, after which they entered into a stock company under the firm name of Rector, Wilhelmie & Co., at Omaha, Nebraska, transferring the jobbing department from Council Bluffs to Omaha, and leaving a tin and stove store in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Mr DEVOL is president of the company and Mr WRIGHT the secretary. They carry a large stock of hardware, tinware and stamped ware, and employ a large force of men in the jobbing house and on the road. P.C. DEVOL married in 1868 to Miss Catherine SWOBE, b. NY state, daughter of Michael SWOBE. They have 5 children: Hattie, Mary, Paul C., William Roy and Arthur (deceased). Mrs DEVOL was a teacher before her marriage.

JOHNSON, A. W. (page 329) - b. Hillsboro, Washington Co, Pennsylvania, June 25, 1832, son of William and Mary (McFADDEN) JOHNSON, natives of Virginia and Pennsylvania respectively, and of Puritan and Irish ancestry. The father belonged to the old Johnson family of Indian war fame and was a soldier in the War of 1812. His kinsman was Colonel Richard M. JOHNSON of historical fame. A.W. JOHNSON was the 9th of 10 children of this family. He became a glove maker and tanner until 1870 when he moved to Iowa to farm. A.W. JOHNSON married in Ohio, Oct 4, 1854, Miss Ellen HARL, daughter of Tramel and Elizabeth (WILSON) HARL, natives of Virginia. Ellen HARL was born October 10, 1836, in Mt Vernon, Ohio. A.W. and Ellen JOHNSON are the parents of: Hamilton, deceased; Richard M., who died at age 19; George W a resident of Pottawattamie Co; William T. a resident of the same county; Charles M. b. May 15, 1865 and now residing in Custer County, NE; and Mary E. b. Feb 14, 1876 and is at her parental home.

JONES, L.G. (page 330) - farmer of Rockford Township, b. Putnam Co, Indiana, Aug 8, 1841, son of Nathan and Abigail (DEWESE) JONES, natives of Kentucky. L.G. JONES was the fifth child and youngest son of the family. L.G. married Elizabeth MARTIN on June 18, 1863, daughter of Raleigh and Elizabeth MARTIN, natives of Indiana who removed to Adair Co, Missouri and died there. Mrs. L.G. JONES was born Sept 5, 1841 and married L.G. at the age of 20. L.G. and Elizabeth had children: Elizabeth; Abigail b. Oct 21, 1866, wife of O.L. LUCAS in Clay Center, Nebraska; David Walter, b. Feb 29, 1876, died 7 weeks after; and Melvil Curtice, b. Jan 3, 1879.

TIPTON, John G. (page 331) - attorney at law, Council Bluffs and Omaha, b. Fulton Co, Illinois 1849. Educated at Abingdon in Illinois graduating college in 1871. He went to the Black Hills and was there when the first court was held in that district, at which court Judge BENNETT presided. He located at Council Bluffs immediately on his return, and has been engaged in law in this city and in Omaha, Nebraska. John G. was the son of John TIPTON (killed by a falling tree March 23, 1869 in Fulton Co). His mother Eliza CRAWFORD TIPTON died in Pottawattamie County July 21, 1879 while visiting her children. John G. TIPTON had siblings: Samuel S. TIPTON a publisher in NY City; Thompson TIPTON in Chicago; Mary TIPTON SWIGERT in Illinois; Hannah TIPTON COMBS in Burlington Kansas; Sarah TIPTON SWIGERT and Lydia TIPTON RAMSEY in Illinois; and sister Mrs N.H. MEEKER in Greenwood, Nebraska. John G. married Annetta BRYANT, daughter of William BRYANT and niece of Judge A.S. BRYANT

BOULDEN, John R. (page 332) - b. Miami Co, OH, 11/20/1825, son of William L. and Nancy (Patterson) BOULDEN, natives of Maryland and Delaware, Scotch and Irish ancestry. William died Sept 18, 1830, leaving wife and children: Lewis, William, Joseph, Mary Ann, John (of this sketch); Maria. John BOULDEN learned the shoemaker's trade, and at age 24 he married MARY MILLER daughter of Elias and Catherine (MOORE) MILLER, natives of New Jersey. John and Mary BOULDEN had children: Charles W. of Missouri Valley, IA: John F. at home; George W of Seattle Washington; Martha C. wife of James GARRISON of Los Angeles; Catherine A. wife of Charles WILTFONG of Council Bluffs, IA; Eva now Mrs Richard THORNTON of Fremont, NE; Benjamin Thurman; Emma; Maggie M.; Aldezara (deceased); Joseph Orra (deceased) and Louis E. (Deceased).

MITCHELL, Arthur I. (page 340) - physician and surgeon of Macedonia, Iowa; b. Decatur Co, Indiana, 1847, son of Dr James H. and Nancy (Irmlay) MITCHELL, natives of Kentucky. Dr James MITCHELL practiced in Decatur Co, Indiana; in 1853 he moved the family to Iowa and remained 13 years and also spent three years in Seward Co, Nebraska, before settling in Pottawattamie Co, Iowa. James died about 1886 while visiting his son Brutus MITCHELL at Axtell, Kearney Co, NE, the age of 66. James and Nancy MITCHELL had 6 children, A.I., our subject; Mary wife of Henry DAVISON of Axtell, Nebraska in the livery and harness business; Brutus I. also in the livery business at Wilcox, Kearney Co, NE; Lewis E. Stryker, in company with Brutus at Wilcox; E. Summer (deceased); and Delia, wife of Henry KENNEDY. Arthur I was a druggist in Macedonia. Married April 10, 1869 to Annie EFNER, daughter of Dr William H and Sarah C. (JOHNSTON) EFNER. Arthur I. and Annie had one son, Sumner and Frank who died as an infant.

ROOP, M. S. (page 342) - contractor and builder, b. Ohio in 1851, son of John and Mary (MILLS) ROOP, natives of Pennsylvania. M.S. ROOP "spent some time in Nebraska in the stock business." In 1887 in Council Bluffs, Iowa, he turned to contracting, and in connection with this business he also keeps a quantity of and manufactures all kinds of bee supplies, such as veils, comb foundations, hives, etc. He married in Carson City, Michigan, January 1874 to Nellie J. DOLSON. They have 4 children: Cortez Leo, Francis Ethel, Miles Archie, and Raymond Wilber.

COOL, John (page 344) - b. Coburg, Province of Ontario, 1824, son of Benjamin COOL who was born 1795 on the Mohawk River and was of Holland Dutch descent, wife Phoebe HILLENBOLDT, daughter of Adolphus HILLENBOLDT. Benjamin and Phoebe COOL had 9 children: Lucinda, John, Richard, William, Ellizabeth, Albert, Charles, Seymour, and one who died in infancy. Benjamin died in Iowa in 1878, age 83. "At this writing, Mrs COOL is still living, at the age of 90, with her son Albert COOL in Nebraska. John COOL, of this sketch, married in 1847 to Sarah CARLETON, daughter of James and Julia CARLETON. John and Sarah had one chld, Mary, now the wife of Malcolm HOWE of Illinois. Sarah COOL died 1865 and in 1867 Mr COOL married Margaret FOWLER, daughter of Dr Thomas E and Marilla FOWLER, and of this marriage there were 2 sons, Benton and Daniel.

PHILLIPS, John M. (page 346) - b. March 15, 1820, Essex Co, Massachusetts; died in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Sept 10, 1888. Founder of the J.M. PHILLIPS & Co. department stores in both Council Bluffs, Iowa, and Omaha, Nebraska, along with his brother A.P. PHILLIPS. Wife of John M. was Olive N. (CRESSEY) PHILLIPS, married in 1845. His children are Nathan C. PHILLIPS of Council Bluffs, Mary O. unmarried and residing at home, and John M. PHILLIPS Jr. in Washington, along with Emma C. who married F.W. VOSWINKEL and living in Kansas; Ruth M. married to H.L. SHEPHERD in Council Bluffs; Granville D. PHILLIPS, unmarried and residing in Seattle.

DUNKLE, David (page 347) - farmer of Crescent City, b. Fayette Co, Ohio, 1834, son of William and Mary (McMULLEN) DUNKLE, natives of Virginia. David DUNKLE enlisted Nov 4, 1864, in the 13th Iowa Volunteer Infantry, and was discharged May 1865. He was married Dec 22, 1852, to Margaret McMULLEN, daughter of William and Catharine McMULLEN, natives of Virginia. She was b. Fayette Co, Ohio 1834 and died July 1883, leaving 4 children as follows: David William DUNKLE who resides in Florence, Nebraska; Martha A. wife of W.H. CAFFERTY in Omaha, Nebraska; Sarah A. wife of John DAGGETT of Florence, Nebraska; and John W. at home.

LEWIS, F. M. (page 348) - Franklin Co, Indiana, 1846, son of Samuel LEWIS who was born in the same county in 1812 and was a son of Daniel LEWIS a native of Pennsylvania. Our subject's mother was Martha (RICHARDSON) LEWIS, b. Ohio, daughter of Nathaniel RICHARDSON, a native of Connecticut. "The mother now lives in Madison County, Nebraska." F.M. LEWIS married Lizzie DEVORE in 1877 in Iowa; she born Bartholomew Co, Indiana, daughter of Levi and Rosetta (OSBORNE) DEVORE, Levi the son of Ben DEVORE, and Rosetta the daughter of Jonathan OSBORNE. F.M. Lewis and Lizzie have 4 children: Tonny Benton, Mary Elva, Charles Earl, and Irvin.

BROWN, William (page 348) - son of Nathan BROWN, who was born in Pike Co, Ohio in 1813. Nathan BROWN married Filinda ODELL, daughter of Thomas ODELL, and had 8 children: Johnnie (deceased), Sarah (deceased), Alvira (deceased age 26); Hattie wife of Dr James WELSH of NY City; Johnson, "still unmarried"; Minor married to Fannie PARKER; William our subject; and Jessie who married Henry CROMMETT (deceased) formerly a real estate dealer in Omaha, Nebraska. William BROWN b. 1858; married Allie IRWIN in 1882, daughter of J.D. and Emily (DOWNS) IRWIN; they have 4 children, Leslie, Ira, Jessie and William.

McKEOWN, William (page 356) - b. Upper Canada, March 1828, son of William and Jane (LUCAS) McKEOWN, natives of Ireland but of Scotch ancestry. William McKEOWN was born after the death of his father William McKEOWN in Oct 1827. Jane McKEOWN married second James KILFOYLE and moved to Iowa in 1848. William McKEOWN left home at age 12 "with the consent of his mother and worked as a laborer, his earnings going to her support." He married Eliza Jane HALL in 1848 in Iowa, daughter of Joseph and Johanna (CHILLIS) HALL, natives of NY State. Eliza Jane HALL b. Indiana July 10, 1826. William and Eliza are members of the Latter Day Saints; Eliza died 1870 leaving 11 children: William Alfred of Pottawattamie Co; Thomas Allen "now living in Nebraska," Joseph Hall of Pottawattamie Co; Mary Elizabeth wife of William BROTHERTON of Iowa; Robert Henry "now living in Nebraska"; a girl who died in infancy; Martha Jane wife of Peter ACTON of Pottawattamie Co; Johanna "now living in Nebraska;" Eliza Ellen (deceased); David Albert resides in Utah; George Wesley who also resides in Utah. After the death of his wife, Mr McKeown married Jennet KIRKWOOD, daughter of Robert and Mary (MUIR) KIRKWOOD whose history is found on another page. By this last marriage, there were children: Arthur Lee; Agnes Belle; John Robert; Grace May; Susan Janet; Violet; Margaret; Alice Annye; and Emma Melissa. (In total, it appears Mr McKEOWN had 20 children!!!)

HOOKER, J.D. (page 360) - b. Chautauqua Co, NY, 1837, son of H.M. and Nancy (Palmeter) HOOKER, the father a native of Genesee Co, NY and relative of the General "Fighting Joe HOOKER." J.D. HOOKER farms as well as has a blacksmith shop run by his sons called Pleasant Valley in Carson Township, Iowa. Carries a full line of instruments of all kinds, especially those required in horse dentistry and surgery; inventor of "Hooker's Cure for Flatulent ("wind") Colic, a most prevalent and fatal disease of horses. J.D. HOOKER married 1861 to T.J. WILSON, daughter of John and Jane (CRELLING) WILSON, the father from Irish ancestry and born in Scotland, and the other of Northumberland, England. J.D. and wife have children: J.M. a contractor and builder in Chase Co, Nebraska; C.M. at home; Edward D of Chase Co, NE; James D, residing at that same place; Jenny L. wife of Frank Perry; Lewis J. at home; Shockey E., Jennie E., Frederick S.

SCHMOOCK, B.C. (page 362) - architect, having offices in Council Bluffs and at Hunt's Block, South Omaha, Nebraska. He has erected some very fine buildings in Omaha, among which are the residences of O.W. BUTTS, L. HENDRICKS, C.L. GILLETTE, PORTER Bros. fruit warehouses, residence of C.M. HUNT in South Omaha, cottage of J.L. PAXTON, and residence of P. COCKRELL in South Omaha. B.C. SCHMOOCK b. Michigan 1864, son of William and Louisa (OTTO) SCHMOOCK, natives of Germany.

FRIZZELL, James O. (page 362) - b. Bureau Co, Illinois, March 23, 1853, son of Michael and Charlotte (DEAN) FRIZZELL, natives of Massachusetts and Connecticut. Mrs. FRIZZELL died in Bureau Co in 1881; Mr FRIZZELL died at Firth, Nebraska, April 1887. James O. is the youngest child living of the children born to Michael FRIZZELL by his second marriage. James O. married July 17, 1877 to Emma WINTERS, a native of Bureau County, daughter of James and Catherine (SHELLER) WINTERS of Pennsylvania. Mr and Mrs FRIZZELL have 3 children: D. Leroy; Ethel May; and James Garfield. Alzina Pearl died at age 10 months.


NOTE: The article for Caleb KIMBALL has NO Nebraska connections, but Mona typed it in response to a request for information about this surname. No sense in "wasting" her effort - so it will be included. Consider this a bonus (grin).

page 368 (full text without the surnames capitalized)


CALEB KIMBALL, of sect 3, Garner Township, came to this county in 1852 and has since made it his home. He was born in Greene Co, Pennsylvania, March 20, 1838, son of Caleb Kimball of Marblehead, Massachusetts, who served in the Revolutionary War and later he and his son, Thomas Kimball, both served in the War of 1812. The subject's mother was Margaret (Richie) Kimball, a native of Loudoun Co, Virginia and of German descent. The parents were married in Loudoun Co and afterward settled in Greene Co, Pennsylvania. When Caleb was 12 years of age, his mother died leaving 8 children, two sons and six daughters of whom Caleb was the fifth son, his only brother dying at the age of 2 years. In 1846 the father moved from Pennsylvania to Dubuque, Iowa, which was then a Territory and Dubuque could not boast of a brick house, most of the residences being log cabins. He remained there 3 years and then engaged at the carpenter's trade near where Dyersville now stands, the country being new and wild and containing no railroads. He soon sold his land to Judge James Dyer to found a colony for people from Somersetshire, England. He then removed to Delaware Co where he lived until his death.

Caleb, our subject, worked on the farm in his youth, and in the fall of 1852, in company with Lemuel Barrett and family, he started on a journey to California, but decided to spend the winter in camp near Council Bluffs, Iowa. He afterward changed his mind and bought some Mormon claims near this place and became a resident of that county. He bought land in Cerro Gordo Co Iowa in 1861, but this was never improved and was sold in 1866 when he bought 80 acres of Haleman & Rauhn, N.P. Dodge acting as agent; this was first improved by Isaac Cooper. Mr Kimball has lived on his farm for 24 years and has made many improvements; it is located eight miles east of the city of Council Bluffs. He works at the carpenter's trade most of the time, having received his first lessons in that trade in his youth, taught him by his father. He is a thorough mechanic, as all his work in Harrison, Monona and this county will show.

Mr Kimball was married Dec 12, 1856, to Miss Frances Nixon of Council Bluffs, the daughter of William and Eliza (Collins) Nixon. Both were natives of Fayette Co, Pennsylvania and came here 1853 where they resided until their death. Mr and Mrs Kimball have 11 children: John W. residing at Neola Iowa; Eliza wife of T.J. Nusun of Harrison Co near Woodbine; Margaret wife of J.E. Jefferys residing in Washington Township; Moses N. at Sacramento California in the real estate and loan business; Ella wife of John Dial of Garner Township; Minnie the widow of Martin Lee residing in the same township; Fanny at home; Caleb, Thomas J., Mary C., and Hugh L. They have lost three children by death: Benjamin F. the seventh child at two years of age; George at two years of age; and Grace also at two years of age. Mr Kimball's son, Moses N., has received a good education, first in Pottawattamie Co then in California, and lastly at the Bainbridge Business College, Stockton, California. The great loss of Mr Kimball's life was in the death of his beloved wife, who died August 27, 1883.


ercerpts continued -

CADY, T.J. (page 371) - proprietor of the Council Bluffs Veterinary Infirmary; graduate of the Boston Veterinary Academy; b. Lake Co, Indiana 1840, son of Samuel J. and Elmira (BEEBE) CADY and of Puritan ancestry. Married in 1867 to Miss Ellen REYNOLDSON, b. England 1849, and they have 3 children: Fred residing in Nebraska; Nellie and Mary. Elle REYNOLDSON CADY died in 1879, and T.J. married in August 1880 to Mrs Liddie HARRIS of Craig Missouri, and by this marriage there is one child, T.Jackson. "Mrs. Dr. T.J. CADY in 1890 organized the young ladies of the Berean Baptist Church at Council Bluffs into a society for the work of "Christian Home" an unsectarian institution established for the care of destitute and orphan children. " (Note from Mona: "The Christian Home" was still in existence when I was a child in the 1950's and 1960's, and my mother often threatened to send my sister and me there when we were naughty!)

MINAHAN, Michael (page 373) - b. County Cork, Ireland, September 1, 1845, son of Jeremiah and Mary (McCARTY) MINAHAN, natives of that county. Children of Jeremiah and Mary MINAHAN are Dennis, Michael, Hannah wife of Frank McMANUS, and James of Chicago. Michael MINAHAN came to America landing at New York in May 1868. He married January 1878 to Mary STEWART, daughter of Benjamin F. and Ellen (CRAMPTON) STEWART, natives respectively of Ohio and Ireland, Mr STEWART being a fireman and policeman in Cincinnati for many years. Mr STEWART died July 23, 1886, in Neola, Iowa, leaving his wife and 5 children: Morris residing in Council Bluffs; Mary wife of Mr. MINAHAN; Ellen wife of Barney JUNGERMAN of Neola; Francis residing in Omaha, Nebraska, and Eva wife of William TANNER and residing in the Wyoming Territory. Michael and Mary MINAHAN had children: James, Kate, Nellie, Annie, Frances.

CRIPPEN, C. M. (page 379) - a merchant, b. Great Barrington, Massachusetts, 1847, son of Michael and Elizabeth (FOOTE) CRIPPEN. Their ancestry can be traced back to the Mayflower. C.M. CRIPPEN was born to Michael CRIPPEN and his second wife. Michael died and C.M. was brought up by his Uncle. In 1880, C.M.CRIPPEN married Mary A. BRECKENRIDGE, whose parents were natives of Illinois and of English ancestry. Mary's mother is deceased and her father lives in Nebraska. In Mary's family were 4 children: Lenora, wife of John GARRETT in Nebraska; Mary A. BRECKENRIDGE; and Frank and Preston both in Nebraska. C.M. CRIPPEN and Mary had children: Bessie May, Carlton F.

CAMPBELL, Lyman (page 381) - of Hardin Township, was born in Tioga Co, NY, in 1834, son of William and Maria (CROSS) CAMPBELL, natives of New York. This family moved to Nauvoo, Illinois and joined the Mormon faith, coming to Iowa with a company of Mormons in 1846. They crossed the Missouri River and located for a time in Florence, Nebraska, and in 1846 moved to Missouri, then back to Iowa. Lyman married in 1856 in Pottawattamie Co to Miss Caroline Mary Louisa HARTWELL, b. Genesee Co, NY, 1833, daughter of Reuben and Lucinda Almeda (MERRITT) HARTWELL, natives of Massachusetts. The mother Lucinda HARTWELL resides at age 81 with her daughter Mrs Lyman CAMPBELL. Mr and Mrs CAMPBELL have 6 children: George William a carpenter; Almeda Lovisa, Joseph Nephi, Lyman Everett, Robert and Caroline Almira. They are members of the LDS Church. Mr CAMPBELL is a Republican and is a strong man, weighing 277 pounds, and is one of the prominent citizens of the county.

CAMPBELL, Rasmus (page 382) - brother to Lyman CAMPBELL. Rasmus married in Atchison Co, Missouri, in 1862 to Miss Martha M. MOFFITT, a native of North Carolina. Martha is the daughter of Thomas MOFFITT and Nancy CRAVEN, natives of North Carolina. Rasmus and Martha CAMPBELL have children: Alma W. rsiding on the old farm and engaged in the mercantile business and married to Minerva Orme; Edwin N. residing in Keg Creek Twp and married to Josephine Forbes; and Winifred at home.

VAN BRUNT, Henry H. (page 383) - one of the most successful jobbers in carriages, buggies, etc. of Council Bluffs or Omaha. He also has the largest retail trade in agricultural implements in this city. Henry was born in Jefferson Co, NY, son of W.H. and Julia A. (PALMER) VAN BRUNT, natives of New York and of Holland ancestry. Henry was married in Council Bluffs to Miss Lillie M. WEST, b. Sheboygan Co, Wisconsin, daughter of E. WEST. Henry and Lillie are the parents of Harry and George VAN BRUNT.

UTTERBACK, W. C. (page 384) - proprietor of the Broadway Livery Barn, was born 1851 in Illinois, son of Charles and Rachel (WHITE) UTTERBACK, of German descent. When his mother died, W.C. was given in charge of his grandmother, who died 3 years afterward, bequeathing the boy a small amount of livestock, which was never delivered to him by his grandfather. Charles UTTERBACK remarried and W.C. returned again to live with him, moving with his father to the State of Nebraska; he was employed on a shingle-machine one winter in the Missouri River Bottom at $6 a month. Next he was employed on a Nebraska farm at $8 a month for one summer. The next year he worked on the Missouri River 7 miles above Nebraska City. When 10 years of age, he was bound out til of age to a Mr WOOD, who in the course of 2 years became so abusive that W.C. was obliged to leave him to save his life. In 1881 he moved to Council Bluffs, taking charge of the brick yards for James WICKHAM and then for Henry DELANY and Richard FOXLEY. In 1871, W.C. married Harriet C. HUBBARD, b. 1852, and they are the parents of 9 children: Eva, Ora, Eddie, Mellie (deceased), Amos, Minnie, Bertha, Thomas and Agnes.

DAVIS, John C. (page 386) - b. Menard Co, Illinois, June 26, 1860, son of George H. and Emma Jean (SHEPHARD) DAVIS, natives of Illinois and of Kentucky parentage. George H. was a breeder of fine Hambletonian horses. They had five children: Elijah; John C; Mary E; Cora L; and Amos A. John C. DAVIS, our subject, married Mary F. RUCKLE on July 4, 1882; daughter of Peter RUCKLE, native of Maryland. Mary F. RUCKLE was born August 26, 1861 and was reared in Avoca, Iowa. After marriage, John DAVIS remained in Knox Township for half a year and then went to Neola Township before selling out. He then "made a prospecting trip into Nebraska" but returned and bought 80 acres in Neola Township. Children of Mary and John DAVIS are: Bertha May, Floyd Orville, and Leta M.

JAMESON BROS., W.J. and C.O. (page 387) - own the "Hotel Jameson" since October 1889. It is under the direct management of C. O. JAMESON. C. O. was born in New Brunswick, 1857, son of Charles S. and Jane (McINTYRE) JAMESON of Scotch and Irish extraction. In youth he learned the carriage trade until his present business which he first engaged in 1873 in Council Bluffs for one year, then in Creston, Iowa, for five years, then three years at Hastings, Nebraska. He was married in 1884 to Miss Minnie BOSLOUGH of Mendota, Illinois, who was born Oct 1, 1861. (It doesn't say what hotel he managed in Hastings.)

IRWIN, H.T. (page 392) - editor of the Neola "Reporter" b. Steubenville, OH, June 1853, son of James and Margaret (LUCAS) IRWIN, natives of Ireland. James and Margaret IRWIN had children H.T. and Elizabeth S. (twins) b. 1853; Elizabeth wife of William B. GRAHAM in Kansas City; and Annie E. residing in Des Moines. H.T. IRWIN married in 1878 in Panora, Iowa, to Anna BOWEN, daughter of William and Sarah (WHITE) BOWEN, natives of Ohio, Mr. BOWEN now residing in Nebraska and Mrs BOWEN having died July 1890. (Note: I don't know why the Irwins named two of their daughters Elizabeth, but I swear, that's what the book says!)

MULHOLLAND, J.P. (page 396) - senior member of Mulholland & Nicholas, wholesale and retail dealers in Missouri River ice, established 1861. J.P. was born in Independence, Missouri, 1845, son of Samuel B. MULHOLLAND of Irish ancestry. Samuel MULHOLLAND, having been widowed, moved the family to Sioux City, Iowa, and then to Concord, Nebraska, and later to South Dakota. In 1864 they came to Council Bluffs. J.P. MULHOLLAND married in 1872 to Lucinda SMITH, b. 1840 Jamestown, Ohio; they have two children, Mamie and James B.

MILLER, J. W. (page 400) - came from Rock Island Co, IL, to Iowa in 1885; b. Allegheny Co, Pennsylvania, 1842, son of Joseph B. MILLER, who was a son of John MILLER, a native of Ireland and an Orangeman. J.W. Miller's mother was Jane (McCALL) MILLER, b. Butler Co, PA, daughter of John McCALL. J.W. MILLER served in the Civil War and then spent one year in Madison County, Nebraska, where he homesteaded in 1873; but the grasshoppers being so destructive, and his being 40 miles from the railroad, he returned to Illinois. In 1885, he moved to Iowa. J.W. MILLER married in 1867 to Martha PEARSALL, b. Rock Island Co, IL, daughter of William C. and Jane (ELLINGHAM) PEARSALL, formerly of Steuben Co, NY. J.W. and Martha had children: Joseph, Jane, Martha, William, Emma, Luella.


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