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The Crest

   All aspects of the Bellwood community throughout its first 100 years have been exemplified in the official Bellwood Centennial crest which was designed by Mike Wilson, an eighth grader at the Bellwood District 3-R School.
   The couple pictured in the crest represent Mr. and Mrs. Bell, the founders of the community which was originally called "Bells Wood." The "wood" in the town's name is represented by the trees. In the nine o'clock position of the crest is the town's original grain elevator. Beside this is the old mail cart which was pushed to the train depot daily for the delivery of the mail. The horse-drawn plow depicts the typical scene of the farmers who created the community
   The railroad might be said to have been the connecting link for this picture. With its coming, the old on the left side gave way to the new progressive way of life on the right side of the crest
   The plow eventually gave way to the modern tractor. The old grain elevator has been replaced by a larger, newer, ever-expanding facility serving the Bellwood trade area. The old mail cart was put to rest when the post office, pictured in the three o'clock position, was modernized. The school is the center of many community activities.
   The Centennial committee has acknowledged the artistry of Joyce Navrkal for the final composition of the crest
   The Bellwood community will be celebrating its 100th anniversary on July 11, 12 and 13.

The Banner-Press, March 27, 1980

Bellwood, Nebraska
Centennial 1880 - 1980

  "Twas a sea of grass where the settlers stopped.
   They broke the sod and planted their crops.
   They founded a town when the railroad came.
   And built elevators to ship out their grain.
   A vast water supply lay under their fields
   Which allowed them to irrigate and get bountiful yields.
   What once was considered a quite useless region
   Turned out to be a Garden of Eden.

   The above poem was written by Robert M. Bell, Sr., and is printed on the back of our Commemorative Centennial Plate.
   The face of the plate is inscribed with the Bellwood Crest to complete the heritage of our town. It was designed by Mike Wilson.




Aerial view of Bellwood, Nebraska.




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