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Camp G. H. Thomas, Oct., 9th 1879.
     The above is a view taken at the first Re-Union held in the State of Nebraska, by the ex-Soldiers
and Marines of the late War, (Civil War), held at Warren's Grove, Butler County, Neb., under the auspice
of the Grand Army of the Republic.
     Taken on road south of the Bell Country home one-half mile west of Bellwood.


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People Made It Happen

    The following family history reports have been supplied by the families involved, and for the most part, have not been edited, other than perhaps a few grammatical changes. The Centennial History Book committee appreciates the cooperation of all those who supplied family histories for this publication.



Mr. and Mrs. Frank Adamy

   Mr. and Mrs. Frank Adamy were members of this community over half a century. Mr. Adamy owned and operated Adamy Oil Co. in the mid-20's and early 30's. He was Police Judge of the Village of Bellwood many years.
   Mrs. Adamy, (Julia Henggeler), only child of Frederick and Julia Henggeler, was born February 22, 1888 on the farm 3 1/2 miles east of Bellwood that was purchased by her parents on February 27, 1882.
   Julia was married to Frank Adamy, from Platte County, NE on November 9, 1909 and they lived on the same farm until they moved to Bellwood in 1934 into the house built by her parents in 1911. They had four sons, Francis, Leo, Leonard and Robert, all still living in this area, and one daughter, Delores Margrave now living in Phoenix, Arizona. Julia Adamy having spent her entire life in this community, died in July, 1969. Frank Adamy died in May 1963. Both had been active members of St. Peter's Catholic Church. Their homes are still owned and lived in by their immediate family.


   Frank and Julia (Henggeler) Adamy and son Francis.


Joseph Anderson Family

   Joseph Nathaniel and Mary Rolls Brown Anderson originally came to the plains from Waynesburg, Penn., and St. Clairville, Ohio. They were married on April 21, 1892 in Hoxie, Kans., and homesteaded in Sheridan County, Kansas, where a son Lloyd was born in a sod house. In August of 1894

they migrated to Bellwood, Nebraska, where Joe became manager of the estate of J. D. Bell. Joe and Mary Anderson were very active in the Bellwood Methodist Church. Joe was Superintendent of Sunday School for 30 years. They were a couple who proved their teachings by their example. Joe Anderson was a great talker. He told stories of hauling wagon loads of apples to Columbus long before there was ever a bridge to cross. He also related about the economy. He worked for $10.00 a month, at the time and saved $100.00. in one year. Mary Anderson was famous for her White cakes and very beautiful white hair. Joe and Mary were married for 55 years. Three more sons were born to Joe and Mary in Bellwood; Paul, Merritt and John. Merritt died at the age of 13 of lockjaw. The other 3 boys grew up, graduated from High School, attended some college and eventually started their own families.
   Lloyd Anderson married Elna Pauline Evers, who had come from Colome, South Dakota to Bellwood to stay with her cousin Ada Bell and attend the Bellwood High School. Lloyd and Elna farmed near Bellwood most of their lives. To them 6 children were born; Thomas of Los Altos, Calif.; Richard of Omaha; Harriet of Escondido, Calif.; Mary Jean of Grand Island, Nebr.; Jerry who died at birth; and Jack of Redmond, Wash. The Anderson children grew up, graduated from High School and attended some college. Mary Jean married Marvin Drawbaugh who also has roots from the Bellwood community through the Drawbaugh and Minnick families. Lloyd and Elna were very active in church and community affairs and have just recently deceased. They now have 11 grandchildren and 4 great- grandchildren. Elna and Lloyd were married 62 years.
   Paul Anderson married Clarisa Snoover from the North Bend, Nebr., community. They farmed a good part of their lives near Blencoe, Iowa. They have two sons, Joe and Charles who are married and have families. Joe is a food broker at Sioux City, Iowa; and Charles is a professor at Ames, Iowa. Paul Anderson now resides in Fremont, Nebr.
   John Anderson married Penelope Comos from Omaha, Nebr. To them a son Craig was born. At the age of 10 Craig was accidentally electrocuted while erecting a tree house. John Anderson spent most of his life in the advertising business in Lincoln and Omaha.


Mary and Joe Anderson (1917).



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Henrietta Jebb Andrews


Henrietta Andrews.

   Henrietta Jebb, born in Belfast, Ireland, came to Fremont in 1908, and worked at H. J. Lee's in order to finance her college education at the then Fremont Normal College, where she subsequently earned enough credits for a teaching certificate. She did not return to Ireland until 1928, at that time to visit her parents.
   She married William Andrews June 19, 1912, and they made their home in Bellwood. She taught in the Bellwood area schools for some 47 years, retiring in 1956.
   Mrs. Andrews is a 50-year member of both the Rebekah Lodge and United Methodist Women's Club of the Methodist Church.
   She presently resides at St. Joseph's Villa in David City.


Benjamin H. Baer

   The Benjamin H. Baer family was derived from the meeting of Nell E. Donohoe, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Donohoe of Decatur, Nebraska, and Benjamin H. Baer, the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Baer, Bellwood, Nebraska.
   After their marriage they made their home on a farm near Bellwood, where three daughters, Bertha Mary, Ina Lou, and Donna, were born. For a short time afterwards the family home was Decatur, where their first son, Boyd, was born. After the death of Nell Baer's mother, the family moved back to Bellwood where a second son was born and died. Finally, a third son, Lloyd, was born and made the family complete.
   Ben was the Co-op tank truck driver for many years and all five of their children graduated from the Bellwood High School.
   The descendents of the Ben H. Baer family are as follows:
   Mr. and Mrs. Merlin (Bertha Mary) Rauscher, whose children are: Marlin E. Rauscher (two sons) and Mrs. John (Rita A.) Bartyatt (two sons, one daughter).
   Mr. and Mrs. Ernest (Ina Lou) Bohuslavsky, whose children are: Mrs. Marvin (Maryann) Oltman (one son, three daughters); Mrs. John (Marian) Gillette (one son, two

daughters); Mrs. Gerald (Kathy) Placek (two daughters); and Ben Bohuslavsky (two daughters).
   Mr. and Mrs. Edward (Donna) Stephens whose children are: Richard Stephens (one son, one daughter); Mrs. Steve (Sandra) Johnson (two daughters; and Bruce Stephens, unmarried.
   Mr. Boyd Baer, whose children are: Daniel E. Baer, unmarried; David Baer, unmarried; Roger Baer, unmarried; and Janise Baer, unmarried.
   Mr. Lloyd Baer, whose children are: Gregory Baer and Douglas Baer.


Jesse D. Bell, Sr.


    Hattie Derby Bell    Jesse D. Bell

   J. D. Bell was born Oct. 22, 1835, at New Albany, Indiana. He later moved to Henry County, Illinois, where he married Hattie Derby in 1865 at Geneseo, Ill. They settled in Woodhull, Ill., where Mr. Bell owned and operated a general merchandise store.
   In June 1872 he came to Columbus, Nebr., on the Union Pacific where he was met by an old friend who lived west of the present town of Bellwood. He was interested in buying some farm land and decided on section 19, which he purchased through a land agent in Columbus before returning home.
   He had a one-story home built on the south side of the section and later moved his family here from Illinois. They raised four children, Lorena, who was born in Illinois; Jesse D., Jr., Camilla and Jasper, the latter three being born in their farm home here.
   Mr. Bell had the town laid out when the railroad came through in 1880. He passed away on Jan. 4, 1889, following a brief illness. His wife, Hattie, died in 1919.

Jesse D. Bell, Jr.

   Jesse D. Bell, Jr., was born in the family farm home near Bellwood Sept. 1, 1878. After his graduation from Iowa State College in 1902 he married Ada McFall of Lincoln, Nebr., on Jan. 21, 1903.
   His parents moved to Lincoln and he and Ada moved into the old farm home. They raised four children, Dorothy (Becker), J. Donald, Robert and Richard. All of these children were born and raised in the home in which their father was born and raised.



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